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Minecraft Wii U “Is No More Likely Than Any Other Platforms”


Mojang, the developers behind the indie cult classic Minecraft, have clarified their earlier statement that a Wii U version of the game is very unlikely. Jens Bergensten, lead designer of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, now says that the question wasn’t really his to answer, and a Wii U version of the game is no more likely than any other platforms. Would you purchase Minecraft if it did eventually come to Wii U?

“The reason I said that is that the Wii U hasn’t even been mentioned when we’re talking about Minecraft platforms. However, I’m only responsible for the PC and Pocket editions, so the question wasn’t mine to answer. The Wii U is no more likely than any other platforms, but no less either.”

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67 thoughts on “Minecraft Wii U “Is No More Likely Than Any Other Platforms””

    1. It would be. Minecraft is typically $20 to buy up front and all DLC’s are free. I would expect it to be te same on Wii U e-Shop.

  1. When I get over being butthurt over LEGO deciding to make lego Minecraft instead of lego zelda we’ll talk…

    1. What if Mojang made it so the Wii U version was up to date with everything the PC version had? Then they would be equal.

      1. Even if they just copy paste the 360 version the wiiu version will be superior. Free online play that is all.

      1. No it didn’t. The PC version sold over 9 million and the Xbox360 version is close to 6 million sold so far. But it is catching up. lol

    2. With a game like this, I don’t know, maybe a wii u version could bring a lot to the game with it’s controls, maybe it couldn’t? It depends how the developers use it if they made one. I’d definently be interested in seeing it.

  2. i dont think i would but it seems like a nice fit for the console, they could do some nice things with the interface

  3. I think it would be pretty badass on the Wii U game pad. You can organize weapons and tools and even craft right on the game pad. You could even draw a blueprint for a house or something before you build it with the stylus. Split-screen like on the 360 would be difficult though

    1. Actually split screen would be even easier on the Wii U than it is on the Xbox 360. Basically the Wii U version would be even better than the Xbox 360 version in every way possible. If they did it right of course. ;)

  4. Hahaha i think they had a change of mind because every knew how to make the game better on wiiu except themselfs lmao.

      1. Well… Minecraft does typically have online multiplayer so it would only make sense to include it… Also, it would probably be $20 with free DLC. That is what they did on the 360.

  5. In other words, Mojang can, if they want to, without the help of Jens, can develop on Wii U or PS3.

    But, tbh, Wii U is PERFECT for Minecraft. The Gamepad can be used for crafting, chests, and your guis.

  6. This statement gives me more hope!!! I would absolutely LOVE if Minecraft came to the Wii U. It is absolutely perfect for the console.

  7. I have it on PC, but I would buy it on Wii U, granted we can access public servers.
    My PC isn’t exactly a gaming PC, so I’d honestly much rather play it on Wii U.

  8. Nintendo Commander

    Xbots seeking attention is not really something new…

    Old tactics developed by the Xbots…

  9. The XBox version has some massive inventory issues that would be easily solved with the Wii U controller. I’d consider buying it.

  10. Considering I bought the PC version, probably not. They should give you a free download if you already bought the PC version.

  11. DarklordNintendoFan

    I already own the PC version and I got the 360 version for free (before you ask, no, I didn’t pirate it. I earned a code from a site I go to that allowed me to get the game for free) so I’m not sure if I’d buy the Wii U version, if it were to actually happen. But… I could see it being better than the 360 version. And if it had ALL the updates of the PC version as well as the ability to use custom skins and textures, then it may even be better than the PC version… oh… well… not quite. Mods would still not be possible.

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