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Michael Pachter: ‘I Don’t Get Japanese Developers’

wii-u-blueRenowned Wedbush research analyst Michael Pachter has admitted he doesn’t understand Japanese companies or their motivation for releasing games. The latest Pach-Attack comes after he defended Nintendo’s software strategy, but in a question submitted about a Final Fantasy VII remake from Square Enix, he appears to have slipped back into his age-old ways. Pachter said: “I don’t think Nintendo is unique in being inscrutable. I don’t get any Japanese developer, I don’t know what motivates them, especially in how they release games into the West. Final Fantasy is just one of those franchises I just don’t get.”

Moving on from Final Fantasy, Pachter answers a question deliberating whether it is a riskier option to become an ‘everyone’ console, or a specific ‘hardcore’ software. Turning a comparison from the Wii’s everyone and non-traditional market to the Wii U’s ‘traditional games market’, Pachter said it was a mistake made by Nintendo.

He continued: “Nintendo had a huge success in expanding into the non-traditional market – that’s 25-year-old women who play Guitar Hero, 45-year-old women who play Wii Fit, 65-year-old women who play bowling – that worked and they sold a lot of consoles, but those people didn’t really embrace other software titles […] so I think that you can make money if it resonates with everyone but ultimately it causes you to make mistakes like the Wii U.

“Nintendo thought all these same people would line up and play the Wii U […] and those non-traditional people didn’t embrace it. I think Nintendo is going to be lucky to sell 30-40 million Wii U’s, they might sell 20-25 miliion which makes it more like a GameCube, but we’ll see.”

156 thoughts on “Michael Pachter: ‘I Don’t Get Japanese Developers’”

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  1. For godsake, really like this blog but PLEASE stop posting about Michael Pachter. I don’t give a crap about his opinions and nobody should.

    1. stop commenting on these posts then. they post these stories because they are popular with fans fighting with haters etc. look at the amount of comments on any story then look how many more the last patcher article has. so people if you want any more patcher related stories, stop showing interest in them!

      1. “…because they are popular with fans fighting with haters etc.”

        That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever read.

        1. You might look at it as being stupid, but he/she still isn’t wrong. Pachter posts get the most comments.

          1. I actually gave a second thought at that after I posted, but then I already posted so yeah, can’t go back. I misunderstood his post.

    2. Please post more about Mr Pachter. His opinions are like pruritus ani. Annoying but can give great satisfaction after scratching.

      1. Don’t you people get its his job to talk shit? They pay him for making shit up, getting attention, views and fame. They don’t pay him for being simply an analyst. That’s why he won’t ever stop farting out this kind of crap.

  2. He continued: “Nintendo had a huge success in expanding into the non-traditional market – that’s 25-year-old women who play Guitar Hero, 45-year-old women who play Wii Fit, 65-year-old women who play bowling – that worked and they sold a lot of consoles, but those people didn’t really embrace other software titles […] so I think that you can make money if it resonates with everyone but ultimately it causes you to make mistakes like the Wii U.

    If he seriously thought that Nintendo wanted the same people to buy the Wii U as they did the Wii, then it’s necessary he gets fired

  3. Nintendo’s studios
    Sony’s Japan based studios
    From Software
    Namco Bandai,
    I could go on for a while.

    “Durr i dont get them, where the guns??”

    Once again being a dumbass, spoutin about how he “doesn’t like Nintendo”. Get the fuck over, you’re like 12 year old trapped in a 50 year old body.

      1. “Doesn’t understand Japanese companies and their motives for releasing games”

        Because they want to, and because fans want to, and to make money?
        Not fucking difficult.

    1. No offense, but majority of the people on this website either ARE 12 year old kids (or there about, give or take a couple of years), or just ACT/comment like one. The immaturity level of most members is staggering. One could post a well-thought, constructive reply that happens to question or criticize something Nintendo does or did, and majority of the replies to said post will be insults, snide remarks, and childish trolling name-calling.

      Now, it doesn’t bother me personally: it’s just the internet. However, it tends to lend a poor view to this website from the outside population and, as a result, potential new viewers/members.

      In other words, someone coming to this website for the first time would probably not think, “oh, this is a really cool website to discuss video games & Nintendo-related news stories”. And for a site that’s purpose is just that, it’s very damaging.

  4. Nintendo Commander

    1. Our (Nintendo’s) logic is undeniable…

    2. We are a higher type of lifeform than you Xbot Ambassador Pachter…

    3. We understand more than shooting and killing…

    Probably why Xboxes are the most popular console in US?…

    1. Funny he doesn’t understand Japanese developers and Wii console yet ignoring that Sony copied the Wii and trying to target that console for everyone too but because Patter loves Sony, he is going to pretend he knows What Sony is doing and ignoring that Nintendo bought a $200 million dollar headquarters and expecting to hire 1,500 employees while Sony had to sell their headquarters to pay off debt.

    2. Listen, I killed The Many one night after hours of playing, so don’t think you’re (you all are) safe and secure in your nth dimension.

    3. XBOX and PS3 are more than just “shooter” consoles. One look at the best selling games for each console would show you that. To try to reduce those consoles’ success to just shooters is childish and naive.

