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The Adventures Of Dash Could Be Coming To Wii U

the_adventures_of_dash_concept_artThe Adventures of Dash might come to the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. The Adventures of Dash is a 2D side-scrolling game in which players control a unique boy named Dash, who uncontrollably falls asleep, and in his dreams he must solve puzzles, defeat foes, explore worlds and collect objects. The developer behind the upcoming game, Robotoki, is licenced to create Wii U games, and it plans to release The Adventures of Dash on as many platforms as possible, including Nintendo’s latest console. The game is scheduled to arrive November on PC, Mac, Linux, Ouya and mobile devices.

4 color rebellion: The Robotoki site says that a console release for both Human Element and The Adventures of Dash is yet to be determined. Creating a new SKU takes money but if the Kickstarter campaign is a hit, can we imagine that the game could find its way to the Wii U or even the 3DS thanks to Unity? Is Robotoki already a Nintendo licensed developer?

Robotoki founder Robert Bowling: We are currently Nintendo licensed developers and have Wii U dev kits in the studio, so our plan is to definitely explore getting the game running on as many platforms as possible. In addition to the OUYA which is available in stores this June/July. However, for more traditional consoles, the additional QA / certification costs require us to hold off until we ship the game to dedicate to those (unless we exceed our Kickstarter goal of course).

Thanks, Mike.

37 thoughts on “The Adventures Of Dash Could Be Coming To Wii U”

      1. you dont even give us reasons why nintendo sucks. All you do is come to this site and show your lack of intelligence. Every time I read a headline all you do is troll and show your immaturity in front of everyone. No wonder you don’t have a job, or a family because no one wants to be with someone who acts like a five year old. oh wait Let me stop there because when my brother was 5 he behave more intelligent, and mature, than you ever will. My 6 year old brother plays all kinds of game like legend of zelda, ssb, playstation all star battle royal and etc… So keep on trolling, which will show your foolishness in this site, or just get lost.

    1. From what I’ve seen on the Kickstarter page, this is a multiplat, coming to iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Linux first. Then they’re using the profits from that to fund a multiplatform console release.

  1. Another game with children’s colouring-book type theme. There are a disturbing amount of cartoon/kid-like games on this console; a console that’s supposed to be “made for the hardcore gamers”.

    I know hardcore doesn’t simply mean gritty visuals or blood and such; I’m not an idiot. But do they really expect gamers older than 18 to 21+ to be playing Nintendogs, Pokemon, Scribblenauts, etc? I mean, I’m sure they’re fun in their own right and all, but come on. No wonder people associate Nintendo consoles with being “kiddie consoles”; a overwhelming amount of game news for Wii U has to do with cartoon-like games or franchises.

    Gamers are a tad more sophisticated these days. Games don’t have to be gritty or bloody to be mature, but it helps if they’re not panderingly toon-ish. The XBOX 360 and PS3 may not be for everyone, but at least they have variety. The big sellers are always going to be games like Call of Duty and Halo and such, but they also have great selling titles that are, for lack of a better way of putting it, more “grown up” as well as some toon-ish, simple, yet fun games like the Lego series and such.

    If Nintendo made ONE “hardcore”, grown up game that dealt with real, sophisticated subject matter(s) and didn’t look like a Pixar movie or a colouring book, I’d be surprised.

    The closest they’ve got in recent memory was the Metroid Prime series, and even that was heavy with PG content. But still, it was at least something I could play without feeling like I am several years older than the target audience.

    It seems Nintendo is still under the impression that it’s the 1990’s, and that the majority of gamers are children and pre-teens. It’s a different world Nintendo; the average age of frequent game purchasers in 2012, for example, is 35! Do you really picture then playing Scribblenauts all day over games like God of War, Halo, or even indie games like Limbo or Minecraft?

    I know this isn’t a Nintendo title, but Nintendo DOES have the influence over the software releases for it’s console. And so far, it’s largely targeted for kids ages 6 – 16, tops (which I assume is probably the age bracket of people on this site, too). Aside from a few third party ports, most of the games fall into that category.

    It’s time to do some growing up, Nintendo. People here will obviously hate on me for saying all this but it’s true, and I’m definitely not the only one thinking OR saying it.

