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Battlefield 4 Skipping Wii U To Avoid Risks


DICE creative director Lars Gustavsson has confirmed that Battlefield 4 won’t be coming to Wii U. Speaking about Wii U Gustavsson said that the team would rather play it safe and ensure that the team deliver something good rather than risking the project by spreading the team too thin.

“I think overall for me as creative director, number one is to deliver a really great game and experience. Sometimes, at least for us, it’s focus on what you do well and what you know well, and ensure that you deliver something good than trying a bit too much, stretching yourself too thin and risking it.”

“I’d rather play it safe, deliver something really good and then look at the future and what could possibly be done than trying a bit too hard and [failing].”

198 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 Skipping Wii U To Avoid Risks”

    1. But didn’t Dice say ages ago that they canceled Battlefield 3 for the Wii U so that they could work on a Wii U version of Battlefield 4?

      Someone correct me if I’m mistaken..

      1. You are indeed correct. But you know what? I don’t care. This game is EA. Who want’s to give them money anyway?

        1. As much as I’d like to agree with you….. a lot of people are going to buy Battlefield 4. The fact Wii U is losing all these 3rd party titles is just creating a bigger hole for the Wii U to climb out of. They NEED the games. Like badly… lol

          1. over reacting . whilst I agree partly agree with you. NIntendo DOES NOT need the same third party support as PS and XB. they can survive solely off of first party. Let’s al be happy the 3rd party support has at least improved.

            1. Plus, I think it makes the Wii U more unique to have different third party games. We may be missing on some great multiplatforms right now, but we have some nice third-party exclusives like LEGO City.
              It would be awesome to have those games we’re not getting, but it’s something you get used to when having Nintendo consoles.


              1. What this guy said, you’ve never played Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. Do you really have to judge the game you never play?


            3. third party support hasn’t really improved for wii u, just for 3ds. so it’s a big deal. wii u has not gotten most major third party releases like tomb raider recently. sure nintendo can survive on first party alone, but they can’t do them fast enough. people will grow impatient, and by the time nintendo releases first party games, many will have abandoned the console. sorry, but i say it how it is, not how i want it to be. i wish the situation wasn’t like this.

          2. Nintendo is in a banana! No more back wrong with a little Wii U and it will bury them now .. PLEASE NINTENDO acknowledge your mistake and deviate BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE DOES THAT MONEY FOR Wii U. .. I’m a big fan of the Nintendo Wii and bought in, and what would I do with it when no one good game does not come .. Now we have to set aside money for the PS4, is this JUST????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????”

          3. I think you’re right. Yes Nintendo can survive on first party alone (when we get more) but these blockbuster third party titles would indeed sell well. After all wasn’t Nintendos goal this time around to get ALL gamers on board? Not just casuals. We need some if this “commercial” stuff too guys. I would have bought this title day 1.

            1. TheTruth4HatersLikeUlol

              Me 2 I like BF even though right about now I wouldnt give EA a penny… What bothers me is that it looks like Devz are all in on teaming up to skip what they had promised Nintendo, or at least agreed to do… No effort from so many tells me something smells rotten. If yall ask me Id say certain companies are paying top dollar to try and undercut and eliminate Nintendo once and 4 all… Theyre sick of the Big N stickin it to them… Like that Poker guy you just dont want around to dig in on your profits… undercut him, and keep more, and live to play another day… Thats why Ill respect Nintendo even more and give them all my support, and cut off EA and others alltogether… They better not try this shit with Metro and Watchdogs as they are the only 3rd P games I was lookin 4ward to… Anyways Im all in on Nintendo regardless, and do my 3rd party on PC I guess..

        2. Nintendo scumbags are worse than EA and Wii U is a junk now is dead not cos is not have games like some of you saying and cos you waiting from your stupid Nintendo to released next Mario and Zelda

      2. Totally correct, now you can see how the lazyness and the impressive logic of DICE works… Avoiding what?, they just care about making safe money that’s all, everything is Money for DICE and EA.

