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Here’s The Launch Trailer For Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Nintendo has released the launch trailer for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. The upcoming action-adventure game is a sequel to Luigi’s Mansion for Nintendo GameCube, which was released over 10 years ago. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon launches next week at both retail and the Nintendo eShop, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. Are you prepping yourself for ghost-sucking with Luigi?

67 thoughts on “Here’s The Launch Trailer For Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon”

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    1. taku bonk bonk weeaboo


      i played this game over the last weekend and it sux. bad unpolishied controls, shitty texturees, and luigi sooooo dam loud itz hert my bloodie ears. but i try to return this 2 store but they won’t take it cause they say its shit, so now i stuck with loud and annoying luigi game wow.

                1. “Hah spaghetti. Hah ravioli. Hah mama mia. Hah Peach’s vagina.” – Mario in his sleep, Super Mario 64

        1. Yes, yes. But you should lose your virginity, man. Virgins may have been cool back in your day but now… Not so much. I’m sure you could find a nice Nintenfangirl!

  1. I can’t remember what the story in this Luigi’s Mansion is? Is there another kidnapping? I know Luigi was searching for Mario in the first one. But what’s the plot here? Why is Luigi hunting for ghosts this time around? I can’t remember if I heard this before?

    1. The story is Porfesser E. Gadd is studying these ghost that are nice but King Boo shatters the darkmoon and they all turn evil so E. Gadd calls Luigi to set things right

        1. actually thats not right you see, the actual story is, mario went to the mansion to try to fuck all the ghosts you see, and mario then got put in a picture by king boo for punishment, e gadd actually wanted to catch all those ghosts, so he could have sex with them, like mario failed to do. So what happened is that luigi won a fake mansion by the boos for revenge of marios acts, then e gadd ran into luigi and used him, so that he could get mario back and have a orgy with the paintings. that was there solution to raping the ghosts, luigi never even knew, he just thought that he had to save mario,and now there is a second game, to continue off of the original story, well your welcome, no need to thank me

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    1. Yeah, we all know that you hate it so much that you just HAD TO register on a Nintendo site just to express yourself. Yeah, ok…….

      1. I really do hate the 3ds its fuckin garbage nintendo needs to put games on the Wii U. That being said lego city undercover is amazing. Monster hunter is garbage so u fanboy drones need to stop circle jerking over that game and this luigi bullshit.

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  5. I will say something that you may not believe.
    I have the game and reached the old clock works mansion. The game is so great. The first boss in the first mansion ( gloomy manor ) is giant spider. The second boss in the second mansion (haunted towers) is a monster staircase. Now I’m in the old clock works mansion.

    circle pad = move
    (b) + circle pad = run
    (r) = vacuum
    (l) = blow
    (x) = look up
    (a) = strobulb flash
    (y) = dark-light device
    (b) = look down
    [start] = pause menu
    touch screen = map
    (r) + circle pad = catch ghosts

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