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Survey Says 74 Percent Of British Gamers Think Wii Mini Is Pointless


VoucherCodesPro have conducted a survey which consisted of 1,003 British consumers to see what they thought of the Wii Mini which is coming to Europe on March 22nd. Interestingly, 76 percent of those who were surveyed thought that the Wii Mini wasn’t a very exciting prospect. The poll asked, “Are you excited about the Wii Mini announcement?” 76 percent said no, while the remaining 24 percent said yes. Those who said no were asked to give a reason, here’s the results:

1. Don’t see the point – 74%
2. No advance in graphics – 56%
3. Just rehashing an old console, not a technological advancement 49%
4. Small size not a big enough selling point- 47%
5. Already own an original Wii – 42%

Those who were surveyed were then asked “Would you be likely to purchase a Wii Mini once it’s released?” participants replied:

  • No – 61%
  • Yes – 22%
  • Don’t know – 17%

“It seems that despite the release of the Wii U and with the recent announcement of the PS4 and the anticipated Xbox 720, Nintendo still felt the need to get in there with another release. Unfortunately for them, gamers just aren’t bothered; according to our poll at least.”

“It’s an exciting time for gamers who’ve been waiting several years for the next big console release. But the Wii Mini doesn’t carry the same gravitas. With no anticipation of improved graphics and no real advance on the original console, is it the case of flogging a dead horse?”

– VoucherCodesPro’s George Charles

87 thoughts on “Survey Says 74 Percent Of British Gamers Think Wii Mini Is Pointless”

  1. Duh, can’t even play mario kart online with it. It really is useless. If it had wifi it would be excellent value. It doesn’t so it sucks.

    1. It’s useless for you, but not to the main demographic of the system. For example children and hospitals and such. They don’t need the wifi.

      If you’re not a part of a demographic of any thing, that doesn’t mean the thing sucks in general.

      1. Children and hospitals is a pretty slim demographic too, though.

        No system updates, no fixing glitches in released games. Internet is becoming ubiquitous in the industry, and while that may not be all good (half-finished products abound!), it seems crazy to buy a system incapable of connecting properly. It really isn’t that much smaller either. Or cheaper.

    1. Can you get a Motion Plus controller with a Nunchuk along with the pre-owned Wii for that price too?

      Also the main demographic of this most likely doesn’t bother to find a pre-owned Wii when it’s easier to just buy this from a store.

            1. XD im i right? really? you’re trying to be a damn grammar nazi, yet fail at spelling correctly?

              if they? who are they? are you trying to tell me that you bunch yourself with all these fucking morons playing favorites in this imaginary war?

              you know, hate for a thing is actually pretty sad, it shows how sad and lonely you’re life is that you have nothing better to do than slander a company that doesn’t give a shit about you, or you’re opinion.

              1. Yet I fail to see the point in retards, that waste their time to bash a consoles and their companies on their respective news sites.

  2. Problem: you’re asking GAMERS. This is not to be sold to Gamers. The people that will buy this are not gamers. Or people who stay in the loop with things. The people who will buy this are the people who just never got a Wii and thought they would try it out.

    1. Indeed.

      Plus the survey seems pretty biased. Just look at the options lol. And then the conclusion:

      “It’s an exciting time for gamers who’ve been waiting several years for the next big console release. But the Wii Mini doesn’t carry the same gravitas. With no anticipation of improved graphics and no real advance on the original console, is it the case of flogging a dead horse?”

      Who the hell even expected any improved graphics or advance from a cheaper version of a console that’s been on the market for years? Hilarious.

    2. this will sell to clueless mom’s who have their kids begging for skylanders or whatever and they will see the option to buy for wii u and say NO to that and YES to mini. it’s genius because they are just selling off old parts for twice the value. they sold 35,000 in canada so far since xmas.

      1. Nintendo would get more sales if they made it a collectors item by making it limited time only. Its not like any gamer would by that. Especially since you could get a wii for cheaper off ebay.

  3. I really didn’t understand the point of the Mini Wii, as it was released. When the Playstation products go to slim, they are always pretty much the same system, but thinner and lighter. This one is a watered down experience. I love my Wii, but if it died, I would pay more to get another full Wii.

    1. The point is that this isn’t for gamers. This is for example to children, or hospitals and such. Anywhere where internet isn’t needed for the console.

