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Two Tribes Would Love To Make Star Fox Wii U


Collin van Ginkel, co-founder of Two Tribes Games and spiritual father of Toki Tori, has revealed that he would love to create a new Star Fox game for the Wii U. He believes that he would be able to create a classic Star Fox title if he was given the chance by the folks at Nintendo. Although it’s very unlikely to happen, would you want to see Two Tribes take on the Star Fox franchise?

I think we could make a damn fine Star fox game for Wii U. Yes, a classic Star fox game would be awesome to work on.

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191 thoughts on “Two Tribes Would Love To Make Star Fox Wii U”

    1. This^ Platinum’s style would suit starfox very well. It’s nice that some of these smaller companies like wayforward want to make Metroid games an stuff , but unfortunately you have to be at the very least a Team Ninja sized company to even be considered.

              1. Cant wait for everyone to have to swallow a big ole pill of OMG HE WAS RIGHT!!! Im never wrong when it comes to Nintendo stuff. Either believe me or get proven wrong later thats your only 2 choices.

                1. I’m going to laugh my freaking head off if you are wrong. Just like I laughed my head off when you said the PS4 will never exist.

          1. I only mean Prime 4 in a way way that the game would explain Prime 3’s secret ending. We have no idea wht the game would eventually be called, so Prime 4 makes sense for the time being.

              1. I’ve always felt that words like “Dread” were the “Cheezy token edgy” choices for titles.
                IMO, for games like Metroid, the title is always best off tying into the plot line, and we’ve been “dreading” Metroids for so many games on end that it would be too unfitting to pin it to a singular title at this point.

        1. Nope. Metroid has been revived. Retro is all about REVIVING lost Nintendo franchises. Metroid has been revived. Donkey Kong was. Now its Starfoxs time. Plus Retro stated before “There will be barrel rolling” If not Starfox then Donkey Kong cause nothing else has barrel rolling.

          1. If they truly wanted to end it with Prime 3 they wouldn’t have done the secret ending that obviously hints at another game being made.

        1. Not bad, but not the amazing game the likes of you claim it to be. The game got repetitive very fast. Also, nice job taking the predictable route and insinuating fanboyism. You must be a really likeable person to socialize outside the internet (spare me your essay-formed friends list on Facebook, just saying).

        1. What the fuck? Its been 8 years since a Starfox game on a home console. Its time to bring it back. And who better then Retro. Nobody. I would play a Barbie game made by Retro. They can do no wrong.

          1. We haven’t had a good Metroid game since 2007 (2009 if you count compilations), IT CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Retro’s talent would be wasted on Star Fox.

            1. I disagree; their talent would not be wasted. Although Metroid is superior to Star Fox, Star Fox is Nintendo’s next best franchise IMO.

              1. It’s hard to compare Star Fox to Metroid; it is a cliché, but it is like trying to compare bananas to oranges. Both franchises have strengths and flaws. So it’s hard to determine which one is superior. Personally I prefer Star Fox, and actually I want so, so badly to play a new Star Fox game.

                1. That’s true; my opinion will probably change if Nintendo successfully reboots the franchise (hopefully via Retro Studios)…

                  1. I’d say that it is likely that we’ll have at least one title of both Star Fox Metroid for Wii U. I feel that Nintendo will need to put all their efforts on their first-party games to provide a decent game library to Wii U, since I fear that once PS4 and next Xbox reach the shelves, developers will abandon PS3, 360 and Wii U consequently. Sounds illogical if you consider the installed base of 360 and PS3, but a considerable number of developers are claiming that they won’t be able to downscale “next-gen” games to fit in “current-gen” hardware. Although we know that Wii U is technically a next-gen console, it seems that people from industry think otherwise since they divide the generations only by specs, period – which is extremely sad, indeed.

                    1. I concur. The Wii U will become very dependent on it’s first party if developers claims are true and no longer work with the Xbox 360 or PS3 due to a lack of horsepower. Wii U is a next generation system because it’s hardware is based on modern architecture IMO.

  1. “Hey! Someone said they would love to make a *inserte classic ninty franchise here* let’s make an article about it !” :D

      1. Whatever Retro has been doing over the last 2 years is certainly outstanding. But they should reveal their project(s) anytime soon. Wii U needs a boost in market confidence and sales.