    Here’s a fantastic idea: just once, release a darker type of Zelda game. Picture it like the new Tomb Raider game, but set in the Zelda universe, with Nintendo’s brand of puzzles and dungeons and such. Have Link be required to learn and progress as an archer; have him have to scrounge for food; maybe even steal it from shops to survive because he’s far from home and has no money; have him be required to hunt for food, maybe. Add some more complex, mature themes. Make the game look a bit more modern, like Skyrim but with a Nintendo-twist, visually speaking. Keep the same music, but also add some more dulcet tones and stark, chilling symphonies to more tense moments.

    I would buy it twice. Honestly.

    /Useless TL;DR Rant

    Let the insults and bashing begin! :D

    1. “It’s time to do some growing up, Nintendo.” Nintendo is over 120 years old, and there still king of the gaming industry. Dont expect a radical change anytime soon. But, there are many mature games you can play on nintendo platforms, its just not the majority. Many of those games are worthy though. The main reason they lost so much 3rd party support and these “hardcore” games is because with the wii was very underpowered system compared to the xbox 360/ps3. Nintendo will get back many series that skipped nintendo last generation, seeing as the graphics between all the systems is going to little to none. Were already seeing some great “mature” games coming not to mention Zombie U thats already out. Metroid, xenoblade is a little more mature, monster hunter, bayonetta, and many more on the way. Anything you’ve thought of im sure nintendo has as well.. And I think that its also important to not that even though nintendo has the least amount of so called mature games. They still have the most people over the age of 18 playing video games 41% of all gamers still consider there main system to be a nintendo one. In fact almost 80% of all girl gamers are nintendo only gamers. So what ever there doing there doing right….

      1. Amen Skadoofus, and you Mr. elyk921 are somewhat misinformed when it comes to how Nintendo started loosing 3rd party support sir. Once upon a time there was a console named Nintendo 64 being planned by Ninty, an electronic giant came up to Nintendo an offered a dvd drive for the new console, Nintendo being so freaking stubborn and idiotic refused and instead went with the obsolete and expensive cartridge format.

        Out of that stupid decision the Playstation was born, and the only reason that the 64 survived was mainly because of Mario 64, Starfox, and everything Rare made before being raped by Microcrap to extinction. Playstation went on to dominate the world, and we all thought Nintendo had learned their lesson, but hell no, they had a chance to rectify right away with their next console, third parties were anxious to jump back in the boat and players were eager to go back as well. But oh hold on to your panties, what does Nintendo do, they come out with this bullshit of a little cube with a handle in the back, oh how cute. The power was there, nobody complained about that, but the format they decided to go with, was a slap to the face again for third parties, and the players suffered as well, the stupid little mini discs had limited storage capacity and companies were forced to cram shit into that crap and then spend resources on making another one if the game needed more space. By this time another tech giant jumped in with the Xbox, although we all know the hardware has always sucked balls with Micropenis, nobody makes hardware like Nintendo.

        Anyways, third parties had abandoned Nintendo, older fans had jumped to other boats, only the hardcore Ninty fans were loyal up to that point, and here comes a new console, few third parties were willing to give it another shot, few ex-fans were cautiously hoping for the hardcore console to show up, and oh gaming jesus here comes this white turd with the power of a gamecube 1.5, a controller that women can use as a dildo and men can throw at their tv…or use as a dildo as well, u know, some guys are kinky like that and shit…moving on, oh and for some odd retarded reason they go for the stupidest name ever, the Wii, penis jokes! They even went as far as saying, and I quote “Gamers don’t care about graphics, they only care about the gaming experience”, what a load of crap! While true to some extent, gameplay is important, you cannot ignore the fact that, creativity, graphical power, embracing new technologies along with gameplay go hand in hand, they are all important.

        As you can imagine my friends, third parties lost hope, gave the middle finger to Ninty, older players left for good, and yes I’m aware the Wii went on to beat the other consoles in sales for many years, but it was only because of that dildo that was so attractive to women, grandmas, grandpas, little kids, etc…But the core gamers, the hardcore (not Nintendo loyal fans hardcore) were ignored.

