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Watch Dogs Will Offer The Same Experience Across All Consoles


Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin has promised that gamers will get the same experience on Watch Dogs whatever version they decide to purchase. Morin explained that Watch Dogs will look great on the PlayStation 4, but the same experience is there for the PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360, and PC.

“No, I don’t think so. I think it’s more… I mean, of course, new machine means new tools and means an extension of the original vision. So, PlayStation 4 will be great for Watch Dogs,” Morin told me. “That being said, I firmly believe that creating a game experience starts with what you want to do and achieve as a team. It has nothing to do with tools. The tools are there to facilitate certain things. So the same experience is there on the PS3 and other consoles. Players will have the same enjoyment; they will not feel any letdown.”

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79 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Will Offer The Same Experience Across All Consoles”

    1. Ubisoft… just make sure the Wii U version visuals are based on the PC version and not the aged and old GPUs of the PS3 and Xbox360. We know the WiiU GPGPU is much more powerful. Need for Speed for Wii U proves this.

    1. I think there will more likely be issues with the Xbox720 hardware more so than any issues with PS4 version of the game. Based on history with Microsoft and Xbox.

      1. Agreed. In addition, the PS4 shares much of its architecture with the PC so it’s probably going to be fairly stable.

        1. Or unstable if prior pc gaming history is of any relevance… They always rush pc games/ports then release games that are super buggy or have issues in one way or another. This is justified by being able to drop patches for it to fix it bit by bit. It’s really a pain in the ass buying a brand new game and running into a game stopping bug or glitch.
          Sure, they get fixed over time but i have found console games seem to be tested better before release. Probably because it is harder to release patches for them.

  1. I have a gut feeling that Ubisoft Montreal will be adding exclusive features on the Wii U GamePad. And if they show that feature during Nintendo’s E3 press conference in June, that could be an ultimate game changer at the moment.

    1. They have confirmed that they are using the PS4 controllers gay little touchpad as the hacking device. It would be absoloutly insane at this point if they dont implement something similar and much better on the Wiiu pad. Just a button that says ”hack” on it on the touch screen would be good enough!

        1. It’s a laptop touch mouse , chopped in half and glued to a PS4 controller , that it. It sucks on the back of the Vita and it will suck on the front of the PS4 controller.

          They say it’s for swiping through menu’s easily! what’s wrong with just pressing the Analog stick in one direction ?

          The touchpad seems utterly useless to me , I can’t think of anything creative it can do. Hopefully I will be corrected.

            1. I suppose…. but even then , what’s wrong with an analog stick.

              I just think it’s the new six axis . It’s a gimmik and not a lot of people are going to use itl

          1. “The Wii U controller? It’s just a tablet with some buttons around it. Tablet gaming sucks and it will suck on the Wii U.

            They say it’s to navigate menus and HUD stuff! What’s wrong with just having that on the TV?

            The touchscreen seems utterly useless to me.”

            See how this can work both ways?

            1. No, you’re just being stupid. A 6.2” touchscreen that allowas for asymetric play , and off screen play as standard is much , much better than a shitty little touch pad.

              Think about it , there is a lot more you can do with a 6.2” touch screen than you can with a laptop mouse.

            2. The wii u game pad is amazing, I have Batman AC, on Ps3 and Wii U, the experience on the wii u is 100 times better, believe me.

        2. I haven’t played with the PS4 controller yet either (obviously), but I was much more excited when I first saw the GamePad. I’m sure I will like the PS4, but i’m kind of indifferent when it comes to the controller.

        1. Looking at the game, it doesn’t look like hacking is a minigame or anything, it’s just as simple as pressing a few buttons (or even just one button) and the hacking commences. I think it’d be quite jarring if you had your target on the top screen and you had to look down to pick what form of hack you wanted to use.

          1. I think it would be cooler if it was like the hacking device was physically in your hands, but to each their own I guess.

