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The Pokémon Company Reveals The English Name Of Eevee’s Newly Discovered Evolution


The newly discovered evolution of Eevee has been given an official English name. Although Ninfia is its Japanese name, The Pokémon Company has announced that English, Spanish and Italian Pokémon trainers will call the new Eevee evolution ‘Sylveon.’ Sylveon is 3’03” in height, weighs 51.8 lbs., and its type remains a secret, but we do know it will not share the same type as any of the existing Eevee evolutions, which means that Sylveon will not be normal, water, fire, electric, psychic, dark, grass or ice-type.

108 thoughts on “The Pokémon Company Reveals The English Name Of Eevee’s Newly Discovered Evolution”

    1. Amaya-Chan -

      I’m hoping it’s a dragon type… it’s hard to say because there isn’t any obvious indicators ^^;

      1. No it is not a ghost type. Clearly flying type. Ghost type would be white, or dark purple, or transparent. OR even a mix of those 3 possibilities. Plus it would probably look menacing like Umbreon who represents Dark the “evil” type. Ghost is also pretty “evil-ish.”

    1. Amaya-Chan -

      Oh yeah, I diddn’t even think about it being a flying type! It does look like one now that it think about it XD

      1. I second that opinion, I always thought it could be a flying type, especially since the way it looks, it would be most logical.

      1. espeon my fav then sylveon,the worst one is jolteon and leafeon.well for sending a complaint that they didnt make a flying,bug ghost, nor dragon type! Also Metal.And When they said marill will be a water and fairy type pokemon i was like that is so not right

  1. Dragon, fighting, steel, poison, flying, bug, and ghost…what other types are there? Any guesses as to what it could be?

  2. No eeveelution is normal typed, only eevee is. And eevee is not an evolution of itself, and therefore no eeveelution.

    It could very well be a normal type.

    1. Exactly, it’s impossible to have a “Normal” evolution of Eevee, unless it hated you, either way, it’ll turn into an Espeon or Umbreon, and they cant say “well if you dont get its friendship high enough before lvl x then you dont get Umbreon or Espeon, because that would fuck up the system

    1. It’s eyes are like all the other Eevee forms, a solid color with a “shine” that represents their pupils. Only this time it is Sky blue because it is a flying type. I bet you a million bucks it is flying type. ;)

      1. Also i it was Normal it would retain a similar look to Eevee, but Sylveon has a completely different design, but like the other evos.

    1. Look at my reply above.

      Also, Normal is basically the most useless type, they would hide the type of the Pokemon just to say “LOL, its normal type *troll face*”

      1. I feel like that’s the reason why they are hiding the type. But if it has a special way of evolving it I don’t think it will stay similar to eevee in appearance.

        1. Exactly, the change is way to drastic for it to me a normal type, and ever other existing type doesnt match up with it.

            1. Well that wouldnt make sense. Eevee’s evolutions look different because its basically mutating its DNA. Mutating its DNA to look different but actually have no change in type would be silly.

              Plus, i really doubt Game Freak are going to hype up Normal type, its the lamest type of them all.

      2. Ermm, Normal is an incredibly useful type. Normal is generally suited for walls and such because it only has one weakness. Yeah, it has no strengths, but it doesn’t need them. Some of the best pokemon are normal types, like Blissey. Every type in the game has some sort of usefulness, and normal is not an exception

  3. It’s a Flying or Normal Type for sure. My first choice was Psychic, but that’s taken of course. Either it’s Flying or Normal. It could be possible for it to be Normal since Polywhirl (Water) evolves into either Politoad (Water) or Poliwrath (Water/Fighting). Hence how Eevee itself being a Normal Type is irrelevant.

  4. Considering all of the evolutions names have something to do with their type and sylv is similar to silver, it has potential to be a steel type. Though sylv could be something else other than silver of course – just the first thing that comes to mind.

    1. bug type would be dark green or something, it would have bug-like eyes and maybe SOME sort of bug characteristic. Sylveon’s characteristics are CLEARLY flying..

  5. Actually.. I’m gonna change my tune. I believe it’ll be a steel type due to it’s name sounding like “silver”. If not this, then flying.

  6. By the name, it’s either going to be a Bug or Metal Type. “Sylv” could be “silver”, or it could be “silverfish”.

  7. i think eevee is a whore, it sleeps with so many pokemon, it has so many evolve forms, eevee will be the biggest whore in pokemon history, jynx sorry even you arent as much of a whore, your to ugly anyway

    1. It changes form beause of stone’s and happiness towards trainer. Not because of sleeping around. How is Eevee a whore compared to other pokemon? Every Pokemon pretty much breeds the same amount except for legendaries…who don’t breed at all.

  8. Virus... who recently fell for Rainbow Dash

    Its tough… I’m gonna guess its Flying and stick with that… even though it’d kill me if I was right about them making a light type and they decide to unveil it now!

  9. What’s great about eeveelutions is that it starts with a Normal-type and change into a different type.
    A Normal-type evolving into another Normal-type would be boring in my opinion.
    So I’m saying Flying, if it’s not a brand-new type.

  10. Guys, notice how the pokemon are lined up in the picture, The eeveelutions across from each other are opposite types (Glaceon is weak to Flareon, Unbreon is strong against Espeon, etc.) So since Sylveon is across from Jolteon, Its either Rock, Ground, or Flying. Considering that it looks nothing like a Rock or Ground type, I think it will be flying

    1. Good point I would agree, but was this picture posted by Nintendo or Gamefreak themselves as a promotion for Sylveon or was it fan made who believes it is a Flying type!?

  11. Yeah.. it is Flying type. Definitly, the butterflies represent “flying in the wind” and the wind is Sylveon’s ribbons. The colors match up, the eyes match up. *Cough *cough the use of the color SKY blue…There is no doubt in my mind.

  12. It’s one of the new types called Light, Sylveon has major speed boost over other Eeveelutions.

    Light Type is the counter to Dark type, there will only be three different Pokemon that are Light Type.

    Light type’s also have these stats:

    1.High Speed
    2. Very small health regeneration, it can draw in the sunlight automatically unless there is an area effect.

    1. it most likely comes from “Sylph”, which is a type of fairy (winged air elemental). the german name Feelinara starts with “Fee” which is the german word for fairy. the japanese Name Ninfia comes from “Nymph”, yet again a type of fairy…

  13. Just because Sylveon was shown using Normal-type moves does not indicate it’s type. Eevee learns Swift and Trump Card before it evolves at later levels.

    Adding a new type would throw off a balance of the other types that are made. Psychic type was too powerful in Gen 1, so Dark was made as it’s “bane.” Same goes for Dragon; in Gen 1 there wasn’t any resistances to Dragon Types, but then again there was only one Dragon-type move. But with the addition of new moves in Gen 2, including new Dragon-type moves, to counter the over-powered-ness (not a word, but bare with me) of Dragon Type, Steel type had to be made as its only resistance to help stop Dragon type from being too powerful.

    1. I’d have to say another type would have to be made in order to keep the balance between all of the types. But that’s just my opinion. Flying-type is most logical in this case, if it isn’t Normal.

  14. If there is a gender-based means of evolution to obtain a Sylveon, then that would suggest that there is a male evolution of Eevee. Maybe a different type with a different name? No one knows but those developing the game and the Pokemon. We just have to wait and see what they decide to show us next. Although it’s going to be fucking painful to have to wait.

  15. If you are looking at the chart above all evolutions on the opposite side are type advantages/disadvantages so I’m guess it would either be ground or flying

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