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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate To Receive Free Of Charge Downloadable Quests


To accompany the news that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U will feature off-TV play and cross-region online play, the company has announced that Capcom will be continuing to support Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for several months after release with additional free of charge downloadable quests. The first quest will be available at launch.



    1. this^

      Monster Hunter Ultimate just went from a 7.5.10 to an 8.8/10 with the anouncement of Off screen play and Cross region play , My two main problems are gone. And these daily quest additions are a big bonus!

      This game just got a whole lot better for sure :D!


      1. I guess MS wants more blacks playing the Xbox 360. Most blacks don’t even say “swag”. They don’t help their cause by using nerdy example skins like Game of Thrones…


  1. Wow! This game just keeps getting better and better… too bad I don’t like Monster Hunter. This must be a dream come true for those who do!!


  2. NintEdward, even you Simply G, jellybean, Ashley, N-nation, Nintenlord and others from the UK and the Americas I want to hunt with you guys. My GAMER tag shall be HUGO.


    1. my gamer tag is VENOMJAMAICA

      I was gonna just get the 3ds version…. but now I see that the wii u version will be a better purchase.

      Get N or get OUT!!!


      1. Other than bombs, can you kill another player is if he was your enemy?
        With everything you have I mean.
        I’m not a “good” player…;)


  3. EA, the Capcom the second greatest games developers after Nintendo’s EAD just gave us a blessing of a game with free, FREE! DLC and no micro transactions. A GAMER better than your whole library in terms of content, skills, weapons, missions, online activities, cross regional play, keyboard and head phone support, offscreen play. 80 boss monsters, over 400 hundred other monsters, including monsters that are bosses and not even related to the main quests but join in battles, cross play between 3DS and Wii U. Wii U to online. 3DS online through Wii U. In the future maybe even Wii U and 3DS online together :).


  4. Well would U look at that, Capcom didn’t give us that much of a graphic improvement, but they gave us something BETTER: Features such as off TV play, Cross Region Play and FREE Downloadable CONTENT. I rather have this than have just “next-gen” graphics. ;P


  5. Capcom doing free DLC? I call bullshit! Unless they’ve changed since their recent Disk Locked Content craze in the past few years.


  6. That is surprising coming from Capcom, free DLC. On an totally unrelated topic, how the hell did Nintendo not make a game like Unfinished Swan.


  7. If you can’t get into the demo, get the game anyway, you can just return it later. I didn’t find tri that interesting until I started crafting my weapons and armor from the monsters and then I couldn’t stop playing. The first few hours are a bit dull but then you really start to get into character. If you haven’t played a MH game for more than a few hours then I highly recommend you have a go this time around. (written on the gamepad)


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