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Ubisoft Says Market Can Only Support 10 Successful Triple-A Games A Year


Ubisoft’s Toronto Studio boss Jade Raymond believes that the video game market can only support ten successful triple-A games a year. Raymond says that new business models and the rise of free to play smartphone titles has significantly reduced the scope for full-price triple-A sales in the current video game market.

“I think there’s still room for really great triple-A games that can, despite the budget, retain the classic model of expecting people to pay in one big chunk. There’s still room for that.”

“But the big publishers have to be honest with themselves – there’s only room for let’s say ten successful titles a year on those sorts of budgets. So you have to go all-in on those; you have to be sure you’ll have a hit, and when you make it you have to invest everything to make sure it’s amazing.”

“The audience for games is becoming broader and even core gamers who are used to buying games in boxes, are spending more of their time on mobile. So whether it’s long term gamers or the new generation who started out by playing free games on the web or mobile, we have a whole bunch of people who’ve been trained to think differently about the way they spend money on games.”

“There’s an expectation to be able to try for free, and only spend money if they want to. We have to figure out how to make that type of thing work with console games as well.”

34 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says Market Can Only Support 10 Successful Triple-A Games A Year”

  1. “The audience for games is becoming broader and even core gamers who are used to buying games in boxes, are spending more of their time on mobile.”

    In my opinion, it is pretty hard to believe in this statement.

    1. While I prefer, and always will, boxed games in physical form. I admit I have been playing a LOT of minecraft pocket edition lately, and haven’t exactly played my 3DS for like 2 months. My Xbox 360 still gets action. But come on its minecraft on the go. What more can you ask for (besides mobile Halo games). And its convienient since its in your phone which does so much. I understand why people are migrating towards phone gaming. But I will never fully join them until I absolutely must in order t play games.

  2. How many this year
    1. Fire Emblem Awakening
    2. MGR: R
    3. Dead Space 3
    4. God of War Ascension
    5. DMC: Devil May Cry
    6. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag
    7. Crysis 3
    8. Grand Theft Auto V
    9. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
    10. Gears of War Judgement
    Well there is 10

      1. No, he means overall which makes alot of sense when you think about how expensive games are to create and how many sales they need. The limit for a gamer do not rest in his wallet but in the time he can spend each year on games.

    1. Pokémon is surely going to be triple A on sales this year. I wish Animal Crossing and Pikmin 3 would get there too.

    2. FE: Awakening is great not not Triple AAA. And he said successful games, not all of the games youblisted have or will find success.

      1. the term Triple AAA is extremely vague, the only thing that I gather on what it means is that the budget is high

    3. where is Pokemon X and Y ? thats definitely a triple A series.I hate to say this but CoD and BF series are triple A

    4. I havent played Fire Emblem yet seeing as we dont have it here, but no to all the rest.

      AAA isn’t about cost as Ubisoft say, it’s quality. It’s not about the polish, it’s what creativity. It’s not about the graphics, it’s the experience.

      None of those games have, or will do any of that (fire emblem aside, for now).

      AAA is the sort of name you attach to game that you look back at the generation and say “this game”. But everyones just using “oh its a AAA title” as publicity.

  3. I think he is only thinking for multiconsole games, there could be 3 AAA game per month, one in each console, wich mean there could be up to 36 AAA game per year.

    1. Lol Nintendo does not have ten AAA games a year. Maybe two or three. But they have a lot of great smaller games.

  4. Patch attack: Nintendo bash edition episode #94

    it should be illegal for nintendo to release AAA titles on their systems.

    PS: I hate myself and cry myself to sleep due to social deprivation

    Michael Patcher

  5. Alright, so basically following Ubusofts “idea” of a AAA game from this year, that we know are coming, or have come:

    Bioshock Infinite
    Pikmin 3
    In terms of COST (rather than quality) GTAV

    That is all.

    The term AAA has become twisted and irrelevant, just like the word gimmick, and milked, because “AAA” are often outshined by other games.
    They should basically say “games that cost a shit ton of money, because, i duno why”.
    Seriously, why does it cost so much to make a GTA game?
    They’re making a boring replica of a citt. It takes no creativity, yet Rockstar spend more money than anyone else.
    What a waste.

    1. In fact, no, take that back, just Bioshock Infinite.
      I can’t vouch for Pikmin 3, as ive never played a previous one, but its not goin to “change the way we look at gaming”, or be a masterpiece. It’ll be worth a buy, no secon thoughts, and easily a 9, but thats not what AAA is supposed to mean.

      AAA is a name you attach to a game that defines a generation, like Mario Galaxy, Bioshock, Walking Dead, Journey, ect, the games that have no faults and deserve nothing but a 10/10z

      1. Honestly, the cost of these so called AAA games isnt worth it, not because the consumer is “branching out”, its because theyre fucking lazy games, with NOTHING new to them, other than a meaningless story, unchanged and/or dull gameplay, next to no visual improvement, and these so called “AAA” games, are actually so ANTI consumerist, that it all ends up people having enough. No-ones excited (aside from fanboys), for AC4, or Halo 5, or the next COD game, or Battlefield 4, nobody gives a fuck, because we’ve FINALLY woken up and say “no, fuck this shit, give us something new”. THATS why you’re games are failing, and why only “10 AAA titles can come a year”. Maybe if you invest the same about of time and effort and RESPECT, into your other games and the gamers who play them, youd be successful with ALL of your games, not just one serious that’ll you’ll milk till the tits dry.

        1. Or maybe people play those games, because I don’t know, they are fun. Not because they are major fanboys. Its people’s opinions. You don’t have to share it. You are treating video games like its the most important thing in the world. Just calm down and enjoy what you like and other gamers will enjoy what they like. Games being similar to their previous installments always happens. If they are hugely dfferent all of a sudden, fans won’t like it. But if NOTHING is changed people are still unhappy. Gamrs make me laugh. They are never happy, and you are a prime example right now

  6. I get what he is saying, but the market is going to slightly recover from the global recession over the next few years. Hopefully this just means that less crap will come out as publishers and developers will work harder at making proper high quality games. There is still money to be made.

  7. This from a company that delayed a sure fire single console hit, to release it in the beginnings of the busiest gaming season all year?

  8. Agree! But still, I don’t think Assassins Creed series from Brotherhood are worth A’s. I just hate that short storyline and milions of side quests.

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