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Here’s Some Footage Of Renegade Kid’s Cult Country For 3DS

Renegade Kid, the developers behind Mutant Mudds and Dementium: The Ward, have lifted the lid on their latest project, Cult Country. The game is said to be an atmospheric horror themed first person shooter for the Nintendo 3DS. The footage that was shown during PAX East really shows off the atmospherics, rather than actual gameplay. Still, it’s worth a look.

Thanks to those that sent this in.

47 thoughts on “Here’s Some Footage Of Renegade Kid’s Cult Country For 3DS”

  1. Cult me sold!!!!!! Nice to see a dev doing that for 3DS :)
    off topic ! Luigi’s mansion 2 is by far the most detailed and stunning 3DS game. The way Luigi runs feels like it’s been designed for a 360/ps3 . And graphically this game with a bit of polish and in HD would easily look good enough to be a Wiiu game. Love the way everything is interactive almost and the gameplay is superb.

    Lego city also Kicks major ass , although admittedly doesn’t hit the same heights Luigi is hitting over on 3DS :)

    1. Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is my first Luigi’s Mansion game. Its fun and the humor is good but I get bored after an hour. If theres a 3rd I will pass.

      1. It’s pick up and play gameplay unlike the original. So far it is one of the best handheld games i’ve ever played :)

    2. Holy shit, i thought the samething. The first time play it, i was like how is this running on the 3ds. So far this game beats Super Mario 3D Land in terms of graphics. The framerate is solid too. Luigi’s Mansion is just a masterpiece. Off topic there is avideo on youtube that shows how Zelda could look on the 3ds, the new one its a tech demo. Everyone search darkdrift1000. he’s the user

  2. You’re welcome.
    If they add online multiplayer to this, it’ll help with the lasting appeal. They didn’t do it for Moon or the Dementium games though, so I doubt it.

          1. They shouldve showed that, then inside, then a basement (as all horror games have), then some combat and enemies.

    1. Yeah thbats what the game is all about! I can’t wait!!!! No seriously though its just a very long and boring tech demo for hopefully an awesome game!

  3. County? ‘r’
    If this game’s good and the creator learns to
    keep the Nintendo hate comments to a minimum
    and they happen to show us more than the two EPIC
    buildings that starred in this FOUR MINUTE video, I still won’t care.

    1. Just reply to me, dont make a snide little comment.
      That’s all the demo was, walking round a building with some tombstones around it.
      “Ooooo scary” /s.
      i care for this game just as much as i did before, not at all.

        1. What i said:
          “4 and a half minutes of dude walking round i barn”

          What you said:
          “and they happen to show us more than the two EPIC
          buildings that starred in this FOUR MINUTE video, I still won’t care.”


          1. Virus is TOTALLY fixated on TheDragon234, Lol

            You come off as self-centered.
            My comment had nothing to do with you.
            I grow bored of this…
            *Takes a nap*

  4. i’m going to wait for the iOS version of this game like MutantMudds did. i play MutantMudds on my ipad hahaha and waiting for playing FEZ,Machinarium and Limbo on my Vita. Like a Boss.

      1. LOL if we talking about shovelware. how about all shovelware on the WiiWere? hahahaha Wiiwere = Shovelware King.

        1. Ok yeh , wii had some shovelware. But even the shovelware was better than pretty much anything on IOS shit :)

        2. Every console has shovelware bud. Admittedly the Wii had likely more then it’s fair share, but thats what happens when it is the most popular console in the world. Or history for that matter… Everyone wants a piece of the action, weather they deserve it or not.
          Luckily there were also many many great games for the system.
          But seriously, iOS? Dude, you just named pretty much every good game on the system. Also, most first person perspective games on iOS/Android or any of the touch devices have serious control issues. Not to mention third person games. Well pretty much any movement control in any game that has a touch screen virtual control stick. The only games that are decent on these devices are tower defense and some basic strategy games.
          Make sure you get those games for your Vita, thats pretty much all that is out there worth playing so be sure to get your moneys worth out of them :P.

  5. Looks great, the bit we saw was very high quality, seems like it could be quite atmospheric. Even up close the textures looked quite good imo, especially for a 3DS game. Already looks better then Walking Dead: Survival Instinct LOL.

  6. It looks better than the screens. It’s got that Silent Hill vibe in FPS form (though I guess the fog is a hardware thing). I hope it pays off to them. I’m in.

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