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Miyamoto Explains Why Nintendo Doesn’t Always Make New IPs

kirby's_epic_yarn_bearIn an interview with Time, Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto was asked whether he is more inclined to develop a new IP or alter an existing work. Miyamoto explained that whenever he begins working on a new video game, he always starts with creating brand-new gameplay. If Nintendo has existing characters that are best suited to that gameplay, according to Miyamoto, it makes more sense to include them in new games, so that fans of the company can play new Nintendo games with recognizable characters.

With series like Pikmin and others like Nintendogs or Steel Diver you’ve been at the forefront of new IP for Nintendo. That said, most of your games involve taking existing IP and retooling it for new gameplay ideas. Are you more inclined these days to want to develop new IP, or to retool existing material?

Miyamoto: Whenever I start working on something I always start with creating new gameplay. After that gameplay becomes more concrete, we look at which character is best suited to the gameplay. So I guess from my standpoint, the ideal situation would be that we’re creating an experience that’s so new and so unique that we can present it to consumers with a new character or IP in a way that would be easiest for them to really understand the concept and enjoy the gameplay. But it may also be that in some of those cases it makes more sense for it to involve some of the characters that are more familiar to our fans.

262 thoughts on “Miyamoto Explains Why Nintendo Doesn’t Always Make New IPs”

    1. What this article is saying is that they make new IPs, but in terms of gameplay. Instead of giving you a completely different character, they see if the new gameplay idea works with an existing character. Like in terms of kirby’s Epic Yarn, the main character was supposed to be Prince Fluff, but since the game played like Kirby, they made it Kirby.

    2. lol I migh imagine how sony/microsoft make their IP’s (no offense for fans and gamers)

      -Hey, let’s make a new IP
      -So we have this shooter base
      -gameplay?….let’s use this one alredy created
      -add weapons
      -rude characters (or with mental issues)

      1. pikmin was supposed to be mario and thats the only thing new nintendo has made, and good feel made epic yarn not nintendo, doesnt count, nintendo its self hasnt created anything new off of anything based adding to zelda or mario, retro how they changed metriod or hal labotory changed kirby with canvas and mass attack doesnt count either, nintendo really hasnt changed the style of a new ip with any of there developed games like the other two i just mentioned, besides there supposed to be creating a new one, hopefully it doesnt suck like all of the wii sports shit

        1. Dude, Xenoblade Chronicles? Last Story? Both owned by Nintendo. Does it really matters if it’s made by them? Monolith is owned by Nintendo, whatever they make is because Nintendo wants it made and so on. Since 2000 there’s been so many Nintendo IP’s, ffs. Sin and Punishment, Eternal Darkness, Animal Crossing, Excitbots, Soma Bringer, Baten Kaitos, etc. They have way more IP’s than they can handle, why make more? Starfox and F-Zero for example have been forgotten for a while because they can’t handle all these games, they have to choose where to put focus.

    1. Making money is the point on the industry idiot at all Nintendo games feel different unlike fucking Halo.

      1. Halo is the same each time? I may not be a fan of the series or anything on Xbox, but holy fuck your fanboyism is strong.

          1. Yeah. I agree. People were raving over Halo 4 so much, saying that it was so amazing; But I really didn’t care for it much. It was okay. It was not spectacular and it didn’t have the same feel as the rest of the series. I think Reach is still my favorite.

          1. Also that is your opinion. I know plenty of others who think otherwise. How bout you stop being the douche k bra?

        1. I have been there at the launch of nearly every Halo game, with the exception of Halo 1 and Halo 4, and I can honestly say with a straight face after playing every single Halo game that Halo 2 was the last awesome Halo. Why? Because every game from Halo 3 and forward felt dull and worn out before even playing the game.

