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Team Meat Want Meat Boy In The New Smash Bros Games


Super Meat Boy creators Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes have revealed that they really want to see Meat Boy join the Smash Bros Wii U and Nintendo 3DS cast. McMillen says that would be the one reason he would really want to develop on a Nintendo platform. Would you want Meat Boy to join the established roster?

“I want Meat Boy to be in Smash Bros. That would be the one reason I’d really want to develop for a Nintendo console.”

“That would be amazing!” Tommy adds. “If they could guarantee us Meat Boy would be in Smash Bros., we would do something.”

“Nintendo are you listening? Smash Bros! We would ask for nothing in return. Just f***ing use the character. Put him in the game. It’s free!”

162 thoughts on “Team Meat Want Meat Boy In The New Smash Bros Games”

          1. Alex Neuss cofounder and designer of the Bit Trip Runner 2 actually has been asking people for yeahs to have Comander Video on the Next Smash Bros.
            I don’t really see how “yeahs” is going to achieve that though.

        1. Would have been perfect if Runner 2 was a Wii U exclusive, but he could still have some chances either way.
          Meat Boy could only fit as an assist trophy, since he has absolutely no fighting moves, as opposed to Commander Video which could be a great fighter.

      1. Not entirely true.

        While they’ve had no games on Playstation platforms, they’ve also had no games on Nintendo platforms either, although they did try.

        They are open to developing games for Playstation or Nintendo platforms, but they refuse to work with Microsoft again.

        From McMillan:

        “If Nintendo or Sony or Microsoft – well, we’ll cut off Microsoft at this point – but if Nintendo or Sony came to us and said, ‘we have a minimum guarantee of X, Y, Z, we really want you to develop a game for our next system that’s coming out in year whatever, if you have something to work on we want to work with you, here’s a free kit to develop for us and here’s a minimum guarantee or advance,’ then we’d be way more inclined to develop for them, but it wouldn’t be an exclusive deal. That’s an important thing for us.”

        It’s only Microsoft they refuse to develop for again. They’re open to Sony or Nintendo.

        I was thinking more along the lines of which game he’d fit into more. A character constantly bleeding everywhere is much more likely to turn up in Playstation Allstars, than Smash Bros. All Stars has a much darker tone to it in general.

        1. Ah, I didn’t know they flip-flopped on their stance. Prior, they even had a big post on the Team Meat website saying explicitly that they will not develop for the PlayStation. lol

  1. This is probably the nicest yet saddest thing I’ve ever read…

    I haven’t even heard of a Meat Boy untill now…

    You need to support our Nintendo Empire so much and be entirely exclusive and serve just us if you ever even want to have the slightiest chance of even be considered as a sticker in one of our biggest weapons…

    1. Meat Boy has a brief cameo in the opening of BitTrip Presents: Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien.

      Though not exclusive, he has appeared in the Nintendo Empire somewhere…

    2. Nice?

      These guys are arrogant bastards for threatening that meat boy (a third rate character) be in one of the most popular nintendo franchise or else they won’t develop for nintendo.

      Who do they think they are? They are nobodies.

          1. This article is taken completely out of context. These guys LOVE Nintendo, and this was all a joke. They have admitted this themselves, and also have admitted that it would never happen.

            Here is proof:

            Here is how Edmund actually feels about his game being on a Nintendo console. He states that he just thinks it would be a good platform, and admits that it would be awesome to release a game on a console of the company that got him into games in the first place:


            About a minute into where that video starts, he states that he only said, “I would love to have Meat Boy in Super Smash Bros. that would be like, the ultimate thing ever!” He then explains that it is a joke.

            Then he says,

            “I don’t think it deserves [to be in Super Smash Bros.,] like, I really don’t. Of course I don’t.It’s just a dream! It’s a wish!”

            Right after that, he says that the context of this whole thing was that, during the interview, he was asked if he had any thing to say before the interview ended. He told them that it was his birthday, and that they could include what he was about to say in the interview if they wanted, and if the interview was being published before his birthday. He told them (37m42s in the video):

            “Say like, I want nothing more in the world-as a birthday gift to me-I want some evidence that Miyamoto knows that Super Meat Boy exists. Just acknowledge-I want him to acknowledge it existing. Just say the words “Super Meat Boy” and it would make me more happy than anything in the world!”