        And that is a bit of history on how Nintendo lost gamers and third parties. It seems like with the Wii U, another stupid name as far as I’m concerned, may fair better since the graphical gap may not be as big as last generation, and the gamepad is, well, interesting. Third parties are still hesitant and with good reason, nobody blames them for not wanting to join the Wii U bandwagon after all these years of ignorance and face slaps. Nintendo needs to grow up to some extent, but that wont happen I believe until Miyamoto retires I’m afraid, don’t get me wrong, I love Miyamoto, I grew up with his games, but that’s the thing, I grew up, and many others did as well.

        1. Sony ain’t no saint either, Nintendo and Sony backstabbed each other really.

          That said, GameCube was more of a change in direction to get the Japanese market back because they were losing them, even making stronger relationship with Japanese publishers and making the Triforce they created with Namco and Sega. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that well on both side, but the strong bonds carried over into the DS/Wii.

          I still honestly don’t like the terms “casual” and “hardcore” (sadly, it’s the only terms that always come to mind) I’m 25 and just wanna play games, Mario, Zelda, Batman Arkham, Ratchet & Clank, BlazBlue, Persona, doesn’t matter they’re all fun. The Adventures of Dash looks fun (also got a good laugh from the video), to each their own, it’s understandable that people do grow out of things and move on to something else.

          Nintendo is very open they want to be a family company and that’s fine and they can still release T-M rated games on the system while still being a family company. Trying to get the “harcdore” gamers back is difficult though when Sony and Microsoft have such a laser-like focus on the 16-35 male demographic, which make up most of that “hardcore” market. Not saying it’s foolhardy to try, but I do understand what you’re getting at.

      2. Women loves Nintendo

        I agree, most adult women are nintendo gamers. Nintendo have the female crowd on lock down. The children market on lock down. Its the adult male market that isn’t being covered right now but who really cares? Nintendo is good because they have carved their own market (women & kids).
        Besides this game (adventures of dash) looks amazing to me. Thank God its Wii U bound. The more games the better. We need all the 3rd party support that we can get.

        1. Nintendo Commander

          We welcome women just as much as anyone else…

          It is a shame that the more patriarchal powers of Sony and Microsoft are still living in the times when almost only male players existed…

          We at Nintendo are all equals and so shall it remain forever!

      3. They are NOT the “king”. They are great at making their own games, I’ll give you that. They’re also great at garnering the attention of untapped markets (i.e. the original Wii “casual” market), but that’s all they’re “great” at these days.

        Some would say that’s enough, and it may be. But it’s only enough to keep making money, which is good for them but not good for gamers who want more than casual games and first-party Nintendo games.

        Nintendo hasn’t been an overall “king” since the SNES days. Back then, SNES had something (and everything) for everyone. It was powerful, had great 3rd party support, and even had a lot of “mature” games after a bit of a stubborn stint where Nintendo refused blood and gore and “mature themes” in the games.

        The Wii U has a few select “mature” games, but it has far, FAR fewer than the other consoles, and the ones it does have are either multi-plats, or exclusives that are average at best, quality-wise. ZombiU is a great idea for a game, but suffers from poor execution. It is really a sub-par game at best, and only entertaining (for me, and for the vast majority of people it seems, judging by the feedback and ratings) for an hour or so before it gets boring and frustrating, and not because of the difficulty either.

        “Don’t expect a radical change anytime soon” <– Therein lies the problem. The games industry is ALWAYS changing, and Nintendo doesn't change with it. They simply "do their own thing" and don't even think to consider what the market is doing as a whole, which is unfortunate because they COULD "do their own thing" AND still change with the times as well. But they are way too stubborn and set in their ways to do so.

        A good example of how that doesn't work is the PS3 & it's "Cell" processor; Sony got on their high-horse and thought, "forget doing what is best/beneficial for developers, we'll give them our OWN thing and they'll just have to adapt to it". The result? A console that was not only overpriced, but also extremely un-friendly to develop for and to port games to from other platforms. It hurt Sony in the long-run, and it took them a long time to level out (they only just did a few years ago or so).

        I think the main problem with Nintendo is that as Western gaming culture grows and becomes a huge force in the gaming industry, Nintendo not only sticks to their own thing, but they continue to do "the Japanese thing" as well, which only sometimes also works well in the US & UK, for example. Nintendo has been doing that since the NES, which was fine back then because that's where games lived and died and we were just happy to be getting whatever we could. These days, there's much more going on outside of the Japanese market, and not everyone in the rest of the world has the same habits, tastes, and culture as Japanese gamers. I think they expect the rest of the world to just follow suit with whatever Japanese gamers are into, like we did back in the 80's and 90's. But that's not the case anymore, and they really need to broaden their horizons if they really want MASS APPEAL.