          Every time I bought the newest Halo and popped it in, I went into the game expecting somewhat of the same as previous games in accordance to the core mechanics, but still try something completely new that creates a new experience from the same IP and same old mechanics, this is what Nintendo focuses on the most, which for the most part is why Nintendo games take longer to make, the only thing they recycle are the characters. Halo has not done this since Halo 2, however. Adding perks, new weapons, and upgrading the graphics is not enough, and Microsoft has plenty of resources to incorporate something new to create a fresh feeling from an already perfected formula. What about Kinect? Why doesn’t Microsoft try something with that in their next Halo game, like voice commands to command troops, or something else like that?

          The reason why is because Microsoft is far too scared. They have the mindset of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It’ll still make us bucks.”, which only works for a little while before the experience is nothing special anymore. This isn’t just a problem with Halo, it’s a problem with every AAA franchise now. Let’s face it, the only reason Halo is still around is because gamers are suckers. They’ll eat up anything that looks like a Michael Bay movie. Halo 4 was the first Halo game since Halo 1 that I wasn’t in line for day 1 release, because I already knew what I was in for, and it wasn’t something special anymore.

          People want to argue Mario is milked? At least Mario goes for a ton of different ways to change up the core mechanics to create a fresh experience that isn’t very predictable aside from the jumping and the princess kidnapping, whereas Halo is annual, and hasn’t changed its core mechanics since Halo 2. Halo 2 actually took risks to take an already perfected formula and make it better. The whole “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset is not by any means a substitute for improvements done through taking risks, and this is a problem with almost every franchise released this generation.

        2. Halo 4 5 and 6 will all be the same matchmaking wise. They may not be all the same but halo is shit now.

                    1. Anyone can make a gravatar account, you’re the imposter here. Why the fuck would I give my gravatar account away on this shitty site.

    2. No shit, of course they want to make money. Not everyone in the newer generation has had a chance to play Wind Waker or Ocarina of Time.

      1. Obviously you just looked at the picture and title then skipped the article to come down to the comments section. I think Neutron was referring to Nintendo in general, not just Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

    3. explain how creating different gameplay is a rehash, cause thats not what i got from the article. A rehash would be creating the same gameplay and giving it another name. COD series is a rehash. luigis mansion deriving from mario brothers with completely new game design/gameplay is a reimagining of a franchise. Similar idea as with metroid then into metroid prime, and then again into other m sort of combining spectrums of both.

      1. Although, nsmb series are rehashes. As are the smash bros games which actually prooves that not all rehashes are bad, most sequels are rehashes and thats not necessarily a bad thing or we never would have got great games like RE:2.

    4. More like “Existing IP are easier to sell than a brand new IP.” You have no idea just how hard it is to sell a brand new IP.

    1. Really, cause I go on this site multiple times a day and I have never read an article with him stating that they make new games with innovative gameplay and fill it in with possibly an already existing Nintendo character. Its NEWS TO ME!

  1. I don’t want new ips i just want every game to feel different and Nintendo Does that so im happy unlike halo were they all feel the same also check me out on Youtube – GuruGamingHDx2.

    1. *I don’t like new IPs, I just want every game to feel different and Nintendo does that. Unlike with Halo where all the games feel the same.

      Shut the fuck up you retarded fanboy.

      1. lol Says the twat waffle that has nothing better to do with it’s ‘life’ than hanging around a site that nobody wants it on. That’s rich.

    1. Nintendo actually has a huge ton of IPs at their disposal, much much more than any other gaming company in the world. The reason why people think they’re all about Mario, Zelda, and Metroid is because these are their big money making franchises that they want to focus on to bring in the green stuff, because they are a corporation after all. Corporations are out to make money first and foremost, this is factual with ever company in the world. Their number one priority is making money, period. So of course they’re going to keep Mario and Zelda busy, especially Mario. Mario is the biggest, most popular, and most profitable mascot in the world. I assure any Mario haters here that if you were in Nintendos position, and had such a powerhouse of a mascot in your hands, you are not going to let him go any more than Nintendo will. You will milk the shit out of that character, because he’s the guy who gets you a lot more money than making new IPs that nobody is familiar with yet.