    2. I am more concerned that the Wii U version will be based on the weak visuals of the Xbox360/PS3 version. I am hoping we dont get a pathetic weak port.

      1. Ubisoft BETTER take notes on what Criterion Games had made with Need for Speed: Most Wanted U, or they will end up in the same statistic as THQ and Junction Point.

  2. I like how they just kinda lump the PC version in with the other consoles. Saying “Oh the PS4 version is gonna look great but the PC version is gonna be fine too.”

    1. Well, it does seem that they are being paid by Sony at the moment. I guess they’re just saying that the PS4 version will really excel where the other versions will be as expected.

    2. Agreed, seems kinda mental considering a pc could spank the ps4 up and down the block. Sounds like ubi is already a little biased. Or could just be bad wording.

  3. Notice how he only compares it to the ps3. Not Wii u. (I can smell someone about to reply to me about what i’m implying is wrong)

      1. Am i the only one who thinks that the difference between Wii u and ps4 will be small. I mean, i hear all the time about these amazing engines being able to run on the Wii U. I think the reason why the ps4 is showing of “next gen” games is because the U didn’t. But it makes sense why it didn’t. Why would you produce next gen games (which will be expensive to make) when your current competition isn’t. That’s why there is so many rushed ports and not “Next gen” games. I just want to get it out the way that i don’t think the wii u will be more powerful (Defiantly not!) but it won’t be far behind like people are fearing. Nintendo has been really secretive about the specs, it doesn’t matter if they have been analysed because it may do things we don’t even know of.

        1. I doubt the Wii U will even come close. The analysis will have shown everything and from what we’ve seen, it seems to be packing some run of the mill stuff and comparatively tiny RAM. Besides, Unreal (makers of the Unreal engine) have said that it wouldn’t even come close to running on Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3 while the PS4 ran it easily. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the Wii U isn’t bad on the specs front but my major worry is that many engines which will become the industry standard over the next few years simply won’t support it. The reason behind the Wii U’s failure will not be that it is a bad console, it will be that engine makers like Crytek, Unreal and Havok are too forward thinking.

          1. Actually unreal said that they think unreal 3 is a nice fit, but devs said they can use U4 if they want to. However Unreal 4 can be scaled so this proves nothing, On the other hand, apparently Cry-engine 3 “runs like butter” and some engine that looks similar to the fox engine (I FORGET THE NAME) was up and running on the wii u. I seriously doubt Nintendo would release a console that solely relies on the game pad to be the only reason to buy, Plus it’s been promised third party support, and devs are getting ready to move on to “Next gen”. Remember the zelda tech demo? In my opinion that looked better than how the kill zone game looked. Also there was that Japanese garden demo which looked nice (these were early dev kits back in 2011 too)

            Again this is my opinion, i’m open to being incorrect as everyone should,

          2. actually, they said it could run on the wii u, but it isn’t their intention to bring it to the wii u, however if a customer decides to port an unreal 4 game to the wii u, they could.
            Also it was epic games that created the unreal engines.

        2. Also taking into consideration the fact that the only company that will truly push the PS4 is Sony themselves. I don’t see any problems with the Wii U receiving third party support besides lazy devs.

        3. The Wiiu will be close to PS4 purely based on Resolution alone .

          The Wii was 480p and the ps3 was 720p/1080p a HUGE difference in appearance.

          Wiiu and PS4 are both 1080p max for games.

          So there won’t be the whole ”jaggies dilema” that the wii suffered from. I expect the likes of 3D mario and Zelda Wiiu to almost look as good as 720 and PS4 graphics , purely because Nintendo will use amazing art style and will push the system to its breaking point.

          Mario Galaxy 2 on Wii looks like a 480p xbox 360 game.

            1. LOL YES to everything I just said , it’s all true.

              The Wii and PS3 have a massive difference in graphics , MAINLY because the Wii is 480p and the PS3 is HD . The Wiiu and PS4 are both 1080p max , that problem for Nintendo is now gone.

