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Nintendo Game Seminar Coming Back


Nintendo Japan has announced that it plans to bring back its Game Seminar for aspiring video game developers. The lectures will be hosted by some of Nintendo’s most knowledgeable employees and will be held in two locations, Tokyo and Osaka. Prospective students will also be able to view the seminars at home for free. These seminars will focus on video game development using Nintendo’s Web Framework, HTML and Javascript. The Nintendo Game Seminar starts from July 2013 until March 2014. The free seminars will take place every Friday from 18:30 to 21:00 JST. Here’s what Miyamoto and Tezuka had to say to those looking to participate.

“This is a new trial to teach what game design is about and getting people together to have fun while thinking and creating. I invite you to please try and participate.”

– Shigeru Miyamoto

“It’s been over 30 years since the birth of Nintendo’s Family Computer. In those days, everything involving development had to be handmade through a series of inventions. Compared to today, the development environment has greatly changed, but the thought process that goes into developing, hasn’t changed by much.

In our earlier days, games were only made through Nintendo’s original development environment. Since then, the hurdle has been lowered after having worked on the Wii U, as it is now possible for people without technical backgrounds to make games. Also, if you share the same enthusiasm towards game developing, it wouldn’t be out of possibility for you to come up with something new with Nintendo’s lecturers while bringing a smile to those around you.

Our previous seminars mainly focused on putting together lectures and production. From this point on, the renovated at-home development style will allow you produce with enthusiasm whenever and however much you’d like. So I ask you people with different expertise to gather and enjoy yourselves while coming up with various inventions from zero as we did 30 years ago.”

– Takashi Tezuka

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57 thoughts on “Nintendo Game Seminar Coming Back”

    1. “These seminars will focus on video game development using Nintendo’s Web Framework, HTML and Javascript.”

        1. You know what’s really weird? I had no idea what your picture even was until I went on this website on my 3ds xl. Thank you Nintendo.

  1. Ahh this is interesting…if it’s in Japanese I hope it will be subbed for a western audience this is something I’d like to watch. Maybe it could be part of Nintendo direct or something.

      1. On a totally unrelated note, does anybody have any recommendations for 3ds games to buy? All I have is NSMB2 and SM3DL

        1. Fire Emblem: Awakening
          Kid Icarus Uprising
          Luigis Mansion Dark Moon
          Etrian Odessy IV
          Legend Of Zelda Ocarina ofTime3D
          Starfox 64 3D
          Professor Layton and the miracle mask
          Rhythm thief and the emperors treasure
          Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
          Pokemon mystery dungeon Gates to infinity
          Paper Mario Sticker Star
          Bit Trip Saga
          Mario Kart 7
          I have thoroughly enjoyed all these games and I strongly recommend any if them

        2. Ocarina of Time 3D if you like action adventure, Luigi’s Mansion 2 is also a good choice if you like adventures, Mario Kart 7 is fun, Fire Emblem: Awakening if you like Strategy-RPG’s, Kid Icarus: Uprising is also really underrated, the controls are a bit awkward at first though. Star Fox Remake is also very cool. etc….also there are some great eShop/Virtual Console games. Link’s Awakening DX for example.

            1. Depends on your tastes, but including the ones people listed above you can add:

              Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (if you have played the other games in the series)
              Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
              Resident Evil: Revelations
              Cave Story
              Luigi’s Mansion

              Some good games are coming out soon too. ;)

                1. Resident evil revelations is dirt cheap even if you dont like it is not such a huge miss also therythm final fantasy is great.

            2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

              If you never played it before or don’t mind playing again Ocarina of Time 3D, Mario Kart 7 is a standard, Kid Icarus is essential, Star Fox 64 3D is fun but wasn’t worth the $40 but I think nowadays it’s $25 or $30, Professor Layton was fantastic but only if you’ve played previous games, and Pokemon X & Y come out in the fall!

              1. Oh, me and my friends are pokemon fans, but I have none of the DS or 3DS ones! I think those will probably be at the top of my list.

        3. these should be in your library. must haves
          Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
          Kid Icarus: Uprising
          Fire Emblem: Awakening
          Paper Mario: Sticker Star
          Mario Kart 7

          these are if you are interested in exploring in new games.
          Tales of the Abyss- jrpg – great story n has fighting system for its battle.
          Devil Survivor Overclocked -turn based stregedy grid rpg- interesting story n has moral choices
          Rhythm Thief -think elite beat agents- great story, great visuals, great music

  2. Excellent, the orders have been given by High Command…

    A new era begins and many will be Nintendofied starting in Japan…

      1. N-Dub Nation, the original Xenoblade only sold 0.16m lifetime in Japan. What makes you think the sequel will sell millions in the first week there?

          1. Sorry, I was thinking of Xenoblade Chronicles. Wait, that is a different game, right? I just don’t know much about those games.

          2. It only sold 0.16m in Japan THAT’S A FACT!

            The reasons it got an American release date is Project Rainfall and high amount of piracy.

            1. Okay, and I wasn’t saying that it wasn’t a fact, but were the other games in Project Rainfall very popular? If they were, then that would make sense for the American release.

              1. The Last Story sales: Japan – 0.18m
                Europe – 0.10m

                Pandora’s Tower sales: Japan – 0.08m
                Europe – 0.08m

              2. it would have sold more in america too if they would of released it right away and published enough. nintendo is so fucking stupid they are just taunting fatal frame fans also because there like…. we OWN the SERIES now and YOU cant play it now because they are staying in japan or we are just not going to make them. fuck you choke on rehashes marios junk

                1. I see your point. Why would they release the good games only in certain areas, and then we have to wait forever to get them?

                  1. you sir are one of the smartest people on here. if i make a valid fact like i did up here all i get is blind nintendo fanboy backlash. yea they need to bring the good games all around to people, so that people can play the good games and in america they seem to sell more

                    1. I mean, I understand if they wait just a little bit to see how sales go, but they wait forever before releasing it in America.

                      1. yea but even if its already in english they dont care, i really have to question noa, because all those rainfall games were already in english even then they didnt publish las story or now pandoras tower. for xenoblade gamestop saw the demand and they made a deal with nintendo to be a gamestop exclusive and now they wont even reprint the game or probably put it on the wii u eshop. even for the high demand for it

                    2. Well, we do get them eventually. The reason we don’t get them right away is because of the sheer amount of dialogue that needs to be translated in those games. Not only that, but if the game has voice acting they need to find voice actors, and even change some of the dialogue itself in order to better localize it to American dialogue. Mario is able to make a debut so quickly everywhere because there is minimal dialogue, only one set of voice acting, and they know it sells so it’s top priority. They aren’t trying to antagonize anyone. I think they’ve done enough for the fans, but I feel like certain fans of anything, feel like they’re entitled to everything they think a company can produce. But they aren’t entitled to anything. Companies don’t tailor to their every personal whim. And I wish they’d realize that.

                      1. I understand the voice acting thing, and also with Mario, the person who voices him can speak fluently in a few languages.

                      2. those games were the exact same in america as they were in europe and yes i dont expect every game to be out but noa has been bad really with the original wii with leaving fans with nothing to play. things seem to be a little better now though, so we will see with the wii u and the 3ds isnt doing bad at all in that department

                  2. Ignoring that many 3RD party developers stabbed NINTENDO In the back. Also Ignoring the little 3rd party support they have. AND lastly ignoring popular smash bros, was copied for All Stars.

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