      1. I agree that is is for people who are just looking to throw in a disc and casually play a game, but it’s not a significant savings and they will also want to download a hidden mystery game or one of those click the gem games. I am sure that they already go to Big Fish Games or whatever and play a lit of the Nancy Drew Mystery type games (like my Mom and my wife, btw. lol). It just seems that if they are going to offer a limited experience to casual gamers, they would either take this into consideration. They will be missing many possible dollars in store spending. My wife and Mom have actually outspent me in the store. If they are looking to find the casuals and offer a limited system, even they see the price difference isn’t that big. They will pony up a few extra bucks to get the weather and news and a browser and the store and etc, etc, etc.

  4. and 70% of the people says that the WiiU is ponitless as well, 15% think that the WiiU is a toy, and the 15% they just are bag of douchë thinking that WiiU is nice.

    1. 70% of the people says that your comments are pointless, 15% says that you are a fag hater, and the other 15% says that you are a complete haste of time for this website.

    2. 70% of people SAY that you are a troll that wants attention and 15% think you are 11 or something and then 15% they are just bag of douche thinking that you are nice

  5. Well the wii mini is actually point less in any sense, the normal Wii is already that cheap and could do alot more than the Wii mini.

  6. Well atleast people aren’t thinking that the Wii Mini is a new Console, honestly I thought that more people would be buying this instead of a Wii U, even though people who hardly have a Wii and are low on money would probably buy one though.

    1. They are. they have a big OS update in the spring and announced a bunch of games like a week ago
      also I can’t wait for the virtual console games to finally hit :)

  7. 22% is quite encouraging in my eyes. Considering the Wii mini is utterly useless to those who already own a Wii.

    There is no iffs or butts about it , it’s a useless piece of shit. Unless you are a child who hasn’t yet owned a wii and can’t afford a Wiiu , PS3 , 360 , 3DS , Vita , etc….

    Wii mini can suck my balls for all I care. If it sells over 1 million worldwide , then congrats to Nintendo…

  8. The Wii Mini is not supposed to grab excitement for those who care about the video games. It’s targeted for those who see a relatively cheap price on a console that can play Just Dance and Mario Kart. If 22%, over a fifth, of gamers plan on getting it, then that is pretty encouraging for Nintendo.

    1. No. The Wii itself is cheap (it only costs 129.99). Plus you get bundled games with no extra charge. So saying that you’re just getting a Wii mini because of just dance or mario kart doesn’t make any sense.

  9. Implying the Wii Mini is actually needed when it isn’t. The Wii U is a better value as it’s both a Wii and a Wii U in one plus it’s wii component has online. So it already gets a + in that department.

  10. This thing would have been totally awesome if it had Gamecube support. I sold my GC, when the Wii came out (my Wii stopped working after a few years of use). I bought a Wii U. The Wii Mini could have doubled up as a GC…

  11. Wii u has big games coming ssb4 new 3d Mario new xeno new Zelda so fuck all who oopses. Will be fucked in their ass holes by Satan. Lololololololololololololol

  12. They’re not wrong. Rereleasing an old console with even less functionality than the original version in the wake of a new generation is a huge waste of resources that could be better spent marketing the Wii U.

  13. Sony released 2 ps3 slims, the slim 2 is pointless! This will be great for a younger group of children, especially price wise.

    1. Super Slim ps3 is a piece of shit, its such shoddy material, the slide panel is like the cheapest thing ever. Just stick to a sexy Slim PS3

  14. I was really disappointed when I heard it doesn’t support component cables.

    I would have loved to have got one if it only supported this feature.

    Using standard 3 pin connections give a horrible picture on my tv.

    Still probably buy one though. Ive got a problem when it comes to resisting Nintendo stuff!!

    Infact I’ll probably get Two!!!!

  15. There is a point… Those who don’t have a Wii or Wii U and don’t care about online (which was never a selling point on the Wii anyway) would probably find it very appealing. Honestly, if I didn’t have a Wii U and wasn’t getting one anytime soon, I’d get this. I like the design and my old Wii doesn’t read discs anymore.

    1. Ive actually thought about getting it… its cheap so it isn’t really a big deal. I bet you it will sell better than people expect it to.

  16. 1. Excluding the first point. They chose graphics as their main reason, what a surprise *rolls eyes*

    2. The percentage is pretty good considering that the survey is from UK and the Wii Mini is not exactly anything gamers will buy.

