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Epic Releases Gorgeous Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo ‘Infiltrator’ (Video)

Epic Games has finally revealed its latest demo titled Infiltrator which is running on the company’s Unreal Engine 4. Epic Games have yet to announce which consoles the engine will run on, but they have previously said that the engine will be scalable to accommodate various platforms. The demo runs on a single GTX 680, which is the same hardware as the Elemental demo and the Samaritan demo.

179 thoughts on “Epic Releases Gorgeous Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo ‘Infiltrator’ (Video)”

    1. Yes, epic said whom ever wants to use the engine to make a game for the Wii U they can. Epic has no games planned for the Wii U as yet. So am preventing fanboy rage from my nintendo gamers in advance :).

        1. Fanboys say the same thing over and over? I think you got it the other way around.
          Hecklers and trolls are so redundant nowadays, its barely worth regarding.

    1. You do know that a lot of people enjoy that type of genre don’t you…
      Just because you and a few hundred people hate it doesn’t mean that we should stop making shooters/action games.

  1. Wii U might be able to run this. just a few things will be missing such as shadows and minor textures in the environment.

        1. Because the Wii U is a shitty, underpowered console that clearly struggles in intense 3D -current generation- games. You’re insane if you think this NEXT-GEN demo will look remotely close to what it does now on the Wii U.

          Chances are you do, which also makes you stupid and worth laughing at your stupidity.

            1. So? they haven’t shown any Wii U footage and I will guarantee you it will look just like the PS3 and 360 builds. Just like ACIII looked pretty much IDENTICAL to the other consoles and wasn’t the FAKE 1080p 60 fps claims fanboys were rambling about last year. Yeah, I remember that.

              Enjoy your PS360 ports.

              1. Same goes for the 1080p ZombiU lie too, lol sorts of fanboy lies, or their “Project C.A.R.S Wii U footage” which is always reposts of videos from the PC version…since there is no Wii U footage nor screenshots available.


                    1. The tech in Wii U, PS4, Xbox 720 is for welfare gamers. The only reason I will bought and will Wii U and will be picking up PS4 is for exclusives.

                1. Lol they won’t even be getting PS360 ports. No MGS5, no Star Wars 1313, no BioShock Infinite, no GTA, no BF4, hell they’re not even getting fucking Madden!

                  1. Yet we are getting:
                    An improved version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution exclusively for Wii U.

                    Watch Dogs has been confirmed for Wii U.

                    Project Cars developer says the Wii U version of Project Cars is amazing compared to the current gen versions.

                    Bayonetta 2 *cough* *cough* Wii U exclusive *cough* *cough*

                    A Wii U version of GTA V is being considered and might actually come true.

                    AC 4 is being released for Wii U also and considering the Wii U is a next gen system it will looks much better than your pathetic current gen trash.

                    Madden not coming? PAH! I’m soooo saaaadd *laughs* yeah, that game hasn’t sold well since the first 5 games, the same bullshit all over again with nothing new, I’m glad we don’t get it.

                    MGS 5 has been confirmed by Hideo Kojima ages ago that it will NOT be appearing on any other console apart from the PlayStation.

                    Battlefield 4 looks nothing new, looks more like Call of Duty so I’m glad its not coming to our awesome system.

                    Wii U is far more indie friendly than your pathetic current gen systems.

                2. yea man, i feel bad for these wii u losers, who cant play crysis 3, that game should win game of the year, its so fun and the graphics oh my god, there so amazing, graphics over gameplay, the end, what losers playing a video game for fun, but they cant even play the boss of crysis 3

              2. Fucking idiot. I don’t think Ubisoft tried AT ALL to make AC3 look better on Wiiu.
                Criterion just tried a little tiny bit with Need for speed and it looks a lot better. They said in their interviews ”they came back after christmas” to finish the game off and uploading the PC textures into the WIiu version took 10 minutes.

                What happens when Developers ACTUALLY TRY ?

                1. You were the primary person LYING about a 1080p ACIII. That was a lie for your Wii U PR campaign to make it seem like it can do things substantially better across multiplatform titles.

