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Miyamoto Says Online Is The Most Exciting Thing About Video Games Right Now


Legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto was recently asked by The New York Times what he was most excited about with regards to video game development. Miyamoto replied that online is something that he feels opens up a tremendous amount of possibilities. Despite the lack of online functionality for Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U, it appears as though Nintendo might be ready to embrace online after all.

“For a long time at Nintendo we didn’t focus as much on online play because for many years doing so would have limited the size of the audience that could enjoy those features. But certainly now we see that so many people are connected to the Internet. It opens up a tremendous amount of possibilities.”

81 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says Online Is The Most Exciting Thing About Video Games Right Now”

    1. It’s pretty funny reading comments like “welcome to 10 years ago” or whatever.

      I just read that ‘The Next Big Thing that will kill Nintendo’, the Ouya, is launching without multiple online features.

      Even Nintendo had basic things like friends lists on day 1, the Ouya does not.

        1. I’ve heard plenty about it on these comments sections, and elsewhere.

          Specifically that it is the future, just like OnLive was before it, and that Nintendo are fucked f they don’t adapt that business model.

  1. Hmmm. I don’t mean to be digging too deep into a simple statement, but perhaps Zelda U or the next 3D Mario will have some sort of online function?

    Either way, it’ll be nice to see Nintendo fully embrace online. Mario Kart 7 was a good start, let’s only hope it continues.

    1. The only online functionality that Zelda on the Wii U should have is MiiVerse chat. Video chat, and video post of epic moments. No assisted play like Mario Wii hard. Just no! Zelda is like monster hunter, you need to suffer yourself before asking for help. It’s the beautiful marvelous irony and enjoyment of the series. Games today are to easy and single mindely easy.

      1. While I do agree, to an extant, maybe the could pull off what ZombiU did- you can leave vauge hints on the walls in dungeons or hide Rupee’s in chests for players to get. Online boss rush maybe? I’m not saying it should co-op, but online with Zelda could lead to interesting ideas. Just my opinion though.

      2. I’ve always found the Zelda games to be too easy. I really hope they bump up the difficulty or add a hard mode

          1. Wind Waker’s second quest is the exact same thing, except for the different suit and the color pictobox you get from start. Twilight did not even have a 2nd quest, nor did Phantom Hourglass. And Skyward’s Hero Mode is just a bit harder cause you get double damage from foes and such.
            So no, in general Zeldas have been a bit too easy lately.

  2. Good too see him excited about online gaming.. Finally.
    Can’t wait to play the next mario kart and smash bros online on my Wii U!!!

  3. I duno.
    Of course Mario Kart having a very broad online is good, and id like to see Fzero, and Star Fox have online (Star Fox needs a full reboot though), and MAYBE Metroid, if they can get it right.

    As for Nintendo’s other games like Zelda, maybe not multiplayer, but it’ll interesting to see what they come up with.

    Jus dont make have DRM….ever.

      1. Yeah, i imagine it sucks.
        I’ve heard its not even a bad game, its supposed to be really good but the DRM just kills it.

    1. Nintendo will try and protect their products but I still believe that Nintendo is one of the few companies that is still in the business for the gamers so I sincerely hope that they will not go the route of EA and do everything to screw their customers with unnecessary DRM.

    2. A new first person Metroid game online like Metroid Prime Hunters for Wii U would be cool. If they do that, I hope they do it right!

      1. I liked Hunters mutliplayer, it was very old school, collecting power ups, and lots of close-mid range levels with verticality, was cool, plus each character was unique.

        Id like a multiplayer that let you make your own hunter, and you unlock different species, and beams, weapon, morph balls, customisations, and some exclusive to Galactic Fed and some for Space Pirates, that would be cool

  4. Very odd 180 degree turn from Nintendo, well it’s not the whole of Nintendo, but i’d like to believe Miyamoto is a pretty serious part of it!

    In any case, it’s nice to see Nintendo embrace it. I have always loved Nintendo for their single-player games, which to me are the ultimate gameplay experiences most of the time, but Mario Kart and Smash Bros. are the most fun i have ever had with multiplayer, and i know they had online features on the Wii, but if they can actually do that with other franchises, or new ones, count me as excited!

  5. FPSs like COD, Crysis and battle field are the NASCAR of video games today. Over advertised but having one thing in common. Same directional dynamics, reharshed onrails maps for game play, and left turns for NASCAR.

    1. Have you even played Crysis? It’s one of the least on-rails, directional shooters out. The environments are massive and there are multiple ways to get to any 1 point, and multiple tactics (stealth, direct confrontation, tactical sabotaging, etc.) to do it.

      It’s clear you’ve never played them and like to speak about things based on conjecture and other fanboy comments you’ve heard on this site.

