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Metroid Prime Trilogy Director Says ‘Everything We Do Sucks’


Mark Pacini, the director behind the Metroid Prime trilogy, believes that while the series was praised by the critics he still believes that the games “sucked.” Pacini admits that all he sees in his games are the bad things and he says that the same thing happened with regards to the Metroid Prime games. Pacini says the original Metroid Prime was the best designed game in the trilogy. Metroid Prime 3 is the most fun one to play, and Metroid Prime 2 is divisive. You either like it or you don’t. Here’s his thoughts on the well received trilogy.

“I think everything we do sucks. But that’s just me because I thought all the Prime games suck. At the end of the day all I see are all the bad things. Prime 2 was a blur to me. It was so quick, it was so fast. That thing just went out the door and it was a very divisive game. People either liked it or thought it sucked, and I can completely agree because I couldn’t tell you what that game was because it happened so quickly. Prime 1 was the best designed game. Prime 3 I feel is the most fun one to play. Prime 2 is divisive. You either like it or you don’t. That’s kind of the way I look at it.”


218 thoughts on “Metroid Prime Trilogy Director Says ‘Everything We Do Sucks’”

      1. imo i think Prime 1 is Near-Perfection. isnt it like in the top ten highest rated games of all time or something? they made it even better with the Trilogy, now just imagine a Wii U one!

          1. Retro Studios needs to make a continuation of the prime story. My friend introduced me to the Metroid Prime series with the first one and I love it!

        1. I personally loved every Prime game. They were ALL near perfect(i only played Trilogy version). But yes, original was the best. At least it had most memorable enviroments. But on the other hand, i think other two had better bosses. But still original wins. It is about… Third best game in my books. OoT and Kingdom Hearts: BBS win in my opinion.

          BUT, he said that he thought they sucked, not that they suck in everyones opinion.

    1. Everyone read the ENTIRE article first before you comment. As any artist would say, one is never satisfied with their work. Any type of artist would sit back and look at their final product and see nothing but the flaws in their work. I see it every time I roast one of you idiots, I could always do more ;)

    1. I know . Metroid prime 1 is my favorite game ever (joint along with a couple of Zelda games) . And MP2 and 3 are both near masterpieces also.
      The trilogy is one of the best things ever to happen to video gaming imo. 10/10

      1. If the designer thinks it sucks, I’d really like to see the series made to how he likes it! Imagine how amazing it would be then!

              1. Honestly I want to see what happens after Fusion. You know, with the Federation going corrupt and everything…

            1. I dont think a reboot is needed, but they need to establish the character for a cinematic approach, show why Samus does what she does, do the origin story, give every game clearly and solid foundation to work on, and that people can recognise.

              1. Samus’ origin story wouldn’t be quite playable – she had her parents murdered by the space pirates, the Chozo adopted her, infused her with their DNA to give her superhuman capabilities, and trained her to use the Power Suit. She then worked a bit for the federation before the events of Metroid 1 or Zero Mission. In theory, these games ARE the origin story.

            2. Respectfully, shut-up! Why has everyone gone on a re-boot frenzy. It’s really, really annoying. Half of the things rebooted haven’t needed it. Metroid is certainly not a franchise that does. Make another series Metroid ‘Something’, going to a different location in space-time, with samus or even a different character if need be (risky), but don’t destroy everything that has built up in a franchise just to make a new idea or vision.

              1. instead, work that vision into the existing franchise, or if appropiate, make a new one or a related, ‘sibling’ or ‘child’ or ‘parent’ franchise extending from it. A bit like Final Fantasy Tactics or Metal Gear Rising

        1. if he changed it he would ruin it. he probably is the one who designed Other M. which was nowhere near as good as prime. you can’t really make the prime series better. the only real thing you can do is graphics, which are still really good.

      1. Ive played for almost 2000+ hours of Phantasy Star Online Cards Revolution online with my GameCube. Best strategy card game ever made.