                  Not a single 3D action title has a noticeable difference. (late) Racing games don’t actually count either, since there’s a lot less going on at face value as far as animation can go in that genre. Funny how they (DF) even noted that the PS360 builds have moments where they perform better than the Wii U…that’s a terrible sign, an enhanced port like that should be all around better at all times with no quirks.

                  $20 for every other version excluding Vita vs full priced port for Wii U. Hmm…

                  1. I don’t even care about graphic’s One of the last thing’s I’d care about in a game! I CARE ABOUT GAMEPLAY!

                    1. Okay then. I guess you would be satisfied if all games had Magnavox Odyssey graphics, Mr. Bill sucks dick.

                  2. I wasn’t lying about AC3 and Batman being 1080p . They had been reported by various sites to be running at such a resolution and that got me excited at the time. It was Nintendo REPS saying the Game is running in 1080p when they meant the Wiiu was set to output upscaled 1080p Activision did the same thing with CoD and again , I was suprised.

                    So no. I was just reading shit off the internet.

                    And The Wiiu version of Need for speed Most wanted U has the overall much more stable framerate than other console versions. FACT . That and better graphics in every aspect.

                    As i was saying. Criterion isn’t trying there at all. They tried a TINY bit . Even less than what devs were trying with the first NFS game on 360.

                    If you built a racing game for Wiiu and pushed it to it’s limits it would look 2-3 times better than Need for speed most wanted U . Nuff said.

                    1. Except that was indeed a lie, one you went with as truth and ACIII is clearly not a 1080p nor 60 fps game, that much is fact.

                      I don’t care about racing game visuals, since racing games are very seldom technically impressive outside of physics; which this game most definitely doesn’t push either. Show me 3D action games that look “much better” than the other versions on PS3 and 360.

                      Guess what? You can’t.

                    2. lmao, I’m actually SURPRISED BF4 wasn’t coming. Wasn’t it in 2011 EA was implying BF would hit that console?

                      So…they basically lied onstage.

                2. No, they didn’t. Just quick ports to get games on the system. As have all the ports that have been released so far except for NFS. But not a big deal. If you take a port from a console and toss it on a computer (PC) it will look and run the same and possibly run worse because less time is taken to tweak the game to run on the architecture and PC’s are certainly more capable. The same thing happened with these scenarios that were pointed out by aeolus, however the fact that they got the games up and running on new architecture very quickly and they do in fact look as good and run as well is actually quite good. The funny thing is that if these games were ported to the PS4 or next box it would be the exact same scenario.
                  It’s like giving someone a car that has a max speed of 120km/h that is used to commute on the highway to work each day, but you tell them to drive it as fast as they along the autobahn. The car is still only going to be able to go 120km/h. There isn’t going to be any performance increase if the modifiers are already set. You could have a Lamborghini with a 120km/h governor set and even though it is capable to go much faster it will only go 120.
                  So all this pointing out that the games looked the game and ran the same is completely moot. Until some games are actually designed for the Wii U that are graphically remarkable it’s hard to say. However the card that they ran the demo on, is still one of the top models that Nvidia actually offers and it’s around the $500 dollar amount. So the Wii U might not be able to make that tech demo look as good, but neither will the PS4 with it’s released specs lol. The top model of GPU’s aren’t released in consoles, it would push the price up too much.

              3. Actually Ubisoft is creating the nextgen versions first THEN making the PS3/360 versions. The PS3/360 versions aren’t even being made yet. Sooo it’s not a PS3/360 port.

                1. Ubisoft’s idea of next-gen is going to be PS4 and 720, that I will bet my bank account on.

                  Wii U will get at best, a slightly polished PS360 port (as usual).

                  Be prepared to face the music this E3, son.

                  1. So in other words you’re gonna bet your whole 50 cents on it lol. It was said by a Ubisoft representative that the Wii U build will look somewhere in between the PS4 & the next Xbox versions so no it won’t be a ported from the last gen HD consoles. You prepare to face the music when it’s revealed that the Wii U version will look in the ballpark of the other next gen versions

          1. Need for speed most wanted says hello to you. It shames your ignorance. To even a mid level developer, the Wii U produced need for speed most wanted; shows how much you know mister butt hurt. lol.

