There Are No Current Plans To Bring SimCity To Consoles

simcity_screenshotPublisher EA has announced, via the official Twitter account for SimCity, that it has no current plans to bring its latest simulation video game to consoles. When it was released earlier this week, SimCity suffered from multiple problems, including issues with network outages, saving progress and connecting to the game’s servers.

Sadly there are no current plans to move SimCity to console.

– EA, via the official Twitter account for SimCity


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  1. Not sure this game is a good fit for consoles anyway. Some games are just meant for the PC because as good as consoles are at playing most games a game like simcity are meant for constant customization and an experience only the PC can deliver.

    1. I think the Wii U with it’s gamepad would also fit a game like this well, but the 360/ps3 or ps4 wouldn’t really since they use more traditional control schemes.

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  2. Considering they crashed their always logged on game, when launching on the PC this week, it doesn’t appear that they are bringing it to PCs either. I just hope the industry learns a lesson, like Sony did with the digital only PSP GO. If the people don’t want it, there is probably a good reason.

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  4. Even it it was planned to come consoles in the future, they wouldn’t tell us. It would only drive down sales of the PC/MAC versions that just came out… Just sayin’

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  6. I hate EA and I don’t want all the pay to pay to play business model (DLCs and 546263747 sequells)

  7. Good, no one wants that shitty game anyway. F*** you always-on DRM ┌∩┐(-_-) ┌∩┐

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