                    1. Nintendo should make an action adventure IP with a dragon as main character. Would b’ interested in seeing how that would work.

  2. “Whenever i start a new game i always start with creating new gameplay”

    Oh my god thats the most obvious yet genius thing ive ever heard about game design….not even fanboying out, thats really really good xD

    1. Exactly. However there is only so much innovation that can come from one person or a few people. I think that it order for their to be new ideas and new concepts there need to be, new people.

      Yes, Nintendo can and does make a lot of money off of established franchises, but they have also proven that they can make a lot of money off of brand-new franchises. I think it is time to allow some of these mascots to go a on well-deserved vacation and either come up with a few new concepts or revive franchises that have been dormant for a long time.

      I would love to see a new Rad Racer return as Nintendo’s personal racing sim. I definitely want a new Wave Race as well.

      1. Yes i want to see how Nintendo do next gen waves and if it does well maybe sony brings his jet sky game too.

        1. To this day I have not played a game with better water physics than Wave Race 64. That game was SO far ahead of it’s time. I don’t even want to think of what they could do now with the power of the Wii U and GamePad.

        1. beemothelittleboy

          Yes I’ve died for 1080 for so long, it was such a cool franchise is play the shit out of it when my n64 was still alive and kicking, really good franchise hope someone does revive some day, along with f zero… *sigh*

      1. That’s kind of what he’s saying. That they should focus on making creative games. Mario can stay out of the spotlight every once in a while, I’m sure it’s not that hard to put a new character in a series. It’s sort of like Mario Tennis Open. That was a good game, but you didn’t feel like the presence of Mario changed anything. It was basically just… tennis. With Mario.

        1. You don’t need to be a new franchise/character to be creative. Mario Galaxy was creative because of it’s mechanics & level design. Wind Waker was creative because of it’s art & characters. All because you have an established character, that doesn’t make your game any less creative.

  3. That’s great, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that we want to see a new franchise already. It’s fine to reinvent old series but at least create a new one every once in a while.

    1. There really isn’t a point in making new IPs. At a time where Sony and Microsoft are trying to create memorable, lasting characters, Nintendo has already completed that process. Making a new character wouldn’t add to the experience just like using an old character won’t add to the experience, but using an old character will add to sales, so they mightaswell just make it “Mario Tennis”.

    2. ummmmm, wonderful 101 is a new ip is it not? Pikmin is still a young franchise and ip. As is animal crossing. Brand new ip’s are also risky. Same reason every developer reuses ip’s. Crysis, dead space, resident evil, need for speed, ninja gaiden, and numerous others.

  4. Miyamoto. You’re amazing at what you do, but instead of being interviewed numerous times, could you just announce your new IP…….please?

  5. In other words: “It’s easier to sell a new, potentially bad or good idea with a familiar face.”

    It’s called “brand recognition” and I don’t know why this question needed to be asked, or why it’s a news story.

    1. So how many other companies are using brand recognition AND adding more than “oh, heres a new…place, and 2 guns. Enjoy”.
      Answer, very very little.

      1. That’s not the point.

        My point is this question was not needed. The question wasn’t about what other companies are doing, nor was my comment biased toward or against Miyamoto or Nintendo.

        I was simply pointing out that it’s a dumb question, and it’s even dumber to make a news story out of it.

      2. But to your point, since you brought it up:

        Most developers don’t radically change franchises because it’s not what fans of those franchises want. Example: Halo 1 comes out, millions of people love it and eat it up, the next logical step for a sequel (which the fans desperately want) is not for the developers to go, “Okay, they LOVE this game and story and characters… so let’s change all of that!”

        However, in tandem with creating sequels that fans want, sometimes developers DO offer different things within the same franchise. Sticking to the Halo example: Halo Wars, an RTS set in the Halo universe.

        When a new IP is created, and fans take to it, the number 1 concern for developers making a sequel or continuing the franchise is to both give fans what they want, and to make money off it (which is a byproduct of giving fans what they want). They (development studios) are, after all, a BUSINESS.

