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Mario And Luigi Have Another Brother?

mario_and_luigiNintendo mascots Mario and Luigi possibly have a brother we’ve never heard about. In an interview with Geoff Keighley on GT.TV, Nintendo designer and Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto teased that when Mario is in need of a third brother, the gaming giant may create one for him. Would you like a third Mario brother to be introduced, or would you rather a sister for the mustachioed brothers?

“I don’t know what types of games I’m going to make in the future… Perhaps there will come a day when Mario needs a third brother, and so at that point maybe we’ll create him.”

-Shigeru Miyamoto

225 thoughts on “Mario And Luigi Have Another Brother?”

      1. How about no?

        If they weren’t created by Nintendo and didn’t appeared in any of the Mario games then they don’t exist in the Mario universe.

          1. Mario is the last name, so third Mario brother would be correct. 3 Mario brothers.

            But I’m not warming up to this idea.
            Make Pauline their lesbian cousin or something.

            1. Mario is not the last name. Miyamoto has corrected this multiple times. There has been no surname given.

                1. No surname or not, they’re still known as the Mario Brothers. Mario is the first Mario Brother and Luigi is the second Mario Brother. So, if they decided that Mario and Luigi needed a brother, he would be the third Mario Brother.

                  1. Yes he would be “the” third Mario Brother, but up there it says “a” third brother. A third brother to who? He is technically “a” second brother to Mario. Unless they were using “Mario” as the name of the game. Saying the game needs a third brother.


      And he’s talking about creating new characters, but nothing NOTHING is done yet, and you’re already complaining. What’s wrong with you people.

    1. I can’t even imagine the amount of “Who’s the mom” conspiracies that would pop up over that.
      There’s a strong faction out there that believe there’s nothing really going on between Mario and Peach other than a close bond, and they’d argue that if she hasn’t married him by now, there’s no way she’s the mom.XD
      So, a son would be a difficult proposition to pull off….

  1. Blahblio
    Blue hat/shirt, teal overalls
    Has coke bottle glasses, a bow tie, a stutter, lisp, and autism
    HIRE ME!

  2. no!!!! Why is it that eyery time a company wants to spice up their video game or tv show they add a new charactes like a long lost sibling! its really cliché! Maybe they could add a cousin or something like that but adding a new brother is really done to death especially since you cant toss a character into the mix just look at yoshis island it says two TWO!! brothers

  3. Nintendo Commander

    I suggest putting that energy on a new IP instead…
    But if they have to, I rather see a cousin or something than a brother because it would make more sense anyway…

  4. In the cartoons its said Mario has a sister and they even introduced Mario’s niece, I know it will never happen but if it did happen somehow I hope its a sister.

  5. Mario and Luigi don’t have parents. They were born of the toadstool spirit and fathered by princess peach. They’re “brother” is Giuseppe and isn’t biologically they’re brother they just don’t know it. Don’t ask wut I’m smokin

  6. Can i just have a new IP instead?
    And 2D Mario with actual creativity?
    And Star Fox?
    And a Zelda that isnt flawed in so many ways, and has some awful design choices?

    1. The best thing from the GTTV was the “Moby Dick studios” interview, with “Joakim Morgen”.

      Kojima taking trolling to new levels.
      Cant wait for GDC though :3

    2. New IP: Miyamoto is making one.

      Next 2D Mario: They may add that Create Your Own Level And Share feature.

      Starfox: Retro Studios says hi.

      Zelda thats flawed? Wtf are you smoking? Sure Majoras Mask had issues but every Zelda game has been amazing.

      1. New IP: We’ll wait and see

        2D Mario: You don’t know that, and it doesnt really mean it wont be creative, it needs to have a new design, new enemies, new visual style.

        Star Fox: You don’t know that either

        Zelda: Skyward Sword was horrible, and had way too many issues, and im not even complaining about the motion controls, thats one of the few things i didnt mind.

        1. I actually dare you to play Skyward Sword again. Not on Master Quest, normal save file, and if you dont get pissed off by its asinine design choices, then you’re just a fanboy

        2. To me all zelda games have their own weaknesses and everyone has their own opinions on each and every one, so i say IMO that every zelda was perfect and i wont whine about something as give us a zelda game that isnt flaw.

