Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Coming To North America May 24th


Nintendo of America has just announced via a press release that Donkey Kong Country Return 3D is also coming to North America on May 24th. Nintendo Europe announced earlier today that the Wii port is coming to Europe on May 24th as well. The game is under development by Monster Games who are the developers of Nintendo 3DS launch title Pilotwings Resort.


  1. Oh, gee, I cannot wait for Nintendo’s latest rehash! Now with new graphics and 1% new content! Everyone needs this unmanly game!

    1. How about you play it on the wii before commenting? This isnt a kids game. The difficulty is insane

    2. saying rehash to this is one thing, but unmanly??? I want to lock you with this gamr fore 24 hourse to see your tears cause you can’t past the third world….this game is harder then every copy-paste fps this gen. fucktard. do something for your sad life instead.

  2. Well… I just loved the Wii version – DKCR is one of the top 10 best games for Wii. But I won’t grab it again. But it is a good opportunity for those who never played it before.

    1. I’m going to get it. There are very, very, few games coming out in May and I think I’ll enjoy this game with the more traditional controls.

      1. Yeah, a lot of people complained about the motion controls in DKCR. Actually, I absolutely loved everything in the Wii version. But I’m not sure about getting it again because I think this game is so beautiful that it deserves to be enjoyed on a big screen, as I said below to Mike S.

  3. How good is this game? I’ve always wanted to get it…along with Kirby return to dreamland, epic yarn, mass attack, squeak squad…:<

  4. I think we should just ignore Bill. He obviously has no friend or any job and has nothing better to do than to shitpost.

    Bill, we know you are sad that Sony is dying. We understand. When Sony dies, and it will be very soon, you won’t have a purpose in life. You are welcome to shitpost for the short time remaining. I wish you the best of luck in the future.
    /Rickard N

    1. I actually don’t give a damn about Sony. They are just as pathetic as a company as Nintendo, even more so because of their economics. Stupid Nintendrone Rickard.

          1. Why would I assume that? I like PC gaming as well, just not as much. What games do you play?

    2. The CPU Soldier Bill belongs to the PC Union…

      They need their unmanly needs to boost their manliness…

      It’s a high powered lifeform but with low intelligence…

      1. Fuck off, nerd. You aren’t an actual commander. You obviously missed your psychiatrist appointment.

            1. Really? it seems like you suffer from obsessvie-compulsive disorder since you keep coming back here and do the same thing over and over…

              1. @Nintendo Commander: Incorrect. Someone with OCD does the same thing over and over because of anxiety. I am not an anxious person, so you are invalidated, retard. Go back to pretending to be a Nintendo Soldier.

                1. Sitting infront your PC every hour bashing the Nintendo community over and over without leaving your house at all says another thing…

                  But ofcourse, suffering from denial and sociopathic tendensies wouldn’t surprise me either…

                  Is your PC a substitute for the malfuncional parents you have?…

            2. You’re STILL a fucking coward, Bill. You’re an insidious cancer to the video gaming community on a global scale. A person who has great mental health and doesn’t hates Nintendo and play games no matter what system they own… ESPECIALLY Nintendo systems, is a gamer for life.

    1. How could you…? :P Mike S, why don’t you stick to the Wii version? This game is well worth to be played on a large screen.

            1. Right now Best Buy is pricing the 3DS version as high as 39.99 US. If this is the actual retail price for the 3DS version, yes, the Wii version is 10 bucks cheaper.

  5. I’m getting this for
    1) A 3D portable game by Retro
    2) No motion controls
    3) Never played original

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