        That’s not to say they shouldn’t also try to come out with new things, but they also want to continue to give fans what they want to keep them happy, which in turn earns the developers money. Everyone wins.

        1. Except releasing the same shit over and over makes the market stale, and trends occur. COD isnt successful because its good, its because people get into gaming from JUST COD, and Halo, or just buy other FPS games, which the only noticable ones this gen are Borderlands, Bioshock, and dont even bother branching out, and the stale market is the cause of that, because now every developer wants to be COD, which i understand, from a business perspective, but in the long run, you’re just going to have a bunch of morons playing 1 or 2 games, and thats why some games that are VERY good, sell poorly, like games by Platinum, and we already saw THQ die.

          Point is, yes, franchises are good, im not going to deny that reusing them is a bad idea, but aside from the “New” series, which i fully agree is just the same emotionless creative lacking crap, every Nintendo game is 1. Released only once or rarely twice or a console, and 2. 80% full of new ideas.
          People trash Mario as a “rehash”, but compare 64, Sunshine and Galaxy, tooootally different.

          Its just a same to see people eat up shite and other developer WAAAY more deserving loose out. Even Sony has this issue of their exclusives not selling too well, and aside from Uncharted, they are generally speaking different with each installment.

          1. I simply disagree with one point: CoD an Halo are successful because they’re “good” to SOME people.

            “Good” is a relative term; quality is subjective, not absolute. You may think they suck or are watered down/stale, but your opinion isn’t the be-all end-all. People like them, or else they wouldn’t buy them. Sure, some people just buy them to be part of the trend, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy them, or that the games themselves aren’t “good”.

            Learn to be a bit more open-minded about these things and you’ll have a much easier, more enjoyable time. Being stuck in your ways, for any console or genre/franchise, is very limiting. Just because Mario games are often different and still work, doesn’t mean that’s the path EVERY franchise or developer should take. It just doesn’t work the same way across the board for everything.

    1. It is because they are very good at developing characters, the more the merrier I say. Nintendo could use a new badass “human” character or two, like a Master Chief type or Batman type.

        1. Yes, that is true and it also reinforces my request. Samus is awesome and I would like Nintendo to give us more “Samus type” characters. I believe they can do it!

  6. Well, that’s a good point, and in hindsight, Nintendo has always done that for their games like super mario bros 2 and majoras mask, but it doesn’t address the problem that our experiences are locked into the same characters all the time. I suppose putting familiar characters in different situations does bring out new dimensions of the characters that we thought we knew before. I guess everybody just wants an anime character made by Nintendo (see fire emblem) or something realistic and more “manly” (manly comes from within, not from games) from uncharted or sky rim (see Zelda or xenoblade).

  7. Look at epic yarn. It doesnt play like a traditional kirby platformer but they just threw him in there and im fine with that because im a huge kirby fan. There would have been a a good chance i missed on that game if kirby werent in it

  8. Nintendo Commander

    I’m sure whatever our Supreme Commanders are doing it will benefit us all…

    And I have no doubt that Nintendo will restore order once again when the Microsoft Realm and Sony Dominion brings the Game Universe to the brink of total Virtual Collapse just like the lost kingdom of the Atarians caused a long time ago…

    1. Commander … I think its better to negotiate with Sony’s kingdom ,,, they have some good ideas and weapons that can help in the future against the damn fps freaks and graphic whores

      1. Nintendo Commander

        Well Sony is the one promoting the graphics weaponry…

        If they one day realise that gameplay and creativity are the 2 main reasons for games and not graphics and power only, then maybe there is a slight chance of an alliance…

        Their satelite weapon Vita was almost a complete failure but their latest solurion sparked some life into it…

        1. For the love of god shut the fuck up with this graphics stuff. Just because the Wii was under powered doesn’t mean other can’t enjoy the graphics. Did Sony fans go game play > graphics when the GameCube annihilated the PS2? No they didn’t. Each feature is JUST as important. This is what gives me the shits with you Nintendo fans, just because the Wii was under powered, no one else is allowed to want decent graphics. You think Gameplay is the only fucking factor. There is story, graphics, audio etc etc. I’d hate for a game to be good with gameplay, but shit with everything else.