          1. Thats the problem with gamers these days, just sit back and let what happens, happen.

            No, we’re the people who buy the games, we say how it goes, and unfortunately its gotten to a point where people are just brain washed.
            “Oh every Zelda is perfect”. Fuck no, none of them are. I agree theyre in a league of their own, but not perfect, but the faults have always been minor enough.
            Simple fact is, Skyward Sword’s problems were not minor, they were just poor design choices, i could make a list that goes up to i dont know what, of things that are wrong with Skyward Sword and how much of a dumbed down experience it was. Dont accept it, because then they’ll just do it again, rant over.

            1. Wow, it just blows my mind how huge a different of a opinion we have on skyward sword. Oh well we only have the new Zelda to look forward to and hopefully we can agree on it being the best one yet :)

            2. Sooo Your saying I’m a brainwashed idiot fanboy because I love Skyward and I found absolutely no problems at all during my gameplay. The only issue I had was the wii mote cursor going out of alignment which they even provided a solution to that day one. Other than that, the game was beautiful, gameplay was smooth for me even though it was their FIRST shot at using zelda with motion controls, Storyline was amazing. So in my book, it was the best Zelda since Ocarina of Time

            3. beemothelittleboy

              Stop seriously I’m sick of all u haters Hating on beautiful game, maybe if you acturally payed attention to back story and timelines you’d blow the linearity was there for a reason… Skyward is amazing, to is a game with flaws if you ask me

        3. New IP: We’ll see? We know for a fact hes making a new IP.

          2D Mario: NSMBU had new enimies and and visual style sorta. Unless you mean ONLY new enimies. No returning enemies like goombas in which case I simply say fuck you. That create a level was brought up by Nintendo they said its something they will be looking into.

          Starfox: Yes I fucking do know it. We have been over this the other day I believe. You said you would remember my post.

          Skyward Sword: Was great. I had no issues with it at all. Sure Ocarina is still the best. And Windwaker is in my top 3 along with Skyward Sword.

        1. Majora’s Mask was flawed. That god forsaken time limit. Killed the game for me. I had never finished it it just broke the game for me. I DO NOT LIKE ANY GAME THAT RUSHES ME OR HAS A TIME LIMIT. I want to take my time and enjoy not rush rush rush.

          1. Inverted Song of Time. Now you have three times the amount of time. Seriously, Majora’s Mask isn’t that hard at all if you think about what your going to do and actually use the Bomber’s Log Book . -_-

            1. @Rey, I enjoyed the time limit in MM it adds toward the gameplay and experience and kinda made it a little harder, if you werent able to get through that then i guess you need to play easier games i beat MM when I was 13 or 14..

    1. ^ Hey everyone, check out playeressence YouTube channel. Hey make amazing videos. No bias, he loves all games. If your a Nintendo fan, you will really enjoy his videos. Also check out his main website, tons of news.

  7. Nintendo Commander

    I don’t think Nintendo would make an incest related thing with the Mario franchise since it would hurt the most…

  8. To be honest, I just want to see a sister. It’s about time we got some strong female characters in the Mario franchise.

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  10. ******I THINK he’s joking.
    Wario & Waluigi don’t even get a lot of Screen time in the Major Mario Series, focus on them before U add someone new. :/
    Am I the only one hoping that Wario appears in the new 3D Mario game as a Villan?
    (Not necessarilly the main villan, just 1 of the Villans) :P

  11. waluigi and wario aren’t brothers. so where did waluigi come from. but rather have a sister added. maria? mona?

        1. Or is it?

  12. DarklordNintendoFan

    I don’t think it’s a very good idea to do such a thing. We don’t need another character that will most likely be useless and will never get his own game (I’m looking at you, Waluigi) and even if Mario and Luigi do get another sibling, what will the explanation be as to where he/she has been these last 28 years.

  13. Yeah, My Nintendo News, your over-dramatising titles just to get people reading is getting annoying. This is just Miyamoto saying things aren’t fixed, he’s not closing any doors, and he’ll do whatever he can to make a game better.

  14. That would be cool if Mario and Luigi had a younger sister named like Sofia(an italian name with 3 syllables) who wore a lillac shirt and orange overalls( because orange is opposite blue on the colorwheel).

  15. Hey Nintendo, If you wanna start a game series using someone other than Mario, how about using Luigi more that way you dont have to come up with “another brother”.

  16. Sounds interesting to me. It would also be cool if Peach had a sister. As far as the back story of Nintendo/Mario characters goes, there’s not much that’s known about any of them. Like, what’s Mario & Luigi’s REAL last names (it’s already been said that Mario Mario and Luigi Mario is NOT their real names)? Who’s their parents? Who’s Peach’s parents? Why does she hang around nothing but mushroom people? Why does Bowser always kidnap Peach? Is he in love with her? The list goes on. SO many unexplained mysteries.