              1. You most remember the time doom 3 had everyone foaming at the mouth whit and now the wii u does more than that by 10 times whit a face engine and no loading.

        2. No one can prove what will be missing or what will be added, PS4 is superior in terms of hardware, but that doesnt matter, the games do.

      1. For the first couple of years the PS4 and Nextbox is out they will not max out the superior specs. Nintendo is playing it safe and making profit, they decided not to make a powerhouse instead they made a console that will have high-rated games such as Smash bros and zelda, everybody kinda expected this.

        1. So now you completely changed your tone after I pointed out the scenario.

          Hey you know what’s funny? How there’s actually a PS4 UE4 demo and absolutely nothing for the Wii U whatsoever. Guess Epic isn’t too satisfied with it to present anything on that console. That’s because they’re aware that the hardware is CPU bottlenecked crap.

          1. this is the Video Game Industry, i care about video games, you can talk specs all you want. Nintendo stopped making good hardware with the GameCube, Wii U may not run anything you will see in the future. but thats not gonna stop them from making amazing games with cool features.

            1. Except you were initially making a comment implying specs, so it seems you actually do care one way or another.

              1. incorrect actually, i couldnt care less, i was just stating my opinion of what it will look like compared to the others, just remember something buddy, the highest rated video games are in fact Nintendo games. i’m confident Nintendo doesnt need graphics.

                1. And it won’t look like anything on the Wii U, as this is not only -a demo-, but Epic isn’t going to waste their time presenting ugly Wii U demos of their new flagship engine.

                  Good day.

                    1. As this demo was on with one of the top video cards available right now. Even the new Sony and MS consoles won’t be able to equal that.

          2. You are a dumbass lol. The PS4’s CPU is only clocked at 1.7 GHz, while the Wii U’s is clocked at 1.24, not only that, Nvidia has came out said that the PS4’s CPU is more low end than a low end entry level laptop PC’s CPU because a it’s mobile/tablet based one. But don’t worry you will see some Unreal Engine 4 games sooner than you think on the Wii U at this year’s E3

            1. The PS4’s CPU isn’t clocked anything unless you’re able to prove it. Since neither Sony nor leaks have mentioned “1.7 Ghz” you are wrong until proven otherwise. Also, “1.7GHz” octo-core vs 1.24 GHz PowerPC tri-core, there is a noticeable difference for the reasoning of any sort of low-clocked multi-core processor.

              Doesn’t matter since next-gen is going to be GPU driven and the Wii U’s ~400 gflopS (max) is simply no match against the PS4’s 1.84 TF GPU solution.

              And also 2GB GDDR3 (actually 1GB for games) vs 8GB GDDR5 (the majority of which will definitely be powering games rather than being sucked up by OS overhead; which at best will only be a little over 1GB used due to the video related feature)

              There are no Wii U demos for UE4 for a reason; because they probably think it’s ugly and unimpressive, that’s why they’re not supporting it with that engine. PS4 obliterates Wii U.

                1. “PC” does not obliterate PS4 as “PC” is a generalization–whether it be desktops, tablets, laptops and so forth–not a single kind device. Not everybody has “PCs” that obliterate new console hardware (which is entirely built for gaming) and that is a fact. A PC built for such a thing on the other hand can, and will undoubtedly cost more than the console itself, thus making it a worthless thing to even mention. Unless you want to show me a magical PC build from the ground up at $600 (I’m being very generous with that pricepoint) that can outperform the PS4.

                  I’ll tell you in advance that you can’t.

                  But you’re an idiot, so I’ll let you dwell in your idiocy.

              1. ” and the Wii U’s ~400 gigaflopS (max) is simply no match against the PS4’s 1.84 TF GPU solution ”

                First off, the Wii U is using an customized AMD Radeon E6760 GPGPU which has about 576 gigaflops, OpenGL 4.2 (which is equivalent to DirectX11) 550 MHz and 480 shaders. As far as PS4’s 1.84 Teraflops goes, didn’t Sony say the PS3 would have over 2 Teraflops and how did that end up turning out? Yeah exactly

                1. Wii U is not a “customized E6760”, it is a RV7xx derivative. Stop reading old and now defunct rumors (yes I know you’re talking about those AMD rep emails) when the GPU simply does not resemble that.

