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Wii U Street View Hits The Nintendo eShop Today In North America

wii_street_uDuring today’s Nintendo Direct online presentation, the company revealed that Wii U Street View, known as Wii Street U in Japan, is now in the North American Nintendo eShop on Wii U. For a limited time, the application is free to download from the online marketplace.

11 thoughts on “Wii U Street View Hits The Nintendo eShop Today In North America”

    1. Yep. US eShop updates are at Noon. They get announced as “on the US eShop” every thursday, but they never remember we don’t see it until after Noon! :p

      I’ll be downloading after work!

  1. I’ve downloaded that app from the eShop an hour ago and was deeply impressed. So far, I had visited the White House and Times Square in New York City. Nintendo and Google have done a FUNtastic job in making that app. I hope they’ll make a full motion panoramic view later this year.

  2. It’s a miracle! A feature that I have no complaints about. Although I don’t see me using it very often. If at all.

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