            And when he says it all with a smile. It’s just a dream of his. And he admits that it’s impossible, and that even that wouldn’t happen. I think that is an admirable wish, and I applaud his modesty.

            1. I apologize, I said a minute into where the video starts, but I didn’t realize that embedding the link would remove the portion of the code where it tells the video to start somewhere not at the beginning. The video should start at 36m15s.

              I looked for a way to edit my original comment, and I didn’t see the option. I apologize for the inconvenience. :/

      1. They said they’d be so grateful that they’ll do develop in their console, not that they’ll only want to develop on the console if Meat Boy’s included in SSB.

        There’s a difference.

    3. Ah, no.
      Sonic the Hedgehog is the whore of all companies, he was in the last SSB and is probably coming back.

      1. while thats true he is somewhat fitting, as the whole of the 90’s it was Sonic Vs. Mario so now they can really fight.

    4. there has never been a metal gear solid game on a nintendo platform, yet solid snake was in the last smash bros.

        1. technically it wasn’t Metal Gear Solid at the time and also it started on the MSX2 computer and was later ported to the NES

      1. There had been four Metal Gear games so far on Nintendo consoles at the time the game came out:

        Metal Gear (NES)
        Metal Gear 2: Snake’s Revenge (NES)
        Metal Gear: Ghost Babel (known as Metal Gear) (Gameboy Color)
        Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (Gamecube)

        and since then he’s been in Smash Bros and they brought Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater to the 3DS

      2. False, a few games came on a NES, a remake of Metal Gear Solid appeared on the Gamecube and a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater appeared on the Nintendo 3DS.

  2. Ok, yeah its really nice that they want him in, and i love Super Meat Boy its an awesome game…but his attitude is totally wrong, its almost like “hey, lets us randomly star in your game and we’ll support you”.
    Err, not a chance…

      1. I think you ought to reconsider the partial and sensationalist way you report stuff.
        Nintendo didn’t actively stop Team Meat from publishing their game on Wii, they decided all by themselves to switch platforms because Wii didn’t meet their requirements, Nintendo had nothing to do since Nintendo is the only company that does not meddle with third party policies, they are the only company that accepts any input without restrictions, which resulted in a fuckload of shovelware for Wii, DS and 3DS.

  3. Our Supreme Commanders at High Command does not beg for weapons, they are begged and kneeled to…

  4. No, they have to support Nintendo first and maybe they’ll consider having meat boy in the next smash. If not then that’s team meat’s loss.

  5. This really irritated me, they want to advertise Meat Boy for free by putting him as a playable character in SSB, They don’t even have a single game on a Nintendo console. Fucking arrogant developers.

    1. Exactly. First let them make some brilliant Nintendo exclusives, then let them make some more, and then it may be CONCIDERED. Love (Super) Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac, but the devs are real assholes to think they’re in any position to ask this.

          1. I would like Mallo from Pushmo/Chrashmo as an assist trophy as well. I think it’d be great if it had a similar effect to Andross’. He could push a wall to get enemies off the field.

  6. meatboy have not been in a nintendo console and don’t deserve to be in ssb4. the only third party characters that deserves it is megaman, conker, banjo, ( i know they won’t make it unless nintendo buys them) and pacman. Meatboy does not have history with nintendo like the characters I mention. If they want meatboy so bad in ssb than first make a game with him in a nintendo console.

    1. A really hope they change sonic design and make him classis sonic it would feel so cool I could see it now Pac man mega man Mario and sonic fighding eachother in beautiful 1080 p hd

    2. Conker does not belong. He is from a bloody, kinda “joke” game. Snake is also rated M, but it is a little more… mature.

      1. respect your opinion but I have to disagree with you. Conker bad fur day is one the best rarest game out there. Conker bfd is a game with great sense of humor, violence, and adventure. The campaign was one of the funnest I ever play and the multiplayer was awsome.