          1. That fact was been confirmed for awhile now…. Spending nearly 100 days on a single game makes him even more pathetic.

            1. I don’t know how people can just sit there for that long. I mean I’ve done a few hundred hours on one or two games, but that was over an extremely long period of time.

              1. I really don’t like putting a ton of time in to one certain game.

                I could play a game for 1000 hours but I wouldn’t get half the satisfaction I get from playing amazing experiences like Portal 2, BioShock Infinite, or Shadow of the Colossus which are only 5-10 hours long.

                1. Agreed. The only games I would play for long periods of time is really just multiplayer games that I can have fun with mates. Like BF3 for example, I only really got that for the multiplayer.

                    1. Been there, done that :P I actually just started on World of Warcraft, I still suck terribly at it, but my mates are making sure I improve at it lol

                  1. Guys it’s been NINE years since it’s release.NINE years compare to 100 100 days ain’t got nothing compare to the people i’ve seen play online.

              2. especially these days. I’d be lucky if I find a game that’d keep me interested to play constantly for over 24 hours

            1. 1) Couldn’t care, just a game lol
              2) I left the basement years ago. You seem to be stuck there. You wouldn’t know what life is! :D

                1. Still N-Dub, Cornelius just needs to learn that there is a world outside his basement and he’ll be fine.

                    1. Oh god. I feel sorry for him if that’s the case. QUICK CALL SWAT TEAMS! WE MUST HELP HIM!

                    1. I couldn’t believe that myself. You’re a massive Nintendo fan and he called you that. I think Tony is losing it lol

                        1. Indeed, and I’ve seen people defend him too, I later found out it was one of Tony’s buddies lol.

                2. – You have no idea about his skill level in video games

                  – You’re one to talk when you’ve spent 2000+ hours on a single game

                  Go back to making your irrelevant comments.

                  1. If you love video games as much as I do then all that matters in life are games. There’s nothing wrong with being in your basement playing games hours on end. I encouraged it. I’ve easily put the same amount of time in Sonic Generations as corniliuss has in Phantasy Star Online Cards Revolution

                        1. “There’s nothing wrong with being in your basement playing games hours on end. ”

                          No exercise because you’re probably on the couch all day, isolating oneself from human interaction, staring at a screen for hours on end certainly isn’t healthy. Please say you knew this?

                        2. You guys are making claims on people who you do not know a thing about. You act like we both played for 2000 hours in one sit down.

                          1.I have perfect vision.

                          2. I do exercise. I am a perfectly healthy weight and I plan to stay that way.

                          3. Human interaction is optional depending on who you are. If you like to socialize that’s fine, that’s you. But I am a person who hates to socialize and be around people.

                          Consider that there are more then 1 type of persons in the world.

                    1. All that matters to you in life is games? thats fine, im not going to tell you how to live your life but. what about your freinds and family? do they matter to you in life?

                      1. I don’t have friends. And no my family does not matter to me. I’m not telling you guys you should think like me or live life like me, i’m just saying that you guys need to stop trying to attack other people that have different thoughts, opinions, and ways of living their life.

                        1. lol im not attacking you. i think you are having a nice peaceful life. no drama or violence, your just living to have fun :) theres nothing wrong with that :D

                      2. I don’t have friends, and no my family does not matter to me. I’m not saying you guys should think like me or live life like me. I’m just saying that you guys need to stop attacking others and respect that people have different thoughts, opinions, and ways they live their life then you.

                  2. well I have been champion of World of WarCraft in 2008 Blizzard Worldwide Tournament… and I have won a lot of other tournament in FPS and StarCraft Brood Wars and WarCraft III in the past .. and Ive finished Dark Souls .. with 100%… twice. I<m probavbly more skilled in videogames than anybody here.

              1. Get over yourself, is not your business what people do with their free time. You’re not much better wasting your time on a vendetta against anybody you may not like on an internet site

                      1. it’s fine that you dont care but how would you feel if somebody mocked you because of your hobby or favorite things to do in life. i bet you arent the only one bullying him because he’s a gaming addict. give him a break. if he hangs himself you would care.