      It would be like me saying “Nintendo consoles only ever sell because of Mario games”. See how dumb that sounds?

      XBOX 360 and PS3 do well because of variety; classic-type arcade games, affordable indie games of all types (Limbo is a great game that is super successful and popular, for example), action games, adventure games, MMO games, as well as FPS games like Halo, Killzone, Gears of War, and Call of Duty. Their third party support is second to none, as is their indie game support and classic virtual console games.

      Nintendo has the virtual console thing down, as well as first party games. However, the variety of games–especially mature themed games–pales in comparison, as does their indie game support. Those are HUGE markets for any console.

      If shooters were all that made XBOX 360 & PS3 popular, then why isn’t Wii U selling way more than it is? Call of Duty: Black Ops II alone should have moved a ton of consoles. It didn’t, so that’s obviously not the reason for those consoles’ popularity. Not by itself anyway.

  5. We don’t care what he has to say. You know all these sites who keep posting his blithering nonesense has inflated his ego so much , that he thinks his words are almost benevolent within the game industry. I said it before and I will say it again. He is a fucking nobody and nobody cares what he has to say except Nintendo hating fanboys and sites looking for hits.

    OK so he was right when he said the Vita was going to destroy the 3DS. lol.

    1. – First, he said the 3DS was set to be a success. Then the 3DS failed miserably.
      – After that, the Vita is unveiled. He says the Vita will eat the 3DS alive, it has better hardware, more games. Vita is released, 3DS stomps it to the ground.
      – Some time ago he then said the Vita was dead on arrivel, it’s a failure, a joke, the handheld market sucks. After he said that, the Vita started selling well, and it’s now doing fine in Japan…

      He has the power to predict the future, only that the opposite of what he says ALWAYS happens. So I’m confident the Wii U will do just fine in the near future.

        1. Fire Emblem can be tough mainly for “if your character dies once, they go in the dead character bag”. Plus–like a FF Tactics, Tactics Ogre, Disgaea, and other turn-based strategy RPGs–there’s plenty of actual maneuvering around a battle grid. You have to really consider your moves and how much of a range the opponent has. And those come with in-game tutorials because there is a certain level of difficult. The mechanics at the core is skill basically attack, spell, wait, and equipment and item management, though.

          What I was making a joke at wasn’t the actual difficult of the games (I did find FF III a bit difficult on DS and Fire Emblem has always been a headbuster), but the mechanics that you need to understand to even begin to navigate the game. Sure you’re not constantly in the line of fire and your reflexes are the key element in most turn based RPGs as they are in say a shooter or some truly open world action games, but if someone can understand basic Attack, Defend, Items, Spells, and Flee when you’re able to take your time deciding from that menu in some games (take Pokemon, Final Fantasy depending on your settings, DQ, basically of the old school JRPGs ilk with random encounters in some titles) that’s bad…very bad.

          That takes reading and basic comprehension of (using FF as an example) “Oh, he’s using Fira will actually heal this monster for quite a bit, maybe I should use this spell”, “She’s undead, maybe curative spells work?”, “This guy is killing me! RUN AWAY!” at the very core of those games.

  6. So basically he doesnt get being an industry analyst. … wut, he is an analyst but he doesnt get the jap market, if he doesnt get it, he should retire. … like other people said “where are the guns ?” << Western logic … almost every dev. in the west has a game that has violence (killing & beating).

  7. We can’t compare japanese people with american ones, they culture are very different. American people prefer play violent games like GTA, shooting games and so on, the smashing majority players are younger mens, even today still remain a prejudice in west that video games is a thing for losers and kids; but japanese people play RPGs, puzzle games, adventure, and they like play with friends, lot of friends, all ages play game well, they don’t have prejudice at all, they have open mind, video games from Nintendo fit perfectly in this context.

    1. Play one GTA game you played True Crime and the God Father. Besides most of those FPS games are the same as well. The TV screen represents what the character sees and the gun is located at the bottom and you press a button to kill someone. At least it was different playing Samus and RE4 with the Wii Mote. Now we have a Game pad to see what that will be like.

  8. I know if I don’t like something I shouldn’t comment on it, but this is a Nintendo news site. None of us want to hear about someone bitching about our favourite company, it just causes arguments.

  9. So if he’s that piss-poor of an analyst, where he doesn’t “get” essentially 4/5 of the major consoles/hand-helds, why is he an analyst at all?

      1. What facts? The facts that sony is releasing a console that will probably kill the industry or that almost every major publisher has made very little money? Or the fact that Microsoft will get very little japanese support if they dont at least do decent in japan?

        1. That is kind of stupid to build a souped up powerful system you can can’t afford to produce. And if that is the case, it will be expensive as hell and you wouldn’t be able to afford a price cut. All the PS4 believes in is copying the 3DS Wii and Wii U with more power.

          1. He is trying to say that the little things that pachter say are facts when the true is that he is cherry picking the kind of bad and exsagerating them. You cant predict the industry just guessing at Nintendo and ignoring the others.

        2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          Saying a console you know nothing about will kill the whole billion-dollar industry before it’s been released is dumber than anything Pachter says. You hate on a console that you don’t know, haven’t used, haven’t even SEEN. And don’t give that BS of how the PS4 will cost hundreds of dollars. When you ASSUME, you make an ASS out of U, not ME.