          1. Why would anyone care about business? Business has nothing to do with gaming. I could care less who crashes, and burns, who goes bankrupt, and who succeeds at making millions. It has NOTHING to do with us. Sure it might slightly affect us by making us have more or less games, but anything is replaceable. Until I start making money from these companies, and have a stake in what they do. Their “business” reasons don’t matter to me.

      3. while you are correct, i never intended on buying any console version of bf4 lol. if there is ANY game that belongs on pc, it’s either battlefield of crysis. i would have liked to try it on the wiiu just to see what dice could do with the system, but i would never give up the performance i can squeeze out of my pc in those games.

        1. TheTruth4HatersLikeUlol

          Man Tre I hope nintendo will fuck em all up with a badass new Metroid, a killer online FPS, then Watchdogs and Metro and Ill be straight! Then the Zeldas and Marios, Xeno 2 Ill be good this year and the next!

    2. PC/PS4/Nextbox/PS3/360 = perfect focus.
      PC/PS4/Nextbox/PS3/360/Wii U = we’re spreading ourselves too thin.

      Okay then.

    3. IMO, its not EAs fault, hell why would EA let Criterionin make NFS MW2 on Wii U with PC assets. Its DICEs fault, its not about Origin.

    1. If this is an “issue” to anyone who bought a Wii U, then they should sell it and buy an Xbox so they can be like the rest of the mindless sheeple playing shitty fps games all day long.

      1. It’s fair to call it an issue. People like playing FPS’s and Nintendo wants a segment of those players to get Wii U’s. They managed to get Call of Duty, but not this one. Besides, EA doesn’t only make shooters. It’s sad that one of the biggest publishers in the industry keeps giving Nintendo the finger.

        1. They might be one of the biggest, but they have also been showing some of the largest losses. Their business plan is flawed. If they don’t start shaping up they are gonna go the way of THQ. And I would care less then I did about THQ going under.
          EA mostly has over rated sports games that are pretty much the same game as the year before. Dead space which they decided to screw their audience and piss of a huge chunk of their core players. Battlefield. And bioware, but when they were bought out by EA a bunch of the core devs left and the stuff that has been released by them recently hasn’t had the same essence or imagination.

      2. It’s not the point, EA is snubbing ninty and launching the big names on other platforms. I Have a Wii U and want to see it majorly successful so we need good 3rd party support. Ninty will bring out amazing games there is no doubt of that but we still need to big names to draw in numbers. :)

        1. Exactly lol they’re in a death cycle. No 3rd party support = not as many sales = less appeal to 3rd party devs = no 3rd party support (repeat) UGHHHHHHHH -.- Do you know how many times I’ve read “We don’t wanna risk putting our game on the Wii U”?

          it’s not good…..

          1. So how is it the 3DS can be hyper successfull without CoD without Battlefield without GTA without pretty much ANY of these western IP’s ? Because of Nintendo’s first party content. It’s actually more successfull than ANY of the western stuff. The Wiiu has the same pillow to fall back onto. The addition of games like Project cars , Injustice , Watchdogs , AC4 is just a major bonus.

            Who bought a Wiiu expecting xbox 360 multiplats ? I bought a wiiu for 1st , 2nd and third party exclusives. Knowing that any enhanced multiplat ports (NFSMW U for example) would be a major bonus.

            1. you doesn’t make everyone. you may have bought a wii u for first and second parties, but everyone else has different expectations. if those expectations are not met to some degree, there’s trouble. there’s so much technology now, that most people can easily look at a wii u and say it’s not worth it because of lack of those big third party games, plus new super mario bros has lost some of its appeal for the bigger audience, otherwise it would have sold the wii u in the millions. nintendo would need to have not just a few, but many powerful first party games on wii u, to make it succeed, and we all know that’s going to take a very long time.

