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The Pokémon Company: Big Pokémon X And Pokémon Y News Coming Later This Week

pokemon_x_pokemon_yThe Pokémon Company has just announced, via Twitter, that it will soon share news on Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. On Saturday, April 6th, the company says ‘big’ news will be revealed regarding the upcoming titles. So far, details on both games are scarce, but they are rumored to be bringing significant changes to the Pokémon video game series. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y launch worldwide in October… What do you think the ‘big’ news is? Will a new trailer be released? Let us know in the comments section below.

176 thoughts on “The Pokémon Company: Big Pokémon X And Pokémon Y News Coming Later This Week”

    1. Team…Shadow? Team Galaxy?(oh wait we already have Team Galactic) Team Nuclear? team Atomic? Team Ninjas? lol! Or maybe they will just bring back Team Rocket!!? :D Side Note: I hope they bring back Pokemon Contests like the style from Ruby and Sapphire!!!

            1. Yeah, but he basically just wants to bang Samus, so makes her into this dumb character that he did with Other M. He doesn’t care about the character that we want and was already established unintentional, and lead in the right direction by Retro, he just wants Samus to be this generic bullshit character.

              Other M has way too many issues, mainly in boring gameplay, bland level design, ugly visuals (Prime 3 looks gorgeous, not excuse there for how shit Other M looked), and shit music, didnt even have the fucking Item Jingle.

              1. Other M had nice graphics for wii. Metroid prime 3 is on a different level though. Take Metroid prime 3 and put it in native 1080p and maintain its 60FPS and you have all the graphics you ever need.

              2. -Sigh-

                That’s what Sakamoto intended Samus to be in the beginning, plus Retro never focused on her character since their games were always in first-person. And please, get over it and your hyperbole, sheesh, it wasn’t that bad of a game. While it does have a bland level design, it still has a decent gameplay similar to Fusion’s and that the visuals and graphics are actually pretty good when you look at the 3D models, textures, amount of particles, reflection, shadows, lighting and shading that are taken into account for a Wii game running in full 60FPS when Corruption only took advantage of bloom lighting and amount of polygons. Also, Other M and Corruption both have different art styles, so maybe you just like Corruption’s better. And no offense, but your comment just makes you a bad and whiny Metroid fan. When you want to criticise a game do it properly because all it does is make you look ignorant when some of those issues you listed are even true.

        1. Because I’m working on the game.
          Basically Pokemon X and Y are actually codenames for the Hey You Pikachu sequel.
          Also Pokemon Generation 6 already happened yesterday. We’re now in Generation 9. We made 450 new Pokemon while you weren’t looking.
          We’re also planning on adding a feature, that lets you date your pokemon, marry your pokemon, or even have babies with your pokemon. We’re calling it Pokemon XX and Pokemon XY.

          1. Imagine having babies with:
            Male Jigglypuffs
            Tangela (Good luck getting your dick outta that thing)

  1. We know Pokemon Smash will reveal a new Pokemon next week so I hope this news is a new type. Maybe the rumored Light type?

    1. No more types will ever be made, new combinations will like a pokemon thats Dark, Flying and such. Psychic is “light” type anyway.

          1. …No it’s not? It’s a beam of “peculiar energy.” If we’re going on looks, Hyper Beam is a “light beam” too.

            As for explicitly light-based attacks, you’ve got Solarbeam, Flash, Tail Glow, Flash Cannon, Morning Sun, Aurora Beam, Light Screen, Luster Purge, and Sunny Day. There’s a good assortment of types there.

          2. Actually YOU’RE wrong, Fighting is “Light” because the Dark type represents trickery, cunning, and a lack of honour as opposed to genuine evil/darkness, where as Fighting represents the exact opposite, bravery, honour, dignity. And that’s why Fighting is super effective against Dark, and why Fighting is the closest you’ll get to a Light type.

      1. Corocoro usually tells what type a Pokemon is when unveiling it. However, they never told us Sylpheon’s type. They told us weight, height, even in game photos, but not the type. Kinda suspicious eh?

        1. Except that they didn’t reveal Lucario’s type right away either. Same thing happened with Reshiram and Zekrom last generation, and several others over the course of the series. I really don’t think that argument works.

      1. I´m new to Pokemon, but it´s great to have that option anyway. I hope they have it in this game, because the only Pokemon game I played was Pearl,which unfortunately didn´t have the option for them to follow you.