          1. The fact that you are missing a lot of brain cells dosnt mean i do too. Where do i say i hated the console? If companys cant barely keep up whit production cost this gen how do you spect to do in the 1 incoming? And actualy you did make an ass of your self by assuming the ps4 will have a easy launch.

            1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

              Sorry, your blind assumptions on a Nintendo site against Sony’s new console implies hatred. I didn’t assume anything about the PS4. I have neutral thoughts on it because I know nothing about it. I don’t know if it will have an easy launch or a difficult one. Even though the PS3 had a difficult launch, you cannot assume it’s successor will have a difficult one, too. Even analysts cannot get it right all the time. It’s unpredictable. Why? Because it HASN’T HAPPENED YET.

              1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                Maybe the PS4’s launch will be worse than the Wii U’s. Maybe the PS4 will actually fail. I don’t know. I don’t think it will fail nor it will succeed.

  10. honestly pachter I agree I don’t get them either I used to play Japanese games but now im only in to Mario Zelda Metroid and any other Japanese game where dudes look like me and u and not spike hair blue eyes pretty boys or Japanese grils who are damn near 13 14 looking school girls but that’s me. most of Nintendo fans love that type of shit which is why I only play games like Zelda Mario and mostly western games.

    1. First the word you looking for is “something” second why dont you put the same game against a n64 kart racer? After all the n64 had racers that could compet against gran turismo easily.

    2. What is that ? That’s the most irrelivant comparison I’ve ever seen. NSMBU is a gorgeous looking sidescroller platformer. PS1 had worse graphics than N64. Nuff said.

      1. You know what, Pissoff? Nintedward and Macarony64 do have points there. Your comment isn’t factual, thus the clip is irrelevant. Comparing a kart racer to a platform? It’s like comparing a puzzle game to a freaking wrestling game. Troll harder.

        1. you havnt played beatle adventure racing. that game destroys that game and still holds up today and nobody seems to know about it. that game destroys every ps1 racer, not even close

        2. All of you guys are forgetting that he’s comparing the graphics. Whatever kind of games they are isn’t going to change how they look.

      2. Actually the graphics on the New series could be better. Look at DKCR. Nintendo’s just cash milking the fuck out of that, making shitty graphics worse than CTR… I hate the new mario bros games.

  11. Well i dont get western developers and their obsession of blood, violence, gore, graphics over gameplay, depressing story, depressing music, poor asthetics, overhyping games like battlefield 4 and overshadowing others, oversaturating the market with violent m rated titles with most being fps games, and there’s always gonna be a online pass or dlc. The last part being that namco(pass) and capcom(dlc) was guilty of it too but it dont happen much. I cannot believe the western industry is full of racism (pachter, bushnell, fish) and snoobish attitudes towards anything different (mark rein). No wonder why this country known as America has been going down the shitter since the 2000s. Since xbox 360, i have never been embarassed to be a gamer, and its only getting worse with each new console genration. Japan has always had my support since the snes/genesis days and still to this day, but i be damned if a western developer gets a cent out of me anymore unless its rockstar, naughty dog, or ubisoft.

    1. This so much. Nintendo proposes something different. Most people don’t like “different”. Most people are stupid, we just have to live with that. Nintendo is thinking about games, how to inovate. Money corporations are afraid of that, they need Biebers and Britneys on a regular basis

    2. I really don’t understand those bloody killing games with pretty graphics. I played them and it felt like I was playing for the story mode. No new innovation except sharper graphics on next generation graphics.

  12. Very difficult to consider anything he says as credible. He seems like he has a personal vendetta against Nintendo. Considering how wrong he has been in the past, I wish “so called” journalists would stop asking him his opinion!

  13. “I don’t get Japanese developers”

    No shit, Sherlock! Thousands of people now to deserve to be industry analysts because every single one of them could have told you that nearly a decade ago.

    I also love the sexism in his implying that the Wii’s expanded audience was only women who weren’t playing what I’m sure he feels were ‘real’ games. Since we’re combing the industry for pervasive sexism lately, will these remarks be scrutinized? No. Why? Because he’s trashing Nintendo, too.

  14. I assume he doesn’t ‘get’ Sony either? Oh wait, he has no problems with Sony? The PS4 is going to re-resurrect Baby Jesus? You’ll put video games in, and LSD will come out? There will be three in every living room in the world?

    Should someone who doesn’t ‘get’ half of the industry be trusted to give accurate investment advice? Nintendo’s stocks jumped when Sony announced their new machine. He doesn’t ‘get’ that. Nintendo’s stocks jumped by eleven percent recently. He doesn’t ‘get’ that.

  15. Wii U wont sell GameCube numbers. sales will be skyrocketing once zelda and 3d mario come out. And even more when Mario Kart and Smash bros. is released. Also, Nintendo is bound to give the Wii U a price drop once it’s rivals hit the market. we are looking at a 250$ system with more games vs. 400-600$ systems with a few games.