        2. u r totally right, i own an game on all platforms, an i can tell u wii u not getting battlefield 4 is a blow,i wanted to see it on wii u to see what the wii u could do graphically! i dont care what people say, battlefield 3 was a AWESOME GAME! by far this generation,for the best multi player fps experience,i have spent more time on battlefield 3 then any other! i think one of the bigger reasons why bf4 is skipping wii u could be because of the lack of hard drive, dice an battlefield games are released buggy, an then patched,an then lots of map packs are also released, on ps3 my bf3 file size is way over 10gb,just for dlc an updates, an then on top of that another 2or3gb for the game install, none of this will be possible on wii u,an yes i know u can purchase a external hardrive, but the way dice an ea look at that is, not everyone will do this,an so this splits your market,an potential customers among the limited wii u owners,i think Nintendo made a massive mistake by not including a hard drive an a pro controller in every box! since so many 3rd party companies wont bother porting to wii u because they are lazy wankers! an because the game pad takes a tiny bit of extra work,they wont bother, an to be honest with u,there is no way you can use the game pad for a long session,of online gaming an playing a fps, no way, the battery finishes to quick,an it gives your hands a ache, i know my game pad does to me,an so a game like bf4 would almost definitely need the pro controller an then also lots of storage space,since companies like ea an dice make more money of selling dlc map packs,hell bf3 got 6 mao packs,all at 2to3gb each, an then a further 2 gb patch with each update,an not having a hrd drive has hurt the wii u!

          1. TheTruth4HatersLikeUlol

            I agree with you on the hard drive, even though i already had one laying around and still using, a 250gb… I dont think it was that big a deal but maybe with others… but I disagree with the Gamepad being uncomfy for long sessions. Its my fav controller now I hate playing on smaller ones… but cool though thats just me =)

      3. And just why are FPSs not any good as any other genre? It’s a legit genre and millions of people like it, just like millions of people like platformers, or RPGs, etc.

        Just because YOU don’t like them doesn’t make them any less valuable to the rest of the gaming world, Nazi.

        1. The FPS genre appeals to the same “millions” of people who like Michael Bay movies, NASCAR and American Football. Easily amused mindless fools. Which the civilized world looks down on.

          1. The FPS genre is mixed for me
            I enjoy games such as Bioshock, Far Cry, and Borderlands
            But cannot stand generic war shooters (CoD, Battlefield, Modern MoH)

            1. If you think Battlefield is generic, it’s not. The multiplayer is the best you’ll get out of military shooters. Only the BF3 campaign is generic but the multiplayer will blow your mind.

    1. Nor I, but we need more 3rd party support to make the system more successful. Thankfully ninty will bring out some good stuff soonish but still.. A major publisher taking the huff over us not wanting their broken origin all over the Nintendo network. Pathetic on EA’s end.

      1. Doubt it, multi plats don’t sell systems. Exclusives do. Mario/zelda vs resistance/uncharted vs gears. That’s mostly what it comes down to.

  1. they are basically saying, ‘the game can run on the wii u but he want to be dicks so screw you nintendo for not using origin’

      1. I did. That’s the only way I’m going to get the game, because I am NOT going to buy a PS4 for it. I guess I’ll have to get it for PS3 instead, if I get it at all.

  2. No huge install base and its a new architecture meaning its gonna take atleast a year before 3rd party devs really know how to utilize it, it has nothing to do with being weak, nor the fact ea publishes it because it was dice’s decision not ea’s.

    1. And thats why developers should support the console early not later. I already seeing this bitting in EA ass more than people care to admit.

        1. By the time ea wants to have a presence in the console people will not care thats 1 of the reason third party are screw on Nintendo consoles.

    2. Architecture is not an issue. They’ve had dev kit access for quite a while, and its architecture is very similar to XBOX 360.

      It’s the lack of install base that is scaring debs away. And I don’t blame them; the console is weak by comparison to others as well as PCs. And for devs, who’ve been complaining about limitations of the PS3 and XBOX 360 for several years now, I don’t blame them. Wii U, when you put aside power to run the GamePad, is not much more powerful than a 360. They can’t make bigger, better, more complex games with Wii U’s limitations and can’t make money off its anemic install base.

      It’s called business kids. Live with it.

