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Wii U Virtual Console Probably Not Launching Tomorrow


Over the weekend, Nintendo released an image with a Donkey Kong Jr. screenshot with the words “3 Days” underneath it. This lead people to assume that the Wii U Virtual Console would officially launch on Tuesday, April 23rd. However, that isn’t the case, as Nintendo today posted the above image onto its Facebook page, which makes it clear that rather than releasing the service, tomorrow the company will be revealing the full launch line up for the Wii U Virtual Console.

63 thoughts on “Wii U Virtual Console Probably Not Launching Tomorrow”

    1. That’s not weird, seeing that they always said that would be the case. In fact, Iwata-san said it would be released this week during the Nintendo Direct. It’s coming…just maybe not tomorrow.

  1. No worries I’m on vacation in Orlando, Florida so I am far, far away from my poor Wii U :( I would have to wait to use the VC anyways! 💋

    1. PHEW!
      Thank God, I was worried for a minute there.
      Everything’s okay guys, they’re in Florida, we dodged a bullet.

    2. I have to wait for my Wii U to get fixed. Nintendo got it yesterday lol. So I’m also glad I’m not missing it currently lol.

  2. I hate to be a dick, because I really love my Wii U, hell I paid $400 for it, I’d better love it, but the VC games on it, such as Kirby, lag very often, now I know it’s an emulator playing a ROM, but they need to tweak their emulator, or maybe hire some of the people who’ve made the very stable PC/MAC emulators to get theirs up to speed.

    But it is still playable, and I’m sitting 3ft away from my Wii U, give or take.

    1. LAG on the PAD?!, did you know that the Gamepad Process faster the Image? what the fuck are you talking about?

    2. I’ve only experienced lag with Kirby’s Adventure. I’d have to assume it’s a problem with Kirby specifically (Can anyone confirm whether or not the original NES version was laggy?), not Nintendo’s emulation process. That said, it’d be nice if Nintendo could fix small technical problems like that.

      1. The original game most certainly did lag significantly when there were too many objects on the screen and it was the same way with the Wii Virtual Console version of the game, hence it’s hardly surprising that the Wii U Virtual Console version has the very same lag caused by the game.

        The only official version of Kirby’s Adventure that has zero lag whatsoever is the 3D Classics version on 3DS, which isn’t just a straight up port to another console. They presumably edited the game itself to eliminate lag and minor graphical bugs, so if you want the ideal version of the game, get it on the 3DS.

      2. Yes it was “laggy” on the nes.
        In fact, it is the exact same version perfectly emulated, with no enhancement such as super eagle or shits like that. I can testify its the same game (even if you don’t have to blow the cardrige to make it work… And it was a part of the epicness)

    3. I’m positive that’s more an issue with the software, not the hardware. I’ll bet it lagged when it first debuted on the NES.

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    1. Some folks just have way too much free time. Or a broken keyboard.
      This isn’t a shocker, they don’t update their store until noon on Wed. Tues. should be the update we’ve all been looking for =)

  5. Umm. I don’t see a problem here. I think people are reading too much into this. The VC could still launch tomorrow.

      1. not meaning to change the subject but heres a short story of how nintendo trolls us all.
        Nintendo Secretary: ” This is Nintendo Customer Service.”
        Me: Yes, I’m calling to ask why you dirty mother fuckers expect us to pay $80 for a 3DS game.
        Secretary: Because we enjoy all the money you American Bitches give us.
        Me: DIRTY MOTHER FUCKING DICK SUCKING,PENNY PINCHING TROOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. oh double crap I never read the post well why are ya guys jumping up and down to play old fasioned games any ways i mean i like them but not as much as the new games

  7. Generally the rule with video game related stuff, if it has a date, its gona be late.

    In other news the last of THQ’s franchises including Darksiders 2 have been bought by Nordic Games, soooo RIP Darksiders

    1. It’s Gamnesia, the brother site of Zelda Informer. The latter recently admitted on facebook that they are purposely putting controversial and even, in their own words, ‘poor quality’ articles to attract views, otherwise they can’t pay their server fees.
      The reaction of people who commented on that status was priceless.

    1. In reply to Eric Sellers,
      Sweet! There’s a lot of trolls I would love to see get in trouble with the law. ESPECIALLY certain ones that gave me HELL in the past. That would be SOOOO awesome!

      1. Wii had GameCube components… Why Wii u couldn’t emulate it? If you think about analogic L&R buttons, a very few game were using it…

  8. look at this of their starting up the pot like a freaking like a woman in a hair salon.. I’ve been waiting just as anxiously as anybody else for the service to finally arrive.. I’m sick of these trolls and complainers, especially the ones like you Alba (the author) who are trying to bring negativity with an indirect insult to Nintendo.. Grow the F#*& up and take charge as an author should..

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