  16. this guy again……. yawn, is my nose bleeding.. ugh….uuuggghhhh… head hurts, this guy is killing me ugh….. he never gets taken serious i never did. why wont he go away….. go away. go away hes following me!!!! help me hes right behind me!!! help, what do you want get out of here you retard. hes gone all you have to say is…. hey somebody will give a shit about you, so as of right now get a nice sleep go have your mom tuck you in. he said to me ok

  17. you know patcher, you’re right; the very same people isn’t buying it, still there’s another couple of billion living out there….

  18. “Nintendo thought all these same people would line up and play the Wii U.” Did Nintendo tell you that Pachter.

  19. Nintendo must have plans for the Wii U, but it looks like they are planning to lose. All the hype of PS4 and NeXtbox aside. The big battle this Christmas is still going to be between Xbox 360 and PS3, all the new games on the next generation will come to Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as PS4 and NeXtbox. (Destiny, Watchdogs) Therefore, WiiU biggest competition is still Xbox 360 and PS3. The PS4 and NeXtbox are in the same boat as WiiU, making an argument to buy a new generation to an over saturated current generation that is still getting phenomenal games. (Last OF Us, GTA5, Bioshock Infinite, etc.) Will PS4 and NeXtbox have a different experience or better graphics, not really. Wii U needs more better games, with compelling experiences and better graphics with a price cut or it loses this Christmas. I see Xbox winning again or maybe PS3, but if Wii U finally gets games and price cuts, with it and the combination of Wii, DSiXL, 3DS, Nintendo could pull it out, but Wii U needs games and nobody is making games for Wii U, also Wii U needs a price I see Xbox 360 or PS3 doing very well.

  20. 3DS is doing well and at this point in its life everyone said the 3DS was over. Although I think the 3DS should have all the feature of an iPod touch to really take off and sell a lot.

  21. Honestly he’s correct. This will be closer to Gamecube than the Wii simply because they designed and marketed the Wii U as a more serious gaming platform with prominent 3rd party support comparable to its competitors.

    If you expect this console to reach 100 million in sales you’re in for a shock. Nintendo isn’t trying to garner such a wide audience this generation, but by no means does this equate to a major lack of market share or a terrible console.

  22. Can i play with madness!
    The prophet stared at his crystal ball
    Can i play with madness!
    Theres no vision there at all

  23. Link, Wandering Hero

    Wow, Pachter Haters Assemble! The fact is that I 100% agree w/ this guy that the thought process of Japanese Devs is a mystery to me. Here’s why:

    1. Why won’t Nintendo, Square Enix, Capcom, etc make a quick buck in projects that will obviously pay? Kingdom Hearts 3, FFVII Remake, Megaman Legends 3, etc. As any business professional will tell you, it’s easier to make money fulfilling a demand than to create something than to produce something w/ no demand and spend a fortune on marketing to convince someone they want it. It just doesn’t make business sense.

    2. Why won’t these companies listen to their fans? Nintendo download purchases tied to a user account and not a console (how many more times am I going to repurchase OoT and Super Metroid?), more powerful hardware, meaningful social functionality, etc. To a business analyst, things like this are a mystery.

        1. His first point does contradict his second point.
          1) Why won’t Japanese companies make games that make a quick buck
          and then…
          2) Why is Nintendo doing something makes them a quick buck.

  24. it’s a good thing for Japanese developers that Pachter doesn’t get them :S Every time Pachter predict something, I take the opposite of what he says for truth and it’s pretty much what always happen. Why is that guy still getting attention? I’m starting to think a 9 years old hacked his account a while ago and he’s running it since then.

  25. For a gaming analyst, Patcher sure doesn’t “get” a lot of things he really should know about the industry…

  26. 3ds all over again, oh why did they change their market plan to appeal to gamers instead of everyone, why isn’t it selling, to expensive, ps vita is top dog its done everything right this time it will easily win, result, ps vita is selling 5000000 while 3ds has sold 35000000, same thing will happen will ps4 and Wii u, opt 3d to wwhd, smu to sm3dl, mk7 to mku

  27. More positive news please. Its ok with these kind of article from time to time but all Nintendo news site (including all other sites should talk to each other) should do their part in spreading the word that Wii U has picked up in terms of sales, hardware is being improved and the games are pouring in. With an article like that, it will make a HUGE difference to people in creating awareness and even getting people on the fence to buy the console. Nintendo needs help in marketing, why not help them if we all are loyal gamers anyway. The company saved the gaming industry once, lets do our part. Plus a positive perception on th Wii U will really make it successful.

  28. He’s not wrong about Nintendo naively thinking Wii’s consumers would back the Wii U.

    However, most Nintendo fanboys will never admit that & just bash him anyway. It’s a shame too, because if more fanboys actually conceded to these sort of missteps by Nintendo and were more outspoken about them instead of just praising everything Nintendo does, good or bad, Nintendo might take more notice and improve upon / learn from them, which would benefit everyone.

    But alas, fanboys (of all consoles, not just Nintendo) are ever reluctant to admit anything negative about Nintendo. Microsoft/XBOX fanboys may not be an better maturity-wise, but at least they are more than outspoken about any mistakes Microsoft makes. Microsoft doesn’t always listen, but they sometimes do, and any little bit of effort helps.

