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Nintendo Reveals Two New, Bright Nintendo 3DS Colors



Nintendo has revealed two new colors for the original Nintendo 3DS. The Light Blue and Gloss Pink Nintendo 3DS consoles will go on sale next month, on March 20th, in Japan, and each one comes with a 4GB SD Card, instead of the standard 2GB SD Card that’s packaged with most Nintendo 3DS consoles. So far, there’s no word on whether these two new, bright colors will arrive in the West, but we’ll keep you posted.

67 thoughts on “Nintendo Reveals Two New, Bright Nintendo 3DS Colors”

    1. Green is the color I want to see, too. One of the prototypes they had at the initial announcement was green. I wonder if I could negotiate with the Big N to buy that…

      1. I’d love to see the purple and orange ones come to life. Two of my favourite colours, both shown in prototypes at the initial announcement.

                  1. I think we have the choice of White XL, Black XL, and the Blue and Black launch colours, and that’s it. But I’m not sure.

  1. Those colors look very cheap.
    Hey, do you guys think Nintendo will release a new 3DS model this year? maybe E3?

    1. What would they change in the new model? The original DS needed to be slimmed down (the lite) and then they needed to fix internet connectivity and they decided to throw in a camera and make the operating system more intuitive (DSi). The 3DS doesn’t have these problems, the only real problem it has is battery life and if you fix that issue and that issue alone with a new model, people won’t be too impressed I imagine.

      1. Don’t forget the lack of a second circle pad problem. 3DS needs a redesign where you don’t have to buy a Circle Pad Pro.

        1. That will not happen because if they include a second circle pad in a new hardware model, you’ll split the install base. People will be forced to upgrade or get a CPP to play games developed for the new hardware, and people will be less likely to develop for the new hardware for fear of not reaching enough of the install base. The Wii had this problem with the Motion+.

          This is ignoring the fact that the CPP includes two more shoulder buttons, too, not just a second circle pad… a fact most seem to forget.

        2. I doubt the 3ds pro will be released soon, if at all this gen. Ninty doesn’t want people to feel like they need to buy an add on for a console just so it can play games regularily. Unless we get a circle pad power pack pro protector case omega super special awesome device, i will be sticking with 1 circle pad this gen.

        3. My 3DS LL doesn’t have a lack of anything. I play all the games I like just fine. No second circle pad or extra buttons needed.

          Though I did add a LINX grip to it to make it more comfortable.

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    1. Aw that sucks. The white stuff is what makes it bigger, but if it came out, it’s going to be very tiny and you’ll have to move to china.

  3. There are couple of things I want my 3DS to be fixed and other 3DS version to be available: longer battery life, 2nd circle pad, having all the cool 3DS version from Japan, (including Pokemon with Charizard on the cover!!) and a very good selection of colors which I can see it is almost happening.

    That is all.=)

    1. We won’t get a second circle pad built in anytime soon, because that will split the install base. Expect a second circle pad in the NEXT handheld.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure the Light Blue one launched in North America since it’s the one I have. Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me.

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  6. The pink one looks good, they always do fucking baby pink that looks like shit, this one is just cooler.
    But yeah, WTF Nintendo, why classic if XL is already out and why stop here? More colors.

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