  17. beemothelittleboy

    It would be cool if they went really deep into to the backstory like they could make something similar to adventure time, like the mushroom kingdam is actually new York after much war and bombs the toxic waste mutated and twisted the whole area, that’s why the princess is so important to everyone and the reason why there’s bowser and koopas is because if you remember those miths about aligators in the sewer well they were mutated, which also explains the pipes, and all the other weird enemies, but I guess this would be a little to weird and creepy for a game that appeals to everyone, leave your replys of my theorys and what you think :)

  18. They did create Waluigi, so can’t see why they wouldn’t do this someday in the future, it would feel weird, but whatever.

    Mario, Luigi and Claudio! I could see it happening :P

  19. I think it would be cooler if they had a sister, but I think it would be much cooler for Mario to have LESS of a presence on the Wii U than more. Mario needs a break. Focus on new IPs and re-establishing older ones.

  20. I’m not sure about this…If its done right it could be alright, but at the same time I kinda want to keep this superstar team a duo.

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  23. Jodee Rebecca Davey

    if Nintendo’s Considering Making a Younger Sibling For Mario,&,Luigi,I Think That it Should be a Sister,I Think That’d be Totally Rockin’

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  26. It would be cool! surely if a third mario brother was introduced it would be a different type of game, just like when they introduced the baby mario.

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  28. I hope its Stanley so he can bring back all the 80’s gang together. Mario, Stanley, Luigi and Pauline the stars of the show once again.

  29. I hope this is true. Nintendo should make a game to cater to this “mature” audience that always say they don’t care about Nintendo yet formulate such strong opinions of them, as well as visiting Nintendo based sites to argue with people.

    It’ll be something like Super Mafia Bro’s. This brother will be head of the mushroom kingdom mafia, and one of the missions is to leave the head of a Koopa in Bowsers bed for not paying for his shipment of Bullet Bills.

  30. Plot for 3D Mario: Super Mario Universe

    Professor E. Gadd has invented a new device that allows you to travel through different dimensions, but one day it goes missing. Mario and Luigi eventually find it hidden in a tree in the Mushroom Kingdom after fighting a boss, but Luigi accidentally activates it. The two travel into a new dimension. In that new dimension, everyone there is on the opposite side as in the normal world (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Toads, Yoshi=Evil, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Wario, Waluigi, Evil Minions=Good). The anti-version for Mario and Luigi is a new blue character (technically they are brothers since they have the same parents). After fighting evil toads, evil yoshis, the Mario Bros. re-find the device after defeating Evil Peach and then return home. Without them knowing, their evil brother follows them through the portal to attack them. When the brother comes home, he gets confused about who he is. The Mario Bros. didn’t get confused because they actually had the device when they traveled, whereas the brother did not. Confused, the Bros. are trying to convince him that he should join the good side, and Wario and Waluigi are trying to convince him to join their side. All of this commotion is a perfect distraction for Bowser and Bowser Jr. to kidnap Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina. The brother sees a picture Mario has of Rosalina and thinks that she is pretty so he decides to help the Bros. rescue the princesses. Mario, Luigi, and the brother set off to rescue the princess, but they are followed by Wario and Waluigi. After fighting those two as a mini-boss, you are about to fight them again inside Bowser’s Castle but then Bowser Jr. with Bowser appears. Bowser tries to convince Wario to join his army with a LOT of money, but Waluigi tells Bowser that Waluigi is the only one that can tell him what to do, and that if Bowser doesn’t like that, then too bad, Waluigi Time! Waluigi takes Bowser Jr. in his Koopa Kart and throws Bowser Jr. into the lava. Wario then fills the cart up with coins and together they throw it at Bowser. The weight of the coins smacks Bowser in the face and he bumps into the ceiling and then falls into the lava. The Bros. go on a mission to save the princesses that are in the castle, taking down enemies. The three princesses are all trapped in different places. First you play as Mario, and you rescue Peach. Then, as Luigi, you rescue Daisy. Finally, using the third Bro., you rescue Rosalina. Bowser Jr. and Bowser then reapear. After defeating them, you discover that Bowser had the machiene. Then Proffesor E. Gadd sends them a message telling them that his device was stolen before he had finished working out the bugs, and that everytime you use it, it goes away and you have to find it before you can leave the dimension. Bowser had accidentally stepped on the machine, so it malfunctions, transporting them into the next dimension.
    The goal of the game: Beat the boss in order to get the machine and then leave the dimension. After you go through all of the dimensions, you can go home. Gamepad features=special powerup that is unique to each player and can be activated by touch screen, off-tv play, and up to 5 player co-op.
    Players: You can play as one of ten different characters and can switch by using the gamepad. Sometimes it doesn’t matter which character you use, and sometimes there is a certain character you have to use to beat the level.
    1. Mario (can use FLUDD)
    2. Luigi (can use Poltergust)
    3. Brother (can ride Yoshi 24/7 because in his dimension he was the lord of Yoshis)
    4. Peach (has karate)
    5. Daisy (has sports powers like a tennis racket to reflect moves)
    6. Rosalina (can control Lumas to attack)
    7. Wario (something about coins)
    8. Waluigi (can trick enemies into killing themselves)
    9. Bowser Jr. (powers from Koopa Kart)
    10. Bowser (can wreck stuff)
    Final Boss: Maybe a Koopa version of Father Time? IDK