      1. Size and complexity have NOTHING to do with making a guaranteed great game.
        Those are bullshit excuses, especially when they’re saying they’ll dev for a non-existent console with a non-existent install base in comparison. From a business perspective, deving for a non-existent console solely because of power and sparkles, when there’s a system out there with a GROWING install base that they can CAPITALIZE on with great content, if they ACTUALLY PUT THE EFFORT IN, instead, is a bad move.

        The Wii U also has a wealth of great games in the pipe-line for it as well as a few really nice ones already out.

        No, what this comes down to, is EA’s feelings of contempt towards Nintendo for past disagreements.
        That’s it.
        There’s no “Business” reason here; EA is still throwing a temper tantrum over sour feelings, nothing more and nothing less.

  3. So it is safe to assume that even though this game comes out right around when the PS4 and Next XBOX are due to be released they will be skipping those platforms too right? Since they are not released yet it would be a risk to spread the development team thin. I guess there is a chance that the next XBOX will play 360 games but the PS4 will not play PS3 games as confirmed by Sony

    1. Nope, PlayStation 4 has been confirmed to be getting the game ages ago. Which is a shame because the Wii U would have made a prefect for BF4.

  4. That’s actually a good thing, one less console being shitted up with first person shooters. Ha, I don’t even play Battlefield anyway. Torrented 3, played 2 hours of it, uninstalled because it was just as stale as Call of Duty XD

  5. It’s just BF 3.5, and DICE have become really shady. So it’s not a huge loss.

    I for one, would prefer EA stayed away from WiiU entirely.

    1. Same here i much prefer japanese 3rd party games over the oversaturated, stale, overhyped western games with an exception of gta5


  7. So in other words he is saying this:

    “We are just far too lazy to get our asses into gear so will just go for the current gen systems and the PlayStation 4 and PC instead… because DICE Logic”

    Pathetic accuse for an equally pathetic company

  8. This is just one of those games that even if it did come to WiiU, I won’t be getting for it (or and other console). As a bf fan from the very first game, it’s always best to be played on PC.

  9. In other words, he’s full of shit. I mean he could at least say maybe, but I’m pretty sure EA won’t let him make BF4 for Wii U and if they do it’ll have no DLC. That is all.

  10. Don’t worry everyone, most game devs are in shock of the Wii U. It was released quite early, with little to no advertising. Nobody really was hyped or excited for it for some reason. It’s not the Wii U’s or Nintendo’s fault, it’s just that most all game companies don’t want to make games anymore, they’re all a bunch of fucking assholes. I remember the ps1 era when all kinds of new games are out, rpgs, platformers, and everything else too! But it’s all changed, they’ve gotten way too invested into this dlc shit and now only worry about how they can make mad money from us. They’re not interested in making new games or storylines, that’s why we’re seeing so many damn remakes. If the Wii U fails, so will the PS4, and Xbox 720 as well. It’s NOT the systems fault, it’s the lazy fucks who don’t make games anymore.

    There’s a hope that they’ll pull the stick out of their ass, and start making games again, but until then all we’re going to see is Assassins Creed sequels, Call of Duty sequels, Gears of War sequels, and remakes. The Death Star was destroyed, twice, so like I said, there’s a hope.

  11. Is the WII U a next gen console or just another also ran? Where are these “soonish” games? Why is MP abysmal? I’d never give up my 3DS XL, but the WII U is junk.

    1. Cuz its not getting a fps its junk? Lol i can tell what mentality you have for home console gaming like most american gamers nowadays

    2. You sir are undeserving of the name “Holmes”! The Wii U is not junk, just because its not getting the same experience you can get on every single other console that has been out since the ps1! A shooter is a shooter is a shooter! Very little innovation has hit the genre since goldeneye on the N64… BF4 in a nutshell, disregard the campaign, play the multiplayer( because that’s all they want you to play) kill others, curse at them for sucking(most likely because they don’t spend every waking moment playing the GD game), repeat! Not that I don’t play COD and have played BF, but where is the innovation?! Graphics don’t make the game?!