        1. What happens if they reveil it and it is for… 3DS?….. 😵 I’ll be like “BUT WE NEED WII U GAMES!!” 👺

          1. I bet all the coins in my wallet that their project(s) is/are for Wii U. It would be such a wrong move spending years and years to develop something for a already well-established platform with an already solid, well-served, game library. Like Luigi’s Mansion: Jesus, this should be released for Wii U, and not for 3DS. >.<

            And, yes: I agree that we DO need more good Wii U games.

          2. It’s already been officially announced that their next game is for Wii U, which is pretty much the only concrete info we have at this point.

      2. Retro is all about REVIVING Nintendos lost franchises. They brought back Metroid, they brought back Donkey Kong, now its Starfox’s time. They said they are working on something that “Everyone wants us to do” as well as they said ” They’re will be barrel rolling” Its Starfox I bet my life, my familys life, and my entire 17 years of gaming on it. The chances of me being wrong EVER when it comes to Nintendo stuff is next to 0%.

          1. I agree. Reminds me of a youtube comment. a year before the Wii U price was revealed I said it would be “$299.99 – $349.99 mark my words.” Then a year later a few guys said stuff liek “you must have traveled into the future lol. 1 guy was like Wow you were exactly right how did you know? Im like im me…I am incapable of being wrong.

        1. Noonlet68, I too shall remember Ray Hardy’s comment, as I remember RETRO canceling their game review last e3 2012. lol.

      1. Me personally no. But there is a word that comes to mind oh what was it again? “Connections” as well as I have a 6th sense in the gaming industry.

        1. “I have a 6th sense in the gaming industry”

          “The PS4 will never exist” – Rey Hardy

          Such a great 6th sense you have.

    1. Funny cause I’m opposite. I would like Star Fox to stay grounded. Absolutely LOVED Dinosaur Planet.(Best Star Fox game ever made 😍) and I hope they continue off of that sort of gameplay. Only a little more laser guns and a little less staffs. Maybe a mixture of both 😜

  2. It’s kind of funny to see that quite a few companies are actually willing to make Nintendo games if they just asked.

    Nintendo needs to take advantage of this. I wish some company would offer to make another Kid Icarus.

  3. BUT THEY SUCK AT MAKING GAMES and “sucking” is bot what we need for the comeback of Starfox!

    JUST LEAVE IT TO Nintendo EAD or maybe Retro!

    We all know that there is a big chance of a bad game when it gets developed by 3rd party or a studio that never made something like that *cough* Mario Party 9 *cough*

    To me Toki tori is only worth the 80c for an App AT BEST.

  4. 2 Tribes…

    I think they need to evolve into a civilization first before attending advanced weapons…

    What sort of weapons do they have besides Toki Tori?…

    I can however see them make one game released on the eShop…
    But a bigger one should be left for Nintendo supervision as minimum…

    1. I know, right? It’s like, I’d like to make a Star Fox game, I’m sure everyone else here would too, but that doesn’t mean it would be good. We’ll have to see how good Toki Tori 2 is before we even consider them.

  5. I love how many studios really want to develop games for Nintendo.
    I know letting a new guy work on something beloved could ruin it, but it also means they could so something unique and make a masterpiece.

    1. That’s because Nintendo promoted the most important breakthroughs in the video game history, and all of its franchises are full of novelty, fun and joy. Although recently Nintendo started to rehash some franchises – like Mario 2D, which lost most of its magic – its development team can be considered a REAL development team. Whereas some has been just improving graphics of FPS franchises, Nintendo is always looking for something new and unique. They can fail, of course, but they are not afraid of trying.

  6. I just want my classic style star fox back (N64). Id rather nintendo develop this game. All the other developers ruined the franchise.

    1. No.
      Classic Star Fox is dated as hell, some games have Star Fox like minigames. MINIGAMES.
      The Ratchet and Clank series was full of then, but guess what, it had a main game on top of it.
      If you want a game just like 64, go play 64, dont ruin it for the rest of us wantng a game that by its design is dated as hell.