                        1. Been there, experienced that, and yes I went to a pretty dark place. You know what helped me though? I got off my ass and did something about it instead of crying like a little bitch. Now the people who gave me shit are too scared to come near me! :)

                        2. Also, you seen how he acts on this site? Yeah, I really don’t think he cares what people say over the net lmao

                    1. You need to shut the fuck up

                      What’s wrong with British people you fucking faggot ? They are the ones who built the biggest Empire of all time and then gave it up cus they got bored and invented most things that are good.

            2. PSO EP 3 Card revoloution was Great . But nothing beats PSO EPISODE 1 and 2 . That’s one of my favorite games ever. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is doing a masterfull job of replicating those good ol’ days for me…

          2. I used to hammer Phantasy star online episode 1 and 2. Hundreds of hours on that game. CURSE YOU HUNTERS LISCENCES FOR £17:99 per MONTH , CURSE YOU!!!!

      2. wow……I don’t know how is he seeing the things

        he might want to improve or he’s just ddisappointed with the games..

      3. I’m no fan of the Metroid series, but I do admit that they ruined Metroid when they made it a first person shooter. My least favorite type of game.

            1. That I can relate to. However Metroid Prime was the best thing to happen to the franchise (in my opinion). I’d previously played Metroid and Super Metroid, but wasn’t a massive fan. Metroid Prime turned it into one of my favourite gaming franchises. Personal preference really. I agree with the sentiment that there are too many FPX (usually Shooter) games out there though. Most don’t even have particularly unique gameplay mechanics /style either. Too many games have converged to just one type of gameplay in an attempt to pursue realism for the ‘mature’ mainstream gamer.

        1. Metroid Prime trilogy is one of the most acclaimed if all-time and is first-person adventure not shooter. Get educared before you make blind statements.

      4. people. he is an artist, he sees flaws everywhere. it is totally normal for being dissapointed even if it is amazing and people are praising your creation, you just want to be perfect.

      5. Metroid Prime 2 sucks?! Holy cow, what are this guy’s standards? Perfection and beyond?! The three games are simply amazing! The first one is better, I agree, but the other two get VERY close to it!

        1. It had a completely different mood / tone to it while still being familiar. That it succeeded in. It was also the most complex of the series.

      6. Kind of weird seeing as how all the games in the trilogy get mass amounts of praise. But then again, I’ve heard things like Miyamoto saying he wasn’t happy with the final result of Ocarina of Time. Maybe the creators just see it that much differently than we do.

        1. Well, the Water Temple and that annoying owl might have something to do with Miyamoto not being happy at OoT.

          1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            As a nine-year-old attempting the Water Temple, I can say the challenge was welcome but ill-received xD

            I liked the owl but he was so freaking random and didn’t actually do anything.

            1. I can basically take care of the Water Temple now in about 30 minutes or so (23 now), but back then that lead to many rage quit moments.

              1. Yeah, when I was a kid, I couldn’t beat the water temple, there was NO chance. but now, I can, yeah, I can beat it in a solid 30 minutes too. The trick is, well for me anyway, is doing the entire temple in one go. You can’t save a do it later, you have to do the whole thing start to finish, otherwise you’ll confuse yourself.

                  1. Yeh, the water level was quite annoying in MM, but Stone Tower Temple was also a mission if you lost what you’re doing.

      7. Man, he really layed down the hammer on himself. I know he thinks he could have done better, but come on man give yourself some credit here. Without those games, Retro would not be where it is today and you would likely be toiling in some crappy studio that wouldn’t let you be you.

      8. He’s the director people. Just like when I write music, some people think it’s good, but I notice everything that is bad, I think my own music sucks.

      9. LOL

        it’s funny hearing this from a creator of an actual good game, when people who make trashy games act like they’re the best thing to happen to the industry

      10. Metroid Prime is hands down my favorite game of all time. I can agree with what he says about 2 & 3 but in NO way imo do they suck.