  12. Truthfully I bought Battlefield for my PS3, and I wasn’t overly impressed. However, I would’ve bought it for my Wii U, just to support the system. I think it’s a lame excuse, considering that it will probably release on the next Xbox and PS4. His reasoning, while lame, is a lot classier than Phil Fish (Fez).

    1. Fish can roast in a damn oven! It’s pricks like him that make the gaming industry seem full of douche bags! Fuck him, fuck EA and we should stop supporting these ass bandits by not purchasing their products!! I don’t want FEZ on my Nintendo console and EA should keep BF4 on the PC where it belongs!

  13. I’m still not too sure what he meant by reading the quote – seems like he’s saying not to risk it from a technical sense because they’re not familiar with Wii U or don’t have big ideas on how to make a U version unique? But maybe they are not too confident to bring it to Wii U because of sales, which is kind of sad. I probably would have gotten Crysis 3 on Wii U if it came out and if I found it for the right price, I’d like to play a shooter and I do not like COD:BO II, I’ve played it on PS3 and I find the online very boring.

  14. Obviously a fake excuse. It wasn’t their decision to skip Wii U, it was EA’s. Fuck you, EA! I doubt I’ll be buying anymore of your shit. You completely lost my respect as a gamer for always ditching Nintendo.

    1. I don’t necessarily agree with that. Activision, WB Interactive, Namco, Ubisoft especially & Team Ninja have been supporting the Wii U from the start and they appear to continuously be doing so, hell even Capcom & Square Enix are starting to come around. The only developers that’s really been shafting Nintendo has been 2K Games & EA. It’s a shame that all of this is happening because of Nintendo’s refusal of EA’s shitty Origin network and it’s because of EA’s stubbornness that I have no respect for them & NFS MWU will be the last game I buy that has a EA logo on it. Enclosing, EA YOU CAN EAT A DICK FUCK YOU!!!

  15. Say it with me foke. BULLLLLLLLSSSSSSHHHHHIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why am i surprise it’s ea they allways fucking with nintendo well now im fuck with your money ea

  16. This is just a stupid excuse for not supporting Nintendo!!! I swear to god, from today i will NEVER buy any EA Game again!!! They really can lick my ASS!!!

  17. I hate ea. I held my nose and bought need for speed for the wiiu but I hated giving ea money. The way they are treating nintendo is I excusable. Worse yet it hurts us as consumers and they don’t care. No dlc for mass effect 3 or need for speed. No mass effect 1 or 2 for the wiiu when others got the triogy for 60 bucks but we only got me 3 for 60 bucks. If you won’t support nintendo do ea I won’t support you. Keep you dlc and I will keep my money.

  18. Didn’t EA have a sulk about Nintendo turning EA down and not wanting to use origin for the basis of nintendo E-shop? Maybe they are deciding to shaft Nintendo a little on major new release fronts for AAA titles? Shame if so.

    1. Yes that is the reason they keep publicly announcing what they are NOT bringing to the Wii U, but this is of no consequence in the long run. The Wii U has great games and will get more as time goes on, so what if we don’t get EA’s “dime a dozen” sports ges and shooters? Nintendo isn’t going anywhere based on its lack of EA games, especially not BF3.

  19. EA can suck my dick. I hope they get awarded for the shittiest developers again. I hope Reggie from Nintendo finds him and shanks them.

  20. Wow, it’s like the coming years will be Wii U vs The rest of the gaming industry if companies keep doing this!

    1. Nintendo Commander

      If it comes to that, High Command and the rest of our overpowered army will fight the evilness that bestows this Game Universe!

  21. Making video games is a business. They are seeing how the Wii U is struggling. Especially for their target market. They’re making a business decision based on that. I don’t see how this affects anyone, because if you’re going to play a battlefield game, you should play it on PC.

  22. Why the fuck do they even bother making battlefield for consoles? PC is where majority of the fabase is and on consoles it always looks like shit. And risks? What risks? They have pretty much nothing to lose , it’s obvious that this a bullshit excuse to cover up for EA’s butthurt. Or it could be that the wii u can’t handle it but I doubt that since its coming the ps3/360 … They have no excuses, lol they even said at e3 2011 that they WILL bring battlefield to wii u …now look what happened.