        1. I guess.. but no matter what our opinions are, we know he doesn’t have much of a chance with Mocrosoft holding the rights to him. :(

  7. If SSB series don’t get some awesome Nintendo characters like Banjo & Kazooie or Animal Crossing characters then why would they take some random and crappy character like Super Meat Boy in the game? It’s like Angry Bird would be coming in SSB.
    Nintendo, do NOT even consider taking him in the new SSB.

    1. Ultimate Domination

      i’d rather nintendo not put him in the game at all because team meat just wants to advertise super meat boy.

      1. If they ad a demo whit the game then Yes but to put him just to addvertise him on other console? F that.

  8. Those guys are lame. Nintendo doesn’t care about something so obscure and unrelated to it. Put him in their most popular game? No, he doesn’t fit in. At all. He makes fuckin puddles of blood when he moves. What a terrible notion.

  9. I’d rather have the cast of the Zelda wand of gamelon in smash bros, meat boy isn’t that recognisable mega man’s a better fit,

  10. So basically what I’m understanding is; ‘Use our character for free in one of your massive ass franchises, and we’ll develop a small indie eShop game’.

    Yeah. That works.

      1. A game that costs £10 on 2 platforms with 4 years of install base o go on, longer on PC, is now the same a console release 4 months ago for about 25 times the cost.


  11. I think I would support it, but I would rather a hell of a lot of OTHER characters before Meat Boy. Crystal(my number 1!), Ridley, Mii’s, Bowser Jr., King K. Rule, Mewtwo(his return), Prince Fluff, Chrom and Lucina, Gihrahim, Midna/Link Transformation, Little Mac. Third party characters I’d like to see are: Tails(From Sonic), Dr. Eggman, Megaman, Bomberman, Rayman, Pac-man(is a possibility). “Stretch characters” Ones that could make it in, but are not likely: Ivy(Soul Calibur), Banjo Kazooie, Steve(Minecraft). I am sure there are many others. And ALL would come way before Meat Boy.

          1. Haha, well those were my “Stretch” characters. Basically ones that could get in. I would definitely love to see them, but are pretty much unlikely as hell! :P

            1. Third-party characters =/= characters that have never been on a Nintendo console. You’re not going to see Steve in SSB anytime soon.

              Pac-Man, however, is almost a shoo-in, considering Namco Bandai is working on the new SSB along with Sora Ltd.

      1. Wow! Your right! I just noticed my entire 3rd party list is pretty much filled with characters that have “man” at the end. How interesting..

  12. How is this news? Why would those people even say that? Why don’t we just put Paul Blart Mall Cop in the game?

    1. Imagine if spyro and crash made it to the game? The trauma of the propaganda it will generate could be beneficial to the war effort.

      1. Spyro could! Skylanders has made a huge push onto Nintendo platforms. I wouldn’t mind seeing the little purple dragon in Super Smash. Don’t know bout Crash though.

      2. Yes you are right, if we could assimilate the Sony weapons into our own, the panic in the Sony Dominion would be seen into the heart!

        Let’s make this happen!

    1. Well it is the same way Snake got in. The creator of Snake begged Sakurai. I think he did it without the media and without swearing though. -__-

        1. ^ Opinion. That statement could be argued. Snake may have appeard on a Nintendo console, but it doesn’t make him “deserving.” Because who really determines who is “worthy” and who “is not?” What if Super Meat Boy was announced for Wii U e-Shop? Wouldn’t he then have a good chance of making it into the game?

          1. Well snake have apeared before in some exclusivity whit Nintendo but i think whats make a caracter worty of apearing in smash is his status. Legendary caracters only .

  13. WTF hell to the no. You don’t show us love do what your supposed to do show your loyalty with games then we reward you.

  14. LMFAO!!! @ these devs! Who the hell do they think they are!! This truly is one of the most absurd requests i’ve read about in awhile, do they have any idea how many better and much more deserving characters that exist that don’t even make the cut for SSB.

    Super Meat boy in smash bros ahhhahhahahaha.





  15. They are either incredibly brave or beyond stupid to be asking this of Nintendo…

    Support our Empire threefold before even aksing anything…

  16. Umm……no………
    Even as an assist trophy, he’d be absolutely useless.
    He dies in one by pretty much anything. The most he could do is leave a blood trail for people to slip on.
    I think we’ve ALL had just about enough of any and ALL tripping mechanics.
    Unless you’re a diddy kong main.
    Stupid banana peel gag……..

