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Amazon France Lists Splinter Cell Blacklist For Wii U


Amazon France has put up a listing for Splinter Cell: Blacklist for Wii U. The stealth orientated title has long been rumoured to be coming to the Wii U. The last hint we had was found via a Ubisoft employees LinkedIn profile which stated that he is working on Splinter Cell: Blacklist for Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Hopefully Ubisoft should announce something soon.

Thanks, Mike S

56 thoughts on “Amazon France Lists Splinter Cell Blacklist For Wii U”

    1. Thats one game i can live whitout but remember the wiiu is getting ports faster than the ps3 did so my guess is a version of the game by end or begining of next year.

        1. I have no problem for ports with all the DLC added. Just hope everyone looks for need for speed most wanted as a inspiration as a way to do a port.

    2. I think they confirmed it defiantly wasn’t, but I hope they change there minds, and if not I bet Wii U will get the inevitable sequel.

  1. Is anyone else curious as to why Ubisoft seems to love Nintendo so much? Even though the GameCube had terrible sales, it still got the majority of Ubisoft’s major titles in the 6th gen. Even the Wii got some “hardcore” Ubisoft games, but in most cases it couldn’t due to hardware limitations.

    1. Yeah, I love their support actually, can’t wait for watchdogs, also they stated they get the gamers point and the industry needs time to understand the wii u the way they do, keep the games coming Ubi!

      1. I will still going to get rayman legends but is going to be hard cause even ubisoft is releasing titles against it.

        1. I heard Black Betty the other day and all I could think about way Rayman… I was nearly dead set on not getting the game, but… Time has passed, the wound has healed somewhat. Will prob get it lol.

      2. i hope soon ubisoft will port far cry 3 to wii u,an this time use the extra ram an gpgpu power,since i skipped the 360 an ps3 version, the unbelievable excessive screen tearing an frame rate drops put me off, may be if ubisoft developers used the wii u hardware instead of just a bare bones port this game could run better then the last gen versions

    2. Is not that it loves Nintendo is just that ubisoft is 1 of the few developers that knows how consoles launches are. And i think i remember reading somewhere that ubisoft same ubisoft titles did better on gamecube and n64.

      1. I’m not complaining either, it’s just so odd that Ubisoft seems to be the only publisher not jumping ship.

        1. Who has jumped ship? EA was always dead in the water. Knew that right when I heard about Nintendo not using Origin after EA was pushing it so hard. No great loss there. So we miss a bunch of EA sports titles, big whoop. Sega makes better sports titles anyway, they just need to get back into it. Activision released it’s largest franchise on the Wii U, and although apparently the sales were disappointing for blops 2, it’s likely due to a lackluster launch for the Wii U.

        2. The Indie devs like wayforward and others are still with Wii U and SEGA is promising titles and Capcom is and think Konami is, so I think EA is the only one jumping ship

          1. konami has been besties with nintendo for a good amount of years now which is why their helping with the brawl game. indies love the wii u because becoming devs for it is outragously easy now.

    3. Ubisoft has made lots of money from titles on Nintendo consoles, probably because they keep supporting them and making exclusives for Nintendo consoles. An exclusive, even if it is mediocre will generally sell decently. Look at PS3’s exclusives :P

    4. Ubisoft supports everyone with little reservations. They’re one of the few companies that know that games need to be made for a system in order for people to buy the system and in return have more chances for their games being purchased.

    5. They respect Nintendo for their contribution in the indusry. Helping it thrive and grow. Something epic and EA should do.

      1. Epic can hardly even be considered a developer/publisher they make/release so few games and even less that are noteworthy, with them it’s all about their engine.

        1. what game did they make again? all i ever hear of them making is an engine that wont be used by anyone but graphics whore companies who cant make their own

  2. For a second I thought no shit this was revealed in that Miiverse hack from awhile ago but that was Metal Gear Solid lol. Meh either way I have no interest in Splinter Cell.

  3. The more the merrier. My wiiu game stak is starting to lean a bit :p.

    MH3U ftw . 60 hours in! Only 940 more to go!

  4. That rumor is like one year old.
    Since the game comes out in August, I expect a confirmation from Ubisoft at E3.

  5. Not surprised, I knew this was coming without an announcement, since ubisoft is really supporting the Wii U. Thank U UBisoft!

  6. This game will surely be released for Wii U as nearly every other big Ubisoft game has been announced for Wii U like Rayman Legends, Watch_Dogs and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.
    Ubisoft are the best Wii U supporters at the moment, maybe a few other third party companies could take a note from them.

  7. I think this is one of those “great games to be shown at E3” from the Wii U. It’ll be cool, although Ubisoft will make it harder for me to get all those games… Watch_Dogs, AC IV: Black Flag, Splinter Cell: Blacklist…. I don’t have $180 in my wallet xD. But I wonder… If Ubisoft supports Nintendo so much, you think we’ll get a chance to see some kind of “Far Cry Trilogy” thingy…. I really hope so :B

  8. Can I just say we complained a lot about ubi over rayman but they are the only company giving us actual ports of new upcoming big AAA titles. Fair play to them, they’ve done more good for the system than bad.

    1. I was upset aboout rayman, but got over it and bought ninja gaiden instead.

      Pc gamer in me hates them, Wii U gamer in me loves them, even with their retarded rayman move.

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