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Here’s How Shovel Knight For Wii U And 3DS Is Inspired By Dark Souls


Yacht Club Games, the development studio behind Kickstarter 8-bit platformer Shovel Knight, has revealed how the game came to be inspired by the revered Dark Souls. The team loved the punishing feeling of fear that is prominent throughout the game and also the soul upgrading and death mechanics, which the team believe are unique.

“We love the rhythm of combat in Dark Souls, and the way you feel true fear at facing the unknown. The soul upgrading and death mechanics in that game are also refreshing and wonderful. That palpable tension that comes from fear of death!”

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38 thoughts on “Here’s How Shovel Knight For Wii U And 3DS Is Inspired By Dark Souls”

    1. What this guy said. Either way, this kikestarter indie pretentious bullshit will be a piece of shit, just like all the other indie games.

      1. Have you even watched any gameplay? It looks fucking good asshole.
        Indie titles can be good games too you know?

    2. Why? i’ve played Dark Souls but not Demon Souls, is their something i’m supposed to know, or it just one of these dumb complaints like saying “Melee is better than Brawl because Fox is slightly faster” or one of those types of complaints.

      1. U pretty much guessed it, they both have small differences but nothing extreme like these idiots make it seem. They are both great games.

        1. The fact tat as of right now the game is 297% funded with 66 hours to go shows that people kind of give a shit. Myself included

      1. Yeah, paying for privileges rather than an actual service is kind of wasting money. Not to mention that you can use everything that Xbox Live Gold gives you without extra payments on other consoles and PC. So, what are you actually paying for?

    1. You obviously don’t know the definition of shovelware. You’re probably the kind of person who won’t play good indie games like VVVVVV, Super Meat Boy, or Cave Story just because they’re not overrated GOTY games.(Not pointing at Dark Souls, I love that game)

      Just to let you know, since you don’t seem to understand it at all, good graphics don’t make a game good or bad and shouldn’t be judged as such because of graphics.

    1. Seriously! This game’s already gotten some pretty rave reviews from people who have gotten their hands on an early version of the game. I think people are just trying way to hard to troll.

  1. Can we stop propagating the idea that Dark Souls is a good game? Designing a game around player death does not make it hard. It makes it a strategy game, and I use that term loosely. Just because the public has had crap like Call of Duty and Assassins Creed, that require little to no thought, shoved down their throats over the last ten years does not mean a game that requires tact and thought, is hard or well made.

    1. And death is a key part of the game, its a trail and error and tactical combat game, but say if some big ass enemy is guarding an item, and you dont have a chance to kill them. Do you risk it, and grab the item, then get killed somewhere away from the enemy and recover your souls (exp), then you’re stronger than before.

      Again, unless you’ve played it, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    2. Okay, you’re being as bad as the people calling Shovel Knight crap.
      Have you even fought the bosses on that game? Some of them may be easy but some of the others are some of the toughest bosses I’ve fought, especially the final boss(I don’t know how many times I’ve fought against him and died before I could get his health halfway down). Also, that game is very well-made, it’s actually comparable with Metroid Prime in terms of the quality of the game and how much attention to detail is in it.

      Please don’t make yourself out to be an ass and stop judging a game without even knowing anything about it beforehand.

      1. the name, havnt actually seen it before. the name just made me think of a knight shoveling up shovel ware to make a game out of. making it a game thats complete shovelware

    1. The game is actually really good. Its like Mega Man crossed with Duck Tales, but with Knights and Medieval stuff

  2. Worst site for shitty, ignorant, tiny dicked trolling ever. Go back to effing your own family members and polishing your wooden teeth you pathetic scum bags.

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