        But as I said before, Nintendo can and likely will survive by continuing to do their own thing and stick with their "the world will follow suit" mentality. However, surviving is not the same as dominating, or leading. They can do well, make profits, and continue to make games the way they're going at it, but they'll slowly but surely continue to take a back-seat to other companies like Sony that are embracing ideas and cultures from all different areas and walks of life, and not just depening on the Japanese gamer culture to lead the way and sort of "convert" everyone to what they're doing.

        It's a sad thing really, because I think Nintendo definitely has the creativity and resources to crush everyone else easily. They're just not really going that path anymore and are more concerned with doing their own thing without any influence at all from other areas that are already huge and successful. If they'd incorporate that, and consider that, they'd be much more ahead of the curve and it would be a closer race.

        Also, I'm not a Sony or MS fanboy; I have multiple consoles (all except the Wii U at this point), but don't kid yourself into thinking the graphics & scale of games is going to be almost identical, or that the "difference" is going to be "almost non-existent". The demo of the next Killzone alone, which is only in pre-alpha stage, looks far, far superior to anything out or announced for the Wii U at this point. It may not look it to the lamen's eyes, but things like lighting, particle effects, tessellation, shadows, textures, draw distances, frame rate, resolution, etc. are all much more advanced that what the Wii U is currently capable of or doing. While some of those things are purely cosmetic, they DO help with many people's perception of the game and thus, enjoyment. And the other elements that AREN'T purely cosmetic are things that affect gameplay; the number of enemies on screen, the interactivity of the environments, the ability to keep things (weapons on the ground, bodies, etc.) on screen in higher numbers and for longer periods of time, the dynamic nature of environments in terms of destructible structures and dynamically changing lighting and weather, the number of enemies on screen, the AI, the physics, the ability to load more objects and bigger environments at one time and thus reduce loading points and times, etc. I could go on for hours, but these are all things that aren't plainly obvious by just looking at a screenshot, which even those are incredibly more impressive than ANY console currently out is doing. And again: it's pre-alpha stage, months, possibly a year or more away from being completed.

        It will be increasingly evident that the leap in graphcis and game scale from Wii U to PS4/XBOX 720 will be significan. Now, it may not be as plainly & visually obvious as say the original Wii VS PS3 in some ways, but it will be fairly close, and in many other ways, it will be very obvious.

        That's not to say Wii U is "doomed" or that it won't be capable of making good games; hell, look at all the great games for XBOX 360 and PS3! Tons of them. The catch is that the Wii U is basically an XBOX 360 with a bit of extra horsepower to run the second screen, and while you can make great games with the power of the XBOX 360, the problem lies with developers having already MADE almost a decade-worth of games with that level of power & flexibility, and are now at the point where they have many ideas for games that just aren't possible with the restrictions of horsepower and tools of hardware at that particular level. So what you'll see is many companies skipping over the Wii U because they've already made the games they want to make with that level of power, and need more to create the new ideas they have that they've been holding off on, and therefore moving to the PS4/XBOX 720 to do so.

        The only attraction they have for the Wii U is the second screen, and if they don't have any ideas for games that can properly utilize that screen in a way that makes sense and IMPROVES the game, and doesn't require more power, then they just won't make any games for it. It's unfortunate, but that is the reality of the situation.

        Wii U's only hope is that Nintendo provides some killer AAA first-party games that spark the creative juices in third party developers and give them ideas for games that don't necessarily need "the next level" of horsepower. But that is a huge uphill battle that will really take a lot of time, and a LOT of very persuasive convincing.

    2. as far as that type of game I’ve had it planned out carefully in my mind step by step whenever I’m bored and can’t do anything else. So far I’m calling it The Legend of Zelda: Overture of Evil, but honestly it could be made into anything, I’m just using the series as a template not that anyone other than me cares

    3. In all honesty, you give WAAAAAAY too much care towards whether or not something “looks or feels mature”.
      These things do no matter, and you’re letting something extremely petty ruin the full experience for you.
      If it’s such a bother for you, then stick to playing gritty/edgy games.
      You’ll be missing out on a lot of really great games because you care so much about how “mature” the games look, but that’s your issue.

