Sonic Racing Transformed Receives Limited Price Slash On Wii U

shadow_sonic_racingJust days after Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed receives a patch for the Wii U, Sega has slashed the price from $39.99 to $29.99 for a limited time only. The Nintendo eShop promotion lasts until March 31 and is only available in the US, Canada, Brazil and Mexico – so  it’s prime-time for purchasing if you’ve yet to add it to your collection!

Price-crunches have also been spotted on the Playstation store, where you can buy the following games for a discounted price – again, only in the countries mentioned above – until April 1:

  • Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz PlayStation Vita – Current Price $29.99 / Sale Price $14.99
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed PlayStation Vita – Current Price $29.99 / Sale Price $19.99
  • Virtual Tennis 4 World Tour PlayStation Vita – Current Price $29.99 / Sale Price $14.99


  1. Why on earth would you talk about the PlaySation Store. Seriously these new guys are not really that good. Am I the only one who thinks this??

    1. No not really it is news that invovles a game that’s also on a Nintendo system. So why not compare prices against other consoles

      1. I welcome you too, silvershadowfly! Don’t let any silly comments on this site EVER bring you down! :)

        Hey, just wondering…are you a Sonic fan?

  2. So the sale ends on 2 days.
    Wow that’s not even limited,That’s like GO BUY IT NOW OR ITS GONE.

  3. Sonic Racing Tansformed is really fun. I advize anyone who is on the fence about buying it to.. well BUY IT lol! It is worth the money. Even more so with a price cut.

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