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Volition Says Saints Row 4 Won’t Be Coming To Wii U

Volition and Deep Silver has confirmed to online gaming publication Joystiq that the comical Saints Row 4 won’t be coming to Wii U. The game was confirmed today for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Saints Row 4 launches on August 20th in North America and August 23 everywhere else.

193 thoughts on “Volition Says Saints Row 4 Won’t Be Coming To Wii U”

  1. hahaha yet another game not on a crappy console.

    better invest in a ps4 and xbox 729. true gaming machines that will have games.

    1. Please burn in hell where consoletards like you belong. You are dilluting the intelligence of mankind w/ your existence alone.

    2. ps4, true gaming console? I though true gaming consoles had games. The Xbox 720 will just have Kinect games but the ps4? It won’t have any games.

        1. I am not interested in Killzone dudebro shootan 2000. Graphically demanding games should be played on a PC. Clever, well-made games on an Nintendo console.

                1. Bill, SImplyG isn’t a Nintendo fanboy :P He is one that respects all companies (and I believe more so Sony)

            1. Yeah, but the Wii U launched with 23 retail games a 7 more on the eShop. A few games have been released since launch. Currently the Wii U has 40 games available and yet the tagline is always……….

              “The Wii U has NO games”

              So I get what you are saying, but the EXACT same thing you said can be used in the Wii U’s defense as well. Just because some people aren’t interested in the 40 games available on the Wii U doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Not saying you think that way, just making a general statement that your comment cuts both ways.

              1. i agree. 40 games is plenty. and with all of the sales in the e-shop, we are a very lucky bunch. i have around ten games and no time to beat any of them (except Sonic). why do people always forget to mention free online play when they are trashing wii u?

        2. Are you excited for Wipe Grandpa? Built off the old man tech demo from the Feb 20th event the next big project from Quantic Dream puts you into the shoes of Maggie Rinswalt. A transgender retirement home employee who’s job is to look after Old Man Jenkins in room 434. Due to his bad back she has to wipe his ass every time he lays a turd. The bond between Maggie and Jenkins will strengthen if the player does a good job wiping his ass. This will affect the events that happen later in the game when dark secrets from the old man’s past come back to haunt him.

          This game features amazingly lifelike asscheeks only possible on Playstation 4..Don’t worry Sony diehards it will have a Mature rating so you can make up for you’re insecurities and feel like an adult when playing this game. (as adult as you can feel while playing a game about wiping an old guys ass anyway)

      1. PS4 will get Destiny as a Launch Title, thats its only good launch game. Allthough Wii U may get Destiny also. COD MW4 will also be a Launch Title but who gives a fuck. Then AC4 also. But still it wont have a great launch.

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        1. I doubt Destiny will be on the Wii U. Bungie is trying to get all palsy-walsy with Sony. Besides, they seem like another company that will fall into the fast-moving current of developers boycotting the Wii U basically for nothing.

    3. Those machines still don’t match the awesomeness of the gaming PC. Invest your money on that instead, Nintenvirgins.


      You do know this game is not coming to PS4 and 720 right? So it’s just not coming to any next gen consoles in general.

    5. I’d make fun of you, but then I would just feel bad about making fun of the mentally disabled.

    6. This game is last gen thats why. Just look at watch dogs for wii u and ps4. The wii u version kills the competition due to what is possible on it.

      1. TheTruth4HatersLikeUlol

        Very true, I dont see fony and xbots fans talkin crap about that one lol. Watchdogs at one time was a troller’s heaven saying it would never come out on WIIU, and there it is… already listed for preorder silly drones and bots lol… Keep dreamin about their ps4 and their KZ3.5 lol. Nintendo will own as always, including their IMPORTANT 3rd party games…

    7. I don’t know about Nintendo fans but I invested in a real gaming console a N64 so fuck your ps4 and 729 my 64 has the multiplayer and all the fps games I can get not to mention my pc but ill save that for latter.

    8. TheTruth4HatersLikeUlol

      HAHAHA another SUCK ASS game not coming to a superior platform lol… I never even bought part 1. Its a GTA clone with bad taste… purely made for people who like that type of crap. Some sy its fun but I find it tasteless and boring in an ocean of real quality games.

