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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Confirmed For Wii U (Official Box-Art)


Ubisoft has confirmed that it’s working on a Wii U version of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag by releasing the official box-art for the game. Ubsoft held a press event yesterday to show the game off to a select number of journalists. The information from the Assassin’s Creed press event is currently under embargo until Monday March 4th at 5pm. Are you excited about the prospect of another Assassin’s Creed title?

121 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Confirmed For Wii U (Official Box-Art)”

      1. I was right too! Only someone lacking intelligence would have thought otherwise. I mean, this is Ubisoft we’re talking about!

          1. half of all…? 4.6 percent of developers making Wii U games.An identical 11 percent of developers surveyed said they are making their next game for the PlayStation 4 and the still unannounced but highly rumored Xbox 720.

        1. Exactly what I said. Even if Ubisoft see’s the Wiiu as another gamecube , selling hundreds of thousands of copies of their games on the platform won’t hurt!

        1. yeah , I know ! I’m just pointing out the idiotic trolls who said ”this game won’t come to Wiiu blah blah” :P

  1. Some 1 reply to me that i was goin to cry this monday when this game was not coming to the wiiu and i was saving a laugh for that day but i will use it today hahahahaha.

    1. Hope you told them you were going to laugh at them too. They are probably under the drone troll bridge asking how? lol. Wait! Runs to calculate how to save for all this Wii U goodness :).

        1. I’ve seen the box art for Metro:Last Light, Aliens:Colonial Marines, AND Rayman Legends! I’m not falling for another worthless tease!

          1. But… Metro: Last Light, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Rayman Legends are all coming to Wii U. Though, I wouldn’t be too excited for Colonial Marines if I were you…

    1. In what way is that art incredibly epic? Do you even know what epic means? Do you even realise what you write. Jesus Christ…

        1. Actually, “epic” is used to refer to a style of poetry or other work of literature, or to describe something that is extremely large in scope or physical size. So this isn’t “epic” at all.

          1. They say a picture is worth a thosand words, this picture represents an epic tale of adventure, so actually it is “epic ” if you think about it.

            1. Funny, I’m the one who stated pure facts and the actual definition of “epic” as opposed to the ridiculous overused slang definition, and you’re the one who opened your response with “lol” and accused me of being stupid while offering no real reason as to why I am. And I’m the one who sounds stupid?

          2. Assassins creed is extremely large in scope and size and is based on history. Epic is a fine word to use to describe it.

            AC3 was OK. The scope of the game was Epic.

      1. 1. Assassin. Pirate flag.
        2. Ships in background
        3. Cool looking robes on the assassin
        4. Dead pirate in front of the assassin.
        5. Assassin is a pirate.
        All of those = Epic

          1. In a casual way people often use the word epic the same way as they use the world cool, and nobody picks people up on using the word cool by saying it should only mean in relation to temperature.

          2. Internet slang says epic means extremely awesome. Stop being a douche. I hate people who try to tread on the happiness of others.

    1. The big obstical is when the 720 and PS4 come out… We have to see if companies will support Microsoft and Sony over Nintedo or all 3 together… I really hope they support all three!!

      1. Even if the companies don’t support all 3, Nintendo will still have a really, really strong 1st party lineup. Though, I hope that companies support all 3 consoles, it’s great to see multiplats head for Nintendo Consoles. It seems Nintendo kind of jumped the gun though, PS4 and “720” could outshine the Wii U in graphical performance.

    1. Also, the image looks really photoshopped if you look at it closely… especially his gun-wielding arm, it doesn’t sit right with the background (or even the rest of his body) at all.

        1. Who says? This website, with no sources?
          Okay, fine, I meant it looks BADLY photoshopped. Just LOOK AT IT. The art style for the part of the arm holding the gun and the sword don’t even MATCH.

          1. And official artwork has been known to have stuff like spelling mistakes in the past, so even if there is a really bad mismatch there, it isn’t cause for alarm.
            To me, it seems like you’re actively looking for any scrap of info that could disprove this coming to the Wii U.
            Does the likelihood of it hitting the system actually bother you that badly, or am I misreading your post tone?

