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New Pokemon Rumble U Information Emerges


More details for Pokemon Rumble U have emerged from Japanese publication, CoroCoro magazine. The game, which is the first title to make use of the Wii U near field communication feature, will feature special passwords to obtain Pokemon. The game will also allow you to make use of coins to set names of various Pokemon toys. The publication also confirms that Shiny Pokemon will be making a return, with the Garchomp being distributed as one.

30 thoughts on “New Pokemon Rumble U Information Emerges”

    1. Sony’s ultra original idea:
      That piece of shit Super Smash Bros. rip-off which’s name I can’t even remember.

  1. Why do they always have to put the shitty pokemon games on consoles the only exceptions are stadium, coliseum, xd and revolution. The rest of the pokemon games on consoles are shit.

    1. I think they should of made a stadium type game, and be able to use the nfc toys multiplayer and single player, or made a console version of x and y like how Capcom makes the monster hunter for the 3ds and wii u

  2. I bought this game for the 3DS, it’s NOT worth the full $50+ I had to pay for this below quality game. The storyline sucks…it HORRIBLY sucks! The cheapskates couldn’t even have the decency to add Moloetta, Genesect, that MLP immitation, etc.

    1. It should already be a standard option to nickname your damn Pokemon, sure they figured to give you the option ALL THE WAY ‘TILL THIS VERSION(?!), but who’s to say they won’t just remove it again like they seem accustomed to doing with shinies?

  3. They removed shinies from the 3DS version, why should I be happy that they added it to this game, so they can just remove something that should already be there as a permanent feature and then just remove it again to add it to another game (repeat)?

  4. This game has no replayability or challenge either. Once you beat the game, beat Battle Royale & catch the limited amount of Pokemon added, there’s no other point to playing. Unless you’re the type who likes walking pointlessly around like a retard.

  5. Sorry for the truthful rant, but my main point is this game should not be sold for anywhere even near to their non-spin off games. I glady traded my 3DS Rumble for Pokemon Black, what a rip-off… The most that PoS game should be worth is $25.

    1. Scratch that: if Nintendogs+3 Cat breeds can be sold for $10, then Pokemon Rumble Blast should be sold at no more than $5. Especially considering THERE’S ONLY FIVE FUCKING TOWNS IN THE ENTIRE GAME! WHAT THE BLAZING FUCK, SERIOUSLY?!

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