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The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Release Date Leaked?


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD for Wii U is scheduled to launch later this year, but Nintendo hasn’t yet shared the game’s release date. However, a U.K. retailer’s listing suggests that the remake will be released in the fall. The Hut recently added an October 15th release date for the game. Note that the above box art is fan-made – not from Nintendo.

86 thoughts on “The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Release Date Leaked?”

        1. content-less posts like “huh, interesting” aren’t any better than “first”… post if you have something to say, otherwise its a waste of your time as well as ours.

          1. His comment HAS content. It states what he thinks! Despite popular belief, comments don’t have to be a whole paragraph or another to have content.

      1. I know I litteraly shat my pants with excitement and then read ”fan made” and proceeded with cleaning my self up :(

  1. If that is true then that’s perfect. That’s my birthday lol. So Windwaker and Pokemon X in October would be a great birthday gift from Nintendo.

      1. Virus: errand-boy for the Hero of Winds

        Wha? Isn’t that the Gamecube box art?
        The original art isn’t bad, but It’d be cool for the Wii U upgrade
        to have an… upgraded look.

  2. The date is wrong as the 15th will be a Tuesday, games in Europe get released on a Friday not Tuesday unless it’s a Worldwide release.

    1. Nobody said Windwaker Reborn would be a global release. North America and Japan will get it 1st like always. Then a few days later the rest of the world.

  3. Im replaying this game right now. I just got the master sword and a change i want to see is using the windwaker to change the wind direction. I want that sped up in some way. Im wondering if they will add an extra island or two to have caves not in the gcn version. Similar how zelda on gbc had the color dungeon

  4. It baffles me that news sites continue to post placeholder dates as news, especially when the date doesn’t actually match the day a game usually gets released.

    I can say, with around 98% certainty that Zelda will not release on a Tuesday. Therfore, take this date as the nothingness of news that it is.

  5. Virus, errand-boy for the Hero of Winds

    I think a lot of dates for Wii U titles are being held back for when Sony announces
    PS4’s launch date. Imagine if Wind Waker, Mario Kart U and Bayonetta were all
    released on PS4 launch day…

    Btw, if the the extra dungeons aren’t put back, fans will riot.

  6. we need to go to miiverse and tell nintendo to make this the official box art, becuase together we have the power

    1. It’s nothing special as that Box art cover is the same as the European version cover of the Gamecube Wind Waker.

      1. It’s not bad, but it could seriously be a whole lot better considering it’s a re-release and doesn’t really need the same box art.

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  8. I have predicted that it would come out in October since it was announced. I might get this game, depends if I have enough time/money to play this when it releases.

    BTW, cool box art.

      1. Well, fall could be from the end of September to the end of December. October just seems like a good possible time for them to release it. IDK I could be wrong

  9. But that would be terrible. It coincides with the release of Pokemon X&Y. Hopefully it will be launched in September or November.

  10. Come on, they said it would release in autumn. Those guys just picked a probable date in the middle of it. Don’t overthink this.

  11. Nice!!! i like dis game but i’ve been thinking has anybody here owned sonic adventure 2 battle and loved Da Chaos. I did but my Q is does any body know another game like that for wii or 3ds with chaos?

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  14. Ocarina of Time: 10 times better,10 times more successful. Result: A shitty remake for the shitty 3ds.

    Wind Waker: The worst game in Zelda that has nothing to do with the rest of the series.Result: A remake for the new console of nintendo.

    Well done nintendo assholes…Great job!

    1. Just because Nintendo had released The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker doesn’t mean it’s the worst. Graphics don’t matter when it comes to this game. The fun and overall game play matter the most.

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