    9. A game is something your suppose to enjoy and relax with, not something that will get you angry and stress you out. So no those are not true gaming consoles.

  2. Nintendo seriously needs to step up its game. I a life long nintendo only gamer and I am seriously considering getting a Sony Console.

      1. No, but on Pikmin, Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Metroid, MK, F-Zero, Wario and everything else you can. You don’t have to, but you can. Go for it, buy another console, just remember, a PC does everything an ordinary console does but better.

          1. No, you can build a decent gaming console for less then the original price of a PS3. I know I have been doing it for years. If you want an extreme high end PC then yes, but that isn’t necessary. No that is not compromising on graphics or anything it just means you play it at 70 fps insteand of 100. You won’t know the difference lol. My last computer cost me about 450, used my old case and HD, rest was mobo, vid card (most expensive part) memory, and cpu.

      2. What is that supposed to mean ? are you implying Nintendo console only have Mario games ? I have an amazing selection of GBA , GC , DS , Wii , 3DS games here and only a very smalla mount of them are Mario games.

    1. Cmon , you’re acting like this is the start of when Nintendo loses out on Multiplats ?

      Nintendo has always been like this , the SNES was the last console where they had TRUE third party support. The n64 , Gamecube , Wii all sucked regarding third party multiplats , but were awesome for first , second and third party exclusives.

      Who buys a Nintendo console to play third party games anyway ?

      1. I agree that the Wii and gamecube had poor third party support compared to competing Consoles but the had great third party support when compared to the wiiu.

        I love playing third party games on nintendo Consoles. I had plenty of games to play on the game cube for most of its life.

        The wiiu doesn’t appear to be getting the same support.

        1. Do you even remember the launch of the Wii? Where you even born then? It had the slowest game lineup in history, it literally had one good game at launch, then we had to wait about three months for another good game. The Wii U is going great with games.

      2. Exactly, no one buys a Nintendo console for multiplats and third party. While some of Nintendo’s first party titles are some of the greatest games ever made, limiting yourself to just Nintendo is frankly idiotic because of the huge amount of amazing non-Nintendo games. I was Nintendo-only until a year ago when I got my PS3, and to be honest I have never been happier as a gamer than I am now.

              1. Me too i will wait and see but is official next gen just 2 consoles ps4 and wiiu screw xbox in not falling on the live trap again.

            1. Steam sales make it worth it, trust me :) Built my first gaming rig and I definitely don’t regret it. I would just recommend making a budget and sticking to it since it’s very easy to overspend. But yeah, you can build a good rig for far less than what many people think.

              1. steam still has yet to impress me. PC/$ony/Micro$oft games are always the same release over and over and over starting from Wolfenstein to BLOPS 2. i see no reason to spend a fortune on a machine that plays the same game you’ve been playing for years with limited graphical updates on each release. there is the odd RPG I might be missing out on, but i’m sure if they were any good they will be ported to Wii U eventually. believe me, Nintendo makes it worth the wait – they are generous to their club members (free) and they have the least expensive hardware. i can’t wait to see how sales of a 720 or P$4 look when we are in the middle of a recession and they cost $700+

                1. That’s the thing though/. You do NOT need to spend a fortune to get a gaming rig, contrary to popular belief. And how can you be not impressed by the price of full games during their sales. I’m talking full retail titles for around €3 at times. I do agree on the recession possibly hitting the other two next gen consoles hard though

      3. It doesn’t help that even the first-party titles have a great nonexistent presence on the Wii U so far.

        And no, New Super Mario Bros. U isn’t enough.

        1. i was up until 5am playing Nintendoland with some friends 30+ year old friends last night. I had no idea it was so fun!! Reminded me of the early days of Wii and playing Sports.