      1. Dragon, did you like Star Fox Assault? That would have to be my favorite one because it didn’t stay Arwing (and Landmaster) only, you got the chance to play on foot with Star Fox, and I thought it worked really well. I have no idea why it gets a bad rap. It’s great. I agree, if the next Star Fox was Arwing only, I think I’d pass it by.

        1. I really liked it.
          I have to say im not even a massive fan of 64, simply because its so short and so limited.
          Assault open things up, added more variety, more story, more character, its just a shame the game wasn’t as inspired or imaginative or polished as it could’ve been, otherwise, i thought it was really good.

          1. I loved Assault
            Although, the ground missions do need some work
            If they made Starfox with good ground missions, I think it would be better than 64

      2. There’s alot of people who love the flying experience over the annoying land battles.

        I want the new starfox (flying style) to have a big galaxy to explore with coop friends online.

        I think you are ruining it for everyone. If you want to run around on land, then maybe you should play another game. Starfox is not meant to run around on land. It’s a space theme game and meant to fly arwing style.

        1. I have nothing against Arwing segments, but seriously, its so limited that its not worth making a game over. Its like saying, “well Link to the Past is fine as it is, who needs 3D” or Mario in space? No, flat land is fine.

          The series is stuck in the past, it needs to branch out, be more than just “just do a barrel roll”, and going through straight on rail segments.
          Im not saying land should be a main focus, thats why i want Platinum to make it, because theyve made Vanquish, a very fast 3rd person shooter, it never drags on.
          Its needs diversity, because the design is just too old.

        2. And just because you didnt like land segments in Assault, doesnt by default make any land segment in a future Star Fox game the same.
          Its like saying “well Other M’s story sucked, now Metroid can never have a story”. Fuck no, even i could come up with a Metroid story, long as the RIGHT DEVELOPER was making it, it could be very very good.

      3. Yes. You are ruining the franchise. If you want to run on land then you need to play something else that doesnt have airplanes.

        1. Dragon is hardly ruining the franchise. Classic starfox is dated as all hell. It needs a massive reboot.

        2. Go play 64 then, and shut up.
          ITS DATED.
          Its old, 64 is like 2 fucking hours long.
          Releasing a game like 64 in the current market is soooo stupid.

          1. As if running around with a laser gun isn’t dated. You have the right to your opinion, but you can’t force people to think your way.

            Fact is…Starfox assault had the lowest sales among all star fox games.

            Nintendo. Please listen to me. I’m an authentic fan. Don’t let careless people ruin your franchises.

            1. “You have the right to your opinion, but you can’t force people to think your way.”

              “Nintendo. Please listen to me. I’m an authentic fan. Don’t let careless people ruin your franchises.”

              Oh god.

  7. No thanks.

    Star Fox needs a full reboot.
    I don’t care what an insane nostalgia fanboy says, if they release a Star Fox game, thats just like 64, nope, not gona be happy.

    They need head in the same direction Assault did, but make the land segments very good, and have on rail and open segments, and even very open areas where you can jump in and out of the Arwing or Landmaster ect, Star Fox cant be what it was then, in a game now.

    Then on top of that, they need to at the gery least add a 4 player co-op mode, but hopefully as well, an online mode, if anyone has played Starhawk on the PS3, you know exactly what i mean.

    Give it to Platinum Games and Hideki Kamiya.

    1. Go play a game called Vanquish by Platinum Games.
      Imagine the ground segments being that good, mixed with that amount of P* insanity in the air segments.
      They’re perfect for it. Plus, who wouldnt want the creator of Resident Evil, Devil may Cry, Bayonetta and Okami working on Star Fox?

        1. IT’S LIKE YOU READ MY MIND, DRAGON. Seriously. Assault was my favorite Star Fox. It may not’ve been perfect, but playing with Fox on foot with the option to use a Landmaster or Arwing opened up so many possibilities and really it could only get better.

          1. Exactly. Why limit the game to on rails Arwing segments? Because 64 did?
            I supposed Mario, Metroid and Zelda should all stay 2D? No.
            Star Fox needs to evolve like every first party Nintendo title has, and if you put Platinum behind it, holy shit you’re gona get something more than great.