      11. “At the end of the day all I see are all the bad things”

        Same here, I will spend hours on a single drawing more when I’m doing it digitally by the time is its finished and my friends/family/random Internet people are praising the drawing all I’m seeing is what is wrong with the shading, the colors, the anatomy etc.

        The biggest critic is alway going to be the artist him/herself.

      12. if he wants to make a new game that’s BETTER then Metroid Prime, then that’s going to be the best game ever

      13. I really feel sad for this man, trapped in the curse of an artist, he can not see greatness in what he does, because if at one point he feel that greatness and perfection has been achieved, he will not longer think that there are more to do.

        If he think the last game in which he participated in doing suck is because he know he could do it better in the next game.

      14. The first one is my favorite one, the second was the hardest but the Light Suite was too awesome, I like how they expanded on other hunters on the 3rd one because I always wonder who else was out there that was a good guy. Adding the voice was pretty sweet also.

          1. You can play all the Metroid Prime game in the Wii U if you were lucky/smart enough to get the Metroid Prime Trilogy disk.

              1. ^^ This.

                If Metroid Primes were redone in HD and embraced with even better framerate, it would challenge many games. If done on newest PC hardware… O___O that. Is. PERFECT!

                1. I’m pretty sure all 3 games are 60 fps already, and i’ve heard many times that anything above isn’t even noticeable.

      15. Maybe he had some crisis; and, as a designer he just see their creations as old; and he want to do better stuff. But that’s ok, FOR Me and for many fans, Metroid 1 and 2, are excellent games, are superb! I haven’t played Prime 3, i can’t talk about that game. But, i think he needs to chill out a little; and respect what he accomplished; and do it better the next time.

        1. Haha, I knew you’d say something like that. But yeah, what the fuck. It’s really weird when you think your own creation sucks, and yet so many people love it. It’s like all those pretentious people on Devientart. “This is my worst work” *Everyone loves it* “Fuck you guys, my work is horrible, compliment me more”

        2. Mike S, your birth is a blasphemy.
          You should crawl back into that hole where you came from. We all know what I’m talking about: that stinky, large, hairy hole. And you should never come out of that again.

      16. I agree with him saying Prime 3 is the most fun, but god damn those games don’t suck, they’re some of my favourite ever, BUT, this is good because it means they always see room for improvement.

        I hope that if they make a Prime 4, or a new trilogy, they really go all out with it, flesh out Samus’ character, make the game bigger, better designed, ect and push the series forward.

      17. I think him thinking it sucks is actually a good thing. Not that I think it sucks, but if you’re always criticizing your work and striving for improvement you can only better yourself and your work

        1. How can you not “stand” first person games?
          It’s a perspective, it’s your real life perspective, it make no sense why you wouldn’t like that.

          1. Some people don’t like that. I hate looking at things from first-person. Can’t see a blasted thing. I’ve lost track of how many game overs I got in the Prime games by getting shot in the back when I didn’t know anything was around.

            1. No, that’s the dumbest thing ive ever fucking heard in my life.
              “I can’t see a blasted thing”.
              No, the point of first person is you can shove your face into everything and see the pixels, it’s the complete opposite of what you said. And in terms of “spacial awareness”, if an enemy is coming up behind you in Prime (even though the games are easy so why does it matter), you have to be dense as hell, there’s no way anyone with a brain would walk past an enemy in Metroid Prime without doing it on purpose, everything is always infront of you, same with every Metroid game, there is no ambush, and even if there was, what would a 3rd person camera do to help that? Oh, now i can see the enemy just as its about to hit me in the back.

              Why are you even playing video games?

              1. 3rd person camera gives me a better view of my surroundings. It’s that simple. It works best for me.

                And I didn’t find any of the games easy. Couldn’t get past Phazon Mines in Prime 1, and barely got past the first main area in Prime 2.

