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Wii Mini To Retail For Around £80


UK retailers have already begun pricing the Wii Mini which was announced for Europe yesterday. Both Amazon and GAME have the system listed for £79.99. The pricing for the console is significantly higher than the $99 Canadian price, which would put the machine at around £65. As usual Nintendo has left the pricing up to retailers. The Wii Mini lacks Gamecube compatibility and does not support S-Video or Component video cables. The console also lacks an SD card slot, and doesn’t have Wi-Fi support.

34 thoughts on “Wii Mini To Retail For Around £80”

  1. For a casual gamer who only plans on buying it to play things like Wii Sports or Mario games, this console is probably a great option. It’s cheap, small, and the features missing are features they don’t need.
    Don’t call a console bad because it doesn’t match YOUR needs, because it obviously isn’t meant for you.

      1. I think it’s been distinctly redesigned, recoloured and named Wii Mini specifically to separate the Wii U from the Wii.

  2. It’s actually a rip-off

    Most places still have the Wii bundle with Mario Kart for 99£, and mind you that has backward compatability and all that jazz too! So much better

      1. Yeah, for your information the name was simply remembered by my computer, and was a response to a troll on this site, and i forgot to delete it and simply posted a thread.

        Why am i stupid? I’m saying that the current bundle is of better value because:

        1: you get Mario Kart
        2: you can play your GameCube games
        3: Had SD card slot
        4: Wifi support

        And it’s 20 pounds more, so just getting Mario Kart with it, that already makes it a better buy. But yeah, i’m the dumb one, i’m stupid for pointing out that EU taxes basically bumps up the price to a place, where it really doesn’t matter. Odds are a used Wii is a lot cheaper, so if you can’t find the original model anymore.

        So yeah, before pulling numbers out your ass, try and think for a second.

        Ps: the name suits me, i think i’ll stick with is.

        1. And i’m not a resident of the UK, so add another 25% to that price, and you will have the pricetag where i am from.

        2. True mate, your comparisson is totally spot-on, why buy this wii mini when you can get a bargain deal for the normal wii which offers much more at a better value..

          And for the name, just stick with it..

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  4. prob with this console:

    -it isn’t much smaller than the actual wii..
    -it doesn’t add value (in fact it takes some features off..)
    -it’s too pricey

    This thing should be 50quids max..


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  7. Hey Rob,You’re right in your observation about the Kinect. As it is right now, the tocenolhgy is still quite shaky, along with the fact that you need a giant living room to get the most out of it. (Not sure how well it would have sold in Hong Kong in that case, haha!) I haven’t played too many games for it, but Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster is probably the best one I’ve played. It was developed by DoubleFine though, so I guess it’s not surprising they would bring something decent to the table. Dance Central and Child of Eden are good as well but again, some of my movements don’t register very well. It’s definitely not perfect. In terms of the worst, Rise of Nightmares was a ungodly mess. It had some great ideas, but the execution was pretty awful. I believe Chris just posted up a review/critique on his site. To be honest, I haven’t played enough of Sine Mora to develop a solid opinion of it. I really love shmups and I like the direction they’ve taken with the story, but I guess I got sidetracked. Another one for the backlog! Are you a shmup player?

  8. You are correct it has all the same thngis that the regular wii fit has, however there’s a section of games on the plus that are exclusive to the wii fit plus, I’d recommend the plus if you are look for a larger variety of games.

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