    Sony DEFINITELY listened to both developer AND fan complaints & feedback from the PS3, which is why they addressed many of the shortcomings and issues that PS4 suffered from. Nintendo fans may not think much of the PS4 (why would they, it doesn’t say “Nintendo” on it), but PlayStation fans and developers (i.e. the people who matter most to Sony) are definitely satisfied, and that’s all that matters. They don’t need to win over Nintendo fanboys, they just need to keep their own fan base from being disappointed, and they’ve done a great job of that, regardless of if Nintendo fans think the PS4 “isn’t innovative” or “isn’t anything different/is just a more powerful PS3”. That’s what devs and PlayStation fans wanted, so that’s what Sony gave them!

    Unfortunately, Nintendo doesn’t do this well. They’re more concerned with “doing their own thing”, which often involves ignoring what both developers as well as fans want or asked for, and instead trying to TELL fans what they want or like. Sometimes it works, often times it alienates Nintendo from many gamers. That’s way we’re seeing now with Wii U. That strategy worked for the original Wii, because while alienating “hardcore” gamers, it appealed to a wide range of more laid back casual gamers or people that never really could get into games due to being intimidated by their complexity.

    The Wii U still alienates many of those same “hardcore” gamers, but does not have the same wide appeal to “casual” gamers that the original Wii had. It’s like the Wii was a “casual” console, the XBOX 360 & PS3 were “hardcore” consoles; opposite ends of the spectrum. And now the Wii U is trying to hover in the middle of that spectrum and appeal to everyone. But the two audiences are so vastly different and want different things, and being in the middle and trying to do both means both sides suffer equally, thus the alienation and lack of full-on commitment from either side, with exception of the die-hard Nintendo fans that will support it regardless.

    I think if Nintendo just abandons the idea of trying to please both opposite ends of the spectrum, Wii U will be successful. But it’s tough, because it’s not quite powerful enough to appeal to “hardcore” gamers (when compared to the PS4 & XBOX 720 specs), but is also not quite as simple or intuitive and thus attractive to casual (or “part-time” gamers, if you will) gamers. So it’s a bit hard to “choose a side” so to speak. But I do think that’s what needs to be done, and if I were Nintendo, I’d choose to go after the more casual side. It worked before, and there’s less competition on that side and would be easier to accomplish with the Wii U than it would be for the Wii U to compete with much more powerful consoles that already have a huge lead in the “hardcore gamer” appeal market.

    1. Or they could simply be waiting until PS4 and 720 debut too. After all, Wii U came out first. When you arrive with a redesigned product first, you let rivals have the oppurtunity to buy it and take it back to their R&D and reverse engineer it. After all, where else did the Move come from? Haters (Sony fanboys) say PS didn’t copy the Wii Mote. But if you recall back in 2006, Sony unveiled a Playstation controller, that didn’t look like the Move but a playstation controller. As a result, Sony may have been working on motion controllers before Wii U, but I’m 90% sure that it didn’t look like the Wiimote back in Sony’s R&D at the time.

      1. Think about, Sony had the same controller design since PS1. How on earth with no reall innovation between PS1 to PS3 in their controllers would they all of a sudden come up with a nunchuck on for the left hand and a remote for the right hand? BS. Sony copied the design of the Wiimote. They may not have copied the technology but they copied the Wiimote’s design all the way.

        1. Sony copied Super Smash Bros, Miiverse, 4 players (remember PS1 had an attachment for 2 additional players?), analog stick, rumble pak, Mario Kart, the Move design off Wiimote, and of course for the PS4 which was introduced on Nintendo Wii, Light up controllers that tell you if you are player 1, 2 3 or 4. Oh they also copied the Gamepad by making the Vita the controller for the PS4. This is why Nintendo didn’t release a lot of exculsives for the Wii U….they know Sony would copy. Sony only knows what to do with the Vita and PS4’s connectivity because of the little games the Wii U has. But they don’t know what all Nintendo has played with the Gamepad.

          1. Let’s not pretend Nintendo doesn’t also copy other companies. The most recent example: GamePad Pro controller, which other than the right stick placement and the fact that is doesn’t have a mic port (which is just flat-out dumb by the way) or analogue trigger buttons (again, seriously dumb), is an EXACT copy of the XBOX 360 controller.

            I mean, at least Sony made the move significantly different, not only in the way it looks (second controller has a many useful extra buttons, as does the other one), but also how it functions, especially with the Eye device.

            1. We can point fingers all day about who “invented” how a controller should look, but I am pretty sure that the SNES did the four button placement thing before Xbox did, Nintendo just went back to it. Start and Select buttons were also there way back in the day, as were trigger buttons. That is more than half of the controller (leaving only the middle button and the joysticks). Therefore, according to your logic, the Xbox “copied” the SNES. I am not saying that they did, but you saying that the “Pro Controller” (by the way the gamepad is NOT the Pro Controller) is the SAME as the XBOX controller isn’t true. Have you ever held one before? It sure FEELS different from a 360 controller, and yes it LOOKS different too.

              The 360 controller felt great. The Pro controller feels different, but not bad at all. Now just because it is different people are saying that it is a failed “copy” of the 360 controller which is just ridiculous. It feels good as well.