      18. metroid prime 1 2 3 was the best games of nintendo we all love metroid prime we cannot wait to see the next metroid prime 4 for the wii u please make it happen

      19. I wish people would stop clammering for Metroid Prime 4. People rag CoD for being the same all the time (myself included) but the 3 prime games are all essentially the same too.

        Get over it, people. That series is over. Let Retro and Nintendo come up with something new.

      20. Virus hails from Phaaze

        Prime was fun- it wasn’t frustrating and didn’t feel like work.
        Echoes was work- it was frustrating and didn’t feel like fun.
        Corruption was just shy of perfect. I missed Beam-switching
        and really missed the charge-combos, but that’s only in hindsight. When you play through it you don’t miss them which shows how awesome a job they did on the final (?) Prime game.

      21. I guess he’s artistic. Hahaha I know I always think of my drawings as bad or just ok; even though I’ve been told they’re good or even amazing some times. He knows how the games were made and where they were limited. He knows where the minor mistakes are and things of that nature, so it doesn’t seem that great to him. That’s just what I think haha

      22. First of all, these games are amazing. I don’t know what he’s talking about. If you really have ideas to improve your games, why don’t you implement your ideas in upcoming projects? I really hope that Retro is making 3D Metroid for Wii U and someone other than Team Ninja making 2D Metroid for 3DS.

      23. This is just a case of a temperamental artist succumbing to their insecurities.
        The Prime trilogy is probably the best series of games of the last decade.

      24. “That guy doesn’t know shit about Metroid Prime. If he hates it he probably never played it, I am so sick of these Nintendo haters. He sgoupd go back to his yearly CoD.”
        -Nintendrone who just read the headline

      25. I would accept his opinion if he only stated that he thinks his own part of his games sucks and not “We”…

        Not only is he insulting these masterpieces but he is also insulting his co-workers…

        Smells of traitor…

          1. Well, they don’t suck per sey if that’s what you mean. I’m not really a fan of them, but I’ve accepted that, despite being a Metroid fan, they’re just not the right games for me. That’s why I’m hoping future games put more empathesis on 3rd-person shooting.

        1. depends on what you think your agreeing with!!!!!!!

          his talking about how things should be and how things are to him in the madness of games development his criticizing hios own craft like the mad ARTIST WHOS ALWAYS DOWN ON HIMSELF his being obtuse and funny he isnt saying there crap his saying there crap to him HE SHOULD DO BETTER and his remarks flat out tie into general prime thinking

          1 was god 2 was ether god or the devil and 3 was the most fun AGREED BECAUSE A FACTS A TRUTH AND A OPINION IS LIKE A FART MEANINGLESS AND LST IN THE AIR

          his not saying primes BAD younglings get with the progranmme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      26. This guy needs to be slapped in the nuts in a public restroom. Prime was an amazing trilogy of games, especially given the circumstance that the franchise when from a 2D exploration model to a first-person shooter that still exemplified the exploration mechanics.

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      28. So he’s got a negative view of his works, or he really dislikes doing games in a 1st-person perspective, one of the two.
        That’s fine; the fact that he could do so well with something he doesn’t like, speaks volumes about his skills at making games.

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      31. That’s why they were good games. Being critical of your own work is the mark of true brilliance.

      32. I absolutely love the metroid games because they are so fun and interactive!!

        Number 1,2 and especially 3! But I don’t really like metroid other m as much as them 3.


      33. The prime series in my opinion are the best series of all time, not only is it exciting but they make you think in order to beat them in particular the second game, which in my opinion is the best one.

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      35. I know this thread is 3 years old, but I was compelled to share my thoughts. Mark Pacini is something else. Saying that everything they do sucks is his way of saying that even their sucky things is still awesome. So imagine if they made a game that he thought didn’t suck, it would be a grand masterpiece. That’s how great Retro Studios is. Sucks = Awesome, Non-Sucks = Grand Masterpiece. IMO, the Metroid Prime franchise is one of the greatest things to come from Nintendo. I don’t own a Wii U, but if RS released a new MP game, I’m running to GameStop and buy a used Wii U.

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