      4. I prefer to buy 3rd party games on PC. I will buy exclusive games only for NINTENDO and SONY. They are both have great 1st party developers. ^_^


        but okay… it is true that nintendo console is actually for first party game, just that a lot of retards was like “DAMN WII U IS GAINING SO MUCH SUPPORT” few months ago… and now everyone was like “THIS GAME SUCKS! WHO NEEDS IT IN WII U” right man?

        im fucking mad with all the people who got mad because so many awesome game is not coming to Wii U… and then they were like “THE PS4 SUCKS TOO! WHO WANTS KILLZONE”

  3. Haha “I think we might’ve missed a letter” Nice to see they’re not taking themselves too seriously.
    Other than that it looks like a rehash of the third…

  4. Don’t really care that this one isn’t coming to Wii u. I would rather have a new IP than a knock off of GTA! Deep Silver is going to deliver on Wii U of that I am confident, whether or not the game is made by volition is up in the air. I, personally, never really liked the saints row games… Not saying they aren’t good games I just personally don’t like them, nor do I like GTA since it went 3D.

  5. Cool. We don’t need Saints Row on our Wii U. We got other quality titles on the way that are so much better.

      1. If you actually played super mario galaxy 2, you’d realize how ignorant that statement was. Totally different game and feeling than the first.

              1. A chart made by a dumb-ass Sony cock-sucker doesn’t prove shit.
                The chart doesn’t even take into account that the system hasn’t gotten its bigger titles yet!
                Besides, you’ll do anything to downplay its potential. You’re a biased motherfucker who’s so stuck on counting pixels that you wouldn’t know what next-gen is if it bit you in the ass.
                Troll harder, basement-dweller.
                Go back to swooning over how much you’ll love using Streaming your non-existent skills to facebook on PS4.

                1. A chart made by NPD, which you’re too fucking stupid to know of since you only suck Reggie’s dick all day you pathetic virgin.

                  Wii U sucks cock, and it’s being outsold by nearly 7-8 year old consoles every month, I lol’d.

                  go play your baby nintendo games for geeks who don’t know what real ones are.

                  1. This coming from the retard that lost his shit over streaming to face-book and quotes one chart as the downfall of an entire system.
                    Wii U is only beginning its life, and you’re doom-calling while trying to pull out the wiimote that’s still stuck up your ass from all those years of REAL gamers out-doing sales of everything you care about.
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  6. Strange. They didn’t say why. This could be a problem. In this case, they may be at risk at not meeting initial sales expectations, which could lead to massive losses (see Dead Space 3, Resident Evil 6, Medal of Honor Warfighter, DmC: Devil May Cry).

    1. The game started out as DLC for Saints Row The Third. So it kind of makes sense that it would be on the systems that Saints Row The Third came out on.

  7. Nintendo needs to throw together another Direct or something. There hasn’t been any good Wii U news in I don’t know a month.

    1. One with release dates for Pikmin 3 , Wonderfull 101 , Wii party , wii fitU and more and some footage of some wiiu games. 3DS is fine.

      1. I personally don’t think release dates need to be a focus of a Nintendo Direct. Thats something that can be thrown up on facebook, or twitter. I would rather Nintendo Directs focus on things like announcing new, and exciting things. *Unrevealed games, new features coming to the system, etc*. As for the 3DS it’s been fine for months now. If the Wii U has the support the 3DS does a year from now ill be happy.

  8. Sigh.
    It’s getting tiring to only hear news about ”which games that are/will be available on other consoles with not be on Wii U”
    It would be more relevant to hear about what exclusives it will have, or at least what third party support it will get.

    1. I know what you are saying. As much as I can make my own mind up and love my Wii U all of the constant doom stories and bad news is starting to grind down my optimism. I’m hoping this is just because of the current install base and if things pick up, the situation will change.

    2. My Nintendo&Competitors news

      That’s the problem with thissite. Its covering non nintendo news too damn much. The game isn’t for the U yet the site creators reports it anyway. They are the problem.

  9. WTF ? Volution only said that they don’t count the wii u as a current gen system and everyone says it won’t come to wii u. I wan’t to see your faces at the third party direct, gdc and e3. Wii u won’t get every third party title, but it will get the best ones.

  10. Not that I mind, but it wasnt announced to next ps or xbox either.
    And I wont get upset about games that were started developing before Wii U.

