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Nintendo Mascot Yoshi Appears In Unauthorised Android Game


Nintendo’s loveable green dinosaur Yoshi has popped up in an Android title called Era’s Adventures. The game’s description says you’re required to help Era to escape from trapped worlds. Find the hidden chests which contain the secret keys required for unlocking the levels and enjoy the exciting adventures. The game has received reasonable reviews from the users and you can download it here. You can also watch the video right here.

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47 thoughts on “Nintendo Mascot Yoshi Appears In Unauthorised Android Game”

    1. It’s not a hoax, just some idiot using a copyrighted character in an awful game because they can’t make their own protagonist.

  1. HAHAHAHAHA. That is so tacky! It reminds me of the cheap Chinese knock off Pokemon toys. There’s just no pretence of it not being a rip off. Shameless.

  2. A quick buck from gullible consumers and phone gamers (more like phoney gamers) who throw pennies in the well everyday wishing Ninty games would come to their phones :P Despicable!

  3. It looks like yoshi.. but if the disigner changed the model slightly, it can be a little dinosaur look like yoshi… not yoshi… her name is Era now.

  4. To be honest, I have no problem with this I think, I think it’s like snoopy, where on some commercials, you see him random.. Honestly they probably thought Yoshi was cute, and wanted to use him in there. I say it’s a loving culture thing. And ideas are not property btw.

    Unless they are using him in a “original claim” way, then I guess shame.

  5. Is this a common theme for app game developers? Do they create a game, and then use the mascot from another popular game franchise just to get publicity? Only to change it when they start seeing legal troubles? This seems to happen way too often.

  6. Oh wait, I just watched the video, yeah I think they are using it that one way that might be “shame”. lol I thought it was a random picture thing.

  7. LOL That’s how android market will take over the handheld marketing, making original tittles with deep gameplay experience :D

  8. This is happening a little too frequently; I think some legal loophole is somehow allowing this. Nintendo either doesn’t mind or there’s nothing they can do about it…(???)

    1. It is sort of interesting how when these iOS games are copying other Videogame franchises they always seem to be one’s Nintendo created. Hmmmm? Wonder why(sarcasm).

  9. I would guess that they’re able to get away with it because the game is free, so they’re not making a profit off of Yoshi’s image. But come on, if you’re going to rip off a character at least do it right, Yoshi’s all about eating things and throwing eggs, not breathing fire… This game looks like it’s stuck directly between being an original idea and a fan game, but it’s not close enough to either.

    1. Well bloody hell it’s no wonder Nintendo are loosing money when trash like this keeps popping up every week on android/ios ” hey guys let’s take the beloved Yoshi and put him in a shitty run and gun platformer and give it pretty music, graphics and everyone will treat it like the greatest game ever” seriously I wish these android game makers copyright breakers would just go and crawl under a rock.

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  11. Hey everyone!!! Smatphone games will TOTALLY KILL consoles! Nintendo are yesterday’s news!

    …I mean, granted 99% of them are cheap, clunky & horrible – with a penchant for ripping-off Nintendo’s characters and gameplay designs…

    …But still! Woo! Apple and Android games are TOTALLY AWESOME!!1!11

  12. Anyone speak Japanese? Nintendo needs to know about this kjlojsodjflkanvlehjlajlfjworuwoefu79887r582uroijrlkwejlkjdlkfjsdfnslfnslkn. That is what I am calling it. kjlojsodjflkanvlehjlajlfjworuwoefu79887r582uroijrlkwejlkjdlkfjsdfnslfnslkn.

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