              Even if wiiu GPU is DX10.1 equivalent , Nintendo will be able to create HD games that look good enough for PS4 and 720 , mark my words. You’ve seen the Zelda tech demo lk

        4. The aspect that most people are forgetting or ignoring here is that the graphics come from the GPU. You could put 100 cpu’s in it and it will not change the graphic capabilities. I’m sure the gpu in the ps4 is more capable then the wii u, but by how much? I highly doubt its is an exorbitant amount as that would be the piece of hardware that will push the price of the console to extreme amounts. Example: a high end ati card costs from $400 up to $800-900, a mid range $200ish. With that being said that is consumer price. But either way, there is a vast difference in prices to make them as well, especially since the console chips are custom.
          What is relevant is how much ram each gpu has access to, and how fast it can access it. This is where the edram comes into play as well cause it can almost be treated like cache on the die, so small amounts of it can give amazing results.
          The whole point of this is that we aren’t going to see exactly what the chips can do until a dev uses them to their full potential. I have no doubt that the wii u cpu could have pulled off that old man face demo that was used in their conference as it isn’t that far beyond what we have already seen in some games, but to point out not to forget that there was also nothing else on the screen, just the face and black background. Here is to the small steps forward into the future of gaming. Cheers.

    1. >.< If anyone bothers to read the article and interview, he was asked a specific question:

      "Here's a conundrum, then: what if you own a PS3 and don't feel like upgrading to the PS4? Will you be getting a lesser version of Watch Dogs?"

      That's why he only compared the PS3 version to the PS4.

    2. Or MAYBE. Just MAYBE. It’s because the interview was related to the PS4 reveal conference, so the original question asked was about the difference between the PS3 and PS4 versions, and he tacked on an all inclusive answer.

      In fact, no, that’s exactly it, because I’ve read the whole interview.

  4. Ubihard can suck my soft cock. They are just stupid business workers. Shame on them. But I will be pre-ordering this right now. Shame on them.

  5. IF the gamepad does not function like the character’s hacker phone and scanner then I don’t see any point in buying this game.
    If Ubisoft let’s me down with this game then fuck off forever!

    1. The source of this story says the game will release on ps4 first so looks like they may have some limited exclusivity

      1. That’s a misquote; Something that seems to be quite common on gaming sites these days. Straight from the press release from Ubisoft –

        “Watch_Dogs will be available on PS4 at launch, along with its release on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the Wii U™ system from Nintendo and Windows PC.”

        All versions are launching at the same time.

  6. “new machine means new tools and means an extension of the original vision. So, PlayStation 4 will be great for Watch Dogs”

    So all Ps4 got is better visual and a lame touchpad. Everything else the same. WiiU is more new of a tool, it got a second screen. Why didnt mention WiiU? Biased much.

  7. This game was not intended to be made on next-gen consoles, that’s why the experience will be the same on all consoles. Ubisoft may tinker a bit for Wii U and PS4 version, but don’t expect full blown optimization.

  8. As a developer, working with different hardware allows us to use that piece of hardware to its fullest. I don’t quite know what they mean by “the same enjoyment” but if I were them I would try and give the other consoles different experiences, especially the Wii U. The gamepad looks like it would have a ton of interesting uses for this game. Having a multiplat be exactly the same thing on every system is boring and the developer looks lazy.

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  10. Well the Wii U controller should bring the most innovation to the game through the touch screen. If they do it right, the Wii U version could end up being the best! :)

  11. This is a good bit of news. It means that the experience won’t be a bad one regardless of consoles, and that only tells me that they’re focusing much more on gameplay than they are on visuals.
    That’s the attitude the industry needs to adopt more often.

    1. It doesn’t say that at all. Have you seen the game? They are DEFINITELY focused on visuals just as much as gameplay. You’re just trying to convince yourself that it’ll look and play the same on all consoles, which it will not. It will play WELL on current gen and Wii U, but it will look and play smoother on newer consoles. That’s just a plain and simple fact.

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