          /end rant.

        2. And another thing, graphics can introduce new game play into it. Controllers aren’t the only thing that introduces new game play, again something you Nintendo fans seem to think. If we can read facial expressions for example, we can tell if someone is lying (e.g. LA Noire).

          1. Nintendo Commander

            Graphics or not, our community has never promoted graphics in any generation…

            And how would graphics introduce new gameplay Mr.Jellybean?…

            1. Actually, facial expressions have been around since at least the NES. Go play any of the Megaman games, and you will see Megaman blink, and wince, when he takes damage. Sonic the hedgehog makes faces too on the Genesis… But your point is still valid. You don’t need the ultimate graphics to do facial expressions. It helps, and if you are going for the LA Noir type of effect, of ultra tiny detail changes in expressions, say like pupils dilating, then yes, you will want better graphics. Otherwise it’s not necessary.

  9. punch-out
    fire emblem
    ice climbers
    donkey kong
    smash bros
    game and watch
    kid icarus
    f zero
    elite beat agents
    custom robo
    japaneses only games
    star fox
    how many more do you guy need nintendo has more then enough IPs they even bring back some old ones i for one would love see a new ice climbers game with mix dk country and mario bros mixed in

    1. As big as that list may be, the problem with that list is that they only use a handful of them.
      I mean I’ve yet to see a new Starfox game that isn’t a remake of an older game, or a new F-Zero, heck Custom Robo, Chibi Robo, EBA, and the

      1. Ice Climbers haven’t gotten games in years. Plus, there are alot of japanese games that haven’t made it to the west, I’m still waiting for Disaster: Day of Crisis and Captain Rainbow (that’s the name right?) Sorry for second reply, it submited my comment before finishing it.

      1. He only scratched the tip of the ice berg. Nintendo’s franchise list is huge. Somewhere around 50 or maybe more than that. They must have hundreds or even thousands of characters to work with! 0.o(I’m not talking about main characters I am talking every character from goombas to waluigi to samus to Even caterpie.)

  10. I’d like to think that Miyamoto was quoting a quote from the Most Interesting Man in the World lol Like We don’t always make new IP’s, but when we do, it becomes an existing IP or something. Sure I think making the gameplay and testing which character would best fit it is brilliant and all, but it’s about time they make new IP’s and that is why people think established IP A and B is getting stale. Make some new IP’s, or atleast use some of your IP’s that haven’t seen a game in years.

  11. I’d rather have Nintendo make more games for some of their seldom used IP’s like Star Fox and F-Zero before seeing any new ones…

    1. I’d like to see those games AND new IP’s. Why can’t they do both? Nintendo is a huge ass company. They can make more than one game at a time. They should make an F-Zero game, Star Fox, Metroid, and a new IP all at the same time right now!

  12. *facepalm* Nintendo makes a new IP, whether it’s a digital or eShop, once every 1-2 years. Nintendo has 40+ different franchises, even if they have one or more titles and exclusive to a certain region. Usually the case is whether the games are popular as Mario or falls into obscurity like Urban Champion. If any of you don’t think Xenoblade, Rhythm Heaven, or Dillon’s Rolling Western are considered IP’s, something must be wrong with you all. -_-

    1. I hear what your saying. What everyone wants is what you said up above. Nintendo needs to come out with a brand new IP that is on par with their big hitters. Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Metroid. Not a Kid Icarus return(though it was AWESOME), a brand new one like how Pikmin was new many years ago. I believe they do have one in the works though. We’ll see! I can’t wait to know what it is!

