qubeQuick Understanding of Block Extrusion, also known as Q.U.B.E., will be coming to the Wii U according to a tweet sent out by the game developers. The first-person puzzler was originally launched for the PC towards the end of 2011, as well as a Mac release in 2012, but now UK-based developers Toxic Games has set their eyes on the release of a Wii U version.
They tweeted: “We just had our first peak of QUBE running on the Wii U controller and it’s looking fantastic! Can’t wait to get this out :D”, followed by another tweet and a picture with it running on the Wii U GamePad. Here’s the trailer if you fancy a peek at Q.U.B.E.



    • Every game is better with off tv play. I can’t stress how usefull the feature is. I quite often play under my blanket with my Gamepad. It’s an advantage that would make me personally choose say the Wiiu version of watchdogs over the others.


      • Off TV play is NEXT GENERATION. Love it. Now if my family is watching TV, I can still play. I love the fact Pikmin will be off TV play. Also, I found out, Nintendo is going to show off another version of the Wii U. A more expensive and powerful version at E3. Example: Base Wii U cost $300. Deluxe Wii U cost $350 and the more powerful Wii U will be $400. Wait to E3. I knew Nintendo was up to something. I just knew it. Wait for E3!!!


          • I mean that too. But what i also mean is that a 3 year old indie can still be released on newer consoles because they are great no matter how old like hd versions of classics.


      • Minecraft is the most boring gaming endeavor I have ever tried to wade through! Just my opinion, but I really think MC sucks and I would be perfectly fine with it never sullying the eShop roster with its presence!


        • …k Well just to let you know. Minecraft is like one of the best games ever created. The creator of the game (Notch) is voted 2nd most influential person in the world and the game has sold over 7.3 million copies. It has a 93% on Metacritic (not that it matters really at all) and most people that play it absolutely love it for it’s origionality and endless amount of replay value. However, everyone is entitled to their opinion 💋


          • That’s fine if you and all the other people enjoy/like the game. I personally find it boring and anti-fun. But, again that’s my opinion and I don’t ask you to agree.


  1. Reminds me of portal!!! Looks like loads of fun! People were complaining about too many sidescrollers so… here ya go! A nice first person blocks puzzler. 💋


  2. Why are people that pay for xboxlive online and Internet connections here hating that the Wii U is getting a great puzzle indie game? lol. You now see that nintendo is not to be messed with :).


  3. Oh yeah, Nintendo is making some good relationships with the Future 3rd-Party Devs(Or possibly 2nd or 1st ;P).
    Nintendo is Thinking long-term folks, not just ‘who can get the most sales in the 1st year of release.
    To hell with all of these Back stabing 3rd-partys under selfish publishers like Deep Silver & EA.


    • This reminds me of poor aklaim. They almost die during the snes then Nintendo gave them a chance and they became huge and the funny thing is that they made there fortune on the n64.


  4. haven’t heard of this title before but it looks a lot like they tried to imitate the style of portal

    i don’t mind that but i prefer when a game tries to be original


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