      1. Nintendo direct should be announced within the next few days. I can taste it in the air. It’s time for Iwata to get his fruit out! And announce release dates for Pikmin 3 , Game and Wario , Wii fit U , Wonderfull 101 . And unveil Pokemon Rumble U with NFC toys . and show us trailers for some stuff.

        1. XD Exactly. It’s been a while since we had a Wii U direct. I really hope that they would announce Pikmin 3’s release date, and more info on the other games to. Although I would understand if they didn’t because of E3 being near :D

          1. Indeed. They should talk about everything that is coming before E3 , Where we all know nuclear bombs are going to be dropped. We’re gunna get that ”OMFG DID YOU SEE MARIO KART ON WIIU ? I’M GETTING ONE OF THOSE” reaction from all the haters and doubters XD

  2. New Pokémon news is great and all but I really wanna hear some new news from Iwata in the form of a Nintendo Direct.

    Give us some release dates plz!!

    1. I sure hope it is new evolutions of past Pokemon. Many, MANY old Poke’s need evolutions or even pre-evolutions. Aerodactyl could use a pre-evo, Luvdisc could use an evo, Mamanbo could use a pre-evo AND an evo, Banette could use and evo, Pinsir too!! There are so many that need more to their evolutionary line.

            1. But pre-evolved Pokemon can be useful in that they usually learn moves that the evolved form doesn’t learn.

      1. I Have Read And Agree To The Terms Of Service

        No, If you competitively Play Pokemon, You’ll Know why Banette needs to stay NFE.I mean, Imagine it with an Evolite! Too OP.

        1. That would make it AWESOME! :D Also, it was suppose to be the opposite of Dusklops in Ruby and Sapphire, but only Dusklops got the evo in the later gen? Makes no sense.

        1. From Pokemon Black and White. Mamanbou is the Japanese name for Alomomola. Lol! Don’t know why he said it in Japanese, maybe he got confused? XD

    1. I Have Read And Agree To The Terms Of Service

      It goes over NYAN THOUSAND All The Way To SPARTAAAAAAAAA where this guy doesent agree and thiks THIS IS PAAATRICK!

        1. They’re more likely to take the direct sequel route again and do Pokemon XX and Pokemon XY. The Japanese logos for the games have a DNA helix in them.

          1. I didnt know that about the Japanese logos. I think you may be right now! Pokemon XX and XY. Interesting, it is very different.

    1. I think the showing a new pokemon, if you check Serebii, It says that Pokemon Smash (A Japense TV show about Pokemon) will talk about a new pokemon next week. It ALSO had a picture of the battle sequence in Pokemon X and Y, and ontop of the pokemon was a question mark.

    1. I hope it is more than just that! C’mon! Knowing that information is exciting for two seconds. I want some big major news like the starter’s evolutionary line AND typing or something!

  3. Considering how they have not messed up on their hype. After that direct that people did not want to get hyped about(LOL IGN) they have been good on the news so let’s see


    1. What would be cool is they should add more than just 8 gyms(like in the anime) and you get to chose which 8 gyms you battle for gym badges. Also, now that the game will be in full 3D I wonder what it will look like when you use Surf and Fly? :O Will you see the Pokemon now instead of just a shadow?!?

      1. Tobi said " I Didnt Read but Agreed To The Terms Of Services "

        im very optimistic that the game will be in a 2.5 or fully 3 dimensional game. Just look at the trailer, like when the character walks up to a city, (you see those buildings and Pokemon center with route 3 on it, the camera angle doesn’t look like it would be a ” 2d navigational only ” game. How the hell are you going to see your back. I think Nintendo perfected 2.5D w/ SM3DL

      2. who knows i hope they just let us travel with people form the game or use multiplayer like Ash does and choose to have ur pokemon walk with you

  5. I wish they would restock the pikachu xl. I couldnt find it at all. I know they wont though… Ughh. Too bad the majority of people that bought it are just flipping it.

    1. Flipping them actually isnt going to well. I hope they dont make anymore o.o i waited for hours in front of 3 different stores at different times and got 6 pikachu xls. Im keeping them, and id be pretty upset if their rarity was tarnished.

