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Capcom And Blizzard Announcing New Games At PAX East


Both Capcom and Blizzard will be announcing brand new titles at this years PAX East event. In its invitation to its PAX East briefing, Blizzard has written it “has something new to share” at the show. “We’ve been working on a little something.” The developer says that the game will be “different from our other games,” and “it’s not a sequel, expansion or that rumoured next-gen MMO, but it’s something we’re excited for you to get your hands on.” Capcom will also be announcing two new games during their World of Capcom panel on the Friday of PAX East in Boston.

75 thoughts on “Capcom And Blizzard Announcing New Games At PAX East”

      1. It was fine, but one can only take so many so much bugs.
        Its like deathmatch with zombies as obstacles.
        If they would have bothered to make it playable, it might have been fun for more than 20 minutes.
        And Capcom didnt develop it, they let slant six games to poop all over the already ruined RE series.

  1. Why Arent we hearing more about upcoming 1st party Wii U games? Basicly i bought a $350.00 box that doesnt do nothing but collect dust. I expect good as graphics and fun. If i want 2D games that’s when i download games from my Smart Phone. So far Wii U has baby graphics and no real games. I BEEN HEARING ABOUT PIKMIN 3 the longest. Pikmin 2 came out 9 fucking years ago. Hurry UP!!

    1. I take it you havent played nintendo land with friends. Or any of the games… im having so much fun with my wii u everytime I turn it on. Also you complain about “baby graphics” but you cant wait for pikman 3… dude chill out and just have fun with it

      1. they don’t own a wiiu and i’m having the time of my life with mine. currently playing new super mario bros., zombieu. warriors orochi 3 hyper , ninja gaiden: razor’s edge, nintendoland, and on the wii side of things ,last story and xenoblades. waiting for monster hunter 3 ultimate, pandora’s tower, and injustice gods among us.

    2. 2D games are great man! surely you are not the audience, but I enjoy it and many others do. Also if your WiiU is collecting dust, No games can really do anything for you, it’s been 3 months and there’s a lot of games out there, also the Eshop is a great place buy new and only download games. (I’m having a blast with Runner 2)

      That’s because you bought a box and didn’t know what would come from it, you should have waited more. learn a lesson: don’t buy hardwares day 1 unless you are super hyped and know what you are buying, it will take “SUME TIME” untill first party games arrive on wii u.

  2. Cashcon can suck it until they choke on one of their micro transactions, and Blizzard basically said they’re not releasing anything worth caring about, so yeah, jazz hands for DIII on PS4 everybody… -___-

  3. Nintendo is dumb. If Honda redesigned the Civic 6 years after the Corolla, why would Honda make the new Civic just a little bit more powerful than the Toyota and acting like a redesigned Corolla isn’t in the works!!!

                1. Lord of the Nintendo Haters

                  Shut up, virgin. You have no social life. You are so desperate you tell random people on the Internet you’ll have sex with them for free.

                    1. Lord of the Nintendo Haters

                      You are so desperate you would have sex with random people who meet on the Internet’s mothers! LOSER! Adarazz.

    1. i was frozen today

      black ops 2 on wiiu is awesome i would be playing it right now but i sent my wiiu in for repairs:[

  4. Lord of the Nintendo Haters

    Why are you reporting this, Sickr? It’s not like the games are going to come to Wii U.

  5. Even though Capcom is making some annoying decisions lately, I can’t help but to wonder what they have in store… Whatever it is, I hope it goes to Wii U or 3DS (or both, why not?)

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