  11. They probably rushed because they want Saint’s Row 4 out before GTA V. By releasing it one month before the other, many people will buy it instead of GTA V. Good move on their part.
    SR4 in August, GTA V in September, Watch Dogs probably in November or December… who doesn’t love open world games? lol
    As for this game not coming to Wii U, I couldn’t care less.

  12. And guess what? Zelda, Mario, Starfox, kid icarus, bayonetta, and a fuck-ton more are not coming out on xBox, PS3 or 4, or PC.
    What’s the issue here?

        1. *I realize some found this game fun, and I didn’t mean to discount that. However I fail to believe that people who would buy this game, would not buy Nintendo’s IP’s if given the chance.

  13. i guess i was wrong. i was sure the Wii U was gonna be more like n64 and have most of the 3rd party titles coming for it but no, it’s more like Wii. i think im gonna have to buy a ps4 or keep my ps3 for multiplats. my Wii U will be good for the amazing 1st party nintendo titles. no tomb raider, no gta, nothing but ports and mario for launch, i hope it will get better, but it probably wont. HEY WE GOT WATCHDOGS :)

    1. Eh, we’ll know probably in 6-7 months time whether it will be another Wii or not. Because it was launched while alot of the big games were far into development.

  14. Wasnt Saints Row originally made by THQ? In which case look at what happened to THQ…they’re gone. Cant be that good of a game series otherwise THQ would still be around.

  15. I’m gonna call it now; every last troll on this site is going to come out in force come E3, doing everything in their power to downplay all of the awesome announcements that are due.
    And we’ll all do nothing but laugh at them.

    1. Yeah. There will be an excuse for everything. No matter how good it looks. I think I would be a good idea for Nintendo so show off something new before then. Something first party. It’s understandable that these things take time and they are working hard, but just like they did with Bayonetta 2, show us SOMETHING.

      What they showed on the January 23rd ND for Bayonetta 2 was good enough for me to keep me quiet about that game. Do something like that with Smash Bros or Mario Kart Wii U. I wouldn’t expect to see or hear anything about the Retro Studios game until E3. Whatever that is is going to be amazing.

      I think the 800-pound gorilla in the room is Mario. People have glossed-over the fact that Nintendo is releasing a fully HD 3D Mario built from the ground-up on Wii U hardware.

      That is really a huge deal. Think about how amazing Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 look on a standard definition TV. much less how hey look upscaled on the Dolphin EMU.

      Those games were built on Wii hardware. The Wii U is leaps and bounds more powerful than that. This Mario game is going to be a monster. I think a lot of the hate coming towards Nintendo is based on the fact that deep-down people know that Nintendo + HD = magic and once we see what Nintendo can do with HD graphics it’ll be a noticeable difference from the many companies that take shortcuts and give us the bare-minimum HD experience relying solely on the console to do the work for them rather that using the console as a tool to enhance their artistry. That’s one of the reasons why some developers complained about the Wii U being ‘underpowered’ even though it’s just under-clocked.

  16. Will you lot grow up and stop bitching. I own a wii u and even I think it is bog standard. A high profile game is needed like a real mmo or even saints row

  17. This is just anoter one of those games that were in production before Wii U dev kits. They just don’t feel like porting it to the Wii U. Not really a big deal.

  18. Well they were part of THQ, the same company who were the first to dismiss the Wii U alongside their subsidaries, so Volition being against the Wii U isn’t all that shocking, but still disappointing…

    1. Looking at this game, they can keep it. It looks horrible. Graphically and concept.

      And did I miss something? The last Saint’s Row game I played was a crime-simulator like GTA and True Crimes. Where did all these laser-pistols, space equipment, TRON-style bikes, and power-mech suits come from?

          1. And you’re a certified Sony cock-sucker, so your opinion is even less valid.
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  19. Awesome! cuz I was gonna buy this if it was on the Wii U guess I’ll save some money now.
    Oh! Wait! That Saints Row! THQ’s failure and bankruptcy cuzer what a huge loss for wii u owner.