                  Also, Sony mentioned 2 teraflops “theoretical” performance; what is said now is actually fact since this an APU from AMD that is somewhere between a HD7850/7870.

                  1. It is a customized E6760 that’s powering the Wii U’s graphics and it makes all the sense since it is a GPGPU that has low power consumption because the Wii U. There was never any mentioning of the Wii U using a goddamn RV7xx and if you know for sure the Wii U is using that GPU then post a link that backs up your claim cause otherwise it’s bullshit speculation. And as far as the PS4’s specs goes, Sony flat out lied about the PS3’s specs so I wouldn’t put it pass them if their lying about the PS4 too but we’ll have to see I guess

                1. And that difference is night and day since GDDR5 is faster and higher bandwidhth, so not sure what you posted this for.

                  1. No, you are completely wrong. GDDR5 is what is currently in Graphic card, its actually an Identifier for DDR3 Ram set up in a way to get a little extra speed for a graphics card. Its actually a bit slower if you try to use in for CPU caculations. Its better to use DDR3 memory, but that is probably why they tacked on 8gigs of it. SO they don’t have to have a super wide channel and get as much tearing with high polygon counts.

                    But, again you have no clue what you talking about and are misquoting specs to suite your purposes.

                    1. Except when it boils down what will matter in next-gen, GPU will be the focus, CPU is becoming nigh irrelevant, which in that case GDDR5 is better.

                      Thank you.

                    2. To your comment below:

                      No, you are still borrowing graphics RAM for the CPU, unless they didn’t reveal all the specs of some extra amount of RAM for the CPU. Either way there will be all kinds of latency when the CPU is borrowing power from it. Programmers will have to program around that aspect, but that probably why they went with the large amount of RAM, along with the OS is more than likely hogging some with what they want to accomplish. Either way if your RAM isn’t separate for your Graphics Card and your CPU you get better performance out of DDR3 than GDDR5, generally speaking.

                      And yes GPU has gotten allot more important to the modern day CPU and why both the Wii U and PS4 are relying more on the GPU than the CPU.

      2. Who knows. I’m still waiting for Zelda tech demo graphics on My Wiiu which we all know it can do. It’s just suffered from being bombarded with Xbox 360 ports and rushed launch window games.

        1. yeah, closed environment 720p 30fps no AA hogwash that Deep Down demo *confirmed to be in real time by Ono himself* absolutely obliterates in every single aspect visually.

          sooooooooooo impressive, but I guess maybe for 7th gen standards you think it is, because nobody gives a shit about how that Zelda demo looked for a good reason; it was not impressive.

          1. It wasn’t in realtime, it was a tech demo dickhead. Just stop it bro you’re embarrassing yourself by lying

          2. Zelda tech demo looked AMAZING. Resolution and framerate DOES NOT EQUAL graphics you cunt.

            720p 30FPS is fine as long as the actual graphical make up is good.

              1. Yes , it did lol.

                Wiiu is more capable than PS360 and has a Controller that does things no other platforms can do. End of discussion.

                1. To you* not to anyone who knows what constitutes as “impressive” who actually plays games beyond Nintendo platforms.

                  Nobody cared.

              2. Says the geek that spends his/it’s life on the internet blathering on like a 12 year old about how their system is so much better than everyone elses. lol If you could only see what we see.

                1. “lol If you could only see what we see.”

                  Probably a bunch of Mario/Nintendo character porn browser tabs, Anonymous Coward.

          3. can someone tell me if this guy/boy has a life? this guy is always on here running his mouth but doesnt like nintendo?! I think he may be some cat-fisher sitting in his mothers basement eating funions and trying to convince a man named Dan that he is indeed a 20year old hot blond female on one computer while writing all this crap on another. AEOLAS- GROW THE FUCK UP!! no one cares about your opinion, WE ALL HAVE THEM!! get over your self and stop this crap, I think you do this because you are over compensating, for what? IDK

    1. Yeah, really…this is went pretty backwards, but they probably have a different objective with this demo rather than elemental.

  2. No wonder I couldn’t tell the difference between the Samaritan and Elemental demos, they were on the same hardware. This doesn’t look much better than Samaritan either graphically.