    I guess after all this it wouldn’t be a platform game, it would be more of a RPG/Strategy game. Oh well, at least I can dream.

    1. And then at the end it is discovered that all of this happened because Professor E. Gad went into the other dimension when he made the device and then the evil version followed him back and stole it. He was hiding in the trees, planning to use it to conquer the other dimensions, when it malfunctioned and took him back to where he belongs. So, Mario and Co. travel back in time and stop the anti-Professor from going through the portal. Once they stop him, time rewinds and everything you did rewinds to the beginning to when Professor made the machine while the credits role and then it asks you if you would like to start the adventure all over again.

      1. I now fucking want that game! That would probably be the best mario rpg ever since it has a lot of interesting. details to keep the story exciting. Kudos to your great imagination!

    1. Are Daisy and Peach friends or family? Who is the King and Queen over them. And lastly if their parents are dead why arent they queens?

          1. i believe it’s been said that their twins sooooooo it wouldn’t be how many years apart they are it would be how many minutes they are apart
            it says they are twins in smash bros on Luigi’s trophy (more specially brawl) and they also say they are on the Super Mario Super Show (on that one episode The beauty of Kootie) where Kootie pie looks like a human woman Mario says in that episode *you’ll have to forgive my TWIN brother” but i’m not quite sure how cannon that show is soooooo yeah

  31. I know it was probably just poor wording but… Mario only currently has ONE brother. Saying they might make a third brother for Mario infers there’s already another one other than Luigi>

    But I get what he meant.

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  33. I honestly don’t think they need another brother. I guess it’s because I’m so used to just Mario and Luigi. I couldn’t imagine them having another brother even if I tried.
    I disagree to the whole third brother thing.
    Sorry,that’s just my opinion… T_T

  34. If Nintendo is going to put a bro./sis. with Mario and luigi, there have to be a rival for him/her with wario and waluigi…

  35. I would be be interested either way of a brother or sister but I think a sister would be interesting to see curious as to what that ones main enemy would be mario got bowser luigi got the ghost wonder what the third would have

  36. I don’t think they need more siblings, but rather carrying on the legacy like someone else pointed out. There’s definitely a wide variety of possibilities already out there, not excluding the many I’ve found on sites like deviantArt alone.

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  39. In the games, not that I’ve played many, Luigi usually isn’t there to assist Mario. So Mario does not need a third brother: He just needs to have his second brother (so his first brother must be himself) to be around more.

  40. Mario & Luigi Fan Clube

    One Second! In Created 4 Names For New Brother for mario & luigi:Eduard, Lorenzo, Ane, FanMario its is 4 Names For New Brother for Mario & luigi

  41. I think they should have another brother

    Make a game called Mario Kingdom Revenge of the Dark Side

    Now Bowser and bowser jr, planned it they know whats going to happen they been watching