            1. Fuck. . . YES!
              I totally agree! Personally, I thought SF Assault introduced a lot of good ideas but didn’t execute them too well.
              But the StarFox Franchise has so much Potential, especially with the on-foot segments.
              If the On-foot Segments become similar to Vanquish, The game would be freaking AMAZING! :P

              1. I feel like Metroid is the same.

                Im playing Lara Croft atm, and its got a very Metroid like progression system, and it just shows how Metroid can have an amazin story but stick to its roots…

                1. “Im playing Lara Croft”.
                  Lmao i fucked that up xD obviously i meant Tomb Raider, but that kinda gets to my point, she gas so much character in the new game, it makes me want a Metroid to be like that.

                2. I agree with what you’re saying, Dragon. Star Fox Assault and even Adventure were great games. The fanboys just hated ob it because they were not like the linear, repetitive Star Fox 64.

                  1. Ehh, Adventure was okay xD its not designed that well, but i dont hate on it because its different, just because i didnt find it that interesting.
                    But Assault was a good step forward, just wasnt executed as well as it could’ve been.

      1. Well, I agree with ya…
        I’ve played both versions of Star Fox 64, (64 and 3DS), and eve though the game was fun as heck, it was very short and had almost zero replay value.
        It’s as you say, it needs to dare more, go to new heights. I’ve never played the Assault one, but I really liked what I saw. If they just managed to make the land sections brilliant, the game would be awesome…
        I’d even like to see a open-world Star Fox (even though I wouldn’t know how it would be like).

    2. I hope they reboot Star Fox and make it like a FPS only with humanoid animals. That would be freaky!!! You could get diferent blasters ride in airwings and everything! Kinda like a Star Wars Battle Front 2 feel. I don’t know. I just feel like if Nintendo is ever going to jump into a CoD rip off it will be with the Star Fox franchise.😜

      1. Erm, no, because that has no charm what so ever, although Battlefront 2 is a similar thing to what im getting at if they made a multiplayer.

        1. Yeah, well this could be the next thing Nintendo takes and uses their “Nintendo-Innovation Power” on to reinvent the FPS genre for all the gaming world as we know it. Using a Star Fox reboot as a means to get it done. They could fix EVERYTHING that is wrong about FPS titles and make a killer game with characters we know, love and have missed for many years.

          1. Mmm, no.
            If they were going to “reinvent the FPS”, do it with a new IP, Star Fox has its core design, its characters, a FPS just doesnt fit well, FPS games arent designed to be fast, it would end up barely being recognisable, so it might as well be a new IP.
            Plus, a new IP allows them to do whatever the hell they want, where as if they just made a Star Fox FPS, theyre stuck in the Star Fox universe and mythos.

            1. Well seeing as neither of us can really do anything about what happens to the Star Fox franchise we’ll just have to leave it at that. You don’t want it to become something new(like me) you would rather it stick to “core values.” Only, Nintendo is the one who decides what happens. I believe it could very well become a FPS. Who knows really?

            2. ‘FPS games arent designed to be fast, it would end up barely being recognisable’

              Quake and Unreal Championship series begs to differ.=P

  8. I Would hate to have to throw that Toki Tori bird at Collin Van Ginkel and the entire staff at two tribes, screaming “angry birds” if the messed up our STARFOX, like Team ninja did with Metroid in Metroid other M.

    1. Lol, at this point it is probably best just to get a Star Fox game no matter WHO makes it! Or else we may never get one.. 😣

  9. I think Nintendo should definitely explore allowing 3rd parties(either bigger studios like Platinum or smaller indie developers) to revive some of the older, niche franchises like Starfox, F-Zero, etc.

    The more exclusive content Nintendo can get the better.

    1. What Nintendo is doing, they’ve done a good job making the third party developers pay close attention to the Wii U hardware and taking advantage of it (graphics, gameplay [solo or asymmetric], extra features, etc.).

        1. I know right.
          In fact, everyone on that team is build to make JRPG’s, theyre devs from Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy, and Xenogears, they wouldnt know the first thing about making an action game.

        1. That does bring up a point, they should add a mech in the new Star Fox, or maybe the Arwing can transform into a mech, like Zone of the Enders, for when more firepower and less speed it needed.

          1. Don’t get me high on imagination and joy. If they were to make STARFOX, add mech suits, or the Arwing transforms into or a part of it breaks of into a mech that becomes sub-marine consider me screaming with joy like a little child.

