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Nintendo Says Innovation Is Important For New Super Mario Bros, But It Can’t Destroy The Fun


IGN has recently been granted the opportunity to sit down with New Super Mario Bros U director Masataka Takemoto and producer Takashi Tezuka. Takemoto told the publication that innovation is vital for the popular series, but it shouldn’t destroy any of the fun that the series is renowned for.

“When we finished [New Super Mario Bros. Wii] up, we thought,”It’s gonna be hard to add any new features to this.” Once we started fleshing out the next concept, though, we realized that we could still come up with new ideas for [New Super Mario Bro. U]. Right now, I can’t really say what might come next, but I think we’ll still manage to find new stuff for the series. I think that innovation is important, but it can’t be something that destroys the core fun that defines Mario in 2D. We need innovation that retains 2D Mario’s play sensation.”

“Of course we devote resources on measures to take advantage of a platform’s features and capabilities, but with a 2D Mario, we don’t want to lose the foundation that so many players already know and love. I think that sense of security helps the team feel like they’ve got some breathing room to work with as they come up with ideas.”

“Players keep on playing Mario, after all, precisely because it’s easily understandable in a very unique way. That’s a strength that’s hard to imitate for games with shorter heritages, and it’s something I think we need to keep cherishing.”

77 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Innovation Is Important For New Super Mario Bros, But It Can’t Destroy The Fun”

  1. The 2d sidescroller needs a new feature. Something to “WOW” us and motivate us to keep playing. New characters, different forms of dlc (characters,stages, season pass to make and get fanmade stages, etc)

    1. also the game needs online multiplayer. That would make a ton of people re-play the game. Ex/ People can host servers and people can join, etc.

    2. This^ what it needs most is a new creative art style. I’m bored of having exactly the same looking game across 4 platforms , Nintendo can do better than that.

      Change the music , put more effort into striking graphics and a jaw dropping art style.

      1. Nintendo should take notes from the Rayman team. I finally got Origins the other day and love it. Way better than any of the NSMB games.

      2. They should really make something about the music of the games, long time ago you had like one song for each stage, and each song was amazing, now we have like the same song for the whole game and its not really amusing music i.e. Mario 3d land, the music is ok but so repetitive, on the other hand paper mario 64 and ttyd, both had awesome music and each song was diferent.

            1. That NSMBU track I remember distinctly from the 3DS version…and it’s crap anyway! These games are so rehashed! The 3D Mario on Wii U I’m looking forward to!

      3. I personally thought the later stages in nsmbu looked amazing. Maybe they will give us another 2d mario game thats not in the “new” series on wii u

            1. about quality? yeah thats why SuperMan64 was never released, you know, cause it lacked the quality to get the “Official Nintendo Seal Of Quality”.


  2. I only want 2 things from 2D mario games.
    Cheaper games and harder bosses!
    I don’t think these games are worth 50-60€ for something that is not that much different at all.
    Sure it’s fun but it would be alot more fun if the bosses wwere worth all the harder things in the game.
    And that goes to Zelda games aswell

    1. The boss in the grass world (cant remember the name) of Mario Bros U was really hard. Especially with those fire monster things jumping from the ground. (also found in mario galaxy)

    2. You realise that though you may not be able to see it at face value, every graphical asset and sound asset DOES get redone for every game, every game’s level is designed and the world map designed, every piece of code written largely from scratch. Just because the games play similarly doesn’t mean that less effort goes into them.
      I’ll agree with you on the harder bosses front though.

  3. I’m actually pretty happy with NSMBU, I’ve had it since Christmas and still enjoying getting all the star coins. Much better than NSMB2, can’t put my finger on what that one lacked….

    1. Mario Bros 2? From what i know, mainly in the game you could only use a squirrel suit/fire flower. The golden flower was rarely used and the golden block was a little bit rare too. It didn’t have as many “NEW” power ups. The game didn’t look as good as the U version, or even the Wii version. After collecting the 1,000,000 coins you didn’t really get anything besides a pat on the back. Atleast these are the complaints i heard.

  4. hmm, i am honest here, i had a ton of fun with this game. hell the overworld and secrets are just awesome. i really love it and it’s there with super mario world as my favourite super mario 2d sidescroller.

  5. (For me) the Smash series does side-scrolling so well, and the characters all move differently. Although not a fighting game, NSMB is borderline offensive to me and needs something more. Super Mario Bros 2 had more character… uniqueness (?) than the NSMB series has.
    Add character strengths/weaknesses, variety in story, and change the flippin’ music and I’d consider giving the series another go.
    Worst part is that it sells…

      1. Well, the prototype was intended to be a Mario game before it was turned into Doki Doki Panic. Then the finalized game was modified to be Mario visually once it hit the states.

      2. And yet ironically it’s what made the series back then. It forced them to change up the style between every iteration of the game. Mario 1, 2 and 3 were all different. The Super Mario Worlds were different.

  6. The music aspect needs so much more inn9vation in that series aswell.
    4 games with almost exactly the same music for the exception of a very few new ones in each game…
    If there were new music made for each game then the game itself would feel a bit more original and not more of the same…even though it is…

    I can also imagine a new feature were 4 players control Mario and Co while the gamepad user has this new Koopa relative specifically made to chase the rest.
    The 4 players gets 15 secs advantage before the gamepad user begins the chase.
    That I think would add an extra layer to the series and make it more intense for all players.