              Also, just to point out, no one said that the Wii Classic Controller pro was a copy of an XBOX controller, and all that they switched going into the Wii U Pro Controller was the location of the joysticks really.

                1. Learn to make an English sentence with good grammar, and I will maybe consider that you know more about controllers than I do. I do happen to know that there is no such thing as a “Gamepad pro controller”, and that every controller invented is in a way a “copy” of the ones before it. It just means we are getting close to a better controller.

                  1. This ain’t english class you don’t know much the wi u ain’t copied nobody you think you so smart with your boring post prove it dumbass fag

      2. This will be long, so if you’re interested in an intelligent discussion between us, and have an attention span of more than 5 minutes (which admittedly, many people on the Internet these days do not; they’re all “TL;DR” for anything more than 2 or 3 sentences), then read on. I enjoy taking 10 minutes out of my day to have a passionate discourse with people who also love video games. So if you’re interested, please, read on:

        Firstly, why did this turn into a “Sony copied Nintendo!” bash-fest? What does that have to do with anything I said, or this news story? I’m not sure why you brought that up.

        Regardless, I think it’s a naive hope to think that Nintendo has some big, secret plan up it’s sleeve to oust the PS4 & XBOX 720.

        Think about it: when has Nintendo ever done that? When have they ever release a console, waited a bit for the competition to do something, and then dropped a bombshell that drastically changed everything? Never. Nintendo isn’t sly and underhanded like that. They’re tight-lipped and secretive about a console before it comes out, but that’s about the extent of it.

        So to think they’re hiding some big reveal or secret plan is a bit silly. I’m not saying they can’t change their strategy and improve sales of the Wii U, but I am saying it’s highly unlikely that they’re holding back some big game-changing device, add-on, or item that will bolster the Wii U above and beyond the competitions’ consoles.

        Especially since details of the PS4 aren’t even fully revealed yet. We know the main specs, but not all the details. We know many of the core features (which seem to focus on connectivity, sharing, and media capabilities like spectator watching, remote gameplay of a friends console via Internet, saving and editing gameplay clips & sharing them online, etc.), but not all the features and tools it will offer, and we know what the controller looks like and does, but we don’t know all of the ways it’s being utilized by developers who currently have games in the pipeline. Hell, we don’t even have a complete list of first party launch lineup games, much less launch WINDOW games; Sony has a LOT of successful first and second party studios for themselves that make a lot of great, best-selling games and franchises. And lastly, we don’t even know of all the third party support, of which there already is a ton of.

        And as far as the XBOX 720, it hasn’t even been officially announced yet, and all we have are spec rumours (most of which place it on fairly equal footing with PS4), and some nasty rumours blown out of proportion by both media outlets trying to get attention/clicks/visitors, and by fanboys of other consoles. Not saying there isn’t any validity to the rumours, but just remember how many rumours there were for Wii U before it came out or was announced; while many were true, most were not, as there were TONS of rumours about it (e.g. how it was supposed to be six-to-eight times more powerful than XBOX 360, which we now know is not the case).

        Being that the Wii U is severely underpowered compared to these upcoming consoles (the RAM on the PS4 alone is 8GB of DDR5, compared to Wii U’s 1GB of DDR3; worlds apart), considering the hesitation of many third party developers leading to very insufficient third party game support especially compared to PS4 & XBOX 720, considering Sony & Microsoft’s huge lead in the online gaming and overall online structure, and considering the only thing that the Wii U has that can be considered an advantage is the second screen (aside from “it has first-party Nintendo games); considering all of that, the Wii U has a huge, HUGE uphill battle ahead of it.

        Add to that the fact that Microsoft could very well have a tablet-like controller device planned for the XBOX 720 (it’s not only been rumoured, it’s been featured in the leaked promotional PDF document that’s floating around the Internet since last year), that puts Wii U at a severe disadvantage. It would make a ton of sense for XBOX 720, being that they’re pushing SmartGlass so much these days, which is actually very useful. I have the iPhone app for it and its great; turn on my XBOX from my Phone, connect to it from anywhere by starting up the app, control my XBOX with my phone, view the XBOX 360 dashboard anytime via my iPhone, download things to my XBOX 360 on the go, etc.; all things not possible with Wii U, and this is the XBOX 360 we’re taking about: a console that is nearly a decade old. Just think of what they could do with not only much more console power, but with a console that is built with all this functionality in mind and tailor-fit for it.

        I don’t think Nintendo fans quite have a grasp of what is coming; moreover, I don’t think they have any idea what is possible these days, because they’re so genuinely attached and focused on Nintendo consoles that they haven’t really sat down to think in-detail about all the things the Wii U CAN’T do, and all the things they’re not only missing out on right now, but what is going to be possible with the next gen consoles.

        Wii U’s lack of power by comparison is not even it’s biggest problem right now (although it IS a big one, and not just graphically). I know Nintendo is working on SOME smartphone functionality, but while they’re busy catching up to what is now basic functionality for other consoles (and doing so very slowly and narrowly), their competition is literally breaking waves far ahead of them. Nintendo is just now getting a proper online infrastructure setup, and their stubborness to “do their own thing” is hindering that growth. MiiVerse is a neat idea on paper, but they’re trying to reinvent the wheel, and it takes a lot of time and effort to do so, and limits their users to only interacting through that proprietary means.

