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HarmoKnight For Nintendo 3DS Coming Next Month To North America

Nintendo has announced that Game Freak’s downloadable Nintendo 3DS platformer, HarmoKnight, will be released next month in North America. The demo of the game first hits the Nintendo eShop on March 14th, and, then, the full game releases on March 28th.


  1. Game Freak wants to prove to the world that they are not a one trick pony. But, they are. They only know how to make unmanly gayass Pokemon games for babies.
    ~THE REAL Bill~


  2. The 3DS is the best gaming platform in the world right now. No other platform can even come close to having all the awesome games coming in 2013 that the 3DS does.
    I can’t even write a list it would be too long.


    1. HAHA What a fanboy statement. Compared to a PC, the 3DS has nothing coming out. It doesn’t have anything manly, anyway. Just gay platformers and pussies named Luigi.


      1. Compared to a PC ? fuck you bill. Nintendo 3DS has a huge amount of amazing exclusive games coming this year , arguably better than any other platform kid.


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