  7. Off topic, im getting another Wii U game today, but i cant decide between Mass Effect 3 or Assassins Creed 3, which one should i pick??

      1. Well i havent played any mass effect or assassins creed, so im new to both games, what game of those takes more time to finish and what game has more replay value???
        @N-Unit if you can i would like to hear why should i pick assassins creed

        1. I haven’t played either of the series, but I recently picked up Assassin’s Creed. I’ve been at it for about 6 hours so far and it’s feeling pretty difficult to get into it. Pretty slow, not intuitive and a lot of cut scenes…

  8. Two thumbs up to the guys who’ve made New Super Mario Bros. U. Innovation is the key element in making the best Nintendo games ever made… it’s already in the company’s DNA.

    @pkstarstormomega – If I were you, I would pick Assassin’s Creed III.

    1. NSMBU was the most fun though by far. They should make it so you can play as ALL of Mario’s little friends(Toad, Luigi, Birdo, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Koopa, etc..) They should add minigames like in Mario Party, but sidescrolling style! There could easily be like small capture the flag stages, tag, mini games of soccer or something. They should change the main bad guy. Why not be allowed to play as Bowser and make a NEW VILLAN who does something diferent!?!? :O That right there would be so extreme everyone would have to pick it up and see what it’s all about.

  9. Innovation?! They keep pumping out the exact same game every time right down to the background music. It’s like they designed one game years ago and keep throwing it in a blender. Heck, they don’t even bother to change up the art style. It bothers me that Nintendo keeps churning out these cookie cutter Mario titles while complaining that they don’t want to make a new F-Zero because there is nothing new that can be brought to the franchise. What Mario Kart are we up to now, 7?!

    1. To be fair, Mario titles sell. Maybe they just don’t think F-Zero will sell. Or at least as much as NSMB games. So which is better to use your money to make? An easy “cookie cutter game”? Or a brand new racer that hasn’t had a new entree for many years?.. Also, who knows. Maybe they are working on F-Zero Wii U Right Now!?

    2. “they don’t even bother to change up the art style”
      Maybe that’s because modern Mario games have a very specific art-style and they’re keeping that consistent? Also, did you not play the Van Gogh inspired levels in NSMBU? Or heck, even notice the backgrounds? They’re beautifully drawn and while it’s not a radical change it certainly changes the visual presentation.

  10. To an extent, i see where hes coming from, they have the formula for a 2D Mario game, and once you add aomething it changes it all….
    But they should be doing that anyway, its Nintendo, not Activision. Wont even change the music…

  11. Nintendo is just afraid if the make level editors the fans might make a better game then them, nintendo needs to learn from gabe newell

  12. I think they got some of it wrong. LACK of Innovation might be ruining the fun. But at least they said it was important.

    But what I don’t get is that how can it even destroy the fun anyway? I hope they are not suggesting to keep the same old worlds without adding a new one or anything, and ever since recent mario games didn’t have much of a new world, the fun was being sucked out of me. : lo/ Ihaospe they are not suggesting to keep the same music, art designs, etc..

    Because if that’s what they are suggesting, then they just ruined the fun of the whole series.

  13. Woah, something was wrong with my undo button with one part of what I said… Instead of “: lo/lhaospe”, it was suppose to say “I hope” I think.

  14. I don’t mind 2d Mario, they are always fun, but they need to give the ( new ) a rest, give us a new game in the old bros or Mario world.

  15. But unfortunately, destroying the series is exactly what the latest innovations seems to be doing to Mario games. In this series for example, I can’t stand the fact that there are 2 Toads. Drives me insane. Make one of them Wario or something. Not 2 freakin’ Toads. Or like the way I always wanted since Super Mario Bros. 2, with Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach. And give it a story other than Peach getting kidnapped. That’s getting SO old. Although I’m off the subject. I don’t give a crap about the new way that another player can create platforms for the others to jump on. That sounds just as boring as how player 2 could shoot and gather star pieces in Super Mario Galaxy. Wow, how exciting.

    1. Listen to us, Nintendo! This series is the McDonalds of your IPs- Everything’s cheap and quick, then later you wonder why you paid for that garbage.

  16. I just bought the game, and even though i love it i got some things i would like to change that i think really would 1up the series. Nintendo have adopted a bad habbit to spoon-feed us all the answers and not giving us any chance to explore or think for our selfs lately, It has gone so far that I actually think that they are spoling their own games. A exampel of this is how the roads are allready drawn out on the map, you allways know whats next, in super mario world you didnt have a clue where the next road would lead you, and I think thats important to keep the game interesting. Also, they ruined pipes! first things first, pipes are something that are connected to other pipes under ground, so why the hell would you make all the pipes in the overworld into canons!? and they never lead to somewhere interesting, no caves, no underworld etc, its just a lame warpzone. The music is pretty much the same as NSMBW and thats a shame considering the songs used in that game didnt really add anything to the franchise, so instead of trying to do alot of new songs and using the same as their latest games I wouldnt mind if they just reused all their tracks from the older games, super mario bros1 ,2 ,3, super mario world etc. the graphics could be better but im not going to complain to much about that.

    basicly I want them to keep some things secret througout the game and let me explore for myself. try to remember why the old mario games were so great.

    aaaand more types of baby yoshis please! =]

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