  23. i can sense that BlackBound, Nextgen720, and the other trolls on youtube will hvae more bash the Wii U videos.

  24. Why don’t they hire someone to do it for them… Straight Right could do it… Wait, that would require work though. I hate this though, I actually wanted this game, I really want Nintendo to make some sort of deal with them..

  25. by “risk” they mean not enough sales…

    honestly, don’t really care… i play my BF in my PC anyway… and other games in my Wii U…

    1. You obviously never played Battlefield. And if you did, you did it wrong.
      The Battlefield series is fantastic, to be honest. I’ve spent nearly 100€ on BF3 alone because I bought the premium expansion seperately when it got released. And guess what, I don’t regret it at all. It was worth every single euro I’ve spent on it.

  26. Wow…even more apparent proof that EA wants to kick Nintendo and their fans in the teeth for not accepting Origin. Here is a clear example of how a company sets up a massive plan to convey false hope and sheer treachery to a company, by first stating that they will be supportive, only to abandon and betray them in the long run.

    EA, we get it, you want Nintendo out of the console race, just admit that you lied at E3 in the past and t least we could say “well EA may fuck up a lot of times, but at least they are starting to own up to their mistakes by being brutally honest.”

  27. EA sucks anyways, all they ever do is kill companies. They’re a disease to developers and I will not support their crappy games and business practices.

  28. They probably saw Blops2 fail on the Wii U and didn’t want to risk it, makes more sense than what they said.

  29. They canceled BF3 on Wii U to focus on BF4 for Wii U. And then nothing. Fuck EA and DICE.
    But then again I’ll be playing plenty of great games on my Wii U this fall to even care about another FPS.

  30. Face it. Nintendo opted for a touch screen over hardware power. We all knew the Wii U would be crushed by the next consoles and the PC in terms of power. We all knew the Wii U would not get 3rd party support.

    I really don’t care. I bought the Wii U to play Nintendo games, that’s it. I have a high end PC and I will own a PS4 for Sony exclusives.

    1. why say wiiu will be crushed by ps4 and xbox3 and pc? and not just say wiiu ps4 xbox3 will be crushed by pc? asshole

          1. im no pc wizard but im pretty sure i could build a pc the day ps4 and xbox3 come out thats twice as good.

  31. needs more fps with wiimote controls ops2 is only good with wiimote controls it feels new ea you fucking blow im glad i got mh3 over nfs fuck ea aaa title shovelware ea games are good for a week they become boring and nobody will be talking about ea games from now in the future like how people still talk about nes games and suck… fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea fuck ea

  32. I’m kinda glad that FPS are skipping the Wii U cause they are shit anyways. They are all the same and non Nintendo buyers call Mario game “Original”, please Mario games can kick FPS ass any day

    1. Except Goldeneye and the Walking Dead are suppose to be good… A Walking Dead game won game of the year or something for 2012.

  33. Oh well. So much for a reconciliation between Nintendo and EA. Guess everyone there has their heads pushed up their but and not just the former CEO.

    1. Sure it is legitimate, but it is still a decision that didn’t have to be made. It’s not like it’s gonna get easier. These companies making excuses of being “spread too-thin” are just using a half-truth as an excuse for either being lazy or having animosity towards Nintendo for some stupid reason.

      Pretty soon you will have the PS3, 360, PS4, 720, Ouya, Steambox, and Wii U all on the market simultaneously. So they better get used to being “spread thin” or hire more employees.

      I’m sure they started work on BF4 before dev kits for the PS4 and 720 were finalized. I highly doubt those versions are being built from scratch. They will most likely be PC ports tweaked to run on the consoles being that the PS4 and 720 have architecture similar to a common-PC. No reason why they couldn’t port a Wii U version as well. Criterion Games proved that the Wii U can handle the PC version of a game (and I can personally vouch for this after playing NFS:MWU because it looks incredible.)

