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Ubisoft And WayForward Announce The Smurfs Video Game For Wii U, Wii And DS

In anticipation of the July 31 release of Columbia Pictures’ and Sony Pictures Animation’s 3D hybrid live-action/animated family comedy The Smurfs 2, today Ubisoft announced that the company will develop and publish a video game based on the film. Developed by Ubisoft and WayForward, the game will be released as an action-adventure platformer game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Wii and Wii U, as well as an interactive storytelling book and collection of mini-games on Nintendo DS. It will release on all consoles in July, 2013.

85 thoughts on “Ubisoft And WayForward Announce The Smurfs Video Game For Wii U, Wii And DS”

      1. Unnggghhh. This looks terrible… At least it’s terribly on all consoles… I can’t see many people investing in smurfs.

    1. Cause 3ds doesn’t need this shovel ware crap, its on a roll with quality games at the moment, no snirt shit is gonna slow down the 3ds’s mighty empire

      1. Can’t make platinum out of a turd though. I’ll be amazed if it turns out really good. Smurfs isn’t much of an in depth IP so you can’t do too much with it.
        Maybe if they are attempting to make a Trine like puzzle/strategy side scroller possibly, but it just looks to me like a side scrolling action cash in.

      1. I hate to admit it, but they never were very good. I tried watching it to bring back good childhood memories, but it wasn’t very good.

            1. hehe, I love that random people always say crap like “what are you going to do about it” or “I’ll kick your ass” online. Cracks me up. Would love to see what people would do face to face. Oh well, the joys of online lol

          1. it would be ‘well, what if it turns out good?’
            however what he originally said is completely acceptable as a short direct question.

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  2. Just because a game is based off of a movie doesn’t mean it’ll be rushed shovelware. Look at Captain America: Super Soldier and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

      1. Super Soldier was developed by Next Level Games. Same people that made Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Punch-Out. It’s not an amazing game, but it’s not bad in the slightest. Spider-Man 2, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers/Return of the King are all other good examples.

        1. Aha! Then you should have ended it with a peroid. Buahahaha. Just remember you started it :P.
          Yeah, totally waste of talent. I doubt I would ever pick it up purely because it’s smurfs.

      1. Same!!! Give us a 3D Adventure Time game and use the gamepad for the same uses as the 3DS touch screen like in HIKWDYSOG

  3. Waiting on Neutron, Bill, and others to troll about how unmanly and weak the PS3/Xbox 360 is for having such a game like that. Oh wait! Their hypocritical nature won’t allow them to!

  4. Well, Wayforward is really talented so it will probably be a “good game.” Only problem is… it’s the Smurfs… 💋

  5. According to High Command’s calculations, the Wii U version of this game will still sell better than the evil Xbox 360 in Japan…

    Microsoft must be utterly destroyed in Japan so that their forces retreats to whatever hole they dug themselves up from…

  6. Pretty big demand for a Smurf game in the market, was there?
    You know, when I frequent video game website forums I often read the many cries of those wishing there would be a developer that would release a game about Smurfs…. -_-
    What a waste of time. Nobody wants this.

  7. You know what, WayForward?
    You’re forgiven for putting out this particular piece of shovelware.
    Yep, I’m forgiving you for it before it’s even out.

    Do you know why, WayForward?

    Four words:
    You’re recreating Duck Tales.

  8. Oh, good lord… not even WayForward will be able to save this travesty. You can polish a turd but in the end, it’s still a turd.

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