            1. I want them to have level designs where you start in a Landmaster then break off it as an Arwing, and then you can rejoin with pieces to become a Landmaster again, keep the variety going. But still have on foot segments.

      1. You knew I would say that huh! lol. Criterion would be a studio I would have picked next for starfox or F-Zero.

    1. What if monolith teamed up with Platinum games? In order to keep the game from becoming action heavy and turning into a Zenon of Galaga of yesteryear lol.

  10. I’d rather have someone with more talent make a Star Fox game (a complete reboot of the series) like Retro Studios or Platinum Games; the games on the Gamecube were mediocre IMO.

  11. Instead of these developers wanting to make a new weapon in a Nintendo franchise…

    Why not suggest a totally new series?…

    Like why can’t anyone have an idea for a Toad game? He is like a mini Hulk, lots of ideas there…

    Some futuristic samuraj/racing game with Samuraj Goroh?…

    Slippy Toad, Waluigi, Lucario, Sylux to name a few stand alone new games…

    Or just a whole new IP…

      1. I would give them a chance to make a ice climbers game. Dont know why but toki gameplay seems to go well whit the ice climbers.

    1. I think the characters you listed arent worth their own game, at all, they’re all the dumb “put X in Smash Bros, durrr” characters, which is another story all together…

      But i do agree that along with new IP’s, other games should get spin offs or cross overs rather than just Mario.
      I want to see a Zelda game where you actually play as Zelda, and but more like a Tetra or Sheik, and you have a sword and wear more appropriate attire xD
      Having magic and being more agile could be a real change of pace.

    2. Just sit back and think for a second. Do you REALLY want a game based around characters like Slippy or Waluigi?

          1. Yes he is and would.

            Since Wario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi had their own spin-off game, why wouldn’t Waluigi?

  12. They have some ambitions. I like that, but I am thinking someone else will be making it. If I am wrong then by all means let Two Tribes make the dang game!!😁

    1. Anubis! Sorry I didn’t reply before, lost which article it was on XD

      my FC is 1075-0748-5120

      What was yours again? :)

  13. Virus typed his from his Naboo Starfighter on

    I like what Namco tried with Assault, but it wasn’t perfect.
    I’m still trying to figure out why your only choice of ships is the Arwing. -___-
    To whoever is making the next one, please add:
    .More ships & customization. Give vehicles a sense of speed!
    .10+ hour campaign with variety in gameplay.
    .No on-rails parts.
    .Different blaster and close combat weapons.
    .Andross… is lame. You do not have to put Andross in the game.
    .Huge random space battles with rivals and side-quests!

    1. “Bow before the great Aaaaaaandrooooss”

      Otherwise, pretty much, but add land/on foot segments that work.
      Plus on rail space parts are fine, just dont make them the whole game, jus parts of the game.

  14. Nintendo will kick some ass this E3. by the end of 2013 WiiU owners will be playing Mario Kart, Zelda WW Reborn, Mario 3D-world game, X (xenoblade 2?), Bayonetta, Yoshi, and whatever awesomeness comes out of Retro Studios. Plus lots of WiiU’s virtual console games.

    …And Sony fans will be bitching about the PS4 price with no exclusive games dispite killzone 4, infamous 2 and probably uncharted 4. :D

      1. Not that I wish anything bad for Sony, I really hope they recover from all this bankrupt thing. But I can’t wait for Nintendo to release their best games, and make the Media rethink all this bullshits we have to read everyday.

        1. I honestly don’t care what the media do. They can hate all they want for I care. I’ll still buy Nintendo stuff. I hope it stays how it is, and Nintendo just stick the big middle finger up at them.

          1. I also don’t care, I just want to see them having to review a great mario game and fall in love with a Nintendo game to realise for themselves that they are just a lot of hypocrits :D lol

  15. Platinum=Starfox U
    Retro= Metroid Prime U
    Mercury Steam= 2D Metroid 3D
    When Retro or Platinum is done with their project, they could make a really creative shooter to rival others on the other systems.

  16. Treasure should make the next Star Fox game. Sin and Punishment. Platinum is a good choice, but I haven’t seen them create and ariel shooter other than some few levels in Bayonetta.

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