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There’s A Chance Cloudberry Kingdom Comes To Nintendo 3DS


Pwnee Studios‘ upcoming platformer, Cloudberry Kingdom, is scheduled to launch this summer. The game was originally announced for Wii U and Steam, but with the help of publisher Ubisoft, it will also be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The game wasn’t announced for Nintendo’s latest handheld; however, Pwnee Studios Vice President TJ Lutz says there’s a chance that Cloudberry Kingdom will hit the Nintendo 3DS. Would you like playing Cloudberry Kingdom on your Nintendo 3DS?

“It’s still in our minds, we would really love to do a 3DS port. I’m not giving up on it yet, I would say there’s still a chance.”

-Pwnee Studios Vice President TJ Lutz

41 thoughts on “There’s A Chance Cloudberry Kingdom Comes To Nintendo 3DS”

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                      This is a your only argument when someone doesn’t like Nintendo: “Nintendo is fucking amazing!!! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!!!”

                      Now run to the door the postman just delivered your welfare check.

                  1. Actually I don’t hate Nintendo. I will probably buy a Wii U once Xenoblade 2, Smash Bros., or Metroid Prime 4 come out. Just because I can see their many faults as a company doesn’t make me a troll.

                  2. Seeing the problems of a company indeed a a troll dont make but acting like a idiot on each and every post does.

  1. It looks interesting. But it also looks like “I wanna be the guy” levels of difficulty. Theres a point where such difficulty just stops being fun.

    I think a demo will be required.

      1. It fell off my table like a foot and a half drop and now it doesn’t turn on anymore. The blue light blinks and it sounds like its trying to turn on but it doesn’t actually turn on. What’s odd though is I can still put in discs and eject discs to lol.

    1. You killed… just kidding. Conect on other electrict plugs or ask a friend to lend the power cable. Happened whit my 360 also let it rest and try later.

  2. It would make more sense if they just dropped the Vita’s version and made it for the 3DS… I mean, if they HAVE to choose.. 💋

  3. I think remember seeing a trailer for it. it looked interesting but no wii u for me. so i hope it comes to 3ds

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