            1. Misreading my tone completely. I’d love this game to come to Wii U. Lord knows it needs titles and this could be a really good one for it.
              But seriously. Look closely at the box art. The assassin looks like he has been copied and pasted into a different scene, and his right arm holding a gun is clearly drawn where the rest of his body has been rendered or drawn in a different artstyle, like someone has drawn their own arm and pasted it over the top of his real one. The sword looks exactly the same, and at the tip of the sword you can even see some white which is a good sign of a questionable crop job. The white blur behind the assassin is a typical effect used to cover a copy and paste.
              In short, this is NOT a professional job and therefore there’s no way this would be official box art.

              1. Well, It sure is. That’s how you make box arts these days, you copy and past a character in the front, put a scenario with fog on the background, add guns and it’s done! :) Also, this is just the first official artwork, it can change over the next months.

                I have Okami for the Wii, and the box art have IGN logo, you can’t believe it, untill you see it. They tried to erase it, but it’s still there, on the official and professional box art of a game which the reputation was “state of art” LOL

                1. I know about the Okami thing. I have that too. That’s a little more understandable though because they needed the art and didn’t have the original artists or assets to do it for them. Ubisoft has an entire art department. They can afford to get someone to draw some good quality boxart, especially when they’re probably pumping millions into developing this game. To do a crappy job is just disappointing.

                  1. I know right? I kinda hate box arts these days, its all past and copy, smokes, particles and guns everywhere.
                    I loved NSMBU boxart, all detailed and with all the fun stuff happening on the artwork, some are still good, like Nintendo’s box art :)

            1. Actually that makes me feel worse. That means that Ubisoft are releasing terrible boxart with one of their major games.

  2. No! I’m not excited at all! It will be like the other 5, but with pirates. Ubisoft do what they’ve done with POP… Enough is enough! And wasn’t it supposed to end the story with 12/21/2012?!

      1. AC 1 killed my interest for the series. though it might have been the fact that I started it on pc, then hopped on to 360, didnt finish it before I sold the crapbox, then got it for ps3 and wasnt really that in to it anymore…

        1. The only thing that I didn’t like about the first game is you die in the water, other then that I loved the first game.

    1. Also, as an assassins credd fan I’m really excited for this tittle, The theme is already much more fun than the 3rd to me. Let’s see what comes out of this one :D

  3. Hmmm, It seems Ubisoft is really supoorting the Wii U after all…
    Well, I for one won’t really forgive them for the RL delay but it seems that the Wii U won’t miss out much of the big third party titles so bring it Ubisoft ^^

  4. oooh another ac game… whaterver I don’t care anymore. Ubi is probably already working on the next one with ninjas or some other shit

    1. I would love a Ninja one. What woul be cool is a Ninja Gaiden crossover with Assasin’s Creed. And if they added the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as guest characters… :O

  5. I knew it was coming. Ubisoft is practically working for Nintendo right now. And I say practically, because of the Rayman “issue.”

  6. What a badass. Still, not overally excited for this after 3, but ya know, pirates. The only better setting i could ask for is Feudal Japan, or China.

  7. Reblogged this on 19andnerdy and commented:
    Am I excited? Well gee. Pirates. So. Um. Yeah?

    Let me start AC3 today then make a judgement. I’ve always loved the Assassin’s Creed series as it feels to this day like the natural successor of the PS2’s Prince of Persia trilogy (which, for the record: fucking awesome). I’ve heard mixed things about 3 but let me give it a shot. I may even review now that my schedule is returning back to normal.

  8. Ubisoft must have been happy with the sales of Assassin’s Creed 3. I’m not getting it, but good to see more third party support :)

  9. This seems like a side story like Brotherhood was, which I didn’t enjoy. And since AC 3 was boring and lacking compared to AC 2, then I’m about done with the series. Let’s hope they don’t drag Watch Dogs to the ground like they did with this series.

  10. where are thoses fucking little shit we saw yesterday.. thoses who told us that game will never comes out on our console hm ? WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY NOW.

  11. I think I might be the only person who actually liked Connor so I’m sad that his story isn’t going to be continued. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll like his grandpa just as much!

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  17. Who was the one that said this was a fake game and insulted the person who spotted the chick on the plane? I’m laughing in your face now.

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