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Iwata Asks For Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Goes Live

luigi's_mansion_dark_moon_ghost_chaseNintendo has published the Iwata Asks for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, in which company president Satoru Iwata chats with Shigeru Miyamoto, Yoshihito Ikebata, and Next Level Games‘ Chad York, Bryce Holliday and Brian Davis. Within the interview, the developers share several interesting tidbits on Luig’s Mansion: Dark Moon and its evolution. For example, throughout the game there are peek holes on walls and doors that players have the option of looking through. If players choose to look through them, they may receive hints for how to progress through the game, or they can spy on ghosts to see what they’re up to.


  1. those peek-holes sounds sounds interesting, cant wait to see what the ghosts are up too..

  2. I already have the game, a friend of mine gave it to me as a present yesterday; already reached the first boss

  3. It’s 3 am, got up to have some milk, just to find our resident troll and Rey Hardy impersonator up and about. It must get lonely on those other machines. Thankfully we are nintendo gamers, we grew up the normal way, playing outside, enjoying school and having friends and cousins who were and still our buddies. I shall pray for you lonely souls. Go play monster hunter 3 Ultimate if you are lonely it’s packed on the servers right now :).

    1. Here lies von scrotum. His life taken by himself when pealing granades and trowing potatoes at the enemies.

  4. I can’t wait either…

    This is one of the games I knew I wanted right away the second it was revealed…

    I hope High Command has plenty more surprises for this year and the years to come…

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