    one day it was nice in the Mario kingdom till the dark side that is always by bowsers castle was expanding next thing you know mario and luigi come to check it out and when they are at the border some one is standing there. while mario and luigi are walking up to him you hear a cry from peaches castle mario looks he sees bowser taking peach, baby Mario, and baby Peach so mario runs and chases him but then luigi hears a crys from Daisys castle and lugi looks and sees bowser jr. taking Daisy, baby Daisy, and baby Luigi while there running they cant hear but there are crys from princess Rosalinas castle (introdusing form mario kart wii) there it is dry Bowser finally manages to take control of the llumas and capture princess Rosalina (that was intro, but all day people was getting stollen Toad, Yoshi, kopa tropa, paratroppa, Petey pirahana, ect. without no one knowing cause they thought they were taking a vacation) Now you fight like New super mario bros. and on the boss levels you go up agenst people of the kingdom like shy guy and after you beat him you can play as them but heres the twist for the boss levels all of them will not be fighting some will be racing like mario kart wii, mario kart double dash, mario kart 7 like all mixed up. after you beat bowser, and bowser jr. evrey thing gose back to normal so peach calls her sister princess Rosalina and she hers strange noises llumas crying for help, kopa tropas but peach asked daisy to count all the kopa tropas and they were here so were the paratroppas and then she her bowser then the next thing that happened was a voice that sounded like mario but had a hint of luigis voice said that you would never see Rosalina again. she gose and gets the gang and they go talk to grampa todesworth and he has nothing about about another bowser but peach is swearing up and down she heard something so they go in a rocket and they see dead kopa troppas and a dead bowser and a dead bowser jr. You defeat armys of dry bones then a dry Bowser jr. then anoth boss level of defeting Dry Bowser evrey one runs into princess Rosalinas castle and when you expect to find here you have to batel your way through a evil army of llumas. Then there he is the final boss level Deafeting the 3erd brother after you beat him he gose uncassious then he wakes back up and he explains how he was seprated because their mom coould not handel 3 kids so they gave him up then he traveled untill wario and waluigi found him and made up tuns of lies to turn him evil. then he proposes to rosalina
    (works out, idea for mario kingdom Dry Bowser returns)
    After two years Baby Rosalina was visting her ants untill she wonder off evrey one ssurched for her untill she found this hut she sees a dead giant turtle DEAD BOWSER he abouts get her but donkey kong, yoshi, and birdo block her and dry bowser explaind when you got me i was hurt really bad almost near to my secound death but after thos two years i regain my strength

  42. I think they should have a sister I mean they have a niece so whos the mother she should be called sofia wear a cyan cap and blue overalls and her nemeses should be called wasofia and have a orange cap and black overalls and a backwards s on her cap what do you think?

  43. Shigero Miyamoto

    or maybe katia instead of sofia and watia instead of wasofia and watia should have a backwards t on her cap that’s what I think what do you think?

  44. I think they should have a sister because my kids friend loves mario and luigi but she wants them to have a sister. Another reason is girls are sooooo cool!

  45. Why would we need another bro. if we have Mario, Luigi, Waluigi, and Wario? If Nitendo wanted a trio, they should have Waluigi save Rosalina, Luigi save Daisy, and Mario save Peach! Come on, we need more characters than classic Mario and Peach! Plus, if you play as 3 characters and save 3 princesses in 1 game, wouldn’t that be AWESOME!? :) :) :) :) ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★

  46. Heck yeah Fluttershy that’s radical!! I want to play your game now! I mean Waluigi misunderstood and sweet and Rosalina is sexy and just WOW! Luigi cute and gentle and Daisy sporty and tomboyish! The villians are Bowser (peach), Kameck (daisy) and King Boo (Rosalina). King Boo loving Rosalina is so cute and romantic! Both are immortal.

  47. Love those ideas secret and Fluttershy! And, I have my own Mario theories hope ya’ll like them! First, we aren’t sure who Bowser jr’s mom is. So, Rosalina is his mom, because she dated Bowser before he was evil! They were going to get married, but Bowser got jerky. Then, every male on Mario is in love with Rosalina! Rosalina has Waluigi, so she’s taken. That’s why Mario has peach and Luigi has Daisy.

  48. OMG! JTZ! I love your comments! My two favorite are the Bowser jr’s mom one and the one of Bowser getting tired of Peach! Personally, I believe Rosalina is B.J’s mom and Bowser should kidnap Daisy! Poor Mario, always saving Peach, almost killing himself every 5 minutes! We need ethier these two options: A. Bowser kidnaps Daisy, Luigi saves her. B. Bowser kidnaps Rosalina, Waluigi saves her! Luigi, Daisy, Waluigi, and Rosalina need to be in more games than M.Kart! What do you think! I think your cool JTZ

  49. a sister would be interest like older sister or younger sister that looks up to the heroic plumbers or younger brother

  50. he should be named rylieo his hat should be blue with an r on it he should wear a blue shirt with dark blue overalls ‘cuase in Mario rpg
    it said

    Mario “red”
    Luigi “green”
    ??? “blue”

    here is another example
    there is all ready 4 but wear different colors

    Mario “red”
    Luigi “green”
    Wario “yellow”
    Waluigi “purple”

    so my guest is

    rylieo “blue”

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