          1. Ikr? The only way I can have fun is on the most graphically intensive, power demanding ultra HD resolution console ever…

  3. We all know this game is not coming to the Wii U. Nintendo is doing fucking bad job with 3rd party :(. Nintendo Promise to have 3rd party.

    1. It’s not entirely Nintendo’s fault. It’s evidently the third party developers’ fault for not taking advantage of the Wii U hardware. All except the developers at Ubisoft, Criterion Games, WB Games Montreal, Team Ninja, Sumo Digital, and Straight Right. And indie developers like Shin’en Games, WayForward, and Frozenbyte.

      1. Well, I do think some of the blame has to be put on Nintendo. They need to get their ass out there and work up deals and get in their faces about it. Don’t always just stand around being the nice guy waiting for connections to happen, make them happen.

        1. Apparently you didn’t play it. It looks the same except the costumes are slightly different, but the original costumes are in there as well for an exact comparison between the other consoles. It looks the same except it has better lighting and effects.

  4. Neutron hasn’t been here recently. Did he get banned? And are there multiple people pretending to be Aeolus, because every time there is a different icon next to his name and I’m pretty sure he got banned at one point.

    1. I actually question why this was even posted on here, this has no relevance to the Wii U at all and looks like Sickr/Alba is still riding on to hope that Epic’s UE4 and Wii U quote will come to fruition.

      How they mentioned that they aren’t supporting the console with the engine; but third parties can “port it” to the Wii U if they wanted.

      …That sounds a lot like UE3 Wii U quote from 2006. ;)

      1. Why does it hurt you that the Wii U can run the unreal engine 4? It’s not like your father owns Sony hahahahahahaha.

      2. You’ve been here a while (for, no apparent reason), i would’ve thought you’d be used to the fact Sickr and Alba often post “non related” articles here, so don’t start questioning it now, and preaching to any empty church.

          1. Keeps bragging about ps4 and its graphics, when my 3 year old pc is powerful than that you so called next gen Lol

            1. No, your 3 year old laptop is not.

              That “3 year old PC” you likely spent well over $1200 if you’re not bullshitting. Feel free to post the specs though. I’ll be amused.

      3. lol this guy loves sony so much that he trashes other systems. Its embarrasing how you protect Playstation brand so much than the CEO, itself. Why are you always here if you hate Nintendo, lol

      4. Epic never said Unreal Engine 3 could run on the Wii nor did they say it was scalable to work on it. They said if they wanted to they could squeeze maybe 2% of it to run on certain games but since the Wii didn’t have a HD graphics card they said he would’ve been too much of a hassle and hard work to do so. Know your facts before you try to troll somebody dickhead

        1. I’m talking about their quote involving what third parties can do with it. They definitely mentioned something among the lines of “some third party can try to port it to the Wii if they want”.

          At any rate; neither console is officially supported by their engine. The reasons should be fairly obvious, and you should get -your- facts correct.

  5. Even if the wiiu cant run it at full features it will be a blow to the frostbite engine has developers that want to make multyplats will chose this over that.

      1. because it’s a competition to whom has the best engine, and there is big money to be made by engines. Epic is a prime example of that, their engine has been used by so many different companies and different games. EA might want to think about going down that road since everything they touch turns to crap.

        1. No it is not an “engine competition”, the only folks truly doing that are the ones licensing it out to other developers.

          1. No is not but it is a money competition and developers even if not making a version for wiiu will pick the engine compatible whit all console, but what will you know about finances.

              1. with what? Unreal announced this news months ago. Also with the falling out between EA and Nintendo this certainly wasn’t a surprise with frostbite. I’m not sure of the point you are trying to make other then go off topic, because your reply was miss directed.

          2. It is a competition, they are all competing for the best graphics and mechanics. You being a Sony or MS fan cannot say that you aren’t enticed by the prettiest graphics, or the more detailed environment. This stuff sells, so it’s essential to always try to have the best engine or improve what you have to get to the next level. Even if there isn’t an award given that doesn’t mean it isn’t a competition. Even if they don’t license it out doesn’t mean that the frostbite engine isn’t trying to compete against the unreal 4 engine or the unigine or id tech 5 or newest rendition of the source engine. If it looks and runs like shit it’s obsolete. The do the as much as they can to get the most of the engine they have use of or they will go to another one. So it is a competition.