      EA is totally transparent. NFS:MWU is the last EA game I’ll buy until dramatic changes are made within that company.

  34. If it was on Wii U, I would have gotten it for the Wii U, because FPS work surprising well with the Wii-remote, but it’s not a big deal, because now I’ll just get it for PC, I can’t play FPS games using dual analog, and that auto-aim pretty much dumbs down console FPS’s

  35. Just buy this game for PC which is where it belongs. Do NOT buy this for a console. Trust me it’s a bad idea.

    1. Sooo, the most popular console, best selling out of the big 3 and one that wins multiple awards and incourages innovative gameplay. I think so too.

  36. So EA, let me get this straight?
    You will put this game on the PS4, which you don’t even know what the install base will be, yet you don’t put it on the Wii U?
    Gettin’ real tired of your shit.

  37. DarklordNintendoFan

    I have never played any of the Battlefield games, but… seriously? Nintendo really could have used this game on the Wii U! And don’t give me, “no… keep this shit away from the Wii U,” bullshit. Just because you don’t like Battlefield and CoD, doesn’t mean that the Wii U should steer away from them all together! As much as you don’t like it, those games are popular and thus, would help to sell units. We NEED Battlefield 4 on the Wii U, but these guys are just being lazy pricks like most of the third party developers who refuse to develop on the Wii U.

  38. Not that I care for EA which is at fault here, but I bet when the former president comes into power again EA and Nintendo will get back on the same page…least I hope, just cause EA has influence over other devs.

  39. Well I wouldn’t have bought it anyway. Maybe it’ll be one of those “late ports” that end up being the definitive version on the Wii U. That seems to be happening a lot :P

  40. So, they feel that they couldn’t make a good game for three systems at the same time because it’d spread their team “too thin”…
    That’s basically what they are saying….
    I’d say that’s an indication that they don’t have a lot of time, let alone the ability, to relay team communications between different projects.
    They need to expand their teams and improve on their inter-team communication skills.

  41. Doesn’t effect me because I am not interested in Battlefield 4, but it doesn’t make sense and it is not believable. He is lying and that is not the real reason. Nintendo has to take this into their hands and buy 3rd party publishers to grow Nintendo’s production of video games. I suggest Nintendo buy Square Enix, Namco, Tecmo, Sega, Platinum Games,

  42. LOL… Well, I’m really looking forward to this game. Anyone who says Battlefield sucks has never played it. My only problem is that I can’t decide between the PC version and the PS4 version of the game. :3
    And what’s with you people going all “OMFGZ EA SUX ANYWAYZ” ? I’m sure you would have acted differently when BF4 was actually coming to WiiU. And why does EA suck anyway ? They give us great games, so, what’s the matter ?

    1. they kept always online drm in simcity
      mass effect 3 ending
      planning to keep microtransaction on all future games even after paying retail price
      and when nintendo said no to keep origin in wii u
      wii u didnt get mass effect 3 dlc
      cancelled wii u version of crysis 3
      no need for speed most wanted u dlc
      probably batlefield 4 also had the same case but we will see

  43. To be honest I can’t blame them, Activison we expecting some promisng results from Wii U sales and we couldn’t even compare it to PS3 And Xbox 360 sales…no surprise here

  44. “I think overall for me as creative director, number one is to deliver a really great game and experience.”
    Which apparently cannot be done in the console with most unique controller this gen (I mean the 8th gen). Not very creative if you ask me.
    But we’ll see, if the game comes out for every other console(from last and this gen), then we’ll know that’s there’s something going on.

  45. Come on! That’s not wanting to deliver the greatest experience. That’s just playing save and hold the cost low because you now it will sell just because it’s BA. If they wanted to make it great they would take advantage of the hardware at hand. But this is actually EA’s competition against Activisions CoD, and they want to release one game a year which actually is just sick. And to let the same studio work on every title, which gives them one year dev time is not very smart. BA will with this filosofi become Cod-like, every sequel is equal the prequel. And they’ll probably not be able to cast CoD down from its throne. They should stay on PC as a MMOFPS until console can match it.

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