  17. They tried making Super Meat Boy for WiiWare, but the file size limit was too little for what they ended up with, so the game was released exclusively for Xbox 360 and PC.
    But maybe, just maybe, they could release Super Meat Boy: The Game on Wii U…

    1. If they want a shot at Super Smash, they had better release it on Wii U. I believe one of Sakurai’s rules is that a character has to have had a game or appeared on a Nintendo console before even being considered to take up roster space in the game.

    1. Not yet anyway. If they are serious about him being included they could simply port Super Meat Boy to e-shop.

  18. I think Nintendo should talk to some third party developers to bring their games to wii u and then put the characters in SSB.(Just like Isaac in All-stars)

  19. “Just f***ing use the character. Put him in the game. It’s free!”
    That sounds so pathetic.
    How about NO.

    1. Lol I know, they lost my respect. Im sure that there are 100’s of devs that would put thier characters in ssb for free, like that has anything to do with character selection for SSB.

  20. It would make more sense for them to support Nintendo first, but I guess there’s always a chance for it to be added as a trophy or sticker etc.

    1. Well the game will probably not be “done” for E3. I heard they just wanted to have a CGI trailer ready for the show. You know like the one that reveiled Pit, Wario, Z-S Samus, Snake and Final Smashes. Also, who’s to say Meat Boy would have to appear in “this” Super Smash? There will always be another! :P

  21. I felt sorry for these guys after seeing Indie Game, but who the hell do they think they are?

    “We’ll develop for Nintendo if they do this” This is Nintendo, one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. They’ve been in the industry for 30 some years, and have some of gamings most successful franchises. Yet some small tiny developer is handing out demands like some big shot.

    What a joke. Someone needs a reality check.

    1. They must crawl beneath our gigantic feet and swear loyalty to Zod…I mean Nintendo…

      *Correcting malfunctioning brain…*

  22. Operation Drone Mind Control (DMC) initiated…

    In a few years we will observe if our brilliant plan worked…

  23. Well, I think that the character needs to show up in a Nintendo console before it’s considered to be in Super Smash Bros…
    If they find a way to put Meat Boy in 3DS or Wii U (or even both), maybe he has a chance…

  24. it’s sickening how many fanboy comments of HURR THEY NEVER EVEN PUT A GAME ON NITENDON SYSTMES. THEYRE ASSHOLESS without realizing they’ve made every attempt at developing for Nintendo consoles and are constantly shot down by Nintendo. they loved Nintendo the same way all of you mouthbreathers do.

    1. They haven’t made any real attempts because they are too lazy learning new systems…

      And if what you say is true, I want to see evidence suggesting they have been conducting tests and showed Nintendo…

  25. NO
    Don’t put super meat boy in the game. Nobody asks for him. I don’t smash bros to become like PS all stars with all these 3rd party characters >:(

  26. The Nintendo Reviewer

    Who is Meat Boy anyway? Let’s not overload the new Smash Bros with 3rd party characters.

  27. nintendo wont listen, we only want mario games, yea rehashed fat fucking mario, reggie is the worst thing nintendo ever, nobody would hate nintendo if they didnt pull the shit like they did with the wii

  28. Let me say this: Fuck no! If PETA was already bashing Pokemon and Super Meat Boy, they will bash them even more if he winds up in the game (good thing he never made a Nintendo appearance).

  29. He looks like a shitty character and this kind of demand is ridiculously arrogant. Nobody knows who the fuck Meat Boy is, it is NOT FREE to add a character to the roster that alters the entire game balance and apparently the character has never appeared on a Nintendo console. The only 3rd party characters added to the roster so far have been Snake and Sonic…who are pretty much the most famous non-Nintendo exclusive characters there are, do they really think this shitty character is on that level?

  30. I own Super Meat Boy and I think it’s a fantastic game. With that said, I think these developers are just being rude and ignorant.

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  33. Who the heck is this? They make it sound like these people haven’t developed anything for Nintendo…if that’s the case, then WHY would Nintendo put this thing on Smash Bros.?

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