  6. Ok, 2 things to note here.
    1. Runs on a single GTX 680. If you’re buying any console, don’t get your hopes up.
    2. The entire thing is smoke and mirrors.
    Everything in this video is controlled, from animations, textures, AI, camera, everything.
    It’s so easy to say “this is what it’ll look like”, when really, all that is a small area, none of which is gameplay, any of the soldiers of machines that went past the camera, probably disappeared, nothing is reactive, you cant judge the typical anarchistic player, that’ll walk around and look and shoot at everything, and mess around with AI, all with different variables.

    They might as well of got Pixar to make them a short film using the engine, at least that way, people wouldn’t be fooled.

    Im just being realistic.

      1. Idiotic over what exactly?
        Ohno, U4 isn’t going to look anything like this on my WiiU, what is a fanboy to do…
        Oh wait, i have a PS4 right next to my WiiU.

        Seriously, all this hate morgering you do, for no reason, other than some deep mental illness caused by your clearly terrible upbringing, that makes the idea of you spouting idiotic profanities like “faggot” at another person because they didnt agree with what you said or visa versa, or they like something you dont or visa versa…
        Why do it? What do you gain?
        Sure, here and there you’ll gain a few laughs that tickle your idiotic ideals and helps drown away some of the severe mental instability you may have, but in the end, you have changed nobodys opinion, everyone will get on with their lives, and you’ll still be a little troll with mental issues, sitting behind a keyboard, but it’s okay, because the government will come and give little Aily Waily his bottle and kiss his boo boo.

        I eagerly await my reply of “whatever, ur a faget”.

          1. As if you do? Seeing as you never contribute to a single debate and try to stand out as some sort of “neutral” poster on the board. You are neither witty nor an interesting read. Ultimately, you’re just a waste of bandwidth with each post you make since you have no intelligence or say in these discussions.

      2. Actually, he’s right. It’s the same as the unigine engine demos or original Source demos and even unreal engine demos before this one. You are watching a movie specified to show what it can do, there is no AI implemented into these demos and everything is pre coded and buffered. You might as well be watching one of the old FMV videos out of FFVII cause it’s the same idea. It’s a movie showing the potential of the engine, not a game.

        1. They are not remotely the same idea, there is a stark difference between CG FMV videos and a demo of something being rendered in real time. Both of you are stupid.


          1. I never said it was an FMV. Again, i said it basically like getting Pixar to make a short fil using the ENGINE, in real time. There’s no randomisation, or reactive aspects to the player.

            You’re a fucking idiot.

            1. No, it’s not basically that at all, as you completely missed the point of these demos entirely.

              If you seriously think these so called limitations you listed initially *…which don’t exist, since there’s a fucking controllable demo of UE4 right on YT running on the same GTX 680*, you are an idiot. :)

              1. Yeah, i mean remember the Killzone 2 tech demo and how that was re-oh wait.

                Get over yourself, companies lie, and fabricate, and bend the truth all the time to sell products, every single company does it, even Nintendo, get the fuck over, it wasnt GAMEPLAY, im not a Nintendo fanboy who’s going to “miss out”, get the fuck over it, you Sony fanboy douchebag.

                1. Yet people said that about KZ:SF and look what happened on that show…a live freaking demo.

                  Try and try again.

          2. I said it’s the same idea, not the same thing. The idea being that they are both videos. Read what I stated again as it already rebutted your argument withing the first 2 sentences.

    1. This is exactly what I was thinking. A demo like this, as pretty as it is, doesn’t prove much. I have no doubt this is real-time, but it would be nice if they showed that it was real-time, cuz that’s really when the graphical strength is truly tested. The only significant things they’ve shown appear to be the lighting and the greater particle effects.

      1. Even if it is in real time it is still running on a very powerful machine. One that any of the new consoles have no chance of competing with, that it makes all of this moot.