  6. While I like playing games like Nintendo Land with actual people around me I do think that Nintendo dropped the ball a bit by not making games like that online capable. Same with Super Mario U.

  7. Online got big 10 years ago. NSMB did not have online. Wii sports did not have online. And they made the same mistake with Wii U and the motiion play isn’t enough anymore neither is the tablet controller people want online. There is no excuse for not having it on those games they could have even charged for online but they chose not too.

        1. online didn’t get big 10 years ago thats only in your head.
          the first xbox had live and ps2 had online functionality but it was hardly used it only started with last generation.
          it’s the same as HD ps360 were using it but nobody at that time had a HD tv only the past 3 years it’s normal to have one or multiple HD tv’s and thats why nintendo is launching an HD console just now

          1. and yeah they should never charge for online.
            thats one of the few things i respect sony for and calling people a troll for having a valid argument just shows who the troll is

  8. Nintendo Commander

    Although I do support online weaponry for Nintendo, I will however not support online multiplayer team death match type of features in either Zelda or Metroid…

    I can support 2 player co-op online or local though if it’s done right while keeping everything that made these weapons suberb…

  9. Meh. To be honest I don’t like online because my internet is super laggy. And I also hate how certain games (HOW’S IT GOING MICROSOFT) only depend on the online, so when the server is down, the game becomes obsolete.

      1. I simply heard rumors that games on the next Xbox might use this formula. I didn’t mean to say ”all of the games on 360 do that”, but that those rumors better not be true.

  10. I adore Nintendo. But post-GameCube Nintendo has been 10 years behind when it comes to embracing what’s relevant in the industry

  11. beemothelittleboy

    Well animal crossing and luigis mansion all have some kind of online implemented in there, I mean if there doing it for 3ds then there’s no reason to do it on Wii, I hope pikmin has some online but I’m afraid it would lose it charm online

  12. beemothelittleboy

    And people that want metroid to have online co op is crazy and has probably never played the game, ur suppose to feel closed in isolated roaming and hunting on desolent planet or spaceship, samus is a lone wolf, I don’t want no halo or cod, I want metroid, don’t want no 10 year old screaming at me with a voice changer, saying hey I was going to kill thaat enemy. Fucken retard now I have no achievement, I don’t even wanna thing about it…

    1. Nobody is asking for Metroid co-op, only competitive multiplayer. Remember back to Metroid Prime 3 where you saw these big battles between the Galactic Fed and Space Pirates. You don’t want that to be a multiplayer, playing as just a regular troop, or a bounty hunter like Rundas? Co-op sounds awful though xD

  13. Nintendo Commander

    Although I want both of those games to stay single player only, it wouldn’t surprise me if they have some sort of partial co-op in any future game…

    Like the second player can control Samus’ ship when calls it and the other player could go destroy the target or pick up something after the first player issued the order…

    Then the second player can get some overworld view at the same time…

  14. so where is the online in Nintendo games? This is like EA saying online DRM and micro transactions are the worst thing about games right now

  15. When Miyamoto says online excites him, what’s exciting him is the potential for uses of online outside of what’s been the standard definition of online, playing competitively or co-op in-game.

    While it’s neat to see these things, despite that competitive/co-op online play is now universally considered the most basic form of “online” play, it’s the first thing most people will think the word “online” means in accordance to video games and will want, and their minds will never be changed about that. It’s for his and Nintendo’s sake, then, that I hope they’ve got some key examples of competitive/co-op play to show off at either a Nintendo Direct or E3 (which is likely to come sooner, save a Pre-E3 Direct).

      1. And people like you are the douches of the world who cause me to hate games more and more. Go choke on your jelly beans.

  16. Hurry up nintendo. I want it now. Ill buy your wii u if you actually deliver a good authentic dynamic online experience.

    All of your games have so much potential online. Hurry up. You’re 10 years too late.

  17. Give me pokemon online, a more dynamic mario kart online, co-op starfox N64 style online. The possibilities are endless.

    1. If I ever quit playing games, I’d be thrilled if I heard that Nintendo went bankrupt and no longer made games. Because if I don’t play games, NOBODY deserves to!

    2. Do you even realise online gaming isn’t ALL about DLC? Oh wait, you were stuck with Nintendo, the one company that’s too stupid to embrace gaming. Of course you wouldn’t understand

  18. Glad to see Mr. Miyamoto finally admitting this. I recall some years back when he wasn’t really sold on the online aspect of gaming. With the amount of party and multiplayer games Nintendo is known for (Mario party, smash bros., Mario Kart, etc…), they kind of dropped the ball on some good online content. There’s a lot of first party software that could have easily benefited in the last decade had he directed the team for better online connectivity with the Wii. Let’s hope they’ve corrected this with the Wii U. Hell, I might actually buy one in the next year when they finally release the stuff we really want on it. :)

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