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Diablo 3 Could Come To Other Consoles Than PlayStation


Joshua Mosqueira, Diablo 3 lead designer, has revealed that the game could come to other platforms. Diablo 3 was announced at the Sony conference as coming to the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4. Mosqueira confirmed that Diablo 3 isn’t necessarily a PlayStation exclusive, which suggests that the game could also come to the Xbox 360, and possibly Wii U.

“We don’t have any announcements to make at this time. But we’re not necessarily a Sony exclusive.”

66 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Could Come To Other Consoles Than PlayStation”

    1. Well it wouldn’t really matter if the Wii U had the tablet or not in this case. One of the many downsides to the PC version is that it was clearly designed just to make console ports easier.

    2. Don’t keep hopes up though, you know how these Publishers change their minds. I only believe what Nintendo says and maybe Capcom.

    1. Yes, gauntlet games are sweet. If they could add more rpg elements into gauntlet it could be a great alternative to diablo. Skipped D3 So far cause of all the initial issuesthey were having with their servers and such. It would make the most sense to put on the Wii U though as the pad is likely the best alternative to a mouse. Control sticks just don’t work well with diablo-esk games.

        1. Graphics card wise you do. Most PC’s that are sold are sold with on board gpu/apu’s and while they might, if your lucky, meet minimum system requirements generally give a terrible gaming experience. But for the majority of games they don’t even properly meet minimum system requirements.

          1. Used to be a big time PC gamer, but it is too expensive to upgrade the unit every couple years. If it were cheap consoles wouldn’t be on the market.

  1. No thanks . Monster Hunter ulitmate has just absorbed my soul. I had to go and buy the 3DS version aswell.

    Today I woke up played Monster hunter in 1080p on Wiiu. Played monster Hunter on the bus in 3D , went shopping…. played monster hunter in 3D on the bus home and am now playing monster hunter in 1080p again.

    1. haha, Monster Hunter Ultimate must really be that great of a game :D Even though I don’t have a Wii U yet, I still bought it XD

      1. You bought it just so you could unseal it and smell its virgin like freshness ? now that is hardcore Anubis XD !!! I have to say. Unboxing the 3DS and Wiiu version of MHU and linking up them up together was one of the most satisfying unboxings i’ve done. Now i’m jus digging my teeth into this games near limitless amount of content.

        1. XD I was just to excited to get the game! And I’d have to say the Wii U box art is really really gorgeous! I felt so satisfied just knowing that this game will be one of my favorites. Now all I need is to know the Pikmin 3 release date and I’m all set to get a Wii U :D

          P.S sorry if it took me a long time to reply back :( My internet was down due to the construction outside

          1. Dat disc. It’s the nicest Wiiu disc yet and they pretty much all look very sexy with their rounded edges and blu ray esque reflections :D .
            Yeah . Pikmin 3 and Monster Hunter Ultimate…. if that’s not a reason to buy a system I don’t know what it is. And if you can get like another $50 together by then , you can download like 4-5 EPIC eshop games like Nano assault , Trine 2 directors cut , Mighty switch force , Runner 2 LOFRA and much more :)

            The wiiu has really blossomed these past few days with an Awesome exclusive in Lego city , Epic online RPG monster hunter and The definitive versions of one of the coolest open world racing games ever made! Viv la Wiiu!

  2. Face palm other than the contract that states the game is exclusive to Sony consoles. (PC is not counted as a console)

    1. Don’t you want more third-party support from bigger games and not just cheap shovelware crap from developers and publishers you have proabley never heard of.

  3. In other words, this would make the PS4 even more worthless than it already is…

    I would even buy a PS3 in 5 years than a PS4 any day…

    But of course I buy Nintendo products first always…

        1. Keep telling yourself that. If you repeat those lies to yourself enough, you’ll eventually come to believe them.

      1. Don’t mind him because he only plays Nintendo to have something he can worship. His biggest dream is that Nintendo will manufature a “vagina-feature” on their consoles.

        1. Let me rewrite my comment with proper grammar.

          He only plays Nintendo to have sometging he can worship because the life as social reject is…….wait he doesn’t even have a life. His biggest wish is a “vagina-function” on Nintendo consoles.

          1. “sometging”?…

            Whatever you say little Xbot, you are not helping yourself in any way…

            And since you are the one thinking about vaginas, you must be awfully primitive…

          1. Yes I’m such an Xbot that I never owned one of them and the only 7grn system I own is a Wii. I’m even such a damn Xbot that I buy every multiplat on my 360 (which I don’t have) even though I could get a cheaper and better version on my PC. I’m so extreme Xbox addicted. If you’d be only about the games instead of being a fanboy you would probbably like the PS4 because it seems to be a good console.

            Fun fact: people like you claim that the Wii U is far more powerful than current gen but at the same time you say that the next gen won’t look better than PS360 games.

            1. 1. Nothing about the PS4 got me interested except the modelling part…

              2. I’ve always promoted gameplay and fun over anything else…

              3. I’ve never said anything in the lines of your “Fun Fact”…

              1. taku bink bonk weeaboo

                na man. nintendo sucks now man. thois wii u shitte man. givin mea headache. i tryed the wii u ya hear. bad graphix, slow OS, no kewl games. man wow i try to returin this shitte to that stroeo but they dont take it cuz they sauy it sux n shit man. awww man nintendo goinng down the drain.

              2. 1. Nintendrones are know for hating other consoles.

                2.Then why do you call a system that seems to offer a lot of different gameplay styles worthless even though you never played with it.

                3. That’s why I said PEOPLE (notice the plural) LIKE you say that stuff.

            1. You have a valid point there. XD But on the other hand who would really like to sleep with something like a console? and by the way what would be with a system which’s name makes it masculine like the Gamecube (which is EXTREMELY AWESOM AND WAY TOO UNDERRATED AND MUCH BETTER THAN XBOX) ?
              Are people then gay and technophile………

    1. It would make sense because of the touchscreen which could be great for sucha mouse and inventory heavy game.

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