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SpotPass Content Coming to Fire Emblem Awakening This Spring


Fire Emblem Awakening launched on Feb. 4, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL, but bonus content keeps the game play going strong. Fans will continue to look forward to and receive free game content via SpotPass all the way through spring. This new SpotPass content is different from the downloadable content that is currently available through the game’s Outrealm Gate. The free SpotPass map available today is called “A Hard Miracle,” and follows the story of Fire Emblem Awakening main character Chrom as he encounters a mysterious woman and sets off on a journey with her to rescue a group of kidnapped villagers.

During the next few weeks, more maps will become available through the SpotPass feature. These include “Ghost of Blade” on March 28, a haunted tale about a ghost and the ultimate sacrifice; “The Wellspring of Trust” on April 11, a map full of challenging enemies; and “The Radiant Hero” on April 25, which takes place on an isolated island as Chrom and his allies search for a legendary hero. Players can also look forward to other special items that will be distributed for free via SpotPass, such as special weapons, additional playable characters and bonus challengers for the game’s Double Duel multiplayer mode.

33 thoughts on “SpotPass Content Coming to Fire Emblem Awakening This Spring”

    1. I do. It helps build renown. Granted, you need someone closeby. I think after we all beat the game, we’ll begin using the oter features / downloadable maps more.

      For now, let’s be honest, our biggest concern is, “Who will I marry together next, and how strong / unique will their kid be?!” Lol.

      This game is fucking great

      1. There are 2 caracters that can only marry the player caracter only and 1 of them is avalible at almost the end which means i have to replay the game :)

      2. Ohhh but does it build THAT much renown?
        I mean can’t I get more by say, battling spotpass characters like Hector or Ike over and over again.

        And yes, this game has a fuckton of replay value; currently playing a second time, as the female avatar and married Lon’qu…lol.

        Then there’s the nightmare that is Lunatic mode…and the painful hell that is Lunatic +

      1. i was frozen today

        i was talking about the bones spot pass maps but yea btw is it just me or does one of the kids look like nightwing?

  1. I just recently bought the game its amazing, so far I’ve been successful in not having anyone die on me.

  2. I love FE Awakening. Already on my second time through the story. I haven’t come anywhere near playing all of the new content. This game just keeps on giving, and literally nothing has disappointed me yet. Nintendo rules!

  3. So that’s the names for those Chapters recieved through Spotpass. Cool. What I’m waiting for the most are some of the other Spotpass teams, like the Mystery of the Emblem Team, or the Thracia 776 team.

  4. yay more free stuff, I can’t wait for the summer of bonds dlc so I can see my lovely wife, Tharja in a bikini ^_^

  5. I am not getting it. I know how to receive it but it says that it cant download new content.
    Do you already have it?I already received two levels from spotpass but not the level that was suppose to come out today.

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