      Oh, and just FYI, yes, TONS of people over 21 play games like Pokemon.
      It’s the game play that matters. Mature gamers know this best.
      If they did not, then games like Okami and Katamari Damaci. wouldn’t be as highly acclaimed as they are.

      1. If you read carefully, I never said that games need to be “gritty” to be mature. In fact, I quite clearly said they don’t.

        What I DID say is that games on Nintendo consoles, majority of them anyway, are not only “kiddy” looking, but ALSO don’t really deal with any sort of mature-themed content. That doesn’t just mean sex, blood, and guns. I mean mature emotions, situations, stories, etc. Almost EVERY Nintendo first-party game either has no story of any real substance, or is a typical “Zelda/Princess Peach is captured, go rescue her”. It’s a terribly simplistic (and at this point, very repetitive) type of “story” and just does not engage many gamers these days. Not when they have games that deal with more complex & deep emotional journeys.

        Now yes, those complex & deep emotional journeys mean nothing if the game is basically just an interactive movie on-rails, which some games are. But open sandbox-type games that deal with such elements are great and engaging to modern gamers who crave more than just a simple kidnap/rescue game with some good gamplay.

        It doesn’t have to be one or the other: good gameplay or good graphics/story. A really good developer can capture ALL of that together. The original Halo, for example, has a GREAT story dealing with religious zealots, aliens trying to take over the world for their beliefs, complex relationships between characters, etc. And it didn’t hurt that it really laid the groundwork for what FPS games would be doing for the next 10+ years either.

        You can encapsulate good graphics, good story, great gameplay, and engaging & mature content and relationships all in one game. It’s tougher than just making a game with great gameplay and little-to-no story/simple story, but it CAN be done, and in a world where it IS being done quite often, Nintendo games begin to look quite boring in the process, even if they DO play well.

        It’s the exact opposite of what SquareEnix is doing these days: they’re so focused on great looking games that they’ve sacrificed their amazing story telling and great gameplay/freedom to do it. Nintendo is so focused on just gameplay that they’re foregoing great story and great imagery in the process. That only works for so long and for only so many people. However, combine the great visuals with the great gameplay & storytelling, and now you have something worth playing for MUCH bigger audiences.

    4. Umm nintendo dose not need to grow up, considering their target group has always been and always will be targeted to the 6-16 year olds, they dont cater to you, they cater to family orented style, just because you where 6-16 years old when you got your hands on an NES and you grew up and got borring dosent mean that they were going to continue targeting you, kids have free time (spring break, summer vacation, christmas break, weekends off. adults dont.) and thats where the money is and always will be. all older gamers can do is complain about everything (games not long enough, no story, noting but FPS, week plot, poor graphics) just like you are complaining now.
      did you see sesame street grow up with the kids? did you see Mattel grow up and start making adult toys…. if you want those kind of things go to Spencers! NO…. they target kids, and stick to targeting kids! and as long as adults need a digital babysitter they will buy their kids things like the Wii U.
      Get over yourself and learn life dose not revolve around you!

      learn to use your immagination again, else your just turning into an old fuddy duddy!

      1. Some good points there Gabriev, maybe we just need to accept the fact that Nintendo targets more towards the 6-16 year olds and casuals as you correctly put it. Nintendo is more family friendly, that is where their business is at. I have not bought a Wii U yet, waiting for a price drop, and more third party titles, but man am I looking forward to Retro showing us a New Metroid with a new powerful engine! Hoping at least.

        1. Agreed with you on the Metroid thing and the price-drop.

          I will eventually get a Wii U, most likely, But it’ll be a year, maybe two before I do. Once a decent Metroid game, and a REAL new HD Mario game (Mario 64 but with better visuals and the same great gameplay, please!) comes out, then I’ll consider it.

          But even then, it will also have to be backed up with a decent size of good 3rd party games, with a little more variety than just the “younger-themed” games that seem to be dominating the roster at the moment.

      2. The thing you’re not understanding is that I agree it’s FINE that they target “family” or younger audiences. But when Nintendo promised to “win back the ‘core’ gamers of the world”, they were making a statement that they were not going to continue ONLY targeting families or younger gamers; they were saying, “hey, we’re going to bring back the old days where Nintendo was THE place to go to for ALL gamers”.