  13. well nintendo does have more IPs in their library then sony or microsoft. all three do some milking time to time. sony with god of war and Ratchet and Clank lately mirosoft with gears of war and halo (at times) nintendo with mario and zelda but they use this strategy to move hardware and make profit as well everybody does this but nintendo has a mountain of software to use whether it be old or new. mirosoft has rare but they do not know how to use their games what so ever to their advantage. sony does get some good 3rd party exclusives but they don’t always help. Nintendo has the same issues that both companies have no company is perfect. nintendo just likes to play safe time to time but they do make jumps time to time

    1. You can’t really say that Zelda is milked. When is the last time a new one has come out? A pretty long time ago. Also, each game is HARDLY the same as the last. Sure they reuse core mechanics, but overall each Zelda game provides a brand new experience. Mario could very well be considered milked, but he is Nintendo’s mascot it is only natural he would be milked like a friggen cow! He’s the big guns and Nintendo wants to make some money!

  14. So all the Nintedo haters can shut up now. Nintendo doesn’t do “rehashes” they make completely new INNOVATIVE gameplay and fill in the main character with one already existing from Nintendo franchises. Not only does it sell better(people recognize characters and will buy them solely for their inclusion), but it provides us with fun and exciting NEW gameplay. Same character(s) does NOT = Same game.

    1. nintendo does change the gameplay of their franchises while sony and mirosoft rarely ever do this and makes feel ive played it way to many times games like god of war, gears of war, ratchet and clank, sly cooper and at times halo it feels like they don’t try to innovate their games as nintendo does it may not be the biggest leap in gameplay differences.

      1. Over 2 generations of consoles, Sly only had 4 games. The newest God of War at least changes up the formula for that series (co-op, competitive, different gameplay mechanics, etc.).

        With that said, Sony has had a lot of new IP’s. Microsoft has a few here and there that change things up.

        So yeah, some of their franchises are stale and do the same thing over, but you can’t judge the whole vast library by just a few franchises.

        1. sony has a grand library as well love to see a parappa or a MediEvil game in this day and age also a good time to add more to a old franchise that everybody loves that need love

          1. Sony has the PS Move. I have to say even If I hate Nintendo I like the wiimote better for anal penetration. The Move hurts more. I always use the silicone case too because it’s soft.

    1. people just love to bash sadly this is the internet of 2013 not 2001 a time before trolling damn thee internet and 4 chan

                  1. Good for you ol’boy ♭}!!!! Now start a life out side of the internet and trolling maybe start a family to wife that will slowly get tired of you, get a well pay job that gets to you month to month and have child and teach him the art of trolololo

  15. Nintendo has created brand new IPs with every single console or hand held device they have ever made.

    NES:Metroid/Zelda/Fire Emblem etc
    SNES:F-Zero/Starfox/Mario Kart etc
    N64:Smash Bros/Mario Party/Pokemon snap and stadium etc
    Gamecube:Chibi Robo/Luigi’s Mansion/Pikmin etc
    Wii:Wii Sports/Wii Fit/Pandora’s Tower/Xenoblade Chronicles etc
    Wii U:Wonderful 101/Nintendo land etc

    Gameboy:Kirby/Pokemon etc
    Virtual Boy:Mario Tennis/Telero Boxer etc
    Gameboy Advance:Wave Race/Drill Dozer/Wario Ware etc
    DS:Brain Age/Nintendogs etc
    3DS:Steel Diver/Harmo Knight/Dillan’s Rolling Western etc

    That’s just off the top of my head, and doesn’t include every franchise they have, yet that’s 31 IPs right there! How people can complain about this is ridiculous. There are other franchises I didn’t mention obviously, like Advance Wars/Yoshi/Kid Icarus/Earthbound/Ice Climbers and more.

    Then you also have spin offs, like Paper Mario/Mario and Luigi/Kirby and Yoshi yarn games that may feature the same characters, but are completely different games.
    Finally you have huge differences in your main IP titles. Mario 2/Mario Galaxy/New Super Mario Bros U are all completely different gameplay styles. Metroid/Zelda/Kid Icarus all have games that have varying gameplay styles even though they are structured similarly, in their various titles in 2D and 3D.

