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New Rumour Reveals Why Rayman Legends Was Ported To Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3?


Online gaming publication Gamekult is reporting that both Ubisoft and Nintendo were unable to come to an agreement on distribution and publishing of Rayman Legends, which is the real reason why Ubisoft decided to bring the game to the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Both Ubisoft and Rayman creator Michel Ancel categorically deny these rumours.

57 thoughts on “New Rumour Reveals Why Rayman Legends Was Ported To Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3?”

      1. I seriously doubt Nintendo would do that. Nintedo is KNOWN for their flexibility in allowing 3rd parties to do what they think is best. Sounds more like something Microsoft would do.

      2. This is very, very unlikely. The real reason is that Ubisoft is somewhat dissapointed with ZombiU sales, concerned about the low WiiU sales and they decided to push the game to other platforms in order to 1- have better sales and 2 – decrease expenses with marketing and advertsiment. I´m sure Nintendo gave them a lot of support, because it´s a game that Nintendo needed so hard right now that would help sell consoles.

        1. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly why. Now Ubi will be competing with AAA titles and Rayman will get lost in the shuffle. I don’t see how Ubi doesn’t see that. GTA and Wind Waker alone are enough to make Rayman disappear and there are other big titles coming out.

  1. All of these rumours are pointless. I’m a huge Nintendo fan and I love my Wii U but the real (and very obvious) reason for the sudden multi-platform release is because Ubisoft saw the sales of ZombiU. They know the Wii U has such a small install base compared to 360 and PS3, and they know they’ll actually make a profit if they do it on all platforms.

    It’s business. You guys shouldn’t get so upset by it – you get to play the game regardless, exclusives mean nothing unless you’re a fanboy who can’t stand other people playing a game you enjoy. That’s not cool, man.

    1. I would agree, but now Rayman Legends is going to release at a time with some huge competition (not unlike Rayman Origins). Ubisoft is just setting this game up to fail again, and they didn’t have to push back the Wii U release since the game was ready to be sold and played for that system.

      1. They had to wait because of Microsoft(that’s what Bill’s wife said:). You can’t release on another system before the Xbox. Another of many reasons why Microsoft sucks.

    2. I’m pretty sure Rayman Legends was always gonna sell better than ZombiU. E-T rated games usually sell better on Nintendo platforms; If little ol’ me saw that, I doubt Ubisoft had the idea ZombiU would sell millions in 2 months.

      1. Well, I didn’t quite say it didn’t sell well. I said “I’m pretty sure Rayman Legends was always gonna sell better”.

            1. Now , I am just confused. :) My comment about ZombiU actually selling quite well on Wiiu was to mr Xbob. You ten replied to me.

              1. Oh, that’s because I don’t (but obviously SHOULD) use/take advantage of the ‘Notify me of…’ boxes that appear before you post a comment. I saw your comment and confused it for a reply to mine.
                I don’t use alts, I’ve only ever posted as 12:56, Virus or some variation of the 2.
                *Checks both boxes before posting comment*

    3. @Mr XBob
      Its kind of unscrupulous (that’s right, unscrupulous) to see a fanbase who are rightly annoyed by a broken promise and criticize how they react.

    4. Well I guess the main reason everyone was mad was delaying the game a week before it came out to launch along side the other consoles.

    5. Actually, most people are annoyed because the game was meant to release at launch, then this month, and now we’ve had another delay just so the game can be ported to other platforms. That’s the problem, that Wii U owners are being made to wait for a complete product after a second delay that has nothing to do with the version of the game they would be buying. I think it’s fair enough to be upset by that.

    6. What do the sales of an unrelated game matter? The game was already bound to go multiplat, it’s fucking rayman – that’s not the issue. the problem is the delay, why delay the game when the game was already finished, and had a solid release date? This helps nobody, not even ubisoft themselves who will release the game when a lot of other big name titles are released instead of now when rayman will go almost unopposed

    7. Ubisolft doesnt make sense since Rayman was supposed to be released at launch window. It cant be about the sales of the wiiu since Ubi agree to release the game on a console with a zero install base.

      Maybe its a trick. Saying that they are not finished and then release in feb to see how sales would go. If they think bad, then they gonna port it. But how can 3mil be dissapiinting. It got zero games, and it already sold 3 mil. Sms ubi. Lol

    8. Not sure if you read most peoples complaints. Most (including myself) don’t care about the game not being an exclusive but that the game (which was supposed to be released right about now) is getting delayed for half a year.

  2. That rumor is bull! Lol! Just because you can’t come to an agreement on a game that is already made, doesn’t mean you go and make it for other platforms so it takes forever for the origional one to come out!? I don’t see the point…

  3. You could probably do with an Oxford comma in “both Ubisoft, and Rayman creator Michel Ancel”, because without that comma it sounds like you mean that Michel Ancel created Ubisoft and Rayman.

    I mean, I knew what you meant, but it threw me off.

    inb4 hate

      1. Personally, I find the Oxford comma to be incorrect, especially when a simple sentence restructuring can fix the issue (particularly in this example). Something like:
        “Ubisoft deny the claims, as does Rayman creator Michel Ancel”
        “Michel Ancel (creator of Rayman) and Ubisoft both deny the claims”

      2. Except yes you do, especially when listing things.
        “I brought the makings of lunch with me: tuna, bread, salt and pepper, and cheese.”

        1. When you use the word “and” you may chose to use a comma if you so see fit. It is most certainly NOT required. Learned that in English class Sophmore year of High school lol!

  4. It’s just fascinating how most still compares the 3 month old Wii Uto 6-7 year old consoles “fanbase”
    It’s impossible to have 70 million Wii Us out there after 3 months!

      1. Hey, you know how you think I’m a little kid? Then last article you said you wanted to send me naked pictures of yourself? Man, that’s some messed up shit, you need help.

    1. Watch Dogs was probably coming to Wii U any ways. I doubt they said “Hey, to make up for our screw-up with Rayman Legends lets throw together a Watch Dogs port and win back our Nintedo fanbase.” <Thats silly.

    1. What im getting now is watch dogs. Also is hard to get scited for a game that was supposed to be released soon is the same thing that happened whit mass effect but the good thing is that ubisoft learned that way almost cheap.

  5. It doesn’t matter that the game is going multiplatform, really. The problem comes with the delay of the version that was originally supposed to come out last year.

    1. This and only this^ Rayman right now should have sold at least 800,000 copies and cause is being the only 1 and being released on a new console do wonders for small ips or damaged 1s.

        1. Has i say adult gamers got bills and you get money from your parents social security to buy games at least buy that dog some food whit the money.

  6. That’s utterly bullshit. IF only that was true, why the hell the developers would be protesting?

    Either way, still mad with the publisher’s decision. I can excuse that Xbox and Playstation would get Rayman Legends, but the delay…No freaking way.

  7. Well I guess Rayman as a series is dead after its release.
    Shame, if Ubisoft were really smart they could one day in Smash bros 5 get Rayman as a guest there just like Sonic and Snake were…but not now.

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