        Microsoft and Sony, however, are striking at the gold mines already being widely used: Facebook and Twitter integration built-in to their systems (and I don’t just mean having apps for them on their consoles), allowing users to save game clips, share on networks that people already have and widely use, eliminating the need to sign up for a new service and only being able to communicate and share with people who also use that new service, etc.

        Microsoft and Sony are not only making it easier for their gamers/fans, but also making their new features reach many more people, making their consoles appeal and be available to a wider audience than MiiVerse ever could.

        That’s just one aspect (that took a lot of text to explain in my long-winded way lol). It’s this open-source brand of functionality that is going to make Sony & Microsoft’s consoles more than just “more mainstream”, but also more accessible, easier to use, and this more appealing. Another feature that will be huge is integrated live video streaming; that is a HUGE market, especially for the competitive gaming community that loves to live stream their gameplay, or for competitive gaming organizations like MLG/AGL to be able to allow fans/viewers to watch competitions from the players perspectives straight from the viewers console! Watching a Halo tournament by switching on the fly between the different team players’ views/perspectives LIVE as they play, instead of having to watch whatever the tournaments’ organization chooses to film at any given time and potentially missing out on your favourite team or players’ perfect kill or winning play.

        Add in already established trust and support with third party developers, even more sharing features like being able to control your friends’ game from your console if they need help beating a certain part of a game (even if you don’t have the game yourself, so you could even watch them play a game or even test it yourself before deciding to go buy it yourself), add in the added raw console power to introduce their own tablet-like devices; which while limiting in the sense that not all developers can take advantage of it since it may not come with the console, it does give players the choice to use it or not, as well as gives the developers the freedom of whether or not to use it rather than feel like being forced to incorporate functionality for it because it’s a selling point of the console (like how some Wii U games over-use the GamePad and certain functionality feels forced-in)…

        …there are so, SO many things on the horizon for these consoles. And by comparison, it seems Nintendo is placing all their faith solely on the GamePad for the Wii U. With many AAA titles passing the console, with a fairly small list of truly intuitive and useful uses for the GamePad that actually make sense and aren’t just thrown in for novelty “hey, see what else it can do?!” purposes, poor third party support, sparse hard-hitting/system-selling first party titles on the horizon (where is the TRUE next-gen HD Mario game, or Zelda, or Metroid; at least ONE of these should have been out near the launch, like Mario 64 was for Nintendo 64), with a much less developed and robust online infrastructure, underpowered (by comparison) specs, etc. All of these things, they just don’t spell success for Nintendo this time around. Unless they change their gameplan and do it fast, and go all-out. I just don’t think there is a gameplan that will do it for them… not with this console, and not going up against the next-gen consoles, which this time around, the Wii U will be competing directly with, head-on. Releasing Monster Hunter, or Pikimin, or Wonderful 101; they’re just not going to cut it. Not up against all of what I just mentioned. Most of the upcoming games for Wii U are either new IPs, or cult-classics that aren’t system-sellers. Even if they are, it is going to take way more than a few good games to go up against the other two titans. Whether you love those titans, hate them, or just don’t care: to deny they are popular is naive. Sony may be financially hurting, but that is all the more motivation to focus themselves; and they are, because they’re pleasing both fans and developers with exactly what they both asked for.

        I hope I’m wrong though. But all signs, currently anyway, point to the contrary.

        1. There isn’t that big of difference in wi u and ps4 grapics the wi u just came out give it time know it all the 3ds is severly underpowerd compared to the vita yet the 3ds is running circles around the vita….its best not to say anyting if you don’t know what you’re talking about u big dummy.

  29. Nintendo had a huge success in expanding into the non-traditional market – that’s 25-year-old women who play Guitar Hero, 45-year-old women who play Wii Fit, 65-year-old women who play bowling – that worked and they sold a lot of consoles, but those people didn’t really embrace other software titles […]

    Really, Pachter?
    I guess you didn’t understand the Wii’s successful market, either, if those are the people you think bought the system.

  30. Yes Pachter, I know you do not get Japanese developers and that is why you will keep on giving inaccure predictions about Nintendo hardware and software.

    Japan is a different world than US. In Japan different things are asked for than here and that is the public Nintendo tries to please in first hand as those are a very big part of their fanbase.

    And as long as Nintendo gives us nice first party exclusives and third party exclusives like Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest Nintendo systems will be my main systems :)

    1. That is an asinine statement to say the least.

      I like and respect all three companies, but to say, without even knowing what Microsoft has in store or knowing the full details of PS4 or it’s complete line-up of games, that the Wii U will render them both irrelevant, is just plain stupid.

      You know NOTHING official of XBOX 720, and you barely know anything about PS4 other than MOST (but not all) of the specs and features & a handful of announced games, and you already blindly think the Wii U–a console that is selling more poorly than both PS3 & 360 did in their respective 6 month launch periods–is going to render both the PS4 & next XBOX pointless.

      Wow. I mean, just… wow.

      I’m curious: exactly what is it that Nintendo is going to do at E3 that will accomplish this? A few Nintendo-fanboy favourite games will be shown? That’s going to single-handedly turn EVERYONE away from both PS4 & the next XBOX?

