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Here’s A Sneak Peek At How Next Month’s Wii U System Update Will Improve Loading Times

Nintendo has released a brief video that shows how the loading time will change when closing software and returning to the Wii U Menu, after downloading and installing the spring system update. As you can see in the video above, the loading times will be decreased by a considerable amount. The next major Wii U System Update will be made available sometime in April.

95 thoughts on “Here’s A Sneak Peek At How Next Month’s Wii U System Update Will Improve Loading Times”

  1. Just before this was posted, I had just hard reset my WiiU for freezing while loading the notifications menu. Cannot wait for this update.

  2. much better! i’m looking forward to this update. but wasn’t this supposed to be for summer? maybe there could be another one in the summer to make load times even faster!

    1. nintendo actually said there will be 2 updates coming, one in spring and one in autumn. so probably it will improve even more

        1. I want to be able to enlarge icons like you can on 3DS. Like having big squares on the menu instead of loads of medium squares. I bet even 1 page of tiny squares would look cool. I also don’t like the way the menu swipes/slides. it’s like it’s getting caught on something , so you have to press L and R to click right and left…

  3. This is nice hopefully no one complains. Also proud of Nintendo for listening. I think there facing challenges head on.

  4. WOW that was fast! I hate how im in miiverse and it just stops. Anyone else experience this? Also, Alba do you live in the U.S or in the UK?

    1. Unfortunately, there’s a number of apps and games that freeze. Let’s hope this update fixes that issue, too! I live in the U.S. :)

      1. Oh ok! Its awesome how you and sickr manage to keep this site up and running while being continents away! My friend entered to be one of the bloggers, he also lives in the U.S. Hopefully he wins because he always visits this site and would love to write for MNN.

  5. Ganonseviltwinbrother

    Honestly the wait time for me wasn’t that bad. So getting even faster loading times is just icing on the cake for me.

        1. you must be insane. my ps3 takes a lot of time to load the xmb. Its slow as hell, even compared to the wiiu before this updte.

        2. No, it’s actually very comparable to other consoles. You ever try loading your trophies on the PS3? It takes a while. Exiting from the game in Xbox 360 game to the Dashboard takes around the same time.

          1. If they wouldn’t have been so cheap and built the Wii U’s very underpowered hardware with a shitload of RAM (8GB ~15-20€ RETAIL+10% tax) they could have stored the whole OS in the RAM and the load times would be nonexistent.

        3. I tested it personally today…

          Game to dashboard times:
          360:11 seconds
          PS3:12 seconds
          Wii U post update: 8 seconds.

  6. I never really noticed how long the loading time is until I watched this video. It’s such an inconsequential thing to me anyways. But, good for Nintendo to show that they are willing to do whatever the consumer wants within reason.

  7. Damn! Wait. Is this only for leaving games and going back to the Wii U menu or also for loading apps or games? Or is that for the summer update?

    1. The summer update deals with load times. Be patient, it’ll be worth the wait.

      And it’s good that Nintendo split these into 2 updates. This shows that are taking their time to improve the system software and user experience, instead of rushing them into 1 update and risk breaking something else.

  8. This update can’t come soon enough. The long load times and freezing up of the Wii U is my major beef with the system. I won’t have much to complain about when this update comes.

  9. This update should also be the VC update too, right? I hope so. I also hope they have some other surprise with it. Like how the 3DS gets visits from Nintendo Miis when it’s updated. Some small thing like that would be cool

  10. That sounds good. I’m happy to hear that.

    I know what I’m about to say is unrelated to Nintendo (well, so far, I guess), but I started playing Bioshock Infinite today like most others who picked it up day one. I really love this game so far; it is beautiful, scary, psychotic, and very amazing and wondrous. I took screenshots of the environment around me because they were so beautiful. It felt like I was in Disneyland. At one point, though, I drew the number 77, and the beautiful amazing world just turned upside down. Because I was playing Hard mode, there was no end to my dying. My total deaths I believe are about ten times. The enemies I fought so far were humans, and the scariest part about them is how, unlike the splicers from Bioshock one and two, very normal they all are. Aside from their psychotic zeal to kill you based on their fanatic beliefs in White American superiority, I mean. It’s still a long ways to meet Elizabeth, but I’m getting very frustrated at how the game has no manual saves; your saves are automatically done at checkpoints. This means that when you reboot the game, you start exactly at the moment the game saved for you, regardless of how far you’ve gone after that checkpoint. I had an autosave at 11:30 PM and I needed a chest to put my key into, so when I was doing that, the game didn’t autosave at all the whole time I had to do that. After finding the chest and going to what I really hoped would be a next checkpoint, I was saved by the game’s autosave, even though it was almost thirty whole minutes later. Even as I’m typing this, I can’t believe how much later it took me to find a checkpoint for autosave. I think the worst thing about the autosave is that I don’t think I would be able to start a new separate game, and if I did, I would be overwriting my autosave from my first game. I know we were capable of saving our games whenever we wanted to in the other Bioshock games, so this was very disheartening to discover. Maybe setting a play time of at least an hour would suffice when you play this game, when you want to reach the next checkpoint, I mean. This game is undeniably pretty, yet the layer of menace beneath the beauty is really scary. I implore you all to try and play this game. I cannot stress enough how good it is.

  11. Call me crazy but I feel like mine loads like the fast example, just freezes a lot because of bit trip runner and the marketplace



  13. Why do people always get this wrong? It’s “sneak peek” not “sneak peak”.
    Can’t wait for the update by the way

  14. Wow is that what you guys had to go through? I’m glad it’s a significant difference. Can’t wait to get mine

  15. my god i can not wait for this can not wait to boot up miiverse from monster hunter to send my buddy a message soooooo much faster nice job Nintendo!..

  16. Is a 10 second diference tha is good if you time this you will see tha in 4seconds you are back in the wii u menu compare with before that take from 12 to 15 secobds to go back that is a big improvment…i know that ps and xbox fans will say is not goid enough but i iwn a ps3 and is kind of slow when you quit a game to go back to the os and when you ckicknot as bad as my wii u but know i can say the wii u after this update is on oair a maybe faster

  17. Here is little comparison: Power on to desktop and stopping game to desktop.
    Wii u: 23.5sec 19.5sec
    Ps3 : 27.9sec 16.3sec
    X360: 29.5sec 14.7sec

  18. That’s good, for next gen the loads were a little sluggish. Hope this also stabilizes the system more, I’ve had to hard unplug my Wii U due to freezes more than I have ps3 or 360 COMBINED.

  19. So will this even effect the people who get freezes when they try to open up the system settings, since I need to go there to be able to update?

  20. people say the wii u sucks so tell me why it sucks other than the slow ui? any guesses? well that tells me they just hate nintendo being the big dog and “taking” micosoft’s and sony’s spotlight when the did not enter the gaming world till late 90’s

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  22. Thats a massive improvement.
    I suspect this first major system update will improve loading times throughout the whole system, fix the majority of freeze bugs and implement the VC.

    Personally I’d like to see a shut down feature like the 3DS. Where you press the power button then have to select to turn the console off. Currently holding the power button on the gamepad just freezes the screen then they turn off. Seems a cheap shutdown to me.

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