  7. Aeolus is butt hurt because be realizes that the only thing the PS4 shall offer is graphics improvements. All games shall be FPS and Killzone on the PS4. Same basic controllable characters with baseline mediocre story lines. If you doubt me, wait and see. Every game will be what we have played since 2006 with a different name and shiny graphics. Gone is the Playstation of creativity, borne is the Sony of FPS and eye toy 2.

        1. "Big N" is "small n"

          I know, right? more than 140 developers that support thhe PS4 iss nothingcompared to Wii u……wait what ?

            1. Probably implying how a gimmicky controller =/= developers. Since despite developers seemingly praising or talking about what the Wii U controller can do (like they did so with the Wii back then), the support is still absolutely horrid.

          1. Funny, when the Wii U was announced few “Wii U games” were shown, yet it’s not even E3 yet and a bunch of titles first and third party alike are confirmed for PS4 and developers are noticeably excited about the system’s vastly easier to develop for x86-64 architecture.

            Indies are excited, third parties are excited and proving it with their support. The controller is as it should be–a natural evolution/improvement to what a true gamer is accustomed to, rather than some huge hunk of plastic with a tacky screen and horrid battery life.

            The PS4 is hitting /all/ of the marks on the scorecard for a successful console formula: one that does not rely on silly hardware gimmicks and pushes software support. While the Wii U has not done any of that in a meaningful way. My only gripe is the lack of BC on PS4, but in the end, that was always just the price to pay for console gaming.

            All that’s left is pricepoint, which most definitely isn’t going to be anywhere near “$599 US dollars” as the Wiidorks keep parading about and seemingly forget the entry level PS4 was actually $499, even with the expensive new disc format/drive and overengineered Cell architecture. The PS4 is comprised mostly of slightly modified off-shelf parts and the “most expensive” aspect of it is probably just the RAM being used and APU…nowhere close to a Blu-Ray drive/Cell.

            Wii U is in trouble and it’s going to be obliterated in the next-gen the way it is now. Nobody is going to waste money on a system that does not distinguish itself from available consoles. The evidence is all over the place.

            1. “Nobody is going to waste money on a system that does not distinguish itself from available consoles.”

              The hypocrisy… You early in your comment stated the Wii U has a diffrent controller from other consoles, thereby distinguishing itself from available consoles.

              1. Yay, they placed a screen in it and some NFC. Now it’s distinguished alright!

                In no meaningful way whatsoever.

  8. demo looked bland. i was like “meh” the whole way through it, sure the graphics are nice, but it was so predictable boring and dumb. We see this all the time. Enemies never hit their target after shooting 1 million + rounds, it’s like they all go the stormtrooper school of shooting. It’s also running on a GTX 680, which is way more powerful than the next gen (ps4, durango) consoles by far. Don’t get your hopes up on games running anything close to this with good frame-rates on anything other than a high end PC. It’ll also cost developers too much to make graphically detailed games. Look at tomb raider, they need to sell many millions just to break even and more to profit.

    1. My sentiments exactly. PS4 jaguar cpu is actually aimed at tablets and entry lap tops, the gpu is midrange, and it still uses a mechanical hard drive. Yikes.

  9. Reminds me of Machine City from the Matrix…But on another note dud I miss the memo that states the best graphics can only be used with Shooters? Seriously lets see a platformer, or open world, or FPA with this. Mix it up Epic.

  10. 1st Impression: Wow… this looks awesome!
    2nd: Wow… this looks boring. Stealth, shooting, explosions- a game trying to be a movie.
    Oh yeah, its not a game.
    Overall: In Nintendo’s hands (or a few other developers), the engine would be used to make games that look AND play great. Hope someone with creativity and vision has the
    opportunity to build using this…( odds are 75% of U4 games will be shooters… )

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  13. I am glad nintendo makes games for people to play, and not just watch. I would go to the movies if I was looking for that.

    Wouldn’t dreadlocks get in the way if u were on a stealth mission? I guess he wanted to look cool though.

  14. UE4 runs even in phones.. its not because wii U is weak, is very strong machine!! the problem is the IBM cpu, they have to re-writte the engine!! And it needs lots of resources to do that. Nintendo must invest in this point, resources to bring that on wii U.. And use it as tools for the devs.

    Or, if ps4 and 720 fails… Wii U fanbase is huge… there is a chance to made that effort.

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