  20. This is a terrible trailer. I loved Saints Row: The Third, so it’s kind of disappointing that this trailer was so bad… you could barely tell what exactly was going on because every second, the screen would switch to a letter from the name of the game. Kind of stupid, honestly. But other than that, I’m sure this game will be good… but seriously… no Wii U release? Game developers are just getting stupid, now. We want more of these 3rd party games to get released on the Wii U!

  21. I’d say start a petition but the funny thing is…none of you nintendo gamers would sign it. Maybe a couple but no more. We nintendo gamers want these games but we never even support 3rd parties!. We’ll always buy nintendo first party games above all else. We’re to blame for the 3rd party issue. If we start buying 3rd party games and make them sell more on wii u than first party games then we’ll see more 3rd party support. It’s sad to know that even with all of this said no one will read this and make a difference and on top of that even if we were to do any of this then fake journalists will continue the anti nintendo agenda afterwards and make it seem as if ninty is doomed in regard to first party.

    1. If most of the ports so far were not half-assed or lacking DLC, they’d GET the sales that they expected for giving games to the Wii U.
      Don’t blame Nintendo gamers, blame the devs and the idiots that listened to neanderthals like Pachter.

      1. Shut the fuck up Chickenshit. Wii U is the third parties port box when they can afford it. Lol, expecting third party support on Nintendo CONSOLES, joke of the century.

    2. honestly its not that its just unlike u and me who actually like games EA activision UBISOFT ect other nintendo fans hate developers because of one little thing said wrong about the wii u. its not next gen or its cpu is weak or what not. yet i see games like project cars and need for speed which clearly show wii u is gana be up there with ps4 and xbox720. another funny thing is nintendo fans clame to be more hardcore than the sony and xbots boys yet they cant even play a game b4 judging it thats the sad part then get pissed or say they dont care when games arnt coming to nintendo platforms. thats why i invested in a PC. but i understand you bro.

      1. There’s plenty of Sony and Xbox fans that do that exact same thing, though.
        Case in point?
        Take a look at Bayonetta.
        Massively under-rated, didn’t get nearly the sales that the game deserves.
        I’m not saying you’re wrong about a lot of Nintendo fans doing the same thing, I’m just saying, it’s not Nintendo fan exclusive territory.
        Lots of people judge before buying. In fact I’d say a rough 90% of all gamers form some sort of judgement of a game off of whatever info comes out on it, before they actually give it a chance, and that influences their view of it when they finally do get to try it out.

        I, personally, cheered when Soul Sacrifice hit the Vita, because I felt that it was well worth seeing state-side regardless of system, and I’ve already picked up my fair share of PS3 games as well.
        If PS4 gives me more reasons, I might one day invest in that, as well, but it’s going to be after a price drop, since a lot of its social features don’t really appeal to me.[Letting others take control of my game? Streaming gameplay to websites? No thanks. I’d get a PC for the latter, anyways]

        1. You didn’t cheer shit on, you jerked off your microscopic wang in every other thread when it came to Vita bombing over there.

          Post under your actual alias and not “incredible but true”, Chickenshit.

  22. I swear (not really…) but if they would have add “and the next gen consoles” I would’ve threw my fist threw my damn computer screen and i don’t even own a wii u!

  23. This doesn’t really bother me. I never really cared for the GTA clone and wasn’t going to get this game even if it came out on Wii U.

  24. guys remember wii u is a next gen console so its gana take developers some time to get the hang of its new controller its not the console its the controller. unless u want them to give u a standard map inventory setup?

  25. playstation and xbox have real games they said, but all i can see from those two consoles are war or military games, is that hardcore?

  26. Nintendo needs its main first party IP’s to start coming out and soon. With Donkey kong country 3ds being released this may, only a few months after it was made known to us, im hoping the same happens with the WiiU and some of its major releases.

    The Big guns need to start trickling out early summer and roll at a decent pace out till the holiday season. Im betting on Mario Kart to come out late summer, but we’re gonna need a top tier title before then. Im not counting Pikmin or Wonderful 101… awesome as those games look…I don’t consider them to be the automatic successes that some of Nintendo’s other IP’s tend to be.

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