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Here’s The Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Trailer In High Quality

Tilmen from Nintendomination has rather kindly uploaded the full Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D trailer. The game which was announced today during the Nintendo Direct presentation is a port of the incredibly fun Wii game that came out in November and December 2010. The Nintendo 3DS version comes packed with some incredible 3D effects. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is coming Summer 2013 in North America and Europe.


    1. “hitting” the bosses with the remote and nunchuk was so satisfying. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  1. Great! Never played the Wii version. Was considering buying it though. I think I’ll wait and get the 3d version instead!

  2. I not doubt the game will look amazing with the 3D capabilities of de 3DS, but it look like a exact port of the Wii version… is not there something new about it?

  3. Already have it
    on Wii U so I an all set. Also, not a huge fan of the game. It is WAAYY too hard for the amount of effort I want to
    put into the game…

    1. Really? I actually stopped playing it for a while because I was afraid I would end up beating it in a day or two. The only thing I found to be hard was getting all of the level coins(or whatever they are, its been awhile since I played), because I try not to progress to the next level until I have all of them.

  4. Besides ditching the motion controls, I’m hoping the game has new content. Otherwise I might put it off for a bit.

  5. Guy you know that the 3DS port will have a lower resolution right? This does not automatically translate into a blurrier image but it guarantees less detail and when I keep in mind how “great” NSMB2 looked when 3D was on……


    The lower screen res of the 3DS is the reason why games look similar or better than a Wii game. It doesn’t sound like much but we have a difference of 800*240 (3D off) vs 854*480. To make it a bit clearer the amount of pixels on the 3DS screen is 192000 and the total amount of pixels a Wii renders are 409920.
    P.S. No I’m not a Wii fanboy because I have a PC and yes the Wii can also push more polygons than the 3DS.

    1. I haven’t even watched the trailer, but I can tell you right now, if you are relying on the trailer to display something worthwhile you better lower your expectations. Every trailer I have seen for the 3DS(and yes, I mean every single one) has looked like absolute garbage in comparison to the actual game. I don’t know what they lose in the trailer, but I remember being extremely excited for Ace Combat when it came out, and then I saw the trailer, and I was just like yea….no. Just grabbed it off of ebay the other day for like 5 bucks, and guess what? Looks nothing like the trailer, it looks so sharp and crisp. And thats true of all of them. So, in short, when it comes to the 3DS, DO NOT rely on the trailer for accurate representation of in game graphics. I only watch them now to get an idea of what kind of game I will be playing and its mechanics.

  6. It really IS just a port of the Wii version? Ugh! I’ll pass. Does Nintendo really think that just because it’s on the 3DS that it makes any difference? The 3D effects are just a gimmick that causes motion sickness.

  7. Hopefully this means that there is a chance of Nintendo starting up a Donkey Kong Country series on 3DS. This would certainly be a good and easy way of segwaying into that

  8. yet another port/remake. When will Nintendo realise that only new games really sell consoles? My Wii U is up for sale as NOTHING has come out since November that is any good and even release titles are useless.
    Nintendo used to be so good and not just after our money!

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