      1. Because Nintendo/Gamefreak wont change the game mechanics to much. It would throw off the game. Competitive players wouldnt like it and long time Pokemon fans would say it doesnt even feel or play like Pokemon anymore.

  6. I hope they reveal some new Pokemon!!! I hope they add more evolutions and pre-evolutions instead of completely new types. Kinda like what they did with Diamond and Pearl. Quilfish, Dunsparce, Miltank, etc All need evolutions!!!

  7. Virus: 'I choose you! Chespin!'

    I’m standing by my guess that Sylveon is a Flying type.
    Hope the Team in this one is somewhat relatable, not complete morons.

    And please equalize special/physical moves for each type.
    Example: If your Ghost pkmn is clearly a Special attack pkmn, its best
    option is Shadow Ball… at 80 power(-___-). Same with the Dark type’s Dark Pulse.
    Meanwhile, Fire moves go to 95, 100, 120 power and up! Make it fair please.
    ^Ha, Ranting…

  8. I Have Read And Agree To The Terms Of Service

    My Guess is they will announce that all Pokemon will be Fire-Fighting and the new type is accually Fire and fighting together: Firefighter Type. Sylveon will be Firefighter type alnog with the legendarys. All moves will change to splash and magikarp will be the only pokemon without that move, and instead have an infinte Moveset. Magickarp will be Water Psychic Giving it the advantage over all other pokemon Making it the ULTIMATE OVERLORD POKEMON EVAR!!

    Nintendo, Do that and ill buy 12 copies. And 7 for my cat. And 4 for my lamp.

  9. Yesss!!! I can’t wait for ground breaking news!
    I hope Pokemon can follow you, the starter evolutions are epic and have awesome typing, there are more evolutions and pre-evos of older Pokemon and they make some weird typing like “fire water”, “electric ground”, “fire ice”, “bug ice”, “psychic dark”, “psychic bug”, “psychic ghost”, “psychic electric”, “ghost rock”, “ghost grass”, “psychic poison”, “ghost steel”, “ghost normal”… there are many more…lol!!!

    1. I know that electric ground has been done (Stunfisk) and I think there’s probably some psychic bug. If not, that’d be a good new typing combo :D

      1. Oh you are right about Stunfisk. Well they should add a GOOD electric ground type anyway. And yes, I don’t think there is a Psychic Bug type and they should totally make one!

  10. We are exited to share the information with you! We wish April 6th would come sooner :)

    This is going to be BIG news!

  11. It’s getting delayed.

    Nah, its probably just a solid release date because it probably theyre basically finished and now need to do the 2034 years of translations.

  12. pokemon, i remember when it was cool…. and the cable thing where you battle and trade. it felt cool, now its all wifi and stuff. pokemon will never feel the same, and i was also young but it still was better. things are just lame now with everything online

      1. getting mad because you dont know how to grow up and that pokemon is for babies. when i was young, when it was cool, did you even get message retard, i was clearly stating how i thought it was so cool back then and now you would just go on wifi to trade and fight with anyone, looks like someone is a pokefag

        1. Wow, your arguments are so polished and well thought.
          You know what? You’ve changed my life; now I know that Electrode > Hydreigon.

    1. Whenever someone says Pokemon was the best when it first started, I constantly bring up how it’s getting better and better with every game. The main series ones anyway. I much prefer the incredible polish, and refined battle system to an aged, glitchy mess, but that’s just me.

      INB4 “ice cream cone and garbage”. I’ll just bring up “piles of slime, and sentient pokeballs”.

      1. im talking about pokemon in general, when you watched the shows had the cards, not just the games, yea it improved, thats obvious, just talking about when you were young and just loved pokemon, now its like pokemon, who cares, it sucks

        1. Maybe people that are still young?
          Just because you’re some oldfag lurking around a gaming website it doesn’t mean we all are; you could have made less of a statement on how pathetic you are if you bothered to consider that Blue and Red may not have been everyone’s first games.
          Why don’t you go ask your mother for some money for some games? I think it’s time you left her basement, even if it’s just to go buy another CoD recolor.