    3. Wouldn’t it be the BEST day for us and the WORST day for Sornys if the Wii Mini surpasses the Vitanic? lolololooool…

  17. That extra cash could have been used to better the wii u making it powerful enough to handle the 720 and PS4. Just making it more powerful than the PS3 is stupid. And hurry it up with some real 3D hard ass Nintendo games. Im sick and tired of people thinking Nintendo is just for kids. Wii Mini should have arrive 3 years ago with the Wii U’s current horsepower and HD. That was stupid on Nintendo’s part.

  18. It IS pointless, mostly because its not just a smaller Wii, its a Wii with no features other than just playing Wii discs.
    But its existence hurts nobody. I mean those who want it will get it and does who don’t can move on.

  19. 1st of all the British? They already dislike Nintendo alot lol. So you wont get a good awnser from them. 2nd the Wii Mini is more like a collectable for Console collectors.

    1. I know! Who would think to do a survey like this? Did they honestly expect to get different results? Of course not. They wanted a wide range of haters to come out and say the Wii Mini sucks. Thats really what the survey was for.. -__-

  20. The person that conducted this survey is obviously a Nintendo hater and just wanted “facts” to back up his trolling on Nintendo’s Wii Mini. Who would have thought to do a survey and also, it was conducted in England. The “Kings of Hardcore.” Obviously they are going to say the Wii Mini sucks. Also, who did they survey? 18 year old boys or kids? Depending on which would scew the results. The survey means crap!

  21. It is pointless.

    Nobody cares about Wii anymore, and those who do aren’t sitting around complaining about the Wii being too damn big.

    It’s a waste of money, for both consumers and Nintendo.

  22. They should of called it Wii Miinii :P And this is rather pointless to those who have a Wii, but a good deal to those who don’t, so in the end it’s a pointless or not pointless situation.

  23. Well, even I admit that the Wii Mini is pointless. But I still want one for my collection. I’ve been considering possibly ordering one from Canada, but I’m not sure? Since I highly doubt that it will ever come to North America. Nintendo loves to ignore North America.

  24. I really do not see the need to release the Wii Mini. It is useless now, especially when the Wii U is out. If someone really wanted an original Wii, I would recommend buying a used one which can still be a good price and better buy than this. If a person does not care about the Internet, then they do not have to use it that much. They can just play the games.

  25. There are three types of lies: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics. I myself see no point in the Wii Mini, but the headline to this article is dreadful and deceitful.

    “Survey Says 74 Percent Of British Gamers Think Wii Mini Is Pointless”

    Well no, the study really says nothing about British Gamers because the sample size was only 1003 people. Not really indicative of the entire British Gaming culture. Never mind that we’re not sure how the sampling was done.

    Also, 76% of those polled answered “No, I’m not excited about the Wii Mini”. 74% OF THOSE WHO SAID NO, claimed that they thought it was pointless.

    So, in reality, 74% of 76% of 1003 British Gamers don’t see a point to the Wii Mini.

    Like I said, I don’t see a point either. It probably isn’t that great of an outcome for Nintendo, anyway. But this headline is laughably terrible, anyone trying to draw actual conclusions from this study are idiots, and anyone reporting on this pointless survey are even bigger idiots.

    1. I guess “74% of 76% of 1003 British Gamers Think Wii Mini is Pointless” isn’t as shocking, snappy, and buzzworthy as the actual headline.

      “561 out of 1003 random British Gamers Think Wii Mini is Pointless” doesn’t work either, I guess. GOTTA GET DEM VIEWS AND DISCUSSIONS.

      1. Put up 56% maybe? The current headline gives me the impression that the person that put up the headline didn’t even read what he read fully, or at least didn’t understand it.”56% of British Gamers Think Wii Mini Is Pointless” is what this survey actually means.

  26. It’s very useless in my opinion. The only upside to the Wii Mini is its design–I admit it, I really like how it looks. It’s stylish. However, with a lack of strong features of the Wii such as online capabilities, component video support and SD card support, the Wii Mini doesn’t have a lot going for it.

    Remember the last “slim” Wii that came out (the one that only removed GameCube support)? Yeah, that has more of a point than the Mini.

  27. Nintendo should have made this the opposite way – Take out the disc drive, and have it download only and keep the online function on a lot of the games on it. Also, price the thing at 50 bucks. That’s what should have been done.

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