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Nintendo Announces A Brand-New Game In The Mario & Luigi Series For Nintendo 3DS

During today’s Nintendo Direct, company president Satoru Iwata announced a brand-new game in the Mario & Luigi series. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is a role-playing game, and it is scheduled to be released this summer exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

22 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces A Brand-New Game In The Mario & Luigi Series For Nintendo 3DS”

  1. YES!! BIS is the best one so far so i cant wait for this one :D Fire Emblem, Paper Mario, and M&L! Now all i need is a new Super Mario RPG and my Nintendo RPG crave will be more than full >=]

    Square and Nintendo Do it!!

  2. Sweet! So many mario games on 3DS XD!

    But one cannot refuse Mario and Luigi games! Mario golf sounds awesome too ^_^

  3. Nintendo has so many RPG titles! I love it!

    Fire Emblem, Pokémon, Paper Mario, Mario and Luigi, Xeno, Golden Sun.

    …Not that I’m complaining or anything. Every single one of those RPGs are unique and fun.

  4. I love the Mario & Luigi series. But I never finished Bowser’s Inside Story. When I got to the Bowser battle, he beat me and I never continued playing ever again. I don’t like playing a sequel to a game i haven’t finished.

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