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Club Nintendo Europe Now Rewarding Stars For All eShop Downloads

club_nintendo marioIt’s good to know that Club Nintendo of Europe are following in the footsteps of North America, they’re a little late to the party but you can now collect stars on all eShop downloads from your 3DS or Wii U consoles. Once you’ve bought a title from the eShop catalogue, log into your Club Nintendo account and scroll down to the games and systems section. From there, click on the title(s) you’ve downloaded, fill in the standard survey and hey presto, 50 stars will be added to your balance. Remember, US Club Nintendo platinum and gold account holders can still purchase rewards on certain games until May 5, so make sure you claim yours.

23 thoughts on “Club Nintendo Europe Now Rewarding Stars For All eShop Downloads”

      1. Same here in Malta. Is it possible to get a redirect address in the UK?
        I was lucky, a friend of mine can send his stuff to one of his relatives in the UK and he allowed me to use that address for my Club Nintendo account too

    1. Don’t worry they’re not closing Club Nintendo, but if you are a platinum or gold account member make sure you spend your coins on the rewards, as they restart the coins system annually after this date.

          1. You’re mostly right, Gold and Platinum do reset every year, however that is after June 30th. May 5th is the day that the current game rewards (Super Metroid, Mario 64, etc.) are changed out for new game rewards. Nearly every month there are different rewards to get. And while they do reset gold and platinum status every year, you keep your coins after the change. Your coins only go away if you haven’t spent them for 2 years, but if you buy anything your oldest coins will be used first. So if I got coins in Dec 2010, those specific coins would expire in Dec 2012 if I never bought anything within those two years, but I would still have the coins I gained in May 2011.

  1. It’s for all of you my European gamers. So stay happy and be thankful for club nintendo finally awarding you good things.

  2. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate warriors. What is the best armor and weapon for progression once you reach higher rank ?

  3. I never redeem the stars i get on the cards that come with the games because they expire after a year, so buy the time you have saved up enough some are already expiring :@

  4. Club Nintendo Europe? Rather Club Nintendo South-West Europe. >:-( Oh, greed.
    Someone should come up with some better therm for that club. But the again; it seems the european one if worse than the american one, and that one is worse than the japanese one.

  5. Honoustly, the Nintendo club in Europe only offers trash such as stickers and ringtones, whereas the US Nintendo Club gives you sweet download codes. So unfair. Why does Nintendo hate EU?!?

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