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Mega Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U Update Arrives Next Week


Nintendo UK has announced via Twitter that the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U patch will be available to download on the 16th of April. The patch will allow for Off-TV Play on the Wii U GamePad and also cross region online play with the United States. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is available for purchase now, but there have been stock shortages in the United Kingdom.

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53 thoughts on “Mega Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U Update Arrives Next Week”

  1. Amazing. The best Wiiu game about get even better. I’m so ridiculously hooked to this game. 65 hours so far and not even scratched the surface. I’m collecting full armour sets and weapons right now and playing through it all localy with my bro.

    It’s just TOO good. So much better than Tri for Wii.

    1. This update makes me even more tempted.

      So in your opinion, why is this better than Tri? I mever played Tri, But am curious to know!
      Thx man!
      PS: We should ME3 sometime again!

      1. Well yeh. It is litteraly better than Tri. It has Tri built into it and Lots more.

        More monsters, more weapons, more armour, couple of new areas, G rank (high difficulty) quests…it’s basically a turbo charged version of Tri.

        Alatreon, Jhen Mohran, Deviljho have been added to village high rank
        – Jhen Mohran, Rathian (Gold and pink), Rathalos (Silver and azure)Ceadeus and Lagiacrus subspecies have been added
        – Doboruberuku (plus subspecies version) and Rangorotora have been added
        – Lagiacrus has a rare species version
        – Nargacuga rare species has been added
        – Bracchidios is a completely new monster that can be fought in village high rank 8 stars
        – Guran Mirasou is now the final boss
        – Kayanba has been added to aid your hunter in the offline mode
        – Gunlance, dual blades and hunting horns are now available
        – G rank armor versions of each armor set.
        – Completely new armor sets
        – City has been replaced with a harbor.
        – G rank is a new difficulty, adding more challenges to the game
        – New set of weapons
        – Off screen play(soon) and perfect 3DS connectivity

        This game is a wierd one. I remember I bought tri on Wii. And at first I couldn’t get into it. It didn’t make any sense and seemed shallow. All of a sudden everything just clicked and I was using the farm , fishing boats , combing stuff you’ve found to make rare and usefull stuff , forging weapons and taking down Massive monsters with friends.

        I could not recommend it any more. It just requires an extremely steep learning curve that can last up to 10 hours to get properly into it. And yes , I really want get back onto ME3 online :( . Even if people stop playing it we can just play 2 player and arrange it through Miiverse. Peace.

          1. I wanted the long version though :p I really needed the details to convince me.

            The bit about customizing armor and such reminded me a bit of Xenoblade, and PSO?

            1. It’s EXACTLY like PSO (except it has it’s own flavour) I hammered PSO episodes 1 and 2 on DC and GCN , one of my fav games ever made. Monster Hunter Ultimate is on Par or better I say. Same jist as PSO except Future is replaced with Electronic free fantasy setting , Item drops and crates are replaced with looting and foraging.

              Trust me DB , You will not regret buying it. I was in exactly the same position with Tri for the wii. I even let it sit on the shelf for about 4 months cus I could not get into it. Then I fell in love with it and it’s now one of my most sought after franchises.

              To each his own :) I just feel like I will be doing you a favour by recommending this game. 1000+ hours with multiple chars and weapon types . Nuff said :D

        1. There is lots more difference and extra content on Ultimate compared to Tri. That’s just what I can think of. Some of Which I’ve not seen yet.

        2. I never played Monster Hunter. By the way everyone is talking about it (like Lego City) on Miiverse and on here, I’m thinking of actually buying it. I tried the demo but it sucked.

          1. yea thats what i thought.. the demo was lame.. the controls were horrible and that monster i needed to hunt.. i played as an archer and there was just no way i could kill that monster..

            i played MH on PSP years ago, and it was nice, but not “oh so awesome”. i don’t know if this is really for me, but i kind of feel like I’m just missing something…

      2. It’s monster hunter 1,2( in between added 2 games ), freedom, freedom unite ( extraordinarily long and massive game ), tri, tri G, plus a lot more, all thrown into one game.

  2. Cant wait for this. No more waiting until soaps have finished (stupid gf!) Hurry up Nintedward and sort your internet :D

    1. I will be soon enough. At the moment I’m having to settle for 4-5 days a month online when I take my Wiiu to friends or family’s house. Until then i’m using my Phone as a portable Wifi hotspot and it runs out of MB’s str8 away :( .

      I will get it sorted soon though , I just need to get round to it… And find a good service provider.

        1. Lol I’m only HR 3. I’ve been playing with My little brother on 3DS and Wiiu linked up. I’m not hammering the game all out at once I intend to make it last a long time.

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  4. Pinch me and tell me am dreaming yeah!

    NintEdward, commander, Wooferz, Jellybean, Unation, jtz, Ashley……etc, even neutron meet you online mynintendonews friends. I need players to help with Jen Moran.

        1. On a global scale you say ? I like your style! First we will go an fuck up the moon. Then we move on swiftly to Mars to teach that SOB who’s boss! XD

  5. This is awesome because my brother watches Nextflix untill late, now I can hunt online with offplay tv! :D

        1. No, sorry. :(

          I think Capcom is keeping this feature out because we will have people taking screenshots in the middle of online hunts…. though Treyarch has proven you can disable it while connected to a lobby.

          It really would add so much to the game if I could post offline screenshots to miiverse (village quests, free hunts)

          1. yep, I only wanted it on the offline posts. it’s expected that you can’t leave an online match to post on miiverse. well, it’s ok not really a deal breaker.

  6. Hey there! I’m in the US looking for online friends. “demonpants” is my name. Currently sporting Laggi armor and greatsword.

  7. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an amazing game! It started out slow because it was a tutorial. I feel that the tutorial stage could have been less annoying, there’s so much dialog to read but once I got to the Level 2 Quests and completed the bear trap quest, that’s when I realized how amazing Monster Hunter is. I started grinding to build my first Armor set with that bear like monsters parts. The character designs in this game are crazy! Iv finally started to appreciate all the details in the game, the Jaggies, the bugs etc. Iv even grown to like the graphics too. Monster Hunter is just an awesome franchise!

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