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35,700 Wii Minis Sold In Canada


Nintendo of Canada’s Communications Manager, Matt Ryan, has revealed that Nintendo sold 35,700 Wii Mini consoles in Canada since launch. Ryan said that the Canadian market has reacted positively to the system which lacks a lot of the functionality that the original Wii console contained. Nintendo Europe announced yesterday that the system will go on sale throughout Europe on March 22nd. UK retail outlets have begun taking pre-orders for the system which costs £80.

“Canadian market has reacted positively to the great value the system has to offer, and we are seeing this reflected in the sales numbers.”

34 thoughts on “35,700 Wii Minis Sold In Canada”

    1. Well, once Monster Hunter Tri loses it’s multiplayer, online isn’t too useful. Gamecube compatibility really isn’t needed now; been 6 years since the Gamecube was sold.

        1. The last game I played was a Gamecube game. I love the games, although you wouldn’t really care for Gamecube games now if you’ve not played one before. If you have, you’d already have a Wii or Gamecube.

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  1. and I’m guessing half of those were bought by uninformed parents who accidentally got a Wii Mini instead of a Wii U when they said they were looking for the “new Wii”.

  2. I bet half of those bought it just for red wii motion control plus.
    I think here it will cost 90 euro, and wii remote plus set costs 60. So why not 30 more and get an old fashioned cheap plastic console with it.

  3. Great, it’s selling. People need to realize that there is a possibility that every product isn’t for them. This thing is selling and expanding into different markets, if you don’t want it, then it’s not for you! It’s like complaining that a size small t-shirt doesn’t fit on your size large body — it’s not for you!

  4. I hope this comes to America. I’d love to add it to my collection of games and consoles. Then again, I can probably order one from Canada. Hmm…..

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  6. Awesome! The Wii is my favorite system of all time so it is nice to see that it still has some life to it. I hope that everyone that purchases a Wii Mini likes Wii just as much as I do.

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