      Mmkay. You keep thinking that. Meanwhile, I’ll be here in REALITY where I’m going to reserve judgement on E3 until it’s actually over as I know all the details & facts. That’s what a non-fanboy (someone who likes and respects all three companies) would do.

  31. Oh yeah, it was “Wii U is going to bomb completely” first.

    Now it’s “Ok it’ll probably sell as much as the Gamecube”

    This guy is a retard, and the media outlets who pay attention to him are even more retarded

  32. So Pachter, if yo don’t understand Nintendo, why are you making judgments so early in Wii U’s life cycle….ignoring that WII U is picking up sales because of games. And you know what, keep on because THERE IS A LOT YOU DON’T KNOW. Wait for E3. Nintendo is up to somethng, something big, mean, nasty, scary, powerful, groundbreaking..something I don’t even know what it is yet but I will find out or my name ain’t the one and only JTZ. P.S. Deluxe Wii U is not the final Wii U. I’m 85% sure Nitnendo will have a $400 dollar version Wii U with more shit in the hardware.

    1. Nintendo will NOT release another version of the console with better specs. Are you insane? What would the people who have the lower-spec version do when games are created for the higher-spec version?

      And if developers don’t make gamers that take advantage of the higher-spec version, why bother releasing one with stronger hardware in the first place?

      Nintendo isn’t “up to something”; the Wii U is out. It is what it is. It’s specs are what it currently is, and it’s going to stay that way: an XBOX 360 with alightly more power so as to be able to run a second screen + a tiny bit extra. That’s it. I’m not knocking the Wii U, just saying: stop trying to make it out to be something it’s not, and stop trying to imply that you’re so sure that a bigger, better version is going to be revealed a mere 8 months after the Wii U released.

      I like Nintendo, but all they’ll have at E3 this year is games. Which is good, cause the Wii U needs them. But don’t count on there being some huge reveal; if we’re lucky, we’ll get an ANNOUNCEMENT (and maybe a preview) of a new 3d Mario game that has been talked about recently, maybe even a glimpse at the new Zelda game and possibly a demo of the Wind Waker HD remake. And probably the Smash Bros. U game as well.

      That’s probably the best of it. And while that’s exciting and all, that is hardly enough to (as it was said earlier) make gamers forget all about the next XBOX and PS4. It might make NINTENDO FANS forget about those consoles, but they were never going to give a crap about them anyway.

      However, PlayStation fans, XBOX fans, and “omni-gamers” who enjoy ANY console with potential like myself, will definitely not overlook the new consoles simply for a few big-name franchise games from Nintendo.

  33. If this is true a new thought just came to mind… If Nintendo has made a more powerful Wii U (and I do believe what I was told), that must mean it gives the Developers no reason why not put URE4 on Wii U as well. Let’s see what happens at E3. The WII U is not 100% unveiled. There is also a reason why the GPU is unique and no one can decode it. Only Nintendo can give us answers. Nintendo is up to something, something mean, sacry, groundbreaking, next generation something I don’t even know what it is yet….but I will find out or my name ain’t the one and only JTZ. This i s why Nintendo is not bringing games to Wii U yet……they are waiting for PS4 and 720. Let’s see what happens once WII U’s next generation rivals arrive.

    1. I repeat: there is no new, more powerful Wii U.

      Again: people who own the first version would be screwed; because developers would make games that take advantage of the more powerful hardware, and then people who own the first, less powerful version wouldn’t be able to play them. Unless developers made TWO versions of each Wii U game, and that is NOT going to happen.

      Either that, or developers would have to make games that could run on both versions of the console, which means they wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the new, more powerful hardware anyway. So why bother releasing a new, more powerful version then?

      Besides, it’s only been 6 months since the Wii I came out. You really think Nintendo is going to produce a whole new version of the console after less than a year?

      Besides, I thought power wasn’t important?
      Whenever someone brings up PS4 and the next XBOX, fanboys on this website ALWAYS go on and on about how the Wii U is “already powerful enough” and “power isn’t everything, gameplay matters more” and “the difference in graphics between Wii U and PS4 won’t be noticeable” (that last one is far from true, by the way; the pre-beta version of Ps4’s Killzone game outshines anything on Wii U by far). That’s all I hear about in this site: Wii U is plenty powerful, and graphics aren’t important, which is funny because before the specs were released for Wii U, everyone was so excited about how powerful it was rumoured to be. And even more funny is how fanboys drooled over the graphics of Wii U and compared it to XBOX 360 and PS3 and went on and on about how much better it looked graphically, and then PS4 was shown and… suddenly, graphics aren’t important again! Lol.

  34. I see the graphic whores are underestimating Nintendo, eh? Graphics are not the first priority in making video games. That goes double for Smithly, Kraterface, and that faceless troll.

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  36. DarklordNintendoFan

    I… I think I can actually see specs of brown coming out of his mouth. Is he… yes… I think he’s actually spewing shit out of his mouth!

    1. And I can see dark colored pis coming out his nose……….the wi u rules wait to the first party games start rolling in the wi u will blow ps3 and 360 away and blow ps4 and 720 away…patcher do u like it up the duke?

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