          1. im only 18 you fag, why getting mad because you cant get any girls or friends, still living at home at 30, asking your mom and dad why your rejected. and they will say stop master bating over pokemon and get a job, how old did you think i was you fat smelly pokemon lover. why you getting so defensive because i stated how much pokemon was to me 10 years ago, go to your weaboo table so that everybody else can make fun of you

              1. 18 is a legal adult, another point that your a retard, so it sounds like your older than me, maybe you should get a girlfriend or a job and move out instead of playing pokemon. your pathetic and you dont fuck pokemon or you father or mother you know, come how old are you 30 because you sure sorta sounded like one the way you called me a teen and all, haha get the fuck out of here, getting mad over me saying pokemon is better when you watched the shows and were in everything pokemon, whatever get mad at everything thats not just breath speaking living pokemon. its just a game im sorry i played it when i thought it was awesome and not everyday forever

    2. I don’t see what your problem is with wifi. You can still trade with local wireless if you just want to hang out with your friends. The wire was quite difficult to obtain in some places; no one I know was ever able to connect their Gameboys because no one had the cord…

    3. Well I never had any friends that played Pokemon to link with so I missed out on a lot of that stuff. I like it now because I can trade with anyone and I don’t have to meet them beforehand ;) Also, I don’t have to drive to New York city for a friggen “event” Pokemon. I can drive 20 minutes away to Gamestop and get it! Much more convenient.

    4. Tobi said " I Didnt Read but Agreed To The Terms Of Services "

      hey NostalgicHipsterEmoFag ,you know why Pokemon is not cool for you ? and saying you can just trade through wifi ? well its because growing up is a trap. Your friends are busy with their lives while you still play it but you dont any friends to trade with locally. Thats why we have WiFi trade and battle, so that people who grew up with the game can still enjoy it even though you dont gave any friends to play with. Nintendo & GF made the game and the story better. If you dont like it that its turning this (X and Y) way, just shut up , GTFO of this website and go to pokemon red and blue forums.

      1. yea because my friends dont play pokemon and i dont either. im not that old so i dont get nostalgia rushes, or maybe just because im not a fag. i just play a games because its fun. thats why im not a fool that still thinks sonic adventure is fun, that game fucking sucks!!!. You guys are so butt hurt from me just saying that how pokemon was more when you were 5 instead of 18. well everybody i know just plays cod, and i actually would rather play pokemon than that trash. im probably younger than half the people on this sight, maybe you should stop being such pussies and act your age, everybody who is normal would agree that pokemon was better when you were young, get it you butt hurt fags. you dont have to get so offensive. the whole pokemon thing was better, when you liked pokemon, not that the games havnt improved. now if that wasnt good enough for you or now you will just say i didnt read any of that when you did

  13. Dance Ontop a White Girl, Call That John Travolta

    Fools. They’re clearly going to reveal the return of The Trick Master.

  14. About fucking time, it’s been months without any juicy news.
    Yeah, Sylveon, hooray, another Eevee evolution, how about you show us new footage?!

  15. Hope is either or if all. Customiazble characters (later DLC character packs), Evolutions for previous pokemon (ones i’ll like to get an evolution are Electrobe, Jynx, Mr. Mine, Octillery, Spinda, Grumpig, Drifblim & Spiritomb), more eveelutions (I would love to see a Poison and Flying type), NO MORE FOOD POKEMON! New types and evolution for the starters Pokemon (make sure there’s no Fire/Fighting)

    1. I don’t know. Something about the Pokemon games makes it MORE fun to know everything about it beforehand. So you can plan ahead. Of course, there will always be little mysteries here and there. Thats what makes Pokemon awesome!

  16. Also on the Japanese variety show Pokemon Smash next Saturday they are revealing a brand new Pokemon.
    Also Junichi Masuda will be showcasing something on the show as well.
    Can’t wait, this is going to be great.

    Here is a link to the announcement:

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  18. full voice dex entries read out loud like in the anime would be awesome and also i would like this to be on the pekedex 3d pro along with map locations for each region and locations of pokemon in each region for each game and animations for each move

  19. I’m pretty stoked. I used to think that Pokemon games were the same EVERY SINGLE TIME. But after playing Black and White, I take it back. The environments are so much more detailed and the game seems so much more polished than the last games. Somehow it felt like I’m playing Pokemon for the first time ever.

    I don’t see why some people don’t play it anymore… maybe it’s a nostalgia thing. Or maybe people think all the Pokemon look dumb, which is a bit of a petty reason. Not even mentioning all the Pokemon look dumb in a way. But, that’s what makes them so interesting, like Slowbro.

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