        And the cold hard truth is that they just did not do that. They made a big hooplah about it, and in the end, they’re really still just targeting the younger kids and family aspect. The extent of their plan to “win back ‘core’ gamers” has been to port 3rd party games that have already been released on other consoles, and to release a few mediocre 3rd party exclusives that really haven’t lived up to their hype. And since then, 3rd party developers have noticed that the Wii U really isn’t a viable market for many of their games, and have just opted to “skip over” the console in favor for the others.

        It’s not that they all hate Nintendo, or are just lazy, it’s that there just isn’t the market for it. When you see other 3rd party games not selling well on a platform, it doesn’t encourage you to go and spend money to develop for it. Now, that’s not 100% Nintendo’s fault, I agree. However, Nintendo was the one who said they were going to change all that; they had a plan, they said; they were going to MAKE it worthwhile for 3rd party developers. And they didn’t. So while the blame isn’t entirely Nintendo’s, the vast majority of the blame is. They just didn’t put forth enough effort, or the right KIND of effort, into delivering what they promised.

    5. Y’see people. When we have well thought out, polite responses like these, we don’t have those unneeded flamewards full of childish insulting over video games. On the internet. Kudos.

      1. Thank you. This is usually what I do here. Unfortunately, most of the time my comments are either misread as being “anti-Nintendo”, or people only pick one thing I said out of context and “bash” me for it.

        Which is not to say I can’t take it; I’m a big boy, it doesn’t bother me. But I just find it odd when people label me as a “troll” or a “hater”, or imply that I’m always “too negative”, because that really isn’t the case. The only time I’m ever negative is when someone incorrectly accuses or criticizes me for something; fighting fire with fire, you could say.

        I’m not anti-Nintendo at all; I bought a Wii, and I’ve owned every Nintendo console since the NES with exception of Virtual Boy and now the Wii U. I also own a 3DS XL and love it. However, I use this forum as a way to express the things I think Nintendo is either doing blatantly wrong, could improve on, or when they’re being flat-out stupid. I don’t sugarcoat it, but I also don’t go out of my way to outright disrespect them for no reason. I also don’t ignore their smart choices or accomplishments. Just because I don’t frequently praise them for everything they do doesn’t mean I’m “always too negative”.

    1. You are very limited in what you can play. It is disgusting you are only interested in those types of games.

  2. Nintendo wants to appeal to a broad variety of people. At least until the ouya gets released the Wii U will probably stay as the nr. 1 indie game console, and as people know, most indie games aren’t exactly rated M.

    Even though the mario games are rated for 3 year olds it’s not for kids, Mario games are made to appeal to everyone.
    I agree the Wii games were mostly “kiddie” Nintendo is at least trying this time with the “hardcore games” like watch_dogs and JRPGs

  3. Neutron plays halo 3

    rated E dont mean 3yrs. yea watchdogs a game where the lead dev leaves before the game is out… so hardcore. … playing city folk 8hrs aday is more hardcore

  4. Nintendo Commander

    Our Empire has always targeted everyone for assimilation, not only subgroups…

    Dividing Nintendo games into different groups only suggests that the mental capacity of these individuals are not capable of psychological growth…

    If adults can enjoy Mario games, Pokemon and even cartoons, why can’t the rest of you?…

    I imagine it is due to the succesful B.O.Ws weaponry Microsoft have unleashed ever since their first System was released, combined with the ever growing corrupted Social Networking Assault Weaponry (SNAW) that the Mainstream Social Universe have promoted for ages…

    1. Because not everyone ENJOYS the simplicity of Mario and Pokemon. Sure, they’re fun for many people, but many gamers have the options to enjoy games with both great/fun gameplay AND great visuals and complex, deeper stories.

      The old “capture princess, rescue princess” thing is fun in its own right, but there are a world of more complex, equally as fun possibilities out there that Nintendo currently isn’t digging into.

  5. Another game I have never heard of. I don’t know much about Indie Developers. I keep learning though, because they are all flocking to the Wii U e-Shop to make 2D side scrollers. Not really a “bad” thing, but I wish they’d make something not soo… two dimensional for a change..

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