    Nintendo is doing just fine when it comes to IPs.

      1. If that’s the case, then all the sequels to Gears of War/Halo/Killzone/Uncharted/Sly Cooper/Ratchet and Clank/Jack and Daxter/LBP are all also rehashes. Right?

        Ya, Kid Icarus uprising is exactly the same as the original Kid Icarus. Metroid Prime is just like the original Metroid. Mario Bros. plays just like Mario Galaxy. No changes were made between the original Zelda and Skyward Sword. Same exact thing over and over.. :-/

        Just a bunch of rehashes, unlike Uncharted 1, 2 and 3. I mean, in those games, the gameplay is completely different each time! In the first game, you do lots of climbing, have many near falls, get into shootouts, get chased, solve puzzles, find out that monsters aren’t really monsters, and lose the treasure at the end. NONE of THAT happens in Uncharted 2 or 3, right? I mean, It’s night and day difference between all 3 games right? No rehashing there.

    1. games whether the big n’s, sony’s or mirosoft’s are all fun for everybody expect trolls. trolls can never have enough ol’ boy

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    1. Let me guess what will happen in the next Mario game: You’ll jump around then you’ll fight Bowser then you’ll save PEACH! Oops! I just spoiled the game for the Nintendrones!

      1. oh boy!!! a game ok my turn. In the next call of duty you will shoot things and stop a evil group and people will play online. Oh neutron will troll people like ol’ boy he is

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        1. most games now and days have lost their flare sadly its not like the good ol’ days of gaming ol’ boy

  16. We need new IP too. Nintendo should partner with Mystwalker and Platinum Games for new intellectual property. Nintendo Wii U needs games period. They launched with two Nintendo games, that’s it, Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U, that’s all.

  17. I don’t think it’s fair how fans would force another possible new ip to no longer having a new ip, some are fine to have new gameplay only but to a point where new ip is rare now, that’s not good.

    If we were like this in the past, the way past, we would probably have never had Kirby, Donkey Kong, etc maybe..

    In fact, when was the last time Nintendo made a new IP of a adventure game, puzzle, etc? And I mean a real new main character game, not games like Nintendo Land for example I think.

  18. I wish Nintendo would get Banjo/Kazooie IPs. Microsoft and Rare ain’t doing jack s**t with them. Its a shame too Banjo-Kazooie is a money maker and no one is using the IPs. Banjo-Kazooie would be a great SMB character.

  19. if they are not making new ips then they should bring back the old ones again. i want to see them ih high def :D

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  21. Honestly, I think Nintendo has plenty of IPs. The main problem is that Nintendo plays it safe way too much. Which leads to them mainly using just the 4-6 IPs all the time nowadays. So if anything, I say Nintendo shouldn’t think for a while about making new IPs. But instead, they should focus on reusing a few of their “lesser loved” franchises into newer titles.

  22. Don’t get me wrong. I love Miyamoto and his work but the reasons he gives are equally stupid as the way Sony, Microsoft and all the AAA producers make games.
    Nintendo is fuckin affraid as hell of creating new characters because they don’t really have the expertise to do so. They can make pseudo 3D characters with no personality. Microsoft and Sony are affraid of changing gameplay because they don’t really know how to manage fun and deliver it in different ways but they sure know how to develop 3Dimensional characters. The thing is it sHOULD BE easier to develop new characters than to change gameplay and Nintendo is not proving that. Microsoft has Quantum Brake in the works (which something Nintendo woulndn’t even DARE to dream to produce themselves), Sony is producing new, fun IPS with new characters. So, Nintendo is just there innovating through a change of gamelay forced by a change in graphics. Pardon me, but the reasons Miyamoto gives are extremely stupid. You CAN produce Mario for the audiences it